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Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay Overview

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Like all brand new online games that break into retail, first impressions can make or break a lasting player base. Having a gorgeous world and richly dressed characters won’t matter one bit if the gameplay bites. Fortunately for Square Enix and their development team, this isn’t the case. I’m sharing the reasons why Final Fantasy XIV gameplay should put a smile on your lips.

One of the best highlights that revolutionizes Final Fantasy XIV gameplay is the unique Armoury system. You’re not stuck inside the limitations of a single class anymore when you create your character in the world of Eorzea. Changing professions from the Gladiator to a Conjurer is as easy as switching the equipment in your inventory. Yes, you read that right! Your inventory and what you wear decides your class and nothing is cooler than tanking during one adventure and casting spells on another at need. The same holds true for the rich crafting system. Be a miner, fisherman or carpenter by merely swapping the equipment needed onto your character and you’re ready to rock! Besides the excellent level of versatility, the true upside is no longer needing to create multiple characters to enjoy the depth of the different classes. If you want to make a different character, it can be purely for aesthetic purposes.

While my computer isn’t a top of the line power gaming system that sold brand new yesterday, it’s not junk either. Running with a Q6600 quad processor at 2.4Ghz, GeForce 9800GT and 4GB RAM along with Vista 64, the default settings detected by Final Fantasy XIV were more than adequate for a smooth experience. I was a little worried at first because my FPS jumped between 19 and 30, but the gameplay still flowed on my screen without lag.

There’s no in game voice chat and that’s not an issue for a player like myself. I prefer my trusty Ventrilo as I’ve yet to encounter any online game that has built in voice and does it well enough so it won’t sound like some cheap cell phone. Taking my character’s oversized ax after some rat moles was interesting, but not much different than any other kill quest. Final Fantasy XIV gameplay is unique and appealing enough to shake up the online gaming community a little bit, or at least redefine key elements of fun for future releases.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Overview – Weapons, Scorestreaks, Maps

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Overview – Weapons, Scorestreaks, Maps
​This year's Call of Duty is finally here. While you might hop into the single-player campaign first, the multiplayer is likely where you'll spend the most time in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. To help prepare you for the competitive adventure that awaits …
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Overview Of Black Wheels

Do you know what is in trend in the custom wheels these days? You may have sent hat the diameters are getting bigger and so SUV today prefer to go for twenty eight to thirty inches. There are some of the cars that also go for nineteen inches. However today you must have surely sent the black wheels that are offered by many manufactures these days. These are the ones that you can see on many cars, SUVs as well as trucks. This is one kind of wheels that are mainly seen on the SUVs as well as trucks. This you might have noticed because it actually enhances the beauty of the car and people actually cannot take off their eyes from it. Therefore black wheels have become hot favorite of the people.

Some of the kinds of black wheels that you can get form the manufacturers comprise of painted black. Gloss black, chrome and black, flat black, powder coated black, matte black, charcoal, hyper black, satin black, black with diamond cut face and many more such kind of these wheels. These are the few ones that are mentioned but then there are many more that you can get but for this visiting the online providers or local providers will be required. But among all these varieties available in the market the most common one and also the most popular ones that manufacturers offer are black and hyper black.

You will find that black wheels are painted as well as clear coated. In case you would like to go for hyper black then you need to know that it is powder coated process and this sis something that adds extra to the custom wheels. The powder coating will actually be done in various steps till the wheels gets bright black luster. For black wheels there are innumerable choices that might actually confuse you. In case you want to have some unique as well as distinctive wheels for your vehicle that can be car, truck or SUV then you can actually take into account the black custom wheels that are available in the market.

One of the best places to search for these would be online; this is because it is one of the most efficient and easy way to search for it. When you go for this method of searching you will be able to get access to wide choices for selection and also compare the prices offered from various providers which can help you to get best deals.

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Black Koi – An Overview

Koi come in a variety of stunning colors, one of the most popular of which is the black koi. The Japanese developed and popularized the fish by learning to breed them in a variety of colors and patterns by varying their diet along with other factors. Today, there are so many varieties of koi that even experts cannot agree on the exact number of varieties.

The essential black koi, with its black base coloring, remains a cornerstone of the species that evolved from Chinese carp. Most of the varieties of black koi have other color variations as well. One variety of black koi, called the Karasu, or crow, is entirely black when seen from above, having a black upper body and black fins. Its underbelly, however, is usually white or orange. Another variety of black koi, the Hajiro, has some white markings on its nose and fins. The original all black koi, the Magoi, is actually more carp than koi and is the base species that other black koi are descended from. Although it looks black at first sight, it is actually a dark bronze upon closer examination.

