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How to Use Phone Records to Catch a Cheating Partner

Is your partner cheating? Maybe you do not know for sure, but you suspect that they are. You need proof before approaching him or her. Suppose you are wrong and he or she is not cheating. The accusations may damper or kill the relationship. One way to know for sure is to use phone records.

Spying on your partner or hiring a private investigator may be out of your financial realm. One inexpensive way to gather information is through phone records. Cheating partners usually use their cell to communicate with their romantic partner.

Most would rather use their cell phone than a home land line. To a cheater, the mobile phone is safer. No one in the house can pick up another line to listen in and it is easier to conceal his or her conversation. Knowing this fact, you can use it to your advantage.

In general, cell providers keep very detailed and accurate records. Most cell phones keep a call log that can be easily viewed. They usually record the number, date and time of incoming calls, missed calls and received calls. If you have access to your partner’s mobile phone, check the call logs. You may have to take it into another room in the middle of the night to check it, but if you get the chance, do it.

Check the call log for frequently repeated numbers or names that you do not recognize. Look for repeated outgoing calls to the same number as a cheating partner may have to call their other love because they may be married or have another partner as well. If you partner is calling the same number repeatedly for no good reason, then they may be cheating on you.

As well as checking the call logs, check text and picture messages on your partner’s cell phone. Even though these can be deleted easily, most people do not take the time to do so. Look at the picture or media file, as there may be pictures of his or her other lover on their cell phone if it is a camera phone.

If you have access to the mobile phone bill, you can check the records in more detail. If you are married or live together, you may have easy access to the bill. Look for repeated numbers or text messages on the detailed bill. If you do not recognize the repeated number, make a note of it.

You may want to call the number to see who answers. If you are using your partner’s phone to redial the number, the other party may recognize the number and think that their lover is calling. He or she may answer with “hey sweetheart” or “hello lover,” so be prepared for the shock. At this point, it is not hard to figure out what is going on.

If the cell phone bill is not detailed or itemized, you may be able to go online to get the information or you may be able to request an itemized bill from the carrier.

If your partner seems secretive when talking on their phone or hangs up suddenly when you enter the room, then cheating may be happening. These are just a few simple methods to catch a cheating partner using phone records. There are many more methods to use to catch a cheating partner.

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How to Catch Your Partner Cheating in the Internet Romance Playground

If you are in a relationship, have been in a relationship or know someone in a relationship then you know that people cheat. Cheaters now have a new playground, the world of the Internet. Romance can be found easily on the Internet, but how do you know if your lover is cheating on you through the Internet? Learn the warning signs here.

Cheating is commonly played up on TV and in movies to the point that couples are almost programmed to cheat. It is glamorized on the big screen and is overlooked by society. Yet with all of the tools and instructions on how to cheat, how can someone protect themselves from the break up that is almost sure to be the outcome of a cheating partner?

If you know that your partner is cheating for sure, it is best to find out why the cheating is occurring and correct the problem. It would be better than finding out years down the road when it is too late to save the relationship. Let us take a look at how cheaters use the Internet to find romance.

Social Networking
One way that cheaters find romance is through very popular social networking websites such Facebook, MySpace, etc. These websites have become increasing popular and give cheaters an opportunity that was not had just a few years ago. These websites can be used for good purposes as well. Just because your partner is using social networking sites does not mean that he or she is cheating on you.

He or she may be connecting with old friends, acquaintances, making new friends or conducting business with their online friends. One sign something may be going on is if you cannot see your partner’s profile or there is a lot of communications between your partner and an old girlfriend, boyfriend or ex.

Dating Websites
Dating websites are used for exactly what they imply, to get a date or romantic partner. If your partner is using a dating website, then there may be a real problem. These type websites can be used for an actual meet-up between your cheating partner and a new romance. This is when “just the thought of an affair” turns into “a real affair.” If you find out that your partner is using a dating website, then be aware that your partner is probably cheating or planning to cheat on you soon.

Catching an online cheater
Even though the Internet makes it easier to cheat, it also makes it easier to catch him or her. To start, check your computer’s Internet history.

