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Dominate Facebook Mafia Wars – Cheat Your Way to the Top Like a True Mobster

Mafia Wars is quickly becoming the most popular game on Facebook. Almost everyone with a Facebook account has played it at one time or another, even if they don’t want to admit it. In fact, I bet a lot of you guys even have a grandma or grandpa that plays this game!

For those of you that are hardcore players, it doesn’t feel good to spend hours and hours of your time each day playing this game, only to see your friends advancing twice as fast and in half the time. Stop wondering how they are doing this. It really isn’t a secret. It’s actually very simple, they’re cheating!

The key to being successful at Mafia Wars is networking. The more people you have in your mob, the more powerful you are. To increase the size of your mob, you have to send invites to your friends. The more friends that you can convince to join your mob, the more powerful you will become. However, this can be a very tedious and very time consuming process, not to mention it can start to annoy your friends very quickly!

So what are the alternatives? I’ll be honest with you, if you try to gain mobsters legitimately by just inviting your friends, you will never get anywhere. I know this may sound bad, but cheating is the only way you’re going to get anywhere in this game. There are certain methods you can use to quickly increase the size of your mob automatically while you sleep.

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What to Do If You Feel Like He’s Cheating

I sometimes get emails from women who are starting to suspect that their husbands or boyfriends are cheating.  They aren’t sure how to proceed.  They often wonder whether they should ask or admit to their suspicions or if they should just watch and wait for awhile.  And, they want to know what they should be doing if they decide not to confront him right away.  Or, if they do chose to confront him, how should they do it? What should they say?  I’ll address these questions in the following article.

Why I Recommend Waiting To Confront Him About Your Suspicions That He’s Cheating:  As you can probably tell, I recommend watching and waiting for a bit.  This recommendation comes from both personal experience and from seeing this scenario with my readers so many times.  You are usually going to be in a much better position if you don’t place your cards on the table too early.  This is a very serious accusation and before you actually say it, you should make sure that you are right about it.  Your relationship could be seriously damaged if you start making accusations that are just plain wrong.

What if he’s not cheating? How bad will this make you look? And, let’s say that he is cheating but you don’t yet have any proof.  Do you think he’s going to admit it if he doesn’t have to?  From my observations, this is very unlikely. It’s more likely that he will deny everything and then proceed to do a better job of what he’s already been doing.  He’ll be more careful and leave less clues so that actually obtaining the proof is just that much harder for you.

Watching And Waiting The Right Way:  If you’ve decided to bide your time, approach this in a very systematic and logical way. First, ask yourself why you think he may be cheating.  Pinpoint exactly those things that are the source of your suspicions.  Many women are just too vague in this step.  They’ll say things like: “well, it’s just a feeling that I have,” or “he is just acting weird and different around me.”  These things may well be true, but they aren’t specific enough to allow you to follow up on them.   You want to take these off feelings and then follow them up.  On the days that you notice him acting weird, are there any weird numbers or texts on his cell phone?  Was he gone longer than he was supposed to be or not where he said he was?” 

The real key is turn your suspicion that you can’t yet quantify into something very specific on which you can follow up.  Check his cell phone, his car, his computer, his work space, and any drawers that have keys, etc.  Of course, you want to do this when he isn’t around.  The phone often is challenging because most people have this on them most of the time. But, he has to sleep.  He has to shower.  They are usually short pockets of time where you can access to this to check out the call logs, in box, and photos.

People often ask me how are they supposed to act like everything is normal when it very much isn’t.  I often hear things like “so I’m just supposed to continue to be affectionate to him like nothing is wrong when I know that he’s probably lying to me?”  I know that this is difficult. I often recommend that you come up with a distraction or issue that you can use to excuse your distance.  You have a project due at work.  You’re under a lot of stress at school.  You have some extended family issue that needs your attention right now.  You have a cold.  Use whatever works to explain why you’re not acting the way that you typically would.

How To Confront Him About Your Cheating Suspicions: First, I can’t stress enough how much you should have all of your proof lined up when you go to do this.  Just having feelings or seeing weird phone numbers isn’t going to be enough to get an admission out of him.  Follow up the weird phone numbers with reverse look up.  If he’s deleted everything, get the software that will bring it back.  The same is true of his computer.  There are programs that will show you all the screens and activity on that computer or phone so that you can read everything as it took place.  Once you’ve done your homework, the picture should become crystal clear.

Of course, if all this snooping shows that he hasn’t been cheating, then you and he are both in the clear.  Luckily, he will never need to know what you suspected and your relationship has not been damaged.  But, if you do find out that your fears are true, then you will have to decide how to approach this.  Always make yourself look like you gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Tell him that you followed up on your suspicions because you were looking for confirmation that they weren’t true and you didn’t want to insult him with suspicions that you knew would be turn out to be wrong.  But, imagine your surprise and disappointment when you found out that you were wrong. 

