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Young entrepreneurs: Arran Rice, Wizzed Media

Young entrepreneurs: Arran Rice, Wizzed Media
Next he seized the opportunity to capitalise on the growing popularity of Minecraft and launched a website providing guides, cheats and tips for the sites millions of players. By July 2013, Rice claims it had become the largest pocket edition fan …
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Super Mario Maker returns to the top of Media Create's sales charts

Super Mario Maker returns to the top of Media Create's sales charts
The competition wasn't exactly super stiff, with Yo-Kai Watch Busters coming in at only 26,512. Super Mario Maker found its spot back toward the top of the charts this week with 21,357 sales to round out the top three. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom …
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Super Mario Maker overtakes Pokémon in Japan according to this week's Media

Super Mario Maker overtakes Pokémon in Japan according to this week's Media
All is almost right in Japan's video game sales. The 3DS is once again outselling the Xbox One. Super Mario Maker has beat out Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon to claim the top spot in this week's sales data after falling behind last week. Splatoon is in …
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Discovering And Developing Stars Through Youtube Media Tool

To answer for the question why Youtube is an effective video marketing tool, we have several ways. Youtube is a great way to help discovering aspiring entertainers, stand-up comics and many other celebrities. With the position of the number one and most popular video sharing website in the world, Youtube developed not just a celebrated website but a vehicle for future stars.


How is it possible for YouTube to create stars and celebrities? The answer is very simple: YouTube is a popular and accessible choice. This is a social community where everyone is encouraged to upload videos for the rest of the world to see. And anyone who is interested to watch the videos is not required to become a member. Its openness allows us to reach other people through their video posts and we don’t even have to be friends.


YouTube is the go-to video sharing platform of at least 45 million internet users worldwide. Any one of those 45 million could be a Hollywood talent scout, celebrated movie producer or a business tycoon. These days, the entertainment industry relies on the selection of YouTubers to pick new talents to add to their roster. It is not surprising how a lot of talents have been pushed forward from obscurity.


However, talent scouts do not sift through hundreds of videos every day to find a gem. They do filter their search and most often, they search for popular videos made by unknown persons. And there are a lot, which makes the competition stiffer. Remember that YouTube has millions of members and billions of viewers every day who most likely aim for the same thing, internet fame.


Those who are interested in internet fame put in so much effort in their videos. They do a certain level of research and take time to retake their scenes and think about their backdrop. Although they all seem impromptu, most are actually rehearsed, it is just that they want to do more than just be online, they want to be effective. And they are marketing their talent in the best and modern way they can.


Originality should also be considered. There are thousands of videos uploaded daily on YouTube and there is a constant want to be in the Most Viewed category. The videos must possess a uniqueness that would say something about the creator’s imagination. The idea must be unique yet it must be able to blend in with other videos, otherwise it would be difficult to appear on the related videos suggestion tab., which is also an important factor in gaining viewers.


You can call them ‘wannabes’, but those who upload videos of themselves showcasing their talent are the ones who make YouTube a very interesting and entertaining website. They make YouTube even more effective for video marketing because they make themselves seen, heard and talked about. People who do not know them personally spread their video link out to their friends to share the entertainment value. Videos are uploaded free without obligation and the end user gets it with the same ease.


Matthew Iannotti is a marketing consultant in the New York City area. To learn more about Social Advertising
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How to Stream Media from PC to TV with Xbox

There is very good news for the Xbox users that they can use their devices for multiple use. The people who are having an Xbox 360 or even the PS3 can use it also for streaming the movies, music and even the photos from your computer for the TV. You have to pay an attention to your preferred playlist during the course of the game play. So you need to be very careful about the home videos and also patterned out the enormous screen by using the simple instructions.

So let’s start the instructions that you can follow for setting up your Xbox for using the device for sharing. Firstly you must have to a wired or the wireless connection and then connect your Xbox 360 and computer on the way to the same network. After it you just need to sign in to the Xbox 360 Live. In that option go to the Xbox 360, in which visit My Xbox 360, here you will find the option of System Configurations in which there is Network Configurations. Take the kind of network, wired or the wireless which you have, then select “Test Xbox 360 Live Connection.”

Now after this just configures your computer that is the Windows. There you have to download and install the most recent version of the Home windows Media Player. In that go to the option of visit library there just select the Increase Library and just add the folders which you would like to in the Xbox 360 to gain admission to all personal folders like the videos, music and the photos. These will be now selected automatically but when you have other media in other folders then add them. Their select the Visit Library and then Media Discussing. Select “Share Media.” And just click “OK,” then wait for little more time for the Xbox 360 to revelation up among the products. Once it gives the impression, then choose it, and click on “Allow,” then click “OK.”