In Firefox, the history can be found at the top under the “History” link and then click the “All History” link. In Internet Explorer, it can be found by clicking the “Blue Dropdown Arrow” beside the address bar and then click the “History” link. This shows the websites that have been visited in the past few days. Be suspicious if you see several dating or romantic meet-up type websites.

There are also key logger programs that can be installed on the computer. This type of program captures each word that is typed on the computer keyboard. If you suspect that your partner is using email, IM or a chat room to communicate with a romantic partner then this program would show you exactly what your cheating partner is typing.

The last resort is to be direct in your approach. If your partner seems to be acting secretive when using the computer, ask to see what they are doing. If they seem hesitant to do so, then ask to use the computer for a quick minute and look at the Internet history immediately. This will give you an idea of what your partner has been looking at before he or she has had time to erase it to cover their tracks.

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How to Catch a Cheater – 5 Tricks to Catch a Cheating Partner

There are a lot of methods which can show you how to catch a cheater, if you think your partner may be cheating on you and you need to put your mind at rest and find out how to catch a cheater, try the following steps to catch a cheating partner.

1. Check their mobile phone.

Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and it is more than likely that your partner will be using it to contact his or her lover, if they are having an affair. Many cheating spouses keep the number of their lover under a different name, often a name of the same sex. To catch a cheating partner, look at all the names in their phone and see if you can identify any rogue ones. Also, check their call records and look for people that call your partner a lot. Is there a good reason for this? If you really want to know how to catch a cheater, you could even pay a small fee to a web site which can allow you to find the names and addresses for phone numbers you find in your other half’s phone.

2. Check your partner’s credit card bills.

If they don’t want you to see their credit card bill then it could be they have something to hide and a sign of a cheating spouse. It’s a bit of a cliché but you may just find a transaction for a hotel room or gift that you never received. Do first make sure that it is not your birthday or anniversary coming up. You never know that present might be for you!

3. Tell your partner you will be away for the weekend working or visiting friends.

If your partner is having an affair it is more than likely they will jump at the chance to spend some time with their lover. To catch a cheating partner, you could come back sooner than expected and catch your cheating spouse red-handed.

4. If your husband or wife disappears for long periods

Your partner could be cheating on you if they disappear for a long time or suddenly develop a new hobby or interest. Though it is all a bit Sherlock Holmes you could disguise yourself and discreetly follow him or her to where they go all of the time. You could end up following your partner to their lover’s house or somewhere where they meet. This is one way to know if your partner is cheating on you. If you want to know how to catch a cheater, don’t get caught!

5. The “I’m going to work late” phone call.

We have all heard this one before. It is common when people are having an affair for them to call from work and announce they are working late. If this happens regularly call your partner back after a few minutes, if he or she doesn’t pick up it could be a sign they are being dishonest.

If you want to know if your partner is cheating on you, you could also try ringing his office on the main number and asking if they are working late. If all else fails you could always drop by the office with a sandwich for your loved one to check if they are there or not.

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Suspect Your Partner of Cheating? Find People by Cell Phone Number

Time and time again, we hear of people who find suspicious calls and texts on their partner’s phone. They think that because you cannot find cellular telephone numbers of people, that it is not possible to find people by cell phone number. This is where you have the advantage, because although this information is not available in the public domain (ie. for free), it is still an affordable and effective way for you to find out who it is that your partner is talking to and if what they are telling you is true.

For example, you question your partner about a certain phone number and they tell you that the number is an old friend, name Joe. You do a private reverse cell phone lookup, and discover that, in fact, the owner of that cell phone is named Cindy. You then have her address and perhaps much more information about her. Maybe you find out that the phone is indeed owned by Joe, and you can safely put your suspicions to bed, without your partner being any the wiser.

Relationships break up all the time, because people have become overly doubtful of the integrity of their partner. Even worse, is that many relationships stay together while the partner cleverly hides their affair. Information is power, and such a simple search can be an important factor in enabling you to make the correct choices in your life.

One option is to pay a private detective to do a search on these suspicious telephone numbers and report back to you on their findings. This may cost you hundreds of dollars and may destroy your relationship anyway, if your partner finds out what you have been doing.

