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Dominate Facebook Mafia Wars – Cheat Your Way to the Top Like a True Mobster

Mafia Wars is quickly becoming the most popular game on Facebook. Almost everyone with a Facebook account has played it at one time or another, even if they don’t want to admit it. In fact, I bet a lot of you guys even have a grandma or grandpa that plays this game!

For those of you that are hardcore players, it doesn’t feel good to spend hours and hours of your time each day playing this game, only to see your friends advancing twice as fast and in half the time. Stop wondering how they are doing this. It really isn’t a secret. It’s actually very simple, they’re cheating!

The key to being successful at Mafia Wars is networking. The more people you have in your mob, the more powerful you are. To increase the size of your mob, you have to send invites to your friends. The more friends that you can convince to join your mob, the more powerful you will become. However, this can be a very tedious and very time consuming process, not to mention it can start to annoy your friends very quickly!

So what are the alternatives? I’ll be honest with you, if you try to gain mobsters legitimately by just inviting your friends, you will never get anywhere. I know this may sound bad, but cheating is the only way you’re going to get anywhere in this game. There are certain methods you can use to quickly increase the size of your mob automatically while you sleep.

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Dominate Mafia Wars – Website Review

Mafia Wars is one of the top teams of today and every player is trying his or her best to reach the top of the game, to become the top mafia boss. I am one of them!

Now there is a website that claims to have the legal cheat code that will enable players to reach the top of the heap and dominate the entire mafia world. The website is Dominate Mafia Wars and it is not a membership site that would need you to pay monthly fees. (you can find the link at the bottom of this article)

The design of the website looks quite attractive and it has the capability to attract users. It has all the right elements. The important keywords are text links and there are a couple of videos and enough attractive images. The text has been highlighted and enhanced in size just at the right places. Testimonials have been put in the right places. The navigation is simple. One simply has to scroll down.

This website has the potential to attract the audience because it has interesting quotes and testimonials at the right place. The headlines complement the background color. Overall, the color combination looks good.

The content is focused. The sales pitch, which has been used throughout the site, doesn’t wear the readers out. Rather, the content makes the reader wanting for more. Various advantages of the product have been categorized properly. The content is written in simple language and anyone can follow what is being communicated. There is not much need of updating the content except when product updates happen.

The writing style is fluid and powerful. Without using jargons, the language has been made easy to comprehend and is completely focused on what the website wants to communicate. I read through the content from top to bottom and never had an issue with grammar or punctuation. Everything seems to be in place.

The effectiveness of the message? Well, it is worth mentioning that it is quite effective. Even I play Mafia Wars and this website had me hooked. I must say it is quite clear that the website is quite effective when it comes to targeting the right audience. I sincerely think that this website will not only be appealing to those who are Mafia War fans but will also manage to rope in new Mafia War players.

Jenson Fuller is well known among those who play this game. He certainly has the credentials to be the owner of this website, if you know what I mean. If he says that he has this magic formula that can take someone to the top of the Mafia Wars world, then I would certainly like to believe him.

Overall, I found this website to be an interesting read. The design is not overwhelming. The content looks well researched and in place. There are many similar websites like this one and I found some of them completely overbearing. Not this one though. I recommend you go through this website and then make the buying decision yourself.

Mafia Wars Guide

Don’t Search For Mafia Wars Cheats Without Reading This!

The world of Mafia Wars has literally blossomed into a huge platform where millions of people from different countries play the game everyday. The game requires skill and strategy. Get to know about the Mafia Wars cheats myth and know how you can really play and win the game!

To begin with, by cheats we don’t mean cracking up the game. These are just tricks and expert advice that you can use to reduce the time you would take to reach the top of the game, or complete a job on it.

Becoming a boss on the game requires a huge amount of skill and strategy along with pragmatic application in the game. When you do that, you can be sure to level up pretty fast and become a boss or even more. As with all other games, there are tricks, tips and secret advices that you can use liberally to get to higher ground faster than your peers or competitors. You can find huge number of the so-called cheats — which are just special advices and expert tips — for the game today, anywhere online.

In order to find them, you should try the forums first. This is where most of the experts who are playing the game everyday talk about everything related to the game. You would be surprised to find special categories for iTouch Mafia Wars cheats etc.

There is literally a huge beckoning for Mafia Wars money cheats. The reason is almost everybody wants to level up quick without having to go through the rigors of routine. Thanks to a million and more sites, you can do that easily today.

