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Mass Effect Andromeda's Senior Editor Set To Leave Bioware This April

Mass Effect Andromeda's Senior Editor Set To Leave Bioware This April
It seems that Mass Effect Andromeda's development cycle is going through a tough time. The game recently got delayed to Q1 2017 which means it won't be coming in the Holiday season of 2016 anymore. While we're not quite sure what has led to the delays …
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This could be our first look at Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay

This could be our first look at Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay
… and DAI wasn't any better. Critics and people who for whatever reason crowned DAI "RPG of the year" must have pissed themselves when The Witcher 3 came along. … do this… but they're non-existent! Also, I'm on my second playthrough just to piss …
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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Stopping Mass Mutalisks With All 3 Races

In Starcraft 2 Mutiplayer nearly all Zerg players are teching to Mutalisks and expanding many times in a single match to mass produce these air units. The truth is, the Mutalisk could well be the Zerg’s best unit. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely sick of losing to mass Mutas so I’ve put together a short guide on what you can do to counter them for all 3 races.

For Zerg the Hydralisk is the most suitable unit you should use against Mutalisks in Starcraft 2. They are able to take care of a Mutalisk in 1 on 1 combat and are cheaper in resources. Corruptors are great against Mutalisks too, at the same time I would not suggest Corruptors against Mutalisks, because Corruptors deal bonus damage to massive units and Mutalisks are light units.

Mutalisks are extremely fragile against structures. Therefore, a couple of Spore Crawlers and some Queens usually takes out a huge group of Mutalisks. Zerg possess the most difficulty against its own unit; the important thing is to simply mutate a lot more Hydralisks than they have Mutalisks. The Grooved Spine upgrade for the Hydralisks is by far the most essential  upgrade against Mutas so you can start attacking them before they start attacking you.

Terran hands down hold the greatest ground vs. air unit in Starcraft 2: the Thor. Thors put up bonus damage to light units as well as deal splash damage. Though a single Thor just isn’t going to prevail versus a group of Mutalisks, after a couple of Thors have moved into the battlefield, they are able to remove a complete horde of Mutalisks. Thors should be your first choice when you are playing as Terran trying to end a Mutalisk massacre.

Really the only disadvantage while using the Thor is that it’s very sluggish.

Determined Zerg players will attempt to take advantage of this weak point by staying away from your Thors and proceeding directly for the mineral line or expos. You are able to prevent this plan simply by setting up a few Missile Turrets around your mineral line. Mutalisks possess an attack range of 3 and have difficulty steering clear of Missile Turrets. Additionally they aren’t going do a critical amount of damage to Missile Turrets.

Protoss employ the Phoenix against air units such as the Mutalisk. The Phoenix delivers bonus damage to light units the Mutalisk being a light air unit this makes Phoenix’s ideal. The Phoenix deals 20 damage to light air units with a 1.1 sec. attack speed versus the Mutalisk which deals 9 damage with 1.5 sec. attack speed. When you look at the simple math there really is no comparison. Simply produce an amount Phoenixs to go with your main army or guard your base and you’re a-ok!

Sick of being stuck in the Bronze or dare i even say Copper leagues? Then come to www.getontheblog.net/sc2eliteguide and find out exactly whats getting soo many Starcraft 2 players qualified into the Diamond league. Feel free to check out the video strategy section here! for each of the 3 races. Good Luck and I’ll see you on battle.net.

JoyceIRL – PS4 a No-Show at E3, Dark Souls DLC, Mass Effect 3 Demo Gets You Items

FACEBOOK! www.facebook.com TWITTER! www.twitter.com No PS4 announcements at E3 this year! Dark Souls MIGHT be coming out with some DLC which is a surprise. The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Mass Effect 3 demos will help you unlock in-game items for both games! LINKS! No PS4 www.joystiq.com Dark Souls DLC Rumor www.gametrailers.com Game Demos and Items www.joystiq.com kotaku.com
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