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Mano Po Iii My Love

Mano Po is a series of movies — with totally unconnected stories — about Chinese-Filipinos. Why they’re generically called “Mano Po” — which is Tagalog for the custom of children showing respect to their elders — I can’t say.

This one begins with a flashback to 1959, with a desperate mother who’s just had yet another baby girl, giving her to a couple fleeing the country, in hopes she’ll have a better chance at life that way than if given to a government orphanage, no doubt truthfully, conditions are terrible.

The couple take off in a horse-drawn wagon that reminded me of a pioneer stage coach (did many people in the People’s Republic of 1959 have horse-drawn wagons? I realize they didn’t have cars. I thought all horses would be property of a commune, and everybody either walked or rode a bicycle.)

Anyway, they wind up in The Philippines (How easy was it for Chinese people to escape the mainland? I don’t know.) Lilia grows up as a Filipino, falls in love with Michael, and the two of them and their buddy Paul join the resistance against Marcos.

Most of the film, however, is the slow plodding agonizing of Lilia after encountering Michael again, learning he’s alive and living in America and still in love with her.

Trouble is, she married Paul, and they have children (only they know the oldest, their only son, is really Michael’s), a prospering business and an upcoming twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration planned.

She’s a crusader against corruption in the Philippines National Police, who’s succeeded in putting some corrupt police in jail.

Michael comes to The Philippines after her. For me, his confession that his wife committed suicide because she realized he was still in love with Lilia was a real turn off. But Lilia doesn’t let it faze her.

She has to cope with the hostility of her inlaws, never well hidden because they didn’t approve of her marriage in the first place.

Vilma Santos turns in a professional performance. She’s still terrific looking, and she and Christopher de Leon still make a good pair — how many times have they been an on-screen couple? However, I tend to hope she’ll focus more on being the governor of the province of Batangas, where my family lives, than on her acting career.

Not that it’s surprising she would go from movies to politics. Many Filipinos do. Ronald Reagan is not an oddity there. And Kris Aquino went from politics to movies and show business. Maybe she’ll wind up back in politics – who knows? Her big brother has only five and a half more years remaining as president.

In the end, Lilia goes back to fighting corruption — though it’s too late for poor Paul — and says, “It (The Philippines) is the only country I have.” I wonder if that’s a politically correct statement to demonstration that Chinese Filipinos are just as loyal as Malay Filipinos. I don’t know.

But for my taste this is far too much about love and broken hearts and complicated relationships. It’s a Filipino chick flick.

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A Return to Final Fantasy XI: Finding Closure With My First MMO Love

A Return to Final Fantasy XI: Finding Closure With My First MMO Love
It was early 2004. I arrived home from a quick trip to a local retailer after a friend recommended me a game. That game was Final Fantasy XI, and I had no concept of what a MMO was at the time. For the next eight hours I would find myself installing a …
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I Love My Cheating Husband ? What Should I Do?

The fact that your husband cheated doesn’t necessarily change the love you feel for him. It shouldn’t. You cannot turn your love for someone on and off like you would a lamp or oven. It is something that grows over time and it takes time to fade. Unless there have been long-term problems in the relationship the odds are good that you still love your husband very much. So, how do you handle the knowledge that he’s cheating on you? What should your next move be?

You have a few choices available to you.

Choice one – you can leave.

This is not the first choice for many women in this situation no matter what they tell their girlfriends over apple martinis and cosmos. You can kick him to the curb and walk away with your head held high. Is this the right choice for you? That depends. Do you still love him? Can you imagine living your life without him? How high to you regard the betrayal of his cheating.

Cheating is something that some women just can’t get over. No woman appreciates it but some women can’t move beyond it. Can you do that? If you can’t; it might be kinder to both of you to end the relationship now instead of investing time, energy, and heart towards trying to make up and work things out.

Choice two – you could stay with reservations.

The other choice you might want to consider is sticking around but placing serious qualifications on your relationship. Is this effective? For the short term – it’s possible. Eventually there will have to be some reckoning. You’ll have to decide if you’re going to open your heart back to your husband completely or if you need to walk away for the sake of both your hearts. Sanity is another deciding factor in this decision. You can’t continue on in limbo forever but it can buy you some precious time to make your final decision.

Choice three – you can put your whole heart into making it work.