Then there is always the search engines and the Zynga website itself where Zynga cheats on Facebook are available in plenty. When it comes to this game, the cheats are nothing more than a combination of a tip and a strategy.

If you plan to spend time gaming rather than trying to keep finding mafia wars cheats [http://www.mafiawarscheatsguide.info/], you must get to a website which specifically caters to you! Get all your tricks, tips and special moves right away.

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Mafia Wars Wiki Green Limo-Mafia Wars Blueprint is the most up-to=date guide for the game that everyone loves to play on Facebook

Mafia Wars Blueprint is the most up-to=date guide for the game that everyone loves to play on Facebook. It elaborates every detail of this online game, giving you the tips to outplay all your friends. You will learn the useful skills to resist your rivals in order to outplay the competition, increasing your followers at the same time. Nowadays Mafia Wars Blueprint helps people who play this mobster game on Facebook to master the strategies to carry out easy tasks and networking, increasing the number of players every day. When you are confused about how to progress and can’t make sense of the logic of the game, you have to turn to Mafia Wars Blueprint for the guidance that gives you a clear picture of how to go forward.

The difference between Mafia Wars Blueprint from other guides on the Internet is that it provides explicit and definite instructions instead of implicit common sense knowledge. You will learn to develop your mafia family with the greatest speed to defeat your competitors. With Mafia Wars Blueprint, you can easily sell your products and build your contact list by exchanging information with others.

In conclusion, Mafia Wars Blueprint teaches you everything from how to get started to how to make master the hardest challenges of the game. The most beneficial thing is that you don’t have to spend a penny to master the tactics to win over your enemies forever. The basics are of primary importance for you to understand. This enlightening instruction manual helps you to achieve different levels step by step. However, Mafia Wars is more difficult to play as competition increases; strategies in this blueprint give you insight to find the way to get rid of the obstacles so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. This guide is crucial for you to read in order to be a winner!

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Mafia Wars Hint – The Job Mistery

A hundred percent completion of all job tiers is Job Tiers Mastery. Bronze, silver and gold are the 3 levels of mastery for each tier and each job needs to be brought to 100% completion 3 times. The next level of mastery on a completed job can’t go on until all jobs in the tier are mastered to that level also. The percent of completed job performance decreases as the mastery level increases, which means the job needs to be finished, at higher levels, to master it. A new title will be granted when a player finishes each mastery level.

Job mastery of a particular tier additionally provides you the following benefits:

Mastery 1: Tier Title 
Mastery 2: “Skilled” Tier Title; +5% to loot drops in that tier 
Mastery 3: “Master” Tier Title; +10% to loot drops in that tier and a Mastery Item.

* In Cuba, you earn the title: “Experto” for Mastery 2, and “Principal” for Mastery 3. 
* In Russia, you earn the title: “Umelyj” for Mastery 2, and “Matyoryj” for Mastery 3.

In Bangkok there are actually 4 levels of Mastery, with the following titles:

* Mastery 1: Tier title 
* Mastery 2: Apprentice 
* Mastery 3: Skilled 
* Mastery 4: Master

For finishing gold mastery on an entire job tier, the player is rewarded with an item.These items influence the actual game itself in New York; like, increasing damage dealt in fights or reducing the stamina timer.Special weapons, vehicles and armor, are granted in Cuba and Moscow.In Bangkok, completing Diamond Mastery will let you to get special weapons, vehicles and armor also. You are not allowed to sell these at the Mafia Store and they are not giftable, but they don’t require job bribe costs.

It is only technically possible to possess one of each reward, since gold mastery can only be completed once on a tier.

You are able to get Mafia Wars Job Mastery rewards for Jobs of the Week. Master the job completely and then these items are able to be gained. Once you get a couple of of these items, you can make use of them only for a limited time.

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How to Win Fights in Mafia Wars Revealed – Beat Up Your Rivals Now

Winning fights in Mafia Wars means a lot to you as a player. It means you are better and more powerful than your peers and rivaling players. If you have always been on the losing streak, make sure you read this article now. In this article, I will show you how to win 90% of the fights that you get into.

1. No Fighting If You Are New to The Game

Fighting other players when you are still a low level player is not a good idea. What you should do in the initial stage of the game is increasing the Energy Capacity so that you can do more jobs, earn more money, get more experience points and level up fast.