Using your computer in your own home, you can pay a small fee to access the same information that a private detective would use to find people by cell phone number. You can find out the name and address of the phone owner, and possibly much more information which will help you to confirm or deny your suspicions.

If, for any reason, it is not possible to locate the information on a certain phone number, the reverse cell phone lookup service will give you personalized assistance. Even then, if it is still not traceable, then they will refund your payment. It is a no-brainer. Find the information or pay nothing.

While, in a perfect world, we would all trust our partners implicitly, in a perfect world all people would be totally faithful. The reality of the situation is that many partners take advantage of the privacy they think they have with cell phones to have affairs. You need to protect yourself.

All you need to do to do a reverse cell phone lookup is to enter the area code and the seven digit cell phone number into the search box, and after just a few seconds you will have access to any available information. You can choose a yearly subscription in which you can do many lookups, or just purchase a report on an individual number. There is no easier or more effective way to find people by cell phone number.

Fed Up With Crank Calls Or Worried About A Cheating Partner?

How many times have you received calls from numbers we didn’t recognize. Sometimes, you get rung by the same number so many times and when you answer it there’s no-one there. Sometimes you may want to figure out how to make sure they never call you again.

No matter what your reason is to find out more information about the call, you can now use ReversePhoneDetective to find what you want to know.

With ReversePhoneDetective your able to find out the name and address of the person calling you. This means that you instantly know who has been trying to contact you, and where they live. Other benefits of this service means that you can find out who that crank caller is or more importantly if you are concerned your partner is cheating!

So, why should you choose ReversePhoneDetective over other sites? Good question.

You really should consider using ReversePhoneDetective because they have directories that include both landlines and cell numbers. Cell numbers aren’t available on normal directories sites, and the reason for this is because Cell directories have to be assembled manually – this proves to be both an expensive and time consuming process.

Landline numbers, on the other hand, are freely available to the public and in contrast are easy to assemble into a simplistic and readable directory.

Secondly, cell phone users constantly upgrade or cancel their subscription, which means that of the millions of cell phone users out there, it would be impossible to keep up with all the changes.

Once you’ve decided to use ReversePhoneDetective, you’ll find the registration process very straight forward and quick to complete.

After registration, the next step is to insert the number of the cell or land-line that has contacted you, and once you press ‘Search’ the program will scroll through the millions of telephone numbers that it has in it’s database to find the perfect match. Immediately, you will have the name and the address details of the caller at your finger tips.

So, if you really want to know if your partner is cheating OR your fed up of that crank caller ringing you OR you’ve just missed a call and want to know who it was then the ReversePhoneDetective should be your first port of call. With the correct service for you all your questions will be answered!

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A Cheating Partner – The Lies That Cheaters Tell

The lies that cheaters tell are often very creative and could almost be made into a movie. They concoct endless tales to cover their every move and often have to tell a lie to cover another lie. By becoming aware of the type of lies told by someone that is cheating on their partner makes it easier to recognize the telltale signs.

– Lie #1 – I have been too busy

The most obvious lie used to cover up an affair is that your partner is busy when you two are supposed to be together. If your partner is cheating, it may seem commonplace for him or her not to be available to do things with you. He or she is not busy except spending time with their new fling.

– Lie #2 – I have to work extra

Their excuses can range from having to work over a lot or having to travel out of town unexpectedly. He or she may suggest that they are doing research for a new work project and cannot be disturbed. You may notice your partner’s car having extra miles on it as they go back and forth to see their new love or have to go to farther from home to another city to be together. Your partner may be saying they are working over, but if you can take a look at the mileage on his or her car then you may notice a lot more miles have been driven than just to the work location.

If you call your partner’s work phone instead of their cell phone when he or she is supposed to be working extra and there is no answer or the employer cannot confirm their location, then cheating could be taking place. When you ask why he or she did not answer, there could be another lie told about them being too busy to answer the phone. If this happens repeatedly, then it might be a good idea to check their work location parking lot next time when he or she is supposed to be working over.

