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Shiyan Auto Culture Festival Grand Opening

 September 5, 2009 the morning of 6 weir People’s Square, flags fluttering, vehicles such as the long queues, people such as tide, vehicles city of China the long-awaited letter of co-2009 China Shiyan, Hubei (Zhang Bay) Auto major auto show-cum-Cultural Festival Opening ceremony held as scheduled, the activities of thousands of people Zhengdu grand occasion.

 Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shen Ning Wu, the National Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association, vice president of products Zhang Xiaoping, China Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Supplies DONG Xing, Hubei Province, Ninth, Tenth National People’s Congress Standing Committee Ballon Qing, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial government agencies Services Authority, party secretary, Wang Chuan-hao, Hubei Province, Economic and Information Committee and deputy director Hu Shuhua, city leaders Zhang Siyi, Mi Kluckhohn, Shih-Jye Wu, Wei-Kuo Chang, Zhang Xin, Ling Zhong Ti, Dongfeng company leader Norinaka attended the opening ceremony.

 At about 9 am, the famous CCTV host Li Jia-Ming, OUYANG Xia Dandeng Taiwan appearances, read a letter the state workers Miao Wei, vice minister of the Ninth, Tenth CPPCC Standing Committee member Li Youwei, the Eleventh CPPCC Standing Committee member Chen Kiyoyasu, the former Ma Yue, general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation congratulatory message. A live demonstration of the former State Economic and Trade Commission Yuan Baohua inscription: “the pride of the Chinese auto industry.” Shen Ning Wu announced: All 2009 China Shiyan, Hubei letter (Chang Wan) Auto Culture Festival opening shot of the colorful salute the square of smoke and mirrors the sky formed a rainbow picture, the festive atmosphere of the scene lit.

 Mayor Zhang Siyi said in his speech that this year is the 60th anniversary of founding of new China is the 40th anniversary of the city of Shiyan City to build, but also the 40th anniversary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation plant. Western Hubei Province, Hubei Province is implementing eco-cultural tourism circle strategy, Shiyan Wudang is working to create culture, water culture, car culture, that “Spirit Mountain, Xiushui, automobile city” three cards, to auto cultural festival, is to leverage this resource advantages , excavation car culture, heritage car civilization, vividly reflect the “strong wind” grew up and enhance the public’s “East Wind” and Dongfeng truck understanding of this activity Bancheng efforts to influence the city and the country, there are characteristics of car culture events , the phrase “Shiyan Motor City” in particular “national cars” this card into the country, to the world.

 Dongfeng Automobile Company Norinaka deputy party secretary, said the past 40 years, Shiyan City, and Dongfeng Motor Corporation weal and woe, Gandanxiangzhao, create brilliant. Dongfeng plant in the 40 anniversary to revive Shiyan, has become a company-wide consensus Dongfeng, “863 revitalization plan” announced that Dongfeng sounded the clarion call to revive Shiyan, Shiyan once again ignited the people’s passion. He was convinced that through the organization of the car culture festival, a more in-depth interpretation of car culture, to further improve people’s concept of car consumption, in order to contribute to a build a charm Shiyan.

 In the soothing background music, the auto show kicked off, a Dongfeng-branded vehicles, cars onto the stage, dressed appearance of the Model cars accompanied by stirring rendition, the audience greeted with cheers. Auto Show focuses on self-developed entirely by the Dongfeng Motor Corporation Dongfeng Fengshen’s first mid-size sedan S30, dynamic spiritual Dongfeng Citroen Sega, called consumers “fine quality of the election” Dongfeng Peugeot 207, Dongfeng fashion dynamic sports car The new Honda Civic, September 5 until the day of listing of Dongfeng Honda Civic Platinum Core, intelligent fashion known for KIA Furui Di, economical and practical for Dongfeng and Dongfeng Star off to mighty warriors known as Dongfeng 9 series models.

 In addition, the Dongfeng Tianlong, Tin Kam and value of more than 600 million cars are polar Dongfeng Motor Show yesterday, a show style. The same day, in addition to passenger cars series and Dongfeng Dongfeng commercial vehicle series, as well as non-Dongfeng brand cars, such as General Motors, Buick, Hyundai brand cars exhibitors. Nearly one hundred cars a collective appearance, dazzled the audience to see, many struggle Yan Shiyan Model cars site, people exposure to “Our Dream Car beauty” world. Many of the older “old wind” come together in front of the car a long stay in touch here, there, look at from time to time talking about the original construction of two gas scenarios. Auto-site consultation constant flow of people buy a car from time to time members of the public to sign orders to pay the deposit under the car.