This is the path that promises the greatest amount of hope. It is also the one that requires the most work. You can’t just snap your fingers and make your marriage right. You love your husband but he’s done something very wrong. The problem is that the deed is a symptom of deeper problems and not the actual problem. You’re going to have to figure out what’s going on, what the problem is, and what you both need to do to work things out.

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Animation And Game Design Courses- Kids Love Taking Part

A lot of people belong to the world of anti-technology and they feel it is completely having a negative impact upon kids of today. Parents are scared that their kids would die sitting in front of their computers and not because of just sitting but putting on pounds of extra weight. However the truth is all about touching the extremes but it has definitely been seen that video games have been helping in numerous ways to come up with something productive. The kids of today are not merely interested in playing video games but even the way they are designed. Many programs are coming up relating Animation or game designing that is very useful for younger kids to learn and use. Every year, some new gaming systems are introduced by the developing firms and the number is growing at a rapid speed. There does seem to be quite a potential in this field for businesses to make money. Kids or teens are no more satisfied with just playing such TV games but they are keen on knowing how they are developed the way they are because they look so tempting and interesting. There are in fact many training houses that specialize in providing animation courses relating animation techniques. The term of courses might range depending upon the levels and background of pupil.
One of the popular programs belongs to the field of robotics and it is catching up with the posterity even on a wider scope. The evolution of games has been quite rapid and this is rather obvious that for hardcore gamers there is no certain level of satisfaction since they are always yearning to create or come up with something betters. Robotics technicalities training does not match to that of normal classes. Students are taught about the art of animation, the technical facets relating such creations. In such trainings, mentors and trainers impart essential knowledge about how they could make the best use of their artistic skills so as to develop some exciting creations. You never know something that you create might become an instant hit in the market!

This is Lisa Thomson, a professional animator. Due to the increasing growth of an animation field, you can pursue one of the best computer animation courses provided by a reputed animation institute in Mohali and can widen your job scope.

Playing Nfl Football Game With Persistence And Love

Playing NFL Football Game with Persistence and Love

The winter is coming and many football players would like to take off the nfl jerseys authentic and enjoy the indoor game. They keep themselves away from the football game just for the uncomforted feeling in the winter.
The passion of football has declined after the finishing of World Cup. However, decreasing the temperature make it impossible to play football in winter. Commercialize factors penetrate into football industry promote football players to the multifaceted development, i.e. ads, entertainment. The result seriously affected the sales of the NFL jerseys, which has been proved to be the most important factor to complete brilliant performances.
The weather changes and the habits of human beings follow its trend. Snow, wind and heavy weather, all these take away the passion of playing football and the sales of the a Chris Long jerseys; this may affect the improvement in football field. Even a lot of football fans choose the latest football shoes which stars endorsement, little practice may also effect skill improvement. Some comments said winter is not the season to play football shaken the determination of football fans, also affect the football jerseys industry.
Many doctors researched the importance of football several years proved that football jerseys is the most important factor for football players. After announce the importance of football jerseys, the upsurge – purchase money on football jerseys has never stopped in summer. Famous brands all produce football jerseys to satisfy the demand of customers.
However, market case cold with the weather cooling, snows, wind and heavy wear make it impossible to play football outside, in the other word, serious affect the sales of NFL football jerseys. The begin of European Cup raise interest in football, but the cold still exist in football market. This may cause businessmen brains in festivals, object and also discount.
If you really love to play football game, you would play it in the summer and in the winter. You can wear a sweater inside and the cheap football jerseys outside, call a few football playing lovers and then begin the game.

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How Do I Tell My Husband I Still Love Him After His Cheating But Am Afraid He’ll Cheat Again?

I recently heard from a wife who very much wanted to save her marriage after her husband had briefly been unfaithful. That’s not to say that she wasn’t devastated, struggling, or angry. She was all of these things. And, she was very reluctant to place her heart and her trust on the line again when this might have meant risking him cheating on her once more sometime in the future. And, these fears were really weighing on her and keeping her from really moving forward. She felt that she could not (and would not) ever go through this again. And these concerns made her somewhat reluctant to even try to save the marriage for fear of disappointment and more pain.

She wanted to somehow tell or warn her husband that this was going to be his one chance, but she wasn’t sure how to go about this. She worried about how quickly he was driven to cheat when they reached little road bumps in their marriage. With the blink of an eye, he’d made a very unfortunate decision, so what was to stop him from doing it again the next time they struggled? She couldn’t come up with an acceptable answer to this question. And, this is where she kept getting stuck.