The Kumonryu, or dragon fish, is another popular variety of black koi. The Kumonryu is named for its resemblance to its namesake, the dragon. Black koi, as well as all varieties of koi, can actually change their coloring during the course of their lifetime. They can also become speckled or lose their speckles. Color is affected by diet, temperature and the health of the fish. It can also vary seasonally. A healthy koi kept in constant conditions will vary very little so don’t worry that the koi you select for its beauty will suddenly change to a different coloring.

Koi live in fresh water ponds and eat a wide variety of foods. Their breeding season is dependent on the weather and tends to be in the early summer or late spring. Koi become sexually active once they reach about ten inches (koi grow to about three feet in length). Male koi can sometimes be recognized by the breeding spots that appear on their heads. You can also recognize them because the area around their anus is concave. The male koi likes to take a leading role in the mating season and will chase the female of his choice. After spawning, eggs hatch in under a week, however it is several weeks before they begin to show their colors.

Koi are very social fish and like to swim in small groups rather than large shoals. They can also be very friendly with their human keepers. Many people have noticed that koi have very interesting personalities and are fun to interact with, especially at feeding time. You can train a koi to come and accept food from your hand.

The many different colors and markings on varieties of black koi make a fascinating koi collection. Collectors of koi like to mix up the varieties making it easier to tell the fish apart as well as impart a colorful note to their koi pond.

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An overview of the Mac media server for PS3 (Playstation 3)

Different media servers for PS3 for Macs made by various companies are currently available in the market. An example of one of the very best Mac media server for PS3 varieties is the Playback and which is manufactured under the Yazsoft trademark. For this particular media server PS3 Mac media streaming software, users really appreciate its ability to stream all the media in use with other additional UPnP compatible devices like the Xbox360.

There are several features available on the Playback Mac media server for PS3 that make it suitable as media server PS3 Mac streaming software. First, it allows for complete iLife integration by automatically integrating with iTunes, iPhotos, Aperture, Photobooth, Adobe Lightroom 2, and many more. Contents from these applications can be shared and specific playlists and albums may be chosen. Secondly, Playback enables the sharing of media stored in folders or even entire disks available to the users’ Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. No configuration is required.

As a media server PS3 Mac streaming software, Playback’s built-in access control list (ACL) and bandwidth throttling that allows users to control which devices have access to their media, are important features. In addition, the bandwidth throttling limits the transfer rate from the users’ computers to their UPnP devices so that others on the network can still surf the web and check their emails.

The Playback Mac media server for PS3 also caters for users who prefer high streaming speeds thanks to its stellar engineering. The media is powered and served via Nginx and which is known for its high performance, stability, rich features, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. It also powers several high visibility sites that include WordPress, Github, and SourceForge, among others. Some of the other additional features of the Playback media server PS3 Mac streaming software include Growl notifications, on-screen thumbnails powered by QuickLook, and much more.

There are several system requirements for Playback and these are as follows: a Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions; a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or any other UPnP compatible device, as well as a network connection with gigabit recommended for HD.

As a Mac media server for PS3 and other devices that are UPnP compatible, Playback ensures that users are satisfied and happy, and which is evidenced by the multiple awards given to the creating company, Yazsoft. In addition, with each purchase of the media server from www.yazsoft.com, users get two other products from the company namely Unblunder and Attachments menu both valued at a total of $ 20.

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Game Designer Wages Informational Overview

It could be clearly eyes of many people to see that game designer wages have increased over the years. The increase is directly related to the fact that many people are very intrigued with involved in the entertainment industry. People have an opportunity to make a very good living when they are involved in this profession.

The entertainment industry is constantly growing. Individuals that are interested in working in the field have many options in terms of potential jobs. Potential employers are always on the lookout for the very best new talent when it comes to programming. Individuals can learn how to program the graphics or the controls on any title.

People that have programming experience usually will have no problem finding steady work. The starting salary may be a little bit lower than people would like. The good news is that many individuals have no problem finding ways to get promoted. The starting salary will vary depending on the amount of experience that a person has.

Generally speaking people will need approximately 6 years of experience in order to reach the maximum salary as a programmer. When a person has the ability to be on the lead programming team they will usually make approximately 5 to 10% more than other programmers. Being in a leadership role carries more responsibility.

Many people find that being a technical director is profitable. Technical directors have several responsibilities that they must learn how to balance. An individual that has less than three years experience can still make a very respectable living performing this job. Someone that has at least six years of experience can make a very healthy six-figure income.