“The world’s most expensive one kiss”, “Dongfeng Fengshen I love you” scene kiss vehicles were sedans activity, has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the opening ceremony of the activities. In accordance with the prior via e-mail, cell phone text messages are two ways to determine the rules of the game, ladies and 200 short-listed for children 5-12 years of age will be a beautiful lip print to stay in four white Fengshen S30 sedan car body. Experts from the lip print a complete character; lip contour, lip wrinkles clear; lip plump; lip color glossy in areas such as a comprehensive selection. Eventually Pingchu 110 players, from the Dongfeng Motor Corporation equipment factory workers Zhu Xiaoqin was “the most beautiful lip print” title, and get the value of 75.8 thousand yuan Dongfeng Fengshen S30 sedan car at the same time, also voted for 10 beautiful lips India Award, will be awarded 600 yuan a beautiful car models.

 In the afternoon, from the study engaged in the automobile industry experts gathered at a dozen cars city hotel, from the current developments in international and domestic automobile industry, China’s car in the world automotive sector location, local economic progress and development of the company between Dongfeng relations, and China’s auto and auto parts development trend, Dongfeng company’s current development situation and so freely about the future of auto industry trends.

 Person in charge, according to event organizer, Chang Wan District secretary of the Liu Hua said that through this event, hoping to arouse the public’s old industrial bases in Shiyan, “wind” Remembrance, to enhance the public’s “East Wind” and the understanding of Dongfeng vehicles to improve community Shiyan (Zhang Bay) knowledge of the automotive industry to achieve car culture and car economy “fly together.”

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Planning A Grand Opening Event: Promotion, Gift Cards, And More

The grand opening of you new office, retail store, or any other business venture should be an exciting, busy day that brings you new customers and helps you reconnect with current clients. Whether the grand opening is for a new office building, a third retail store, or your first bakery, planning a great grand opening event can immediately boost your sales figures. There are several key elements to a kickoff event that will ensure its success.


A public event doesn’t take place in a vacuum. You need to create anticipation for the opening and reach as many people as possible so that they’ll know when and where your grand opening will take place and what they can expect from the opening. There will need to be activities and special offers that are valuable enough for people to be willing to take the time to visit your business on the day of the event.

A multi-pronged approach is the best way to advertise your event. Television, radio, and newspaper ads are all excellent ways to reach people. At the same time, don’t neglect the newer venues of social media. Post an announcement on your website (if you don’t yet have one, get one!), tweet to your customers, friends, and associates so that they’ll help get the word out, and lure them in with the promise of good food and prizes.

Food And Drink

Once people arrive at your business, you want to keep them there long enough to really get to know the advantages of your new location and do some browsing or talk to you about their needs. Always serve some food and drinks. Finger foods, including appetizers and cookies, are easy for visitors to eat while mingling. Depending on your company policy, you can offer alcoholic drinks or a simple fruit punch.


Prizes are always big hits at kickoff celebrations. You can offer door prizes, have a raffle, or host a Chinese auction for gift baskets that contain anything from jewelry or accessories to a nice bottle of wine. When putting together these baskets, be sure the prizes complement whatever products or services your business offers. For instance, a car dealership might give away gift certificates for the local car wash or car accessories such as a portable navigation system, new car mats, or products for cleaning a car’s interior. A hair salon might give away gift certificates for a line of hair care products, hair dryers, flat irons, or make-up and hair accessories.

Buy gift cards online for several different stores or several gift cards from the same store and present them to the first 50 or 100 people to arrive at the grand opening. Be sure to prominently mention this incentive in all your advertising literature. You might say something like, ‘Today Only! Grand Opening Specials and Gift Cards for Our First Hundred Guests! Doors Open at 10:00 AM.’ This also encourages people to arrive earlier on the day in hopes of winning one of the cards.

Various contests can also be incorporated into your celebration. Trivia tests, spinning a raffle wheel, or simply drawing tickets handed out to guests lets you give away more prizes. If you buy gift cards online, be sure to select an assortment. Local restaurant cards are always nice, but sporting goods stores, shoe stores, and bookstores also offer great gift cards. They are nicer to give than cash prizes, because the winners are more likely to treat themselves than if they simply pocket some cash. The cards can be tucked into attractive note cards that mention the grand opening and thank the guests for coming. It’s a subtle reminder that your grand opening was where they won the prize, giving you an added bit of advertising.


