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6 Video Games That Want to Be the Only Game You Play

6 Video Games That Want to Be the Only Game You Play
The “game to end all games” aspect of Grand Theft Auto V might have seemed like an afterthought for Rockstar, the developer of this mega bestseller. Most players bought the game for the campaign, which centers around three very different criminals as …
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Cell Phone Cheats For GTA 5 (Xbox One, PS4 and PC Only)

Cell Phone Cheats For GTA 5 (Xbox One, PS4 and PC Only)
Some of the best GTA 5 cheats requires that you enter a combination of button presses on your controller (or keyboard if you're on a PC). The same still applies in this instance, but instead you'll be using Grand Theft Auto V's built-in cell phone. The …
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The Witcher 3 Sale: Get One Of 2015's Best For Only $30

The Witcher 3 Sale: Get One Of 2015's Best For Only
As spotted by a NeoGAF member, GameStop is already celebrating The Witcher 3 as GotY and they've got a great deal: The epic open-world RPG has been discounted to $ 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Additionally, they're selling a special DLC …
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Ps3 Consoles – There Can Be Only One

I’m lucky enough to have a WII, Xbox 360 and a PS3 Consoles so I can be completely objective in reviewing all three…. All three have their own benefits, but if you’re buying your first console, here’s a quick review with my feedback.

WII – more of a novelty system. Great for the casual gamer or kids. WII Sports and Mario Kart are my favorites and my kids (6 & 8) love it. It’s also a great system when we have company over because there’s virtually no learning curve – simply make the motion and you’re a pro!

Xbox 360 – more of a system for hardcore gamers. There’s a few exclusive games that might be of interest (Halo, Mass Effect, Gears of War), but they seem to be getting fewer as most Xbox titles can now be found on the PS3 Consoles. Great online support with Xbox Live. Out of the box the Xbox 360 is noticeably lacking in hardware to a PS3 Consoles – the Xbox is missing wifi, rechargeable controllers (the Xbox controller comes with 2 AA batteries and you can buy rechargeable controller batteries separately), blu ray, need to pay for Xbox Live (PSN is free). I bought it for the exclusive games and online gaming. Overall, a strong system, although not as good a value as the PS3 Consoles in my opinion.

PS3 Consoles – In my opinion the clear cut winner (please keep in mind I have all three and am not being a “fanboy”).

Out of the box it has everything the Xbox 360 is missing which is more bang for the buck. Surprisingly, I think the PS3 Consoles is also tipping the scales at exclusive content. My favorites are Killzone (great online), Uncharted, and Demon’s Souls. Other hot titles include Resistance, Little Big Planet, MLB The Show and just released Heavy Rain. In my opinion the graphics, operating system, controls and functionality are better with the PS3 Consoles. Wifi, Blu Ray, rechargeable controller, and free Playstation Network (PSN) just is the icing on the cake.

The WII and Xbox are both nice systems, but if you’re only buying one – start with the PS3 Consoles, you won’t be disappointed!

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