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Maruti A Star: Latest Star on the Road

Maruti A Star Price starts at Rs. 3.67 Lakh and the car gives 19kmpl.  The two factors alone are enough to power the Maruti A Star to the top of sales charts; but there are a number of other features that convert this car into a wholesome car.

All the point out the car combines compact exteriors and the interiors roomy enough to seat five passengers. Maruti A Star measures 3500mmx1600mm in length and width, a distinct advantage while struggling to find parking space.

Maruti A Star Reviews differ on the number of variants, and some argue that the car has three variants. For the record, Maruti A Star comes out as Lxi the basic model, goes on to Vxi and Zxi. There is an automatic version; keeping up with the reasonableness of the Maruti A Star Price range, this model is just about Rs.80, 000 more than the base model, but offer the full bouquet of features.

Maruti says that it has provided an engine that pumps passion for the Maruti A Star. The all-new KB-series 998cc engine does exactly that: it delivers power without compromising on fuel-efficiency. Even at as low rpm as 3000, Maruti A Star reaches peak torque of 90Nm.  For those interested in the technical specs, Maruti A Star’s engine is lightweight aluminum, all-plastic manifold and fires with a distributor-less ignition. What is the net result? Maruti A Star Reviews reveal that you get smoother rides, powerful pick-up and the 19kmpl advantage already mentioned.

Maruti A Star Price is same for the are seven colors, which are rather bold and bright, ranging from Paradise blue to silky silver. And, at a common price, Maruti A Star adds power steering, body colored bumpers, AC comfort along with headlight leveling, childproof rear door locks, wiper and washer in the front.

If you want dual air bags, security system, full wheel caps, brake assist system, rear window defogger, rear luggage shelf, colored door mirrors, tachometer  and four speakers, Zxi is the model for you. The top end Zxi Maruti A Star Price varies with the local taxes, it is about Rs.4.31 Lakh on an average.

Maruti A Star is designed for satisfying junoon, the obsession; fascination for those better things in life, a lively yet economical way of driving around.

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Stylish Maruti Suzuki A Star Car

Cars represent the style that one owns. Maruti is a brand that has a sound grip into the car manufacturing since a long time. Maruti has come over as a new car model which is known as ‘A Star’. The car combines of an impressive and eye-catching style which ensures easy mobility flaunting higher fuel efficiency.

Maruti is a compact and downsized car model that provides ample interior roominess as well as comfort to the travelers. Maruti A- Star car is a hatchback model which is exclusively designed, keeping the global market demands in mind.

Maruti A-Star has come over as a fifth global strategic model which is set launched by Maruti Suzuki. The car is manufactured in various other countries under the name of Alto and Celerio in the European as well as other countries. Compare Maruti Suzuki A Star and you find it at a great price which is available in three different variants such as Vxi, Lxi, and Zxi. Maruti A-Star is set equipped with 3-cylinder. The 12 valve MPFI unit is capable to generate 67 PS of peak power at 6200rpm and a 90Nm of torque at 3500rpm.

At the first look, you will get an idea that the car design is just apt for one to have a swift yet comfortable drive for long distances. The A-star car model is set roomier and has large glass house at rear which allows light to come in. The car has K- series engines to be used in these gasoline driven cars ensuring low friction as well as plentiful flat torque delivery at low as well as mid-range speeds. This way it ensures good drivability to the users. The car boasts of a 2360 mm wheelbase which is similar to Maruti Alto. The impressive and the technological prowess of car designers call for an envious competition spirit among the competitors.

Reason why one should Buy Maruti Suzuki A Star is that it has K-engine which is placed- under hood of Maruti. The 1.0L enables the car to moves longer distance offering a better mileage at each liter. The car’s engine is included of a five speed transmission. The power of A-star is sure to empower the upcoming models including splash and swift.

Don’t bother about Maruti Suzuki A Star price as it is set pretty affordable considering the lower budget pockets. Go for its purchase wit complete confidence.

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