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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Shipped Over 6 Million Copies

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Shipped Over 6 Million Copies
By Michael Passalacqua Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has shipped over six million copies since its release in September, Konami has announced. According to the company's latest financial report, the six million figure includes downloads and …
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Heavy Rain PS4 vs PS3 Graphics Comparison: A Case of Visual Updates Over Frame

Heavy Rain PS4 vs PS3 Graphics Comparison: A Case of Visual Updates Over Frame
Heavy Rain returns to PlayStation after six long years but is the remaster worth the wait? Posted By Bill Smith | On 01st, Mar. 2016 Under Article, Graphics Analysis | Follow This Author @GamingBoltTweet. Tweet +1 Like Share Reddit …
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Geralt's Beard Grows Over Time in The Witcher 3

Geralt's Beard Grows Over Time in The Witcher 3
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Watch Us Lose Our Minds Over the New Ninja Turtles Trailer

Watch Us Lose Our Minds Over the New Ninja Turtles Trailer
Reviews · Upcoming · Videos · Wikis + Cheats · Podcasts · Boards · Blogs · YOUTUBE.COM/IGN MORE. Shows. Every Fri at 4pm PT / 7pm ET …. LEGO Dimensions – Ghostbusters Level Pack Trailer. 1:30 MIN · Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Official Trailer.
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Final Fantasy 9 has changed a lot over the last 15 years, because I have

Final Fantasy 9 has changed a lot over the last 15 years, because I have
You know how everyone has that one game that was an instrumental part of them growing up? Final Fantasy 9 is that game for me (though Pokemon and RollerCoaster Tycoon get honourable mentions). While technically it isn't my favourite in the series …
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Fans Cringe Over Final Fantasy V's "Enhanced" Graphics on Steam

Fans Cringe Over Final Fantasy V's "Enhanced" Graphics on Steam
Final Fantasy fans are displeased with the art style, to put it lightly, of the upcoming port of Final Fantasy V on Steam which releases on September 24. It boasts "enhanced graphics" but is based on the mobile version of the game. Some of the …
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The Argument Over Whether A Bloodborne Exploit Is Cheating

The Argument Over Whether A Bloodborne Exploit Is Cheating
Bloodborne is a difficult game, no doubt. If look closely, though, there are ways to make it easier. Boss exploits—aka cheesing—are the stuff of legend in Souls games, but is that cheating? So far, I haven't summoned a friend in Bloodborne, and I'm …
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War Over Waters In Future

War Over Waters in Future
War over water is not a brand new phenomenon during this world. The world has seen several fatal battles fought for the occupation of water resources. Ancient history reveals that the armies fought till the water resources were occupied. That side was victorious because it overpowered the water resources. It’s not an exaggeration that water was, water is, and water can be the vital item on the agenda of world politics.
The changing atmosphere affects the water the most. The disturbance within the ecosystem is a problem discussed in details since long. The increase in temperature, 1st of all, inversely affects the water in all forms. The ice melts the water level in oceans increases and the land diminishes. Then the melting of ice means that the good catastrophe for the earth. The rain system in the globe changes a lot. The rainy seasons of the various realms have changed. There is a larger drought within the areas where rainfall was already meager. In the identical method, the areas or regions have greater rains and off season rains due to the current plodding with nature. If the so referred to as industrial development continues at the same ratio with the same ignorance of atmosphere, the individuals can find no different means to fight. It is one aspect of the coin. The opposite side of the picture is a few what optimistic. A positive amendment has occurred as way as the environmental awareness is concerned. The industrialists are in the road with the compliance of the environmental laws. The scientists together with the governmental organizations are operating arduously to alienate the seriousness of the issue. Things that are thought-about alien to environment are being replaced or treated to form them environmentally friendly. The UN and other non governmental organizations have done yeoman services for this human friendly cause.
All changes aside, the politics of water also are changing color. The people have become responsive to the seriousness of the situation. They understand that the war is not any answer to the current problem. If one power snatches the water resources, the bereaved nation can not stay idle. She can also prepare for a counter attack and during this means the chain of war would ensue that is not acceptable to humankind.
The governments would surely share the water resources, however while not war or any aggressive action while not necessity. Necessity here means if a nation is adamant enough to fulfill the obligations of the Pacts, the other power might use force.
Man has learned enough to tackle the crises situation. The powers have experienced worse things and understand how to deal in these conditions. The danger of atomic war was averted, the third world war was to start out, but the sages of the time tackled things and saved the world from the scourge of destruction.
Thus it is hoped that the water would not be a source of universal war, the governments would kind out some manner to handle the water resources, but just distribution can not be guaranteed.