Her husband kept asking her for support, acceptance, and reassurance. But, she was having a hard time pretending that she didn’t have any doubts. This was certainly understandable and no one should pretend to be completely on board and without doubts when this isn’t the truth. The husband had placed himself in a position where she was justified in doubting him. She just needed to find the words to express this. I will offer some suggestions in the following article.

The wife in this scenario was making all sorts of apologies and actually felt guilty for her distrust. This is actually very common, which may surprise you. But many times, your reaction to a husband’s affair may not be what how you thought that you might respond. I often hear women say things like: “If my husband ever cheated on me, that would be it. He would never get a second chance.” It’s easy to say this when you aren’t in this situation. But once you are, things can begin to look a bit differently and things may not be as clear as you might have thought.

By no means should the faithful spouse feel guilty for having doubts or for having trust issues. When someone betrays you once, it only makes sense that you are going to doubt them until they prove themselves trustworthy again. And, this just takes some time. You have to view their actions and behaviors for some time to come. It’s not fair for you to be pressured into rushing this process

A Dialog To Tell Your Husband That You Love Him And You Want To Work Things Out After His Cheating, (But That You Have Doubts And Worry That He Will Cheat Again:) Other than the doubts and concerns that the wife had about the husband’s ability to fix this and to be faithful in the future, another huge problem for her was how to communicate her feelings to her husband. Because every time she asked questions or expressed doubts, her husband turned on the water works and began with his apologies and accounts of how much hated himself for putting the marriage at risk.

So, the wife hesitated every time she thought about being honest. But, this really wasn’t getting her anywhere. She needed to be able to release her feelings and this couple was going to need to be able to be honest with one another from this point on. Honestly going forward is one of the things that safeguards your marriage from another affair.

So, I suggested a dialog that went went something like this: “I’m listening to you when you say that love you me, that you want to work things out, and that you will make this up to me. I do appreciate your eagerness to fix this. But, I have to tell you that I’m struggling a bit right now. This is a difficult issue which has made a difficult situation. I’m just going to need some time to sort through this. My taking this time doesn’t mean that I don’t love you or that I’m not committed to our marriage. I am. I can not stress enough how much I want to save the marriage and how much I love you. But, neither of these things mean that I don’t have real concerns moving forward. I need to know that you will never cheat on me again and this is something that is just going to take time. So, please allow me this time and don’t rush or pressure me. I do love you and I am willing to fight for our marriage, but we both have some work to do to address both of our concerns so that we can create a marriage that means we don’t have to worry about this again in the future.”

Of course, these are just suggestions. You know which words are likely to work best for your husband. But basically, you’ve not lashed out or been punishing or mean. You’ve said what you needed to say. You’ve reassured him that you still love him and want to save the marriage. But, you’ve also asked for the time, patience, and reassurances that you need. And, you’ve been honest about your concerns and doubts. Since his mistakes are the reason for this situation, he will usually understand that it’s only fair (and very much in his own best interest) to provide you with what you have asked for.

Once he understands that he needs to be patient and he has some work to do to show you that you can trust him again, then you can begin working on the issues that will safeguard your marriage in the future. Because if you able to address these things, your doubts and worries should lessen.

There was a time when I thought I would never get over my husband’s affair and that I could never trust him again, but this is in the past. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is at an all time high. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

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How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating – Should I Forgive My Cheating Husband Just Because I Love Him?

How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating

“Should I forgive my cheating husband just because I love him a lot?” Your husband is probably asking you for forgiveness, but you are in a fix because it is hard for you to accept his cheating behaviour, but on the other hand, you love your husband deeply. The fact is you do not know how to forget and forgive his cheating affair, this is why you are struggling so hard on your decision. Here are some advices that will help you to decide if you should forgive your cheating husband.

Calm down your emotion
Almost everyone will feel emotional when they find out a betrayal in a relationship and when you are facing such circumstances, it is best that you tell your spouse that you want some space and time to be left alone. Go for a short holiday or a break to relieve the stress from this marriage. How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating

Review on your marriage
It is necessary to understand what went wrong in your marriage. Hear about what your husband say and discuss the things that both of you need to do differently for the marriage to be saved. If your husband is truly regretful about his mistake, he will definitely be very willing to cooperate and work out with you on what is lacking in the marriage.

Rebuild lost trust
If you are still thinking if you should forgive your husband because there is no longer trust in the marriage, take some time and effort to spend more time together again. When your cheating husband wants total forgiveness from you, he will also try hard to bring the marriage back onto the track. If you can give him another chance to build the trust, you will eventually know how to forgive him as well. How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating

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My Husband’s Claiming He Cheated Because He Doesn’t Love Me. Why?