Be sure to let potential guests know that your grand opening event is about more than simply introducing your new location or building. Your advertising should also highlight discounts available only on the event day. This will encourage guests to purchase your products or sign up for your services while they are at the celebration, getting your business off to a strong start. Once they’ve tried your product or service at a discount, they will likely become repeat customers.

Discounts can also be handed out in the way of gift cards. If you don’t have your own company gift cards, consider a free ‘gift card with purchase’ promotion. For every $ 50 customers spend, they will receive a $ 5 or $ 10 gift card to one of several stores. Simply order a stack of gift cards online in advance of the grand opening and have them ready to slip into shoppers’ bags as they are leaving.

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Grand Opening Day Training For Employees

Your grand opening is a very important day with lots of jitters and excitement for all involved.  And because it is the first day you are introducing your new company to the the world, to potential clients and customers, its very important that everyone involved puts their “best foot forward”.  In order to ensure this happens, its very important that all employees are a part of the employee training process.  Not only do new employees need to be trained for their particular roles that they will be fulfilling in the weeks and months ahead, but all employees should be prepared to fill multiple jobs in the chaos of the first day and grand opening celebration.  Training is so important because the employees are the face and voice of the business.

Basic Training: Interacting with Customers
Every employee, regardless of their prior work experience, should be trained in the basics, such as greeting customers, health and safety regulations, the location and stocking of goods, as well as closing and opening procedures.  For training on interactions with customers, the best idea is often to provide an example script and then to role-play.  Take the time and energy to make sure all employees know their roles well enough to be confident and professional for both the grand opening and the months to follow.  Their speech, actions, and knowledge of the store should reflect this training and standard of professionalism.

Basic Training: Stocking Shelves
Another aspect of running the new business that every employee should know is how to display the goods and merchandise.  Most often this means knowing how to stock shelves and then label with prices.  If no goods are out, available to customers for purchase, then the “closed” sign might as well be out.  In other words, if there is ever a possibility of a customer dropping in looking to spend money but the shelves aren’t stocked, then there is no point in paying employees to “man the post”.  In order to make sure that never happens, all employees, regardless of their paid positions, should know how to stock goods and label pricing.

Basic Training: Checkout Procedure
Knowing how to put the correct prices on goods ties in to an earlier point of everyone needing to know how to check a customer out in a timely manner.  Being able to complete a customer’s desired transaction in a timely and professional manner is tied into the earlier point of all employees needing to know how to interact with patrons.  But employees will not be able to complete the transaction without knowing pricing.  And clients quickly become frustrated with shopping if they do not know how much an item is going to cost them.  Once both parties know this information, only then can transactions, money in exchange for goods, go smoothly.  This enables customers to leave satisfied and employees to work efficiently.  Make sure that employees know not only how to label, but where the pricing and bar code information can be found by using a master, computerized, listing program.

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Advertising Products and Grand Opening Sales

Promotional items and grand launching sales go hand-in-hand to enhance targeted traffic and profits at those gatherings. Grand openings are exciting parties simply by themselves, and generally draw in numerous website visitors who usually probably won’t check out a certain type of store. Every grand opening requires publicity, and if you can participate in that publicity by adding a mention of free promotional gifts to persons attending the grand opening, you should be able to see a visible boost in early traffic and corresponding sales/profit figures.

The advertising products will not create sales per se, but they will create sales opportunities for store personnel. Getting foot traffic into a new store at a grand opening or grand re-opening is essential for creating the important environment of excitement, urgency and goodwill that raises sales opportunities. The actual work of getting the sale on paper is the job of the store employees, but having marketing products to work with can make their sales job easier.

There are several ways to use advertising products at grand opening sales to boost traffic. 1. Offer a free present with any purchase. 2. Offer a free gift item to the first (insert number of your choice) visitors to the grand opening. 3. Offer a free reward to all, while supplies last. 4. Offer an upgrade gift item above and beyond the inexpensive present to buyers. 5. Be sure to include mention and photo (if possible) of the keepsake device in all advertising for the event.

It is important to have what you promise ready at the event. Never get caught having to present “rain checks” because you ran out or gadgets did not arrive. This is where pre-planning aids success.

At the actual grand opening event, use common safety practices so no one gets hurt by a crushing, rushing crowd trying to get into the store. One way to help avoid this problem at crowded events is to pass out numbered entry tickets. Or, have a few employees posted outside to help organize the crowd into an orderly line for admission. Make sure the event happens on time, and if there is a crush or potential problem arising, consider opening a little bit early to alleviate the situation. After all, most want to see the new store. Be sure employees are trained and ready for corporate sector.