He’ll usually take it from there.  Some men will be so blatant as to continue to deny it and some won’t continue to insult your intelligence when the proof is right in front of them.  At this point, you’ll need to decide where you want to go from here, but at least now you have all of the information that you need to make that decision.

I was in this same situation a short time ago. I tried to confront my husband too soon, before I had proof, and of course he denied everything. I tried to believe him, but the doubts remained. I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read my very personal story at http://catch-the-cheating.com/

Diet Like the Stars

Except some of the cases, most of the people are born with a bulky body that bulges around their waist. Hollywood stars are not an exception to this. They give very serious attention to their diet to keep themselves in good shape. If you think that there is some secret in it, then get that idea out of your mind, because you too can achieve that goal, if you follow the same diet pattern.

Most of the times, what the stars eat depends on what suits their lifestyle, body chemistry, and preferences. For example, Demi Moore prefers protein rich food while Nia Peeples keeps away from proteins. These stars diet what suits them the best. To find the perfect diet plan which will work for them, they have to try many diet plans.

Thinking that the same diet plan can suit you just because it has given the best results to someone else is wrong. If you are working on the same diet plan as your favorite star and it is not giving the desired results, then surely there is some problem. Either you are not following it faithfully or it is just not working for you. Just like the stars, along with your food intake, your exercise regime also should match with their workouts. They regularly go to the gym and try their best not to miss their daily exercise. Remember, most diets produce results if they are effective, safe, and combined with regular exercise.

To follow a star’s diet does not mean to skip your meat totally and become a vegetarian. It can be possible in some cases but most of all are not vegetarians. So, skipping these things all together like stars can be hazardous to health. So if you want to follow those steps, first prepare yourself to pull out all that stuff from your plate.

Some stars diet in an easy way. They divide their diet into small portions from six to eight times a day and along with this, do strenuous exercises. Study has shown that eating in small portions but frequently boosts the metabolism in the body and also helps to burn the fat. It has worked well for Jennifer Lopez, J Lo. And you can also follow this routine and begin with losing your weight.

Eating like stars in small portions will help you only if you stick to your exercise routine to get the desired results. Stars do eat burgers, cheese, butter, but do not let themselves fail on the exercise front to keep them fit and fine. You can also be lenient sometimes with your diet. It would not affect you as long as you are strict with exercising.

Here are some more added tips which may help you in reducing weight. Don’t let the wrong food enter your plate such as bad carbs and fried things. Don’t sneak into any fast food outlet late in the night for snacks. Avoid eating at wrong times during the day. All these temptations start creeping slowly and you don’t even come to know when your hard work has been washed away, so you have to be extremely careful. If you want to diet like the stars and also want to have a figure like them, then avoid empty calories and exercise regularly. Now the secret of stars’ health is open and the choice is yours!

In a series of articles available at http://www.generationweightloss.blogspot.com, Michael Desire recommends weight loss programs, which are going to let his readers in on the dieting techniques that work, and advise them to avoid dieting techniques that are both unhealthy and counterproductive

Like A Game

Life has always been compared to a race or to a game. The winner takes it all and the loser ends up with practically nothing but tears and regrets of either doing his best but still failing or not doing his best resulting to his present failure. 

Like a Game
We were all considered winners since we were born because of the fact that we had reached the “goal” of being the one to be fertilized over all the other sperm cells in our mother’s womb. When we came out, the race began. It has always been a challenging life even from the start, from the time when we were kids; we always wanted to be the first one to get the bigger lollipop or the strawberry-flavored one. We always wanted to be the one who gets all the attention and the one who will get the best compliment from teachers and our parents. We always aim for the star ever since and when we grew up; we aimed for better grades, for the most beautiful girl to be our girlfriend or to get the attention of the most handsome guy to be our man. This kind of game changed when we started working. We have different goals and the race became faster. We planned for higher things and there came a time when we were even willing to do the unimaginable just to get to the top.

Dan Pena’s career and seminar workshop has helped people be ready for the game of life particularly in business. Mr. Dan Pena has been providing inspirational seminars for businessmen and entrepreneurs who are either new to the different business tactics that need to be done to push forward their plans or to those who are not that new to the business but want to broaden their knowledge and want to learn new approach in the different business issues. His website http://www.danpena.com provides you with the different information that you will need to need regarding his inspiring seminars and workshops done in his Guthrie Castle in Scotland. He gives the rare opportunity for the attendees to be able to familiarize themselves with his legendary Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology that will help them succeed and win the game! Mr. Dan Pena shares his insights and techniques that will inspire the attendees into doing their best and win grand in the game!

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