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Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera tickets

The Phantom of the Opera became the longest running Broadway production ever when it overtook Cats on January 6, 2006 with its 7486th performance. The world premiere of the musical was on September 27, 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theater in London. The first Broadway production opened on January 9, 1988 at the Majestic Theater. The Phantom of the Opera has been made into a major motion picture as well. It is perhaps the most popular musical in the history of Broadway.


The story of Phantom of the Opera revolves around three major characters. One is a facially disfigured genius musician and composer who wears a mask to hide his deformity and is known as the Phantom that haunts the Paris Opera House. He is enamored by Christine Daae, an opera chorus girl whom he takes under his wing and trains her to become a fine opera singer. Christine is in love with Raoul, whom she has known as a child and whom she rediscovers at the Paris Opera House.


The story begins with a scene in 1911, with Raoul as a seventy year old wheelchair bound man who is present at the auction of objects of the Paris Opera House. The auctioneer explains the relevance of a chandelier on display in relation to the Phantom of the opera and then the scene shifts back to the Paris Opera House in its heights.


We see the prima donna Carlotta at a rehearsal for the opera, Hannibal, when suddenly a backdrop falls, nearly killing her. There are cries of “It’s the Phantom” and she refuses to sing after that. Christine is then asked to perform by her friend who is the ballet teacher’s daughter. Raoul sees her there and recognizes her as his childhood friend. He wishes to take her for dinner but she refuses saying her music teacher will not permit it. After that we discover that her music teacher is the Phantom himself who is obsessed with her.


The rest of the story progresses with her love for Raoul blossoming and the phantom’s rage at that. In the end, Christine is kidnapped by the Phantom who asks her to stay with him forever or he would kill Raoul. Her decision brings with it the end of the story of the Phantom of the Opera.


The musical is directed by Harold Prince with haunting and unforgettable music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber who also wrote the script. The cast includes Howard McGillin as the Phantom, Jennifer Hope Wills as Christine and Michael Shawn Lewis as Raoul. The show has won over fifty awards including three Olivier Awards and seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical.


The Phantom of the Opera tickets are in high demand even after so many performances. To get your tickets at the best price your best option would be to contact the box office at the Majestic Theater where it has been running for the last nineteen years, the only Broadway production to do so. Your other options include ordering tickets on the phone or online.

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The Phantom Of The Opera New York Tickets – Phantom Welcomes Two

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show on Broadway, and even decades after it first debuted, the demand for The Phantom of the Opera New York tickets is still as high as ever. Because of its staying power, the cast of The Phantom of the Opera tends to change from time to time as stars move on to different projects and old stars return. The Broadway version is set to welcome back to stars familiar with the musical in December.

On Dec. 6, Liz McCartney and Sean MacLaughlin will be joining the show as Carlotta and Raoul, respectively. They will be replacing Patricia Phillips and Ryan Silverman, who will both finish their run with The Phantom of the Opera on Dec. 4. Phillips Played Carlotta since 2003, while Silverman has played Raoul since April 2009.

Both McCartney and MacLaughlin are familiar with the roles. McCartney took the role of Carlotta more than a decade ago, when she performed from June 1999 to April 2001. She was also part of the ensemble in 1999 before taking the role of Carlotta. MacLaughlin is familiar with the role of Raoul, as he had the role in the touring production of The Phantom of the Opera. He started with the touring production as part of the ensemble in June of 2007. In February of 2009, he became Raoul, continuing in that role until the tour’s closing in October of 2010.

McCartney is one of Broadway’s veterans, and she has starred in many of the classic shows on Broadway. She played Rosie in Mamma Mia, Miss Flannery in Thoroughly Modern Millie (the final production), Madame Thenardier in Les Miserables, among other roles. She also originated the role of Sue Tilley in TABOO and Rebecca in Dance of the Vampires. Her regional credits include shows like Into the Woods, Fifty Million Frenchman, Paint Your Wagon, A Vision, Carols for a Cure and more. McCartney has also appeared on television on shows like Law and Order SVU and Saturday Night Live.