2. Recruiting High Level Players to Join Your Mafia Family

The second key to winning more fights is the strength of your own family. In order to build a strong organization, I believe it is common sense to get strong, experienced and high level players to join your team. There are just so many benefits for doing that. You will be able to build up a strong crime family. High level players also have rare and good items that they share with you.

3. Beefing Up The Defense

I have found out that by having a strong defense, you will win more fights. To boost your defense levels, get more defensive items like Prop Planes and Bodyguards.

4. Don’t Pick A Fight That You Think Can’t Win

If the size of a rivalling family is significantly bigger than yours, do not challenge them. Chances are slim for you to win. 

5. Help Out the New Guys and Weaker Members in Your Family

Since the outcomes of fights are determined by the strength of your family, you should always gift out items that can help boost the stats and abilities of the weaker members in your mafia family.

If you’re sick and tired of having to beg people to join your mafia while continually getting your butt kicked by other mafias, this top secret information is for you. You’ve probably always wondered how these other players can build up Godfather points and grow their mafias so fast. I used to wonder the same thing. I thought, “What, do these guys have some God-given mafia leadership skills?” “Are they constantly annoying their friends by sending out a million invitations?” “What are they doing?” This powerful secret information have allowed me to LEGALLY:

Top Secret Tips and Tricks For Mafia Wars – Mafia Domination Made Easy

The most dominant players and mafias on Mafia Wars are using the top secret tips and tricks you absolutely have no clue about. If you are interested in learning the most powerful tips and tricks to win at Mafia Wars, make sure you read this article now. In this article, I will share with you some of the closely guarded information that has allowed me to build a strong mob organization on the game.

Build A Strong Family – Recruit Strong And High Level Players

The key to surviving through the game is to have a strong family or organization that can back you up whenever you need it. This might sound obvious, but most players don’t recruit enough high level players. Start getting more members by sending personalized messages to your friends on your social network. Tell them about how you enjoy playing the game and let them know it’s okay if they don’t play as it can really help to have more members in your team.

The Godfather Points – How to Utilize Every Single One of Them

The second important tip to help you win at Mafia Wars is use your Godfather points wisely. Do not use them in the initial stages in the game. Use the points to improve your stats and fill up your used-up energy. When you have enough points, trade them for a secret crate. Doing so gives you a good chance of getting a powerful and rare item that can help you dominate the game.

Millions of Dollars of Cash Flow In Just 48 Hours

Earning money on Mafia Wars can be very daunting if you don’t know several top secret tips and tricks like the ones I will be dishing out. Here’s how you can build a strong income in the game:

When starting out, concentrate most of your effort on the job “Collect Loans”. It pays the most and eats up only 2 energy points per job.
As your family grows in size, you should purchase more Mafia Mike’s bars. This is the quickest way to make the most money in the shortest time possible. It’s also extremely cheap to purchase a Mafia Mike’s bar.

If you’re sick and tired of having to beg people to join your mafia while continually getting your butt kicked by other mafias, this top secret information is for you.

Mafia Wars Bodyguards Secrets Revealed & How to Get Them

Mafia Wars is probably one of the best online games I’ve played for a while now. It’s fun, simple, and extremely exciting. In this article, I will talk more about how to get more bodyguards in Mafia Wars.

Why You Really Need More Bodyguards

Like many other rare loot items, bodyguards are required for you to complete jobs in the later stage of the game. You will need at least 2 bodyguards to finish a job in Capo tier (level 25 – 34).

So that’s the first reason why you need bodyguards. The second and biggest reason you need bodyguards in your inventory is because you need them to boost up your defense. Just like in many sports, winning more fights in Mafia Wars depends on how strong your defense is. For this reason, if you have a lot of bodyguards you will be able to win more fights than you are right now.

Getting More Bodyguards in Mafia Wars

You can get bodyguards in the game by completing the job “Protect Your City Against A Rival Family” in the Hitman stage. It comes as a random loot item so keep trying until you get what you need. There are also other ways to get bodyguards:

1. Get from other players as a gift.

Here’s one of the biggest reasons why I recommend all future Top Godfathers to recruit high level players. They have so many useful loot items that they can give you. This directly adds up your family’s strength and power. Remember, reciprocity is also one of the biggest keys to winning the game. Don’t remember to help out or give back to those who’ve helped you in the game.