– Lie #3 – I do not know where my money went

If you have access to your partner’s bank accounts, you may notice money going for unexplained expenditures. There may be charges to unusual stores where he or she does not normally shop. If you notice hotel rooms or restaurant charges that you have not been to with your partner, then cheating is probably taking place.

You may also notice excessive ATM charges that your partner cannot explain. This money could have been used for wining and dining or showering their new love with gifts.

– Lie #4 – I am Confused

If your partner seems confused at times about their whereabouts or what he or she has told you before, they may have been lying. If he or she has told you a lie before, they might have to tell another lie to cover up the first lie until they get so confused they do not know what they have said. At this point he or she may seem confused, disoriented or afraid to say anything else.

This is just a few tips to help catch a cheating partner. You can learn more and know for sure if your partner is cheating or not and help save your relationship at To Catch A Cheating Partner.

A Cheating Partner – Instantly Know If They Are Lying

I am sure you have asked yourself, “is my partner lying to me?” If something just does not seem right with your relationship, then you are probably right…your partner could be cheating. It is hard to tell if someone is lying especially if you love him or her. As they say “love is blind.” Find out for sure instantly.

Have you asked your partner about their whereabouts or other questions that you feel like your partner may be lying about when he/she answers you? Do not feel alone. Here are the secrets to be able to tell for sure whether your partner is lying the next time. These are the same secrets professionals use to know if someone is telling the truth or not.

1. Watch his or her reaction. Someone that is lying may get defensive whereas a truthful person will get offensive. If you ask your partner or spouse who he or she was talking to on the phone and he or she snaps back at you “none of your business” or “you do not know them so it does not matter,” then your partner may be cheating. If the answer is short, defensive or vague, then your partner is probably lying or trying to cover up who he or she was talking to.

2. Watch your partner’s body position, when he or she answers your questions. If the answer is a lie, your partner or spouse may not face you when he or she answers. Your partner might turn away when giving you an answer that is a lie so as not to have to face you or look you in the eye.

3. If your partner is lying, he or she may unconsciously place objects between him or herself and you. It might be a cup, glass, book or some other object as if to build a barrier. Your partner might fidget with the object without knowing it.

4. A liar has a tendency to answer a question with part of the same question. For instance if you ask, “did you kiss Julie?” and your partner answers “no I did not kiss Julie,” this is a sign of a lie. If your partner answered, “I did not” or “no I did not” then it is more likely to be a truthful answer. Repeating the questions in the answer could show that your partner is lying.

5. Liars seem to answer questions vaguely. If your partner does not answer you directly when you ask a question, then he or she could be lying. For example, if you asked “were you and Julie alone at her house?” and your partner answers “Julie’s? Where does Julie live?” then it is probably a lie.

Learning to recognize a lying partner is your first step to catching him or her cheating or planning to cheat. Catch it early and you may be able to prevent it and save the relationship.

This is just a few tips to help catch a cheating partner. You can learn more and know for sure if your partner is cheating or not and help save your relationship at To Catch A Cheating Partner.

Cheating Partner – What to Do to Save Your Relationship

Discovering that your partner is cheating can be devastating. All loving relationships are based on trust – and the thought that the one person you should be able to rely on has abused that trust can seem incomprehensible.

So how should you approach this problem?

Firstly, consider how you have found out. Discovering that your partner has cheated is not the same as your partner confessing to you freely. In the latter case your partner almost certainly wants to work on the relationship – in the former you will be a little more unsure.

Secondly, ask yourself a very simple question. If it wasn’t for this one indiscretion (and we’re assuming that this is the only time this has happened) would you still want to be with your partner. If the answer is ‘no’ then, unfortunately, you have already decided that there is nowhere to go from here. If ‘yes’ then there is certainly hope for the relationship and you should explore every avenue in trying to salvage your relationship.

Probably the most effective tool at your disposal is ‘Communication’. Too many people fail to talk to their partner – in some mistaken belief that the problem will go away. But if you’re honest with yourself you know that it’s NOT going to go away – and talking about it, either one to one or with the help of an impartial 3rd party, is the only successful way of finding your way out of this terrible situation.