But if you are having Mac operating system then you need to download and install software Rivet. It is contemporary to try but it is $ 20 to purchase. As soon as it is installed you will discover Rivet inside the top bar with being as an arrow icon. Just click it and cognizance to “Preferences…” There choose the music and video files which you want. Then just start streaming and allow it to refresh once so that everything goes fine.

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Ps3 Media Server V1.21.0 For Window/linux/mac Came Out

This is the news about PS3 that the PS3 Media Server v1.21.0 was released today.It’s a new version of PS3 Media Server and was specially for Windows, Linux and Mac! Please look at following original quote to get more details:

“It’s been a while coming but a new version 1.21.0 was just be released. the new version with many new features :

* Support new devices: Android, Nokia N900
* Improved support for XBMC
* Support MKV header compression in most MKV files (less “data corrupted” errors)
* VOBsub subtitles are now supported on Windows
* Multithreaded MEncoder works on more things now
* Bandwidth optimisations
* New Help tab
* More file sorting options
* Improve error logging
* Buffer reports more accurately
* Properly support MEncoder multithreading on newer CPUs
* Updated MEncoder and FFMPEG
* Processes ended properly on Linux
* Many images added and updated in the program and Windows installer
* Support thumbnails for other aspect ratios than 16:9
* Support double-NTSC framerates
* Added DVD & VOBsub subtitle quality option for MEncoder (AKA subtitle anti-aliasing support)
* Many language fixes and improvements
* Config files are saved in AppData on Windows now instead of the install directory
* Folder names containing commas are now handled correctly when loading settings on startup (thanks, Targeter)
* GameTrailers support fixed
* WEB.conf parsed properly now
* iTunes library loads much faster
* Newer version of JRE is automatically downloaded for users who don’t have it
* Window size tweaked to support lower resolutions better
* Internal scrollbars added for when content overflows
* Improved audio parsing
* Updated many dependencies
* Fixed DVR-MS support
* Fixed LPCM audio streaming
* Improved support for plugins
* Improved support for VLC Media Player
* Fixed many minor bugs”

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An overview of the Mac media server for PS3 (Playstation 3)

Different media servers for PS3 for Macs made by various companies are currently available in the market. An example of one of the very best Mac media server for PS3 varieties is the Playback and which is manufactured under the Yazsoft trademark. For this particular media server PS3 Mac media streaming software, users really appreciate its ability to stream all the media in use with other additional UPnP compatible devices like the Xbox360.

There are several features available on the Playback Mac media server for PS3 that make it suitable as media server PS3 Mac streaming software. First, it allows for complete iLife integration by automatically integrating with iTunes, iPhotos, Aperture, Photobooth, Adobe Lightroom 2, and many more. Contents from these applications can be shared and specific playlists and albums may be chosen. Secondly, Playback enables the sharing of media stored in folders or even entire disks available to the users’ Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. No configuration is required.

As a media server PS3 Mac streaming software, Playback’s built-in access control list (ACL) and bandwidth throttling that allows users to control which devices have access to their media, are important features. In addition, the bandwidth throttling limits the transfer rate from the users’ computers to their UPnP devices so that others on the network can still surf the web and check their emails.

The Playback Mac media server for PS3 also caters for users who prefer high streaming speeds thanks to its stellar engineering. The media is powered and served via Nginx and which is known for its high performance, stability, rich features, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. It also powers several high visibility sites that include WordPress, Github, and SourceForge, among others. Some of the other additional features of the Playback media server PS3 Mac streaming software include Growl notifications, on-screen thumbnails powered by QuickLook, and much more.

There are several system requirements for Playback and these are as follows: a Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions; a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or any other UPnP compatible device, as well as a network connection with gigabit recommended for HD.

As a Mac media server for PS3 and other devices that are UPnP compatible, Playback ensures that users are satisfied and happy, and which is evidenced by the multiple awards given to the creating company, Yazsoft. In addition, with each purchase of the media server from www.yazsoft.com, users get two other products from the company namely Unblunder and Attachments menu both valued at a total of $ 20.

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Convert Your PS3 To Media Server

When you own a PS3 you own a whole media world that is empowered with space for futuristic upgrades. PS3 To Media Server conversions enable your PS3 to flaunt media server capabilities. These enhanced features in turn enable you to stream videos and guess from where…off your computer! Besides this, the conversion of PS3 To Media Server also allows you to watch movies on your TV. Overlooking this feature is not using the PS3 to full potential. In fact once you explore the options at hand via PS3Magic you upgrade the Blu-Ray playing ability of the gizmo and its in-built DVD upscale initiatives.

