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President Obama War Powers Act

President Obama War Powers Act Sedition

By Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU

Obama is committing sedition by not following the rules of the U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 – the War Powers Act and Resolution.  Within 60 days (or extension to 90 days if requested), the President is required to tell Congress the legal reasoning for committing troops to war.  Then by the 90-day mark the president is required to obtain congressional approval. Obama promised the war in Libya would only last days – not the three months it has lapsed into. The 90 days is up Monday – June 20, 2011.  Obama wrote a letter to congressional leaders suggesting the U.S. role along with NATO sanctioned by the United Nations in Libya is now so “limited” he does not need Congress’ approval.  America funds the majority of NATO expenses.

We are spending billions of dollars in Libya wiping out all budget cuts enacted so far.  Since when does spending billions of dollars firing rockets from jets, bombing missions and deadly drone attacks with hellfire missiles for 90 days not qualify as “hostilities” Rumors are we will have “boots on the ground” in Libya by October if Gadaffi is not taken out before then.

Sedition, by the way, is going against ones country’s rules, regulations and laws. Sedition can carry a 20 year jail sentence plus fine. This makes the 6th sedition by President Obama . More about that at my website…

Back in 2007 it was Barack Hussein Obama saying the Bush administration had violated the War Powers Act and Congress should show some backbone over the legality of the Iraq War.  Now, we get outright sedition from Obama.

As usual, Obama (lately morphing into a fascist) does not abide – Laws, Congress, Constitution, courts, countries, people’s civil rights are being ignored by this administration.  Fascism is when one person runs roughshod over business, the military, the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch. Just like President Obama Nazi is doing.  Think Hitler!

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) announced they had filed a lawsuit over Obama War Powers Act violation to protect themselves and to protect the country.  The court brief cited: (1) President Obama has not followed the timing required by the War Powers Resolution. (2) There has been no declaration of war.  (3)  There has been no authorization by Congress. (4) There is a possible violation of the North Atlantic Treaty agreement with NATO. (5)  Funds paying for the war are unauthorized.

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, sponsored terrorism such as the killing of 270 innocent people on PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, the bombing of La Belle Discothèque in West Berlin, the murder of another 171 passengers on UTA flight 772 over Niger, and other murderous antics lately against his own people are examples why the world would be better off with him out of power.

By the way, President Obama  usurping power and committing sedition by not following the rules constitutes treason.  “Big Brother” Obama should have his Nobel Peace Prize and the one million dollars that came with it revoked over his illegal policies toward the War Powers Act. This rogue renegade President Obama is ruining our economy, making deflation worse and his socialism like ObamaCare (euthanasia) is shaking the very foundations of America. Do not elect President Barack Hussein Obama socialist, Marxist, communist and fascist ever again or we will lose what remains of our freedom and liberty.  He is not even a “Natural Born” citizen as required by the Constitution.  There is a big President Obama sedition and treason for you. He is actually either a British or an Indonesian citizen.

Copyright – 2011 by Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU
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Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU. He is an Eagle Scout and has been an award-winning real estate agent in California since 1968. Get Free 90 page “Deflation Guidebook” at:  http:/www.deflationeconomy.com

Barack Obama says American Alcohoilism is the Cause of Iraq War

According to Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, American Alcohoilism is the root cause of the Iraq War, soon to be the Iran War. The immense, gluttonous, ridiculous over consumption of oil by the people of the United States of America is the root cause of the Iraq War said Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

At the time that America went to war in Iraq Senator Barack Obama was a state legislator. He opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning unlike all of the other leading candidates from both parties who voted to go to war in Iraq proving that the color of your skin and long years of experience do not always translate into good foresight and wisdom. Yesterday Barack Obama addressed the DNC Winter Meeting. Here is a part of what Barack Obama said:

“We’ve got 130,000 Americans fighting halfway across the world in a war that should never have been waged, led by leaders who have no plan to end it. The decisions that we make in the next decade will determine the future of our children and the future of our grandchildren. The campaign, our mission is to figure out how we can do some good for this precious country and planet of ours. Our oil dependence is threatening not just our pocketbooks but the safety of our planet.”

Barack Obama blasted President Bush’s new war escalation and budget which asks for the American people to throw another trillion dollars after bad for the war in Iraq. This warmongering by George Bush is bankrupting health care, social security, education and creating a deficit which will lead to the bankruptcy of the country, leading to another great depression or runaway inflation.