Use advertising products and imprinted surprise devices at grand opening sales and other important events to build traffic. Maintain control and everyone will be happy.

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Getting Free Help For Grand Opening Promotions

A new business’ first job is to let their new potential customers who they are and why they are open for business. But it’s about more than just advertising (which can be expensive), it’s also about spreading the audible word, getting people to talk and interact around the subject of your grand opening. From the very first day of business, you also want to be developing your new company branding. Here are some tips for promotion marketing and increasing your new business’ brand awareness in the community:

Contact other, previously established, businesses.
Other businesses in your community are still around because they have a formed client base. And if they are thriving, they must be doing something right in their business handling and promotion marketing and advertising. Assuming that most of these companies are not direct competition for your new business, consider some of these ways to become a part of a pre-existing, professional community.

• To advertise your grand opening, ask your local car dealerships if they would be willing to hand out a goodie bag about your new enterprise (complete with your grand opening promotions such as a flyer, some candy, a business card, coupon, etc) to their customers who come in to take advantage of their free test drives.

• To introduce your new business to the community and get a head start on developing your company’s brand awareness, ask (or pay for) a spot on the advertising tables at local gyms. Display a minimum of 3 promotion marketing products for the best chance of getting snatched up by members.

• Talk to the owners and managers of the successful businesses in your area. Again, assuming that they are not in direct competition, ask them for grand opening promotions tips (as they’ve “been there, done that”), but also try to develop a relationship with them that you can learn from in the coming months and years.

• Ask some of these companies that you admire, if you can set up a table in their break area or store entrance. Include the same promotion marketing items and company branding tools and advertisements that you would anywhere else. Except in this case consider leaving some free samples as a professional courtesy, if not for all the business’ employee’s, then definitely for the owners or managers you glean tips from.

• Even if you don’t feel like you have much to gain from a conversation with other owners and managers (maybe your type of company is just too different, or you’ve done this before), offer specials and free samples to your local businesses anyway. This will increase your new brand awareness in the community, through the mouths of already trusted and known businesses.

• See if your local delivery businesses (pizza delivery, deli shops, etc), if they would be willing to include your grand opening promotions in their delivery bags. Another similar option, is to have your company branding printed on coasters and ask local area restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. to use them in their dining areas.

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Grand Opening Balloons

Just as you should plan on advertising for all your big events (and even some smaller ones too) in the future life of your business, so do you need to make a big deal about your Grand Opening.  It is generally known that over half of businesses that close their doors within 2 years also never had a promotional Grand Opening event.  Assuming that not having an official Grand Opening contributed to their demise, if you are starting a new business of your own, it sounds like one of the best things you can do for your newborn business is to plan an enticing Grand Opening.  I know at this point you’re thinking this sounds expensive, and you’ve already spent a lot of money to get your business up and running and have yet to bring in any money.  Just where are you going to get more?  Consider what you just read, that over half of businesses that run out of business before their second birthday’s never had Grand Openings.  Consider this little extra money now an investment into your next 5, 10, or 20 years.  Knowing that you are on a tight budget, here are some ideas to have a grand Grand Opening without using too much money.  One of the most well-rounded ways to have a great start to the life of your business is through giant inflatable balloons.  Here’s why inflatable advertisements provide such a big bang for their buck…


Inflatable balloons can be custom made into practically any shape or size.  The best way to let people know about your business is to make the product or service you are offering obvious.  Anyone who drives by your new place of business should instantly know what your business can offer them and where exactly you are located.  Grand Opening balloons tackle both of those issues with one, relatively inexpensive, solution.  Giant inflatable advertisements are great for both problems because they can be designed to be unique to your new business and since they can be made to be so large (and yet not a permanent structure) that people driving or walking by from even a couple of miles away will be able to see it and most likely become curious.


Using an inflatable Grand Opening balloon will attract more than just potential customers, it will also attract the press and local news organizations.  Inflatable balloons make for great photo opportunities that will be a wonderful advertisement for your business in the newspaper, provide a neat back-drop for on-the-scene news casters, and will get radio hosts talking about where you are and what you have to offer.


Once you have the people outside your new place of business with the press mingled in as well looking for the next attention-grabbing story, your Grand Opening event should have a branded giveaway.  Try to get more creative than branded pens.  Sticking with the inflatable balloon theme, a fun idea is to offer small, sealed, inflatables.  And what would be a more memorable branded inflatable than a scaled down, model size of your Grand Opening inflatable balloon that drew your potential customers to you in the first place?


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