Individuals involved in the animation side of the business usually tend to make a little bit less money. The decrease takes place because they are not required to do as much technical work. These individuals must have knowledge of how to create compelling characters in order to be successful within the industry. Sometimes having an artistic degree can be helpful for individuals.

Most of the time it is simple for people to understand game designer wages. The amount of experience that a person has acquired will have a direct impact on their financial success. Learning diverse skills is also extremely important for these individuals. The more diverse a skill set is for a person in this field, the more job opportunities they will have for the future.

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Overview of the role of a Video Game Artist

Concept Artist

This person will create and design characters and worlds used within the game.
To begin with, everything is created on paper as a rough concept. When this is approved, it goes through a cleaning up period which may involve scanning the designs on to computer and using an art package such as Photoshop to perfect fine line work and add details. Colour is then introduced into the Image so that the texture artist can create the correct textures for the world or character. Once the concept artwork has been completed it is passed on to the 3D Model Builder (or Animator if it is an animated character).

A concept artist will be required to:

Ensure the design fits with the general look and feel of the game

Achieve maximum effect with minimum complexity – complex designs eventually lead to more complex 3D models (something that can be easily created with as few polygons as possible is desirable)

Consider colours and colour schemes used to maintain a balance of colour throughout the design.

How do I become a Concept Artist in the games industry?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one. Concept art cannot really be taught. Being a good concept artist is about drawing as much as you possibly can, whenever you can. The great Chuck Jones once said that every artist has a million naff drawings inside them, it’s just a matter of working through them so you get to the point where you only produce your best.
I myself have been drawing from the very first moment I picked up a pencil, but to get really good takes time and persistence. It’s good that you admire Disney and Anime but don’t try to copy and imitate them too much, use the style and line construction as a guide and try to develop your own line style and characters. If you spend most of your time copying other people’s work you will never learn how to come up with outstanding creations of your own.
A good way of getting good is to focus on an aspect of drawing that you really enjoy. I chose traditional animation and background art, it teaches you a lot about a character’s attitude, emotion, and motivation, aspects which are all to important when creating believable characters and environments.

Drawing characters and animals
One of the most important parts of becoming a good character and animal illustrator is life drawing and good observation skills. Try to learn as much as you can about anatomy, proportion and skeletal structures, this will ensure that you put the right muscle in the right place, there’s nothing worse that a character with made up anatomy. Life drawing may be a little daunting at times but if you get good at it the rules of construction and pose that you learn will come across in your own creative work.

Creating environments
Again, as with characters, observation and drawing from real buildings and landscapes will teach you how to produce realistic environments that seem real and believable. Focus the layout and try to find the hidden composition that makes for a captivating and impressive environment, this will all go towards helping you to come up with your own creations and how to make the unreal seem real.

What you need to do now
If you’re sure (as I was) that illustration and design is the direction you want to go I would suggest you find a course which tries to encompass all aspects of Art and Design. After School I went into a Graphic Design course at Stafford Art College which taught me many different aspects of Design. The course itself involved life drawing, graphic design, photography, animation, illustration, calligraphy and technical drawing. All of these media types helped me find an overall understanding of art and design.
After my 2 years at college I went to University to study Traditional Animation. This again involved a lot of drawing from life and a lot of observational drawing, as well as learning how to animate characters and produce background artwork.

The route here isn’t necessarily the best route and everyone’s different but the best advice is to try to find a good art course at a respectable art college and see where it takes you. You may find out that you have other skills that you never thought you had.

A few main points to remember:

Keep drawing and don’t copy other people’s work, use it as a guide and learn from what they have done.

Don’t be afraid of blank paper – just get in there and draw, nothing ever comes out right first time anyway.

Be critical of your art, and look hard at it to see what doesn’t look right and then change weak aspects and improve on parts that already work within the illustration.

2D/3D Animator

The job of a 3D artist is to provide a game’s levels and character content. You may also be required to provide high definition models for concept and marketing purposes.

The animators position involves animating individual characters and scenic elements within a game. They may also be required to animate filmic introductions, cut scenes and endings for the game.

The task of texturing a 3D object is often given to a specific 2D artist, but you may be required to create textures and apply them when needed.

2D Texture Artist

The job of a 2D Texture Artist is to provide all the texture elements within a game for the 3D models.

We use in-house developed tools for applying the textures to the models, but the creation of the textures requires the use of packages such as Photoshop, Painter, Deep Paint and vector based applications like Xara and Illustrator.

There are also other 2D elements required within a game such as lighting and special effects.

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PS3 Lights Fix Overview – Review

This is my objective review regarding fixing PS3 related errors as well as Lights of death. If your PS3 is currently experiencing such problems, I hope you will find this review helpful. I too personally use it to prevent my two teenagers at home from quarrelling.