The root cause of the Iraq War and the American dependence on other countries for oil is not a lack of domestic oil but an insane over consumption of oil by the people of the United States. This graph is worth a billion words and shows in one glance the amount of oil used every day by every country on the planet earth. Look at it, click on it NOW to understand the root cause of the Iraq War. http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/ene_oil_con-energy-oil-consumption

The people of the United States of America consume 20 million barrels of oil each and every day, far in excess of any other nation on Earth. For the past 5 million years before a hundred years ago our ancestors used zero oil. Russia and India use 2 million barrels of oil per day. Indonesia with nearly the same population as the U.S. uses 1 million barrels of oil per day. Laos and many other countries use 3 thousand barrels of oil per day.

Now look at this chart of exports and production of oil by every country on Earth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chart_of_exports_and_production_of_oil_by_nation This chart shows that Saudi Arabia exports 9 million barrels of oil more per day than it imports. On the other end of the scale the United States the world’s largest polluter by far imports 12 million barrels of oil per day on top of the 5 million barrels per day we produce domestically in the United States. The Iraq desert is capable of producing 2 million barrels of oil per day at a cost of $ 1 per barrel and this is why the United States invaded Iraq, to steal their oil. Every one of the 1.3 billion Muslim people on Earth knows this. The Iraq War and Iran War exit strategy is for the people of the United States of America to over the next year cut back on our ridiculous over consumption of oil to 2 million barrels of oil per day.

Russia and China consider Iran to be their own backyard. They are both going to back Iran just like they backed tiny North Vietnam to defeat the United States, when the United States attacks Iran. Russia and Iran have half of the world’s oil and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Russian President Vladimir Putin just announced their own gas OPEC. Russia, the Soviet Union, the long time enemy of the United States is building the Iranian nuclear reactor in Busheher Iran and the Soviet Union just delivered $ 1 billion worth of advanced surface to air missiles to Iran to protect it.

Yesterday Senator Barack Obama said, “Our oil dependence is threatening not just our pocketbooks but the safety of the planet.” The American dependence upon foreign oil because of our ridiculous over consumption of oil every day caused the Iraq War, is leading to the Iran War and then to nuclear world war 3, the extinction of life one earth in nuclear world war 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer aka Mad, Mutually Assured Destruction. Furthermore the burning by the United States every day of 20 million barrels of oil, the American Alcohoilism is a leading cause of the impending global warming catastrophe when Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic ice continents melt and the earth’s one Ocean rises permanently 50 feet, permanently submerging the United States under 50 feet of water. The United States is like a codeine addict thinking that the solution to his problems is to break into a drug store and steal the pills.

The real solution to our war and global warming problems is to eliminate our consumption of oil completely. Our ancestors did fine without it for five million years. Why are SUV’s legal? Why isn’t it a law that every American must drive a Smart Car or an electric car or an ethanol car which runs on corn or a fuel cell car which runs on water and emits only water vapor or ride a bicycle? Think of the reduction in oil consumption. Think of the end of the need to colonize the Middle East. Ford Motors is now approaching bankruptcy and Japanese Toyota just reported record sales and profit because of the difference in their cars’ gas mileage. Isn’t it about time that we as American people took the fifth step at Alcohoilics Anonymous and admitted to God, to ourselves and to everyone else the exact nature of our wrongs, that we drank too much oil, and isn’t it about time that we as Americans stopped needlessly drinking so much oil? Our very existence and the continued existence of life on Earth depends upon it said Senator Barack Obama yesterday. It’s just plain common sense. We know how much war costs in dollars and lives lost. How much money will peace save the American taxpayers, who are being taxed out of their minds by the hidden George Bush War Tax, which just went up another trillion dollars yesterday?

Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love http://www.thetempleoflove.com/

Al-Qaeda Threat Tape to Obama and the Afghan War

Days before elections Joe Biden, the Vice-President-elect, told campaign donors: “Watch, we’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle [of Obama].” Did Joe Biden really have in mind al-Qaeda?

In Britain, security officials say that there is genuine concern that during the transition period al Qaida will attempt a “spectacular” attack. Other Security officials also are fearful of an attack and leaders of other nations have already given advice to Barack Obama.

Besides developing a certain proficiency in one-way-flights, al-Qaida is known to have been experimenting with biological agents, particularly anthrax, which they acquire from dead animals. Now they are interested in creating a CBRN device (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear). The US has been preparing for this and has developed anti-CBRN units on constant patrol in main cities.

Why is al-Qaida more threatened by Barack Obama than the Bush administration? Bush’s mentality and invasion of Iraq had damaged America’s image around the world and reinforced al-Qaida’s narrative. Obama’s promise to reverse many of the policies of the Bush administration on issues such as detentions at Guantanamo, torture and the war in Iraq dramatically improved America’s image, especially in the Muslim world. Therefore, it will more difficult now for al-Qaida to carry on their propaganda to the rest of the world that “America is still the evil crusader suppressing its own minorities”. Clearly the 2008 elections send the signal to the world that America is an open and tolerant society. Barack’s background makes him indeed a much tougher target to their propaganda attacks. These are good enough reasons to make al-Qaida feel threatened.