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Relationships and Cheating – How to Get Over It

Relationships and cheating go hand in hand. You know someone who has been cheated on, did someone cheat on you or was it you who cheated on your relationship?

Both the cheated and the cheater suffer pain from its effects. Whilst it is evident that the cheated suffers, the person actually cheating also suffers. He has to lie to keep what he is doing a secret and fell guilty about what he is hiding and doing. The guilt may be a real guilt or a secret guilt. And just because there was cheating in the relationship, it does not necessarily spark off its end.

Can you really make it work after you have been cheated on and you either never separated or managed to get back together again? What can you do to get over it and is he going to start doing it again? After there has been cheating, a relationship is going to be difficult to save and often cheating is a repetitive affair. Some couples, however, do manage to rebuild trust in their partner and stay to live happily together.

You must find out why your partner cheated on you to be able to know how far you can trust them in the future. Perhaps there were troubles in your relationship or did it happen because the situation just presented itself. Talk over the reasons calmly with your partner.

If it was out of boredom the time it happened when the occasion just presented itself, you probably have a serious problem. If the excuse for cheating on you is no better than that, you may find it difficult to forget the pain the cheating caused you and feel able to continue the relationship.

Where you were already having relationship problems your partner may have thought that the relationship was all but over anyway. If you were having problems, then your partner may have thought that the relationship was going to end anyway or they did not think about it or considered it did not matter. In any case their cheating was wrong, but at least you can understand the problem and you may be able to talk matters over between yourselves.

Concerning relationships and cheating, they are an odd cocktail and some couples manage to get on perfectly well afterwards. Often though, the person who has suffered the cheating cannot accept what has happened. They find it impossible to stay in a relationship where they can no longer trust their partner or expect the cheating will be repeated.

They are constantly suspicious and miserable as a result, and the other party may not appreciate being the butt of this suspicion. . If this has happened to you, you have to accept to trust your partner not to repeat the affair and hurt you again, however difficult this may be.

It is rarely easy when there has been cheating in a relationship.

I advise you both to read “The Magic of Making Up”, written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson. He has helped many people, in a similar situation to yours all over the world, to resolve their relationship problems successfully.
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Dealing With Infidelity – How to Get Over With a Cheating Husband

Infidelity is one of the worst and most devastating issues a spouse can experience in marriage. How devastating could it be to find out that your husband is sleeping with another woman? Dealing with infidelity is probably the last thing you want to encounter in your relationship.
However, if you have just discovered that your husband is cheating and you have all the proofs, it may be normal for you to get angry, but it is always wise to process your emotions before doing things you might regret later. Below are things that may help you deal with the situation.
* Don’t let anger control you.
Of course, when you are right there reading their exchange of steamy messages, or you have personally seen them walking hand in hand, you can never tell yourself not to get angry. Anger is normal in situations like this. You may even feel a surge of different emotions, but do not let all these control you. One thing you can do is to take time before you decide to do something. Of course, it may be tempting to go out there and confront him or yell and shout at him, but you might end up pushing him to go against you.
* Give Yourself Time
Before you are trapped with your emotions and mix thoughts, give yourself time to pour out what you feel. Talk to a trusted friend. Go to some place where you can cry, shout and just let it all out. When you finally have at least, a lesser intensity of emotions, you can have time to think what to do. In dealing with infidelity, you have to let your emotions subside before doing anything that you might regret later.
* Talk to your partner.
When you finally have the courage to talk about it without getting angry, go talk to your partner and tell him of your emotions and how the affair has affected you. If you approach the conversation without any anger and violence, you may just get to let him talk about it. You will probably never get the exact reason why he did it, but at least you can talk about what you both want to do with your marriage.
* Give Time to Heal
If he decides to end the affair and work on the marriage, and you decide to give him another chance, be careful the next time. Some cheating spouses will just promise not to do it again but it would actually mean being very careful the next time. If both of you cannot have a calm conversation, you can always ask for a counselor’s help.
Dealing with infidelity does not just end after you agree to make the marriage work. Rebuilding trust after an infidelity in the marriage is one of the most challenging tasks. The betrayal may haunt you throughout the marriage, and you may never totally recover from your anger or the urge to revenge. You can decide based on what is best for your own peace of mind, what is best for the relationship and for the kids as well.

Carolyn Anderson has been a writer/contributor on love and relationship topics. If you want to find out if your partner is cheating, you can find help from these affair detection techniques. Also check out How To Catch A Cheating Spouse, to know some effective tactics in catching a cheating partner.