MacLaughlin also has extensive experience on Broadway. He has appeared in The Woman in White (also by Andrew Lloyd Webber), Bombay Dreams and Lestat (an Elton John creation). His Off-Broadway credits include The Audiences and Requiem for William. Regionally, he has performed in shows like Merrily We Roll Along and Tom Sawyer.

Joining MacLaughlin and McCartney in the Broadway cast of The Phantom of the Opera are Hugh Panaro as The Phantom, Sara Jean Ford as Christine, George Lee Andrews as Monsieur Andre, David Cryer as Monsieur Firmin, Cristin J. Hubbard as Madam Giry and others.

The Phantom of the Opera is based on the French novel by Gaston Leroux. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of the story first debuted in the 1980s, and it won seven Tony Awards in its first season on Broadway in 1988. Many of the songs from The Phantom of the Opera have since become classics like “The Music of the Night,” “Masquerade” and “The Phantom of the Opera.”

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Opera Glasses and the Phantom of the Opera – A Review

The story of the Phantom of the Opera begins in Paris sometime in the 1800’s when two men take ownership of an old theater house believed to be haunted by a ghost. The ghost is said to be the spirit of a construction worker of the theater named Erik, who haunts the theater. The truth of the matter is that Erik is very much alive, although severely disfigured from birth. To cover his disfigured face, he wears the mask which has become the symbol of this wonderful performance.

As time passes, Erik tells the one of the performers, Christine, that her dead father who is has sent him to train her with voice lessons. The voice lessons take place in Christine’s dressing room. This may sound fairly normal, but Erik is on the other side of the wall training her as he told Christine he is a spirit. As Erik trains Christine she becomes a phenomenal singer. Christine takes the leading role in a performance.

As Christine is performing one night on stage, Christine faints, and a man in the audience comes to save her. This man Raoul, we find out is a childhood friend of Christine, and begins to fall in love with her. Raoul begins to attend her performances, gifting her with flowers, and visiting with her often.

As Christine and Raoul start to fall even more in love, the Phantom; Erik watches and hears all that is happening, finally he decides to meet with Christine face to face. When he shows his face in her dressing room for the first time, he wears the mask that has made this play famous. He then abducts Christine, and takes her through winding tunnels down to his home in the secret catacombs of the opera house.

Christine finds out that The Phantom does not plan to release her. At this point she becomes very fearful and also very angry. Erik then makes a promise to her that she will be let go after staying for five more days. At this point he takes Christine on a tour of his underground home, which features many strange things. Be sure to be using your opera glasses at this point of the performance, for this part can truly not be forgotten.

During a powerful duet in the performance with Christine and Erik, Christine wonders who this phantom really is, and why he wears this mask over half of his face. Remember to use your opera glasses at this point, as Christine grabs his mask by surprise and takes it off. Erik, now upset, and feeling betrayed, decides that he will not release Christine, and that she will remain there with him always. You will feel at this point, the love that the Phantom has for Christine, and the deep desire he has to feel that love in return.

We will not reveal the ending of this wonderful performance; suffice it to say it is an epic one. You will never forget the impressions that this musical leaves on your heart. The costumes, music and storyline will truly astound you. This is a performance that demands to be seen again and again to full appreciate, for this reason it has remained on Broadway so long! As we always recommend bring your opera glasses to appreciate this wonder to the fullest.

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Behind the Popularity of the Phantom of the Opera Mask

Many people over the years have enjoyed the popular story “The Phantom of the Opera”, and although it is an old tale, it has had a huge influence on a great number of people. Many people were fascinated by the Phantom’s gnarled facial features, and the mask that he wore to cover his terrible disfiguration. Because of this fascination with the Phantom of the Opera and the mask that he wore , when the time comes for people to attend a masked ball or other masquerade themed event, many party-goers choose to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask, and emulate the mysterious white mask that covered half of the famous character’s face.