2. Random Loot Items During Fights

Yes, you can get Bodyguards as a random dropped item in fights. I absolutely do not advise people to concentrate on fighting in the initial stages of the game. Here’s why. When you fight so frequently, the game’s system will show your name on the Fight List most of the time. This means you can probably get robbed, snuffed and knocked out by other players who are more powerful and experienced than you. To advance in Mafia Wars further and faster, build your energy points using Skill Points and concentrate on recruiting active players who play every day.

Before you know it, you will join the ranks of the top players in Mafia Wars. All the respect and honor given by your followers, peers, and most importantly rivals will without a doubt give you a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re sick and tired of having to beg people to join your mafia while continually getting your butt kicked by other mafias, this top secret information is for you. You’ve probably always wondered how these other players can build up Godfather points and grow their mafias so fast. I used to wonder the same thing. I thought, “What, do these guys have some God-given mafia leadership skills?” “Are they constantly annoying their friends by sending out a million invitations?” “What are they doing?” This powerful secret information have allowed me to LEGALLY:

Mafia Wars Strategies – 4 Burning Questions and Answers

For those of you who don’t know what Mafia Wars is, it’s the most widespread app (game) on Facebook and Mafia Wars. It has over 5 million active players, most of which play daily. It’s a very simple yet addictive game that is fun to share with all of your friends. Best of all it’s free!

So, what’s one of the biggest questions I hear on a daily basis? You guessed it! How can I be better at Mafia Wars. More specifically, I hear the following questions:

How can I increase my mafia size?
How can I make more money and make it faster?
How can I stop from getting robbed?
How can I get Godfather Points?

These are all really good questions and they can’t be answered in one simple article, but what I can say is that there are several things that you can start doing to help you with these questions.

First of all, increasing mafia size is easy once you get the hang of it. It involves being social! You need to know how to ask people you know and people you don’t know as well to become your friend on Facebook or MySpace and then get them to join your Mafia. Now this may seem harder than it actually is. You can ask your friends, join discussion groups and meet people, or even write articles to help find people.

As far as money goes, one of the best things you can get is a program that shows you how to spend your money in the most efficient and effective manner. Yes there are programs that can help you with this! Another thing is knowing when to bank your money and when not to.

Getting robbed is really only a problem that occurs in the lower levels. It usually isn’t a big deal once you raise in levels but one thing that you can do is increase your mafia size.

Also, you can bulk up your mafia and make them stronger. The strongest defense is a strong offense!

Godfather Points cost money but there are ways to get them for nothing. Do some offers at the bottom of the Godfather Points page and you’ll be bringing in extra Godfather points before you know it.

If this seems like a lot of information, don’t be overwhelmed. The truth is people have been playing this games for years and have developed the best strategies based on their experiences. All of these questions are actually answered in great detail in the 70+ page guide to Mafia Wars Strategies which can be found at http://www.mafiawarskingpin.com. Take a look at it yourself. It’s the largest guide offered online today! With it, your mafia will be unstoppable.

Mafia Wars Blueprint ? How To Dominate The Mafia Wars and Crush Your Enemies

Mafia Wars Blueprint promises to help you dominate the Mafia Wars and literally crush your enemies in record time. The question is, can it really delive on its promises? Can it really help you unlock the hidden code that is unknown to the public, the secrets that can help build a huge mafia empire and literally take you right to the top?

If you have been playing Mafia wars, and you are nowhere near where the top guys are, you must be wondering what they are doing. What are they doing right, that you seem to be missing?

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Here is where the Mafia Wars Blueprint comes in:

This guide will literally unlock the secrets, tips, tricks and strategies that all the top mafia are using to build their huge families, the same secrets that will let you crush your enemies, the exact secrets that I used to increase my family to 500 members, in  days. If you play Mafia wars, you know how important it is to have a big mafia family!
A good mafia wars guide is one that will give all the tips, tricks and secrets, that stay up to date with the game. The game changes, and one has to continuously employ new strategies to stay ahead of the pack. This guide does exactly that, you will never fall behind, you will always have access to new updates, for life. Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok, you will have everything you need to dominate each one.
Yes we all know that the internet is filled with information, one can just go to Google and do a search on Mafia Wars tips, and a wealth of information will come up. But I do not need to tell you that the same information is available to every single person who wants it. Mafia Wars Blueprint will give you a competitive edge, it will expose secrets that only very people know about and it will catapult you to the top.

That is what it takes to win in this game, to know all the secrets and loopholes, that will enable you to crush every enemy.


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