If you did not know, or you probably already should, is that it can cause up to US200 to fix your PS3 errors. worse is when the PS3 repair branch has to exchange your for a refurbished one with all your save data or media files gone. Before that, you probably have to wait 6 weeks.- By then you probably would have experienced the tsunami that hit Japan before continuing your favorite game. You may try searching online, however you will come across unclear and inaccurate information regarding fixing.

Hence, a recommended solution thats much cost-cutting and much less time-consuming is PS3 Lights Fix.The instructions is all concise and very easy to comprehend and follow. You do not need to have prior experience in fixing and just need simple tools you can find in any household.- In any case, just borrow from your neighbor.: )

It allowed me to fix my son’s PS3 console, both in less than an hour. PS3 Lights fix is definitely worth its price.- Hell I could probably be the repairman in my neighborhood fixing PS3 consoles with it.

Something else I found useful was the “Linux Installation” bonus guide.With the Linux browser you can turn your PS3 into a mini-computer to browse the web, watch movies, and pretty much anything you can do on a PC.

Both of those guides come free, and I’ve personally enjoyed both guides. In fact, I would have paid what I paid for just those two bonuses alone, especially the “Linux Guide”.

For every Great stuffs, theres always Some downsides to it:

The author of the product is claiming that the whole process will take time about 40 minutes. It is a little bit optimistic if it is your first repairing. But the next, you will be certainly quicker!
The PS3 YLOD is the error that repeats in some cases. You should be able to work with your hands and not be clumsy, keep your work table clean and ensure you don’t lose your screws! Or else just get the proper screw size from any hardware shop nearby.

All-in-all, PS3 Lights Fix is probably the best guide you can find on the web. I give it a 9.5/10. – Theres never a full score or a perfect product. But only the best you can get! If you are keen on getting your PS3 fixed asap. Visit this site http://www.squidoo.com/red-ps3-fix-repair for more detailed information.

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An Overview Of The Starcraft 2 Background

At its most primal level, the Starcraft 2 background boils down to a fight for supremacy between three different parties. That is not something we haven’t seen before, but what makes this particular fight so interesting is that they all have advantages over one another, similar to checks and balances.

Choose One Out Of Three
Starcraft 2 offers you the choice of three distinct races to play as, each with their unique strengths.  It is best for you to understand them if you wish to beat your friends in online matches.

The Terrans
The Terrans are the easiest to identify with, since they are humans who possess nothing more than really advanced technology, which allows for inter-stellar flight. This technology also allows for some awesome displays of firepower via their Siege Tanks, Thors and Nuclear Bombs.

Their bodies need to be protected by layers of metal and they make use of complex machinery to both gather resources and wage war. This leads to one of the most unique characteristics of the Terrans, the fact that they can repair their mechanical units.

Just like the human species as a whole, they are very hardy and adaptable.  Translated into gaming terms this means that they can move their buildings around the map, allowing for some very interesting positioning strategies.

The Terrans have the best defensive capabilities in the game, being the most adept at walling themselves in and protecting their base.

The Protoss
The Protoss are a very old and highly advanced species both technologically and mentally as they have access to powerful psionic abilities that the other races do not.

Their advanced technology allows for all of their units to be protected by powerful force shields.

Despite their great psionic powers and effective shielding technology, the Protoss are firm believers in training their bodies; so much so that the Zealot, the exemplary unit of the Protoss, is a perfect embodiment of all of those characteristics.

The Zealot is a melee fighter who uses dual arm-mounted blades made from the focusing of their psionic powers. Due to the fact that it has both armor and a shield, it is a power to reckon with in melee combat.

The Protoss are a very flexible race being able to attack aggressively or defend themselves; however, they have difficulty doing both at the same time.

The Zerg
The Zerg represent the epitome of selective and accelerated evolution. They are a completely biological race, developing at an extremely fast rate of evolution by absorbing other species into their collective. They do not make use of any type of technology.  Instead, they use the laws of nature to their advantage.

The Zerg has no use for technology as it benefits from an accelerated rate of evolution. And more so it is a type of selective and directed evolution, meaning that when they encounter a species with an ability they need, the Zerg will assimilate them and perfect that ability. Whether it’s the ability of a giant leviathan species meant to allow them to travel through space, or perfecting various evolutionary traits into merciless killing machines.

The Zerg base their war-waging strategies on sheer numbers, being able to produce entire armies of units in a very short amount of time. As such, they tend to focus on very aggressive early game tactics meant to disrupt the enemy’s economy or destroy him.

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