This famous mask that played a large role in this classic tale of love and pain, is loved by many people because of the unique look that a mask that only covers half of the face brings. Many masks only cover half the face, but the difference between other masks and the phantom mask is that others cover the face horizontally, such as only covering the top half of the face, but the phantom of the opera mask covers half of the face vertically, giving it a very unique look. This look makes the person wearing it appear very mysterious and dapper as well.

Also, this mask is popular around Halloween time, because playing the character of the Phantom of the Opera is a fun and different choice for a Halloween costume, and it causes the person wearing the mask to appear very original. This makes these masks well sought after in the fall months. This can be a very inexpensive, yet good-looking costume for you. All that you need is a black cape and a Phantom of the Opera mask, and you are set!

These masks are really just for the men, although women have been known to wear them from time to time. Still, this is really a more masculine style of mask. All in all, if you are looking for an inexpensive and fashionable masquerade mask to wear to your next event, choosing a Phantom of the Opera mask may be a great decision for you!

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Book Opera Phantom Ticket

Struggling to find that elusive ticket? Asking yourself how can I book opera phantom ticket and get the best seat?

If you are a regular theatre goer or planning that special one off theatre trip, you are sure to want to get the best seats within your budget.

One big tip is to book in advance. Whether you are booking online or calling around, the earlier you book the better – especially when it is for a hugely popular musical such as Phantom of the Opera. Most of the long running shows are so well known all over the world that all those visitors flocking to London like to book a big West End show as a special part of their holiday as being a “must do” whilst in London. There is always something going on in London – this month for the Royal Wedding it is estimated that there will be 1.1 million visitors coming to London and looking ahead for the 2012 Olympics the estimate is an extra half a million visitors each day! So there is a lot of competition to get those good seats!

Big long running shows such as Phantom, Lion King, Les Mis, Blood Brothers, We Will Rock You, Wicked etc are extremely popular and are already booking tickets for dates into 2012 and leaving it to the last minute can often result in missing out or inferior seats.

Phantom will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in October 2011 and is the highest grossing entertainment event of all time. The Lion King is one of the few shows that is great entertainment for all the family. It is now in its 12th year and still going strong with tickets for this summer selling out fast. Another family orientated show is Wicked, winner of many awards and breaking box office records around the world. Running since September 2006 it is currently booking until April 2012. Week after week these shows are selling out so booking ahead is the only way to guarantee you can get the seats you want.

Booking online makes it much easier to compare seats and offers and it is safe, easy, and convenient. You can search for the exact production that you want to see and book your tickets quickly and securely through a tried-and tested booking agency. You can reserve the exact seats you want. Choose a reputable agent that has a secure on-line booking system and is a full member of The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) but if you just can’t find what you want then call up and don’t be afraid to ask the agent for specific seats. Getting through to the theatre directly is nearly impossible so let somebody else do the work for you!

It is important to keep an eye on theatre news and regularly check online to see about the latest plays also. For a play starring a well-known film actor or by a renowned director, getting tickets for the hottest new show in town definitely means you need to be on the ball. Plays often have limited runs and sells tickets for preview performances at a discount prices before it’s official opening and if you don’t book as soon as those seats go on sale it can be tough to find tickets later on.

You can count on us to always have the most up-to-date information — our listings are updated regularly with extended performance schedules. We have a wide selection of seat locations and price bands for you to choose from for any show, ensuring that you always have a great seat, no matter what your budget. Booking ahead doesnt necessarily mean that you miss out on special offers either. All year round there are often amazing special offers available with top price tickets often reduced to nearly half price.

So start planning ahead and look to see what is happening in the West End this year and next!! If you plan ahead you are sure to be happy when you get the tickets for your play or big musical show such as when you book opera phantom ticket.

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