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Ps3 Consoles – Best Hardware Of All The Platforms

It is a not Brainier dollar for dollar PS3 Consoles Slim is the most bang for the buck hardware wise. Xbox360 with it’s overheating and need for $ 100 add on for wifi is inferior. I am not going to argue Blue ray since I do not need to.

If that all sounds like a ps3 fanboy review read on

Once we get past the hardware we have to look at the software and interface. In this the Xbox360 is far ahead of PS3 Consoles. PS3 Consoles home does not make any sense and just repeats functions the PS3 Consoles store has. Online is inferior but It is free at least.

I have owned PS3 Consoles and Xbox360 since launch and I find myself playing 360 allot more. In fairness PS3 Consoles is catching up with better titles but still has a way to go.

Bottom line is I still think xbox360 is superior but they better watch out since it looks like PS3 Consolesis planning a comeback with this amazing PS3 Consoles Slim hardware and more and more quality exclusive titles. They just need to overhaul thier online service and ditch the Crappy PSP like Interface.

PS3 Consoles – Great System, but it still heats up fast

My old PS3 Consoles 60gig overheated a few months back and died. I heard rumors that Sony was going to cut the price soon so I decided to wait and not get it repaired but just buy a new one instead. Lucky I was able to turn my dead PS3 Consoles in at the local Gamestop and get $ 140, so that worked out well. After all the waiting, I finally picked up the PS3 Consoles slim the day it came out.

The system is great, but I am disappointed that it still heats up, FAST.

I played for about one hour and I felt the bottom of the system and it was burning hot.Even the top and the sides were warm. The PS3 Consoles was properly ventilated and I had the AC on full blast, so the environment was chilly in my room. Since my old PS3 Consoles overheated, I am kind of concerned that this Sony didnt do a better job adressing this issue. Modern Warfare 2 is coming out so this baby is going to be working overtime; Hopefully it doesnt die on me again!

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