It happens to the best of us. Communication is such a fickle thing, and the lines of communication can become blurred every so often, especially when feelings are involved. Even those who think that they are immune to the confusion of conflict can find themselves drawn into a communication breakdown when they least expect it, and chaos ensues.

Unfortunately, most people just don’t have the necessary skills to effectively analyze the problem and find a way to a mutually agreeable solution. You can seek advice from a counselor – but, understandably, many people are too embarrassed to discuss something so delicate as their private lives with a stranger. This creates a very confusing situation – an impasse with no obvious way of escape. You can’t talk with help – you can’t talk without it.

If you or your partner find it difficult to talk to someone else, and feel that neither of you are confident in your own skills to solve the problem, a quick search should produce numerous courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills to analyze your problem and work through to a satisfactory solution.

Remember – if your relationship is worth saving then communication is the key.

I have a long-held interest in the problems surrounding personal relationships and simple, straightforward methods of resolving problems.

Signs of a Cheating Partner – They Can Be Very Obvious

Do you suspect that your husband or wife is cheating on you? If you do, you may want to find out the truth. You may hear people saying that “ignorance is bliss”. This is probably true in certain situations. However, when it comes to cheating, ignorance is certainly not bliss.

If you do not know how to catch a cheating partner, fret not! Catching a cheating partner is not difficult as long as you know what to look out for. Once you know what to look out for, you will realize that those signs are actually pretty obvious.

Of course, if you want to catch a cheating partner, you need to become more observant. Take note that none of the signs alone is enough to prove that your partner is cheating on you. You will still need to gather solid evidence.

The signs discussed below are simply indications. Just because your spouse are displaying them does not necessary mean they are cheating on you. There may be other reasons for their odd behaviors.

Here are some common signs of a cheating spouse:

1) Change In The Level of Affection

One of the most obvious signs of cheating is the change in the level of affection. Perhaps, your wife used to be very affectionate towards you. Now, you realized that she is no longer as affectionate anymore. She may be hiding something from you.

Or perhaps your husband started becoming more affectionate than before. He may be trying to ease his guilt of cheating on you.

2) Weird Behavior Around The Computer or Phone

Some people use the phone to cheat while others may use the computer. If your spouse shut down the computer or hang up the phone whenever you are approaching, then something may be wrong.

You may want to check on his/her computer or cell phone when you have the opportunity to do so. Of course, you should do so without his/her knowledge.

Signs of a Cheating Partner

15 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Cheating on You

Have you ever thought that your lover is cheating on you? Are you in the situation of being lied to all the time and you want to know the truth finally? Do you suspect your spouse of having an affair though you still love him/her? If what you need is to catch a cheater, it is essential for you to pay extremely close attention to 15 signs of a cheater below:


1. Always leaves the room to accept phone calls- lowers voice as well, and also avoids answering calls sometimes.


2. Criticizes you constantly from nowhere- you are always in the line of fire for no reason, lately.


3. Starts arguing just to get out of the house- clearly, this is done to go out and cheat some more.


4. Works later for no apparent reason- they don’t get paid more, and are doing this more often.


5. Stops caring about your relationship- in fact, he/she won’t even want to discuss it.


6. Avoids being intimate with you- Sexual intercourse has literally stopped, and they want nothing to do with you.


7. Becomes obsessive about their appearance suddenly- works out more, dresses better, wears more cologne/perfume etc.


8. Is never able to tell you about their day- You will never hear what they did, and will always have to question them extensively.


9. Stops asking for advice, and stops consulting you- You will no longer be asked for any help and they will stop consulting with you on anything.


10. Stops communicating- seems like they are in their own little world, and they won’t even be able to communicate anymore.


11. Wants to try new things in bed, and suddenly says “I love you” one million times out of nowhere- they obviously feel guilty about cheating, and are learning new sex tricks from someone else.


12. New interests and hobbies- they are suddenly interested in things which they normally would want nothing to do with.


13. Gets extremely defensive when asked personal questions- argues, gets mad, gets nervous and anything else they can.


14. Changes the subject always when asked about their whereabouts etc..- Will always avoid even having to answer.


15. Computer habits are strange- internet history is deleted always, and they minimize the window when you walk by.