I often hear from wives who are confused as to why their husband is suddenly claiming not to love them any more after his affair has been discovered. I recently heard from a wife who said, in part: “the affair is still pretty fresh. I only found out about three weeks ago. And I am in such pain. I’ve been repeatedly asking my husband why he had an affair. For a while, he kept telling me that he doesn’t know. But yesterday, he finally blurted out ‘because I don’t love you.’ This hurts so much, but it also confuses me because, just three days ago, he was proclaiming his undying love for me and begging for my forgiveness. And, three months ago, we closed on a home that we are having built. Why would a man who doesn’t love his wife make plans for the future? And why would a man who doesn’t love his wife repeatedly tell her that he does while asking for her forgiveness? None of this makes any sense. I’m not saying that we didn’t have problems in our marriage that contributed to the affair. But I don’t believe for one second that have loving feelings toward me. Why would he claim that he cheated because he doesn’t love me?”

There are many potential reasons that a husband might claim he doesn’t love you after his affair. I will go over some of them in the following article.

Your Husband Might Say He Doesn’t Love You After Cheating Or Having An Affair As A Defense Mechanism: Many husbands know full well that what they have done is terribly wrong and that they deserve your full wrath and extreme anger as a result. They don’t look all that forward to this process, even though most realize that they were in the wrong and this is pretty much all their fault.

Still, they sometimes want to avoid your looks of disappointment, your continuing questions, and your potentially telling him that you can’t love him or continue on with the marriage anymore. So, he figures he will beat you to the punch. If he can proclaim that he doesn’t love you before you can tell him the same, then he feels a greater sense of control.

He May Not Have An Answer For You As To Why He Cheated. He May Feel Like Not Loving You Is A Reason That You Will Not Question: Many husbands aren’t being completely untruthful when they tell you that they aren’t quite sure why they cheated. Often, one reason that they cheat is because of personal issues, flaws, or disappointments that they just don’t want to (or can’t) face. In that sense, they are almost in denial. So, when you ask them what would make you do something like this or what in the world they were thinking, sometimes they truly do not an answer for you that is going to make any sort of sense. And so, they cling to the one thing that is the most likely to get you to stop asking questions – the claim that they no longer love you. Even if this isn’t true, they might hope this declaration stops you from continuing to ask or to look too closely at them. In a way, he’s hoping that this stops you in your tracks and inspires you to stop pushing.

Sometimes A Husband Will Tell You That He Doesn’t Love You After His Cheating Or Affair Because He Is Shifting The Blame Onto You: Believe it or not, dealing with the aftermath of the affair can be somewhat painful to the man who cheated. It can be very difficult to analyze, admit to, and then answer for his behavior. Sometimes, in order to avoid this discomfort, a man will become defensive. Because it can be uncomfortable and painful to take full responsibility for such horrible and dishonest behavior, a man will look for a way to shift the blame. Sometimes, men or husbands will give you the line that you didn’t understand them and weren’t there for them. Other times, they’ll just proclaim that they didn’t love you as this excuse possibly makes more sense than any other – even if they (or you) don’t fully believe this.

He Might Actually Think Or Believe He Doesn’t Love You (At Least For Now) Often, a man has to alter his thinking in order to carry out cheating or an affair. I often hear comments like “the husband that I know would never cheat.” Or “the man who I loved had integrity and wasn’t a liar or a cheat which is why I don’t understand why he did this.” And it’s for reasons like these that men often have to put up defense mechanisms to quiet those doubts and those feelings of guilt that are constantly plaguing them during this process. As the result, they will sometimes attempt to close themselves off to those things which used to matter a great deal to them. They might back away from old friends, their jobs, their kids, or even you because remaining in close contact while they are being so dishonest is very difficult.

So they may actually convince themselves that they are happier or more themselves while they are cheating. They might actually think that they’ve developed loving feelings for the other woman. They might tell themselves that for the first time they are happy, thinking about themselves first, and living the lifestyle that they have wanted all along. And since you are part of their old life, they may try to distance themselves from you and proclaim that they don’t (or perhaps never did) love you.