Osama’s second in command (Ayman al-Zawahri) released a tape to Obama. The US officials said the message did not signal any increased threat against America. The message consisted of despicable insults against our new president along with the remark “the dogs of Afghanistan have found the flesh of your soldiers to be delicious, so send thousands after thousands to them”. Was the last remark a fearful warning or a provocation? Guardian.co.uk, November 20, 2008.

Al-Qaida always felt confident that they can handle a guerrilla war with us in the steep mountains of Afghanistan and defeat us as they did it the Soviets in the 1980s. Before 9/11 bin Laden had sought battle with Americans, envisioning that a full sized ground invasion of Afghanistan, similar to that of the Soviets, would economically deplete the USA . Bin Laden always wanted to draw the most powerful nation in the world into a guerrilla war in which his small but fanatical and experienced forces would gradually wear the great power down, bankrupting it by an unending conflict and the resultant destabilization of the Middle East and its oil resources on which America depended.

Bush’s attack on Iraq has cost $ 600 billion to date. This figure increases by millions of dollars every hour. Additionally there are future costs like long-term care for the wounded and disabled US soldiers, the replacement costs of the used up equipment, interest payments on the war debt, and the lost economic use of the resources and manpower squandered in war. Experts estimate that the already incurred out-of-pocket and future costs of Bush’s Iraq war to be $ 3 trillion, about the same cost as WW2. Paul Craig Roberts, the Father of Reaganomics, said that these wars must end so that bankrupt Washington will be in a position to borrow from abroad the money it needs to bail out the US economy.

Let’s face it: we blew our opportunity to catch Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida’s leadership when the Bush Administration let them escape from Tora Bora, despite the CIA and the nearby US Marines asking for permission to surround and block their escape. The clumsy use of military forces to continue the Afghan war will likely turn it into a second Vietnam further draining the already weak American economy.

The low-cost, yet the most effective way to fight terrorism is to employ police and intelligence (CIA) with the intermittent use of military force when appropriate.

Coddie Adwar

Coddie Adwar writes exclusively for THE COYOTE REPORT, http://www.TheCoyoteReport.com a different kind of POLITICAL NEWS BLOG, an alternative to closed mindedness, and the home of “W GOT HIS WAR” e-book and “GOOD RIDDANCE BUSH” bumper stickers.

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Wall Street Journal Op Ed Compares Obama to Ronald Reagan – Stating They Underestimated Reagan Too?

A Gentleman by the Name of Hayes, wrote an Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal stating that Ronald Reagan’s rhetoric was underestimated by the Democrats and that is party why he won and that Obama is being underestimated now by the Republicans in the same way. I beg to differ, and will go toe-to-toe with anyone who wishes to join with Mr. Hayes to debate me on this topic, as he will need all the help he can get.

You see this Op Ed piece and Mr. Hayes fails to realize that Ronald Reagan was one of the best Governors that California ever had, he was President of the Screen Actors Guild prior to that, he also did talk radio for a year on politics. He was very wise, and accomplished in every regard. And he could back up his words quoting Milton Friedman, Henry Kissinger, and had an incredible array of topics that he could speak on for hours straight. To compare Mr. Obama with Ronald Reagan without considering these other points, is apples and oranges.

It is amazing the amount of Press that Obama is getting, and how often he makes mistakes while speaking, for instance the other day he stated that NAFTA was sending job overseas, wrong, over the borders okay, but that is not what he said. In fact, in OH he says NAFTA is a mistake, but in TX he will have to backtrack that when talking to the Longshoremen, and in El Paso, and in San Antonio where they send over to Mexico so many US Products. And its 65% Hispanic in San Antonio. There is a big difference between offering hope and giving lip service.

Oh sure, you can get away with it for a while, but what happens when you have to explain the cliches, or the positions behind your words? Then what? Ronald Reagan knew his stuff. Obama’s handlers will need to be very careful to make sure he sticks to the “chicken soup for the soul” routine, but its a long time until November, and the Media loves to build them up and tear them down. Oh you want me to back up my words do you? Okay how about Howard Dean and John Kerry? If the Democrats run Obama, they need to send him back to learn a few things to compete.

Besides we are talking about the United States of America, the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind; 17 trillion dollar GDP, and 303 million people. There is a lot at stake here, this is not a joke, we need someone who can handle it and who gets it, but I just don’t get that from Obama.

“Lance Winslow” – Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/. Lance Winslow’s Bio

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