Using the PS3s as a media server helps you to do much more than game in real time with the gadgetry you pay so much for. Converting the PS3 To Media Server increases the gizmo’s involvement as a media rostrum. And how is this to be achieved? Easy…simply follow the instructions.  It helps a lot to first shed any type of preconceptions about the PS3 To Media Server conversion prior to proceeding. What you need to keep close at hand is the PS3 and the PC as the actual media server. There is software available to help in the endeavor.

Your computer acts as the media streamer and helps you to connect to video on the PS3. When you invest in PS3 To Media Server conversion, the computer is connected to the PS3 to stream audio, video and audio onto a larger rostrum – your television. Both the PC and PS3 need to be in the operative mode while attempting to convert PS3 To Media Server. Once you download the software program, run the executable and install the same. Then install codecs for playback compatibility and if you already have a number of codecs pre-installed then simply uncheck the option.

However, it is good to note that when you do install codecs you actually maximize compatibility. In PS3 To Media Server conversion, next start up the software chosen and ‘start sharing’. To add to the library, the green “+” plus button should be chosen and then ‘add file’. You can then browse a movie file and when you find your favorite, double click. Next, open up Windows Firewall when converting PS3 To Media Server, go to ‘start’, then ‘accessories’, ‘system tools’, ‘security center’ and then click on Windows Firewall. All the help you need is accessible with PS3Magic, your one stop shop solution.

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CV Wars What’s the Best Format to Display Your Media CV?

The lowly CV has progressed leaps and bounds over the last few years. What was once a straightforward sheet of A4 – a few if you were feeling flash – has now mutated into a dizzying range of media formats. If you’re applying to media jobs, it stands to reason that you may want to present your CV using a format that is in keeping with the industry you want to enter into. So, if you’re aiming for a digital media job, you might wish to show your CV digitally via an online hosting website. Similarly, if you’re applying for a job in TV or film, you could create a video resumé. After all, showing what a natural you are in front of the camera won’t do your employment prospects any harm. Even if you do have the gravitas of a news reader and the public speaking skill of a president, that’s not to say you should just record your CV straight away. It needs to be carefully thought out.

When applying for jobs – in particular in new media – the temptation is to display just how at ease you are with technology. There’s nothing incorrect with that, but don’t let the point get lost in the medium: if you’re truly the wonderful applicant, with the most appropriate skills and experience, you could probably scribble your CV on the back of a matchbox and still get hired. On the other hand, even the most polished digital CV will not survive examination if there’s nothing on it worth examining.

Another ground-breaking take on the traditional curriculum vitae is The Social CV. This web portal aggregates data from your various social media accounts into a single webpage, enabling potential employers to collect a measure of you at a glance. The difficulty with this, of course, is that people are used to to blurting out the sort of status updates and tweets that they would never dare mention in work. The Social CV is a new innovative concept, but one that may come back to bite you.

While video CVs, digital CVs and social media aggregators can get you so far, it’s what you say – not how you say it – that will eventually decide if you are successful and obtain that special media job. In spite of technological innovations, the CV, in paper form, is still going strong and is quite popular. If in doubt as to the value of a new format to display your CV, you could just take the safe option and stick with what you know.

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How to Use Playstation 3 As a Media Center?

Not many people know the fact that the Ps3 is indeed a powerful machine, much more than your personal computer at home. With its enhanced features now, you can use the Playstation 3 as a Media Center as well. Some of the best big Blu Ray movies can also be played on this gaming machine. By installing the Linux software program, music, pictures as well as movies can be transferred to the Ps3. Linux software installation is not at all a tricky affair. Some great guides are readily available on Playstation 3 as a Media Center on the internet at the click of a button via PS3Magic.

To make gaming on the Ps3 an enjoyable experience it is the effort of every gamer to get the machine upgraded. To get pictures and movies to the screen of your television set, you first need good software which you can find in Playstation 3 as a Media Center. The program is not at all difficult to use. Computer files have to be converted first into video formats of a specific kind, which can then be well played on the gaming machine. The process of converting the Playstation 3 As A Media Center is certainly worth the effort even if it takes away some of your time.

With the Playstation 3 as a Media Center you can now have movies converted to the gaming console. The play station needs to have a spacious hard drive to accommodate a number of things on it. If you want to expand you gaming console and make the best use of the Playstation 3 as a Media Center you can follow step by step instructions which are readily available on the online source these days. The Ps3 now has become an amazing device which nowadays can handle music, movies, digital photos, word documents, emailing etc.

It is very important to review a few facts before you start making use of the Playstation 3 as a Media Center.

You need to be convinced about the fact that certainly your converted Ps3 can get more powerful than your regular home computer even. Looking up online reviews is a good idea before you convert the Playstation 3 as a Media Center. With lots of storage available on your upgraded play station, you can put it into multiple uses. One of the most resourceful rostrums is PS3Magic. No other site could provide valuable information as compared to this one as indicated in various reviews.

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