If there’s any silver lining in all of this it’s that usually, with some time, many men do eventually realize how flawed their thinking and their actions truly were and they begin to see things more clearly. It’s not at all uncommon for them to later realize that they do in fact love you and they did in fact make a colossal mistake. Sometimes, this realization comes too late and sometimes, their wives are willing to give them one more chance to make things right. But there really are countless reasons that a man might claim that he doesn’t love you after an affair and many of these reasons turn out to be invalid or just not true.

My husband didn’t necessarily claim he didn’t love me after his affair, but he did initially make underhanded comments that implied that the affair was partially my fault. With the passage of time, and with my making it very clear that I would not tolerate this kind of blame shifting, he eventually backed off of that stance and became more himself. After a lot of work and healing, our marriage did recover after his affair and is pretty fulfilling now. If it helps, you can read more about how we healed on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/.  Her article website is at http://katie-lersch-articles.com

Get Your Wife To Love You Again After Cheating ? Surprisingly Simple Steps That Work

Looking for ways to get your wife to love you again after cheating? For some men it may seem like this is a long shot at best. The truth of the matter though is that if you approach this with the right plan of action in mind, you’re almost guaranteed success. Keep reading to find out what it takes to ensure that you will be able to get your wife to love you again after cheating. Don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom to discover the secret to supersizing your efforts for an even better effect.

The steps involved in getting your wife to love you again after cheating are astonishingly simple. The reason for this is that your wife probably hasn’t stopped loving you yet. Love is a process. It takes time to really develop and grow. It also takes time to lose. The chances are that your wife still loves you very much.

This means that your job, if the truth be told, isn’t finding out how to get your wife love you again but to get your wife to stop building walls between the two of you. That’s what she does when she’s hurting and doesn’t want to give you the power to hurt her any more.

So, how do you break down these walls and prevent her from putting up new walls to guard her heart after you’ve cheated on her? You begin with a few basic steps.

Step 1 – You apologize for cheating on her, for hurting her, and for causing her embarrassment. You acknowledge that you’ve been selfish and you empathize with how she must feel right now. Tell her you’re sorry.

Step 2 – You make her feel confident in your love for her. This is a time in her life when her confidence in herself has been shaken to the core. You want to build up her confidence. Tell her that your cheating wasn’t about her at all. It was your weakness. Let her know that you LOVE her. Tell her that you CHOOSE her. Make her feel as though she is the most important person in the world to you. Tell her how much you APPRECIATE her and how much you NEED her.

Step 3 – Tell your wife you were wrong. If this doesn’t stun her into silence, nothing will. Those are two words she’s probably heard from you very rarely if ever at all. She will be shocked to hear those words and more likely to listen closely to anything you have to say that comes afterwards.

These are just three small steps but they equal up to immeasurable benefits when it comes to your efforts to get your wife to love you again after cheating.


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The Wii Products We Love

The Nintendo Wii is currently the best selling games console out today. However if you look at it closely this may sound surprising. Technically speaking the xbox 360 is a better console and the playstation 3 is a vastly superior console. So how can the Wii possibly be so popular? It all about gameplay! This is where Nintendo’s novel ideas about gaming have shown that you do not need power to have some great games.

The first thing you will notice is the controller. Shaped, and held, like a remote control for your television it is clear that the Wii is going to have a different offering. The controller provides motion gaming such as swinging a tennis bat or bowling a ball. This put the Nintendo Wii into a whole new era of gameplay that only now, several years after the Wii was released, the other major players are beginning to catch up with.

So now that the other console have caught up and have far greater processing power does this mean it is the end for the Wii? No, far from it. The Wii is still many years ahead in this area, there software is more advanced in this area, their mistakes have been made and solved and they have a huge library of games already out.

And then of course there is all the optional extras that are available for the Wii. The first and perhaps most well known is the Wii balance board which is sold with Wii Fit. This board has pressure pads to work out how you are standing, how your posture is and ways to enhance this. Games have begun to make use of the board to provide some very realistic games which cannot be matched by Sony or Microsoft. The games include skate boarding, skiing and snowboarding. With the balance boards these games really come alive and provide much more interactivity then playing with a standard controller.

Wii Motion Plus is another idea that Nintendo brought out to further enhance the wii remote controller. The motion plus offers extra motion sensing to allow even more realistic games. This enhancement to the controller offers an exact representation of your hand movement allow games to be ultra realistic. So much so that many game manufacturers have said that to create a game this realistic would only be suitable for sporting professionals and that the average person would be unable to play.

Matthew Smith has been writing about the Nintendo Wii since it first appeared. Transform your console by having a softmod Wii.