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'Fallout 4' Cheats: Mutfruit Lets Players Get Richer

'Fallout 4' Cheats: Mutfruit Lets Players Get Richer
Inside the complicated in-game economy involved in the hit Bethesda game "Fallout 4," the amount of riches acquired from looting enemies and accomplishing quests is never enough for funding. However, an expert gamer says a sweet treat is one of the …
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Here's One New Glitch In The Witcher 3 That Lets You Cheat

Here's One New Glitch In The Witcher 3 That Lets You Cheat
When developer CD Projekt Red announced the New Game+ details for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, they neglected to mention this. Sadly, while New Game+ is now an option thanks to the game's 16th and final piece of free DLC, that update has added a bunch …
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Fallout 4 exploit lets you max out every SPECIAL in minutes

Fallout 4 exploit lets you max out every SPECIAL in minutes
If you don't have the patience to become superhuman the old fashioned way, this Fallout 4 exploit will let you get every SPECIAL stat to 10 with just a few minutes of work. The best part is that it requires almost no setup. All you need to do is get …
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Star Wars Battlefront lets you unlock digital toys, because action figures are

Star Wars Battlefront lets you unlock digital toys, because action figures are
As if living out your Star Wars battle fantasies (that's really the term EA and DICE use) wasn't enough, Star Wars Battlefront will even let you relive your days of collecting Boba Fett action figures. Lead hero designer Jamie Keen revealed to …
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Grand Theft Auto 5 Car Cannon Mod Lets You Shoot Cars Out of a Gun

Grand Theft Auto 5 Car Cannon Mod Lets You Shoot Cars Out of a Gun
Vehicle Cannon by user flocraftMods lets you fire cars and trucks out of any gun in your arsenal, including the stun gun. Find it on GTA5-Mods.com. The firing rate, no matter which weapon you choose, is always fully automatic, but there are two modes …
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Fallout 4 mod lets you attach any mod to any weapon, and no, it's not balanced

Fallout 4 mod lets you attach any mod to any weapon, and no, it's not balanced
Add this one to the list of "things we want when mods come to Fallout 4 on consoles": Modder LucasGod has created "Any Mod Any Weapon," which removes all in-game weapon mod restrictions, letting you attach – you guessed it – any mod to any weapon.
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GTA 5 Cheats: PC Mod Brings Iron Man To Los Santos; Lets Users Fly, Fire

GTA 5 Cheats: PC Mod Brings Iron Man To Los Santos; Lets Users Fly, Fire
By now, most of the major GTA 5 cheats have been well-documented, giving fans of Rockstar's latest open-world game the ability to load up guns, ammunition, bullet-proof vests and anything else a GTA 5 fan might need to kick-off their latest Five-Star …
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An Astounding Gaming Experience ? Let’s Play!

The Seventh Generation of Sony’s gaming extravaganza would be annulled, had the substantive XBOX 360 console not been enlisted on Microsoft’s exquisite family of gaming delight. In May 2005, XBOX 360 games stormed the world market, unleashing a package of sheer breathtaking technology and with games such as Call of Duty, FIFA Street and Fight Night, the whole world yearned for more. But, the crux of playing a game is simply in sharing and competing. And, with XBOX 360 console, an unbeatable connect & play package – the XBOX live, brings free demos, trailers and even a host of add-ons to the gamers doorstep. Moreover, XBOX live allows the user to create an account, where, he/she is updated with gaming activities of friends. Through XBOX live, one can even challenge others for a play off. Wow! XBOX live connects a gamer to his/her friends and family members, by allowing access to all leading social networking websites.

In 2009, XBOX 360 games saw the inclusion of ‘Project Natal’, popularly known as ‘Kinect’. Used on the XBOX 360 console, Kinect revolutionizes the way gaming is approached. With ‘touch free’ gaming, Kinect allows the gamer to use gestures and verbal commandments instead of conventional controllers and joysticks. Imagine using ones own body parts to knock over an opponent in the ‘UFC Undisputed’ fighting match. Physically, Kinect looks like a webcam, and is used as a peripheral device, but, its software is built by Microsoft Games Studios and inherits ‘range camera technology’. Kinect can recognize 6 players and 20 joints per player. This enables most of the XBOX 360 games to incorporate body movements and it assists players with motion analysis. These extraordinary and unmatchable features make gaming captivating and addicting. Everything from monochrome sensors to hardware configuration, Kinect adds a new dimension to the new generation gaming.

The XBOX 360 console presents vivid retail packages which draws huge world market proportion towards itself. Models such as ELITE, PRO, CORE, ARCADE, and SUPER ELITE have different storage capacities, add-ons and exclusive features, all priced on the demand factor prevailing in the market. Few of XBOX 360 games sold account to 8.5 million copies in 2008 within the first 6 months of their introduction. Microsoft Corporation leads the gaming market by a considerable margin. The ‘NXE’ or ‘New XBOX Experience’ introduced with XBOX live gave gamers a new Graphical User Interface, named the Twist UI. The multimedia even supports high definition wmv format and the XBOX 360 console is now being prepared to run on Windows 8 operating system as well. Gaming is no more a leisure activity; it has become passion for some and obsession for most. The cutting edge pixel definition, mammoth storage options, lightning fast processor starting from 3.2 GHz and peripheral add-ons like Kinect makes XBOX 360, a priced possession. Next edition of XBOX would have sports 360 design which is expected to help the gamers get that extra bit of satisfaction from an astounding gaming experience.

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Let’s get started with chic HTC Hero skins

One has to face the fact that Samsung has come out with some really chic products during these years. Apart from the computers and the Amazon Kindle 2s you can get a few extremely good-looking notebooks. But there is simply one aspect that you may find on which Samsung has lacked. It has not provided any truly high-quality method in which the outer shell of the Samsung Amazon Kindle 2 or notebook can be kept from scratches.
Now consider for example the Samsung Rogue. You have simply purchased a Samsung Rogue. Thus have several other individuals in the office. It also goes for an HTC Touch Diamond or an Asus notebook. Other guys may be using other netbook models instead of notebooks. But either netbook or Amazon Kindle 2 your chief priority is to protect your high-tech device. And that can merely be achieved with really fashionable and sturdy Blackberry Pearl skins also Sony ps3 slim skins. You will also wish to cover up your HTC Touch Diamond with entirely matching and truly good HTC Hero skins.
Blackberry Pearl skins can be obtained from the factory in simply a limited number of color combinations, black, silver, and may be red. If you are fortunate you will get a Blackberry Pearl skins in some other different too. Your notebook is stylish attractive and a match for other notebooks in the market. Some really stylish HTC Hero skins, Blackberry Pearl skins or even Sony ps3 slim skins are going to protect your particular gadget..
There are several sites on the Web which are offering you a wide-ranging variety and range of very stylish Blackberry Pearl skins, Sony ps3 slim skins and even HTC Hero skins. You can custom-build them to your personal happiness. You might also wish to look at these Blackberry Pearl skins as really good marketing strategies. Simply envisage printing your company’s logo on a Samsung notebook skin. You may also wish to print your company’s logo, name, and products on Sony ps3 slim skins. Or perhaps you would like to design a very trendy HTC Hero skins with stamped and printed details of your company. Then you can pass them to all your clients.
Not just is this marketing approach a truly practical idea but also your employees are going to remember your name, your company, your products, and above all, your address, whenever they look at their Samsung Rogue or Amazon Kindle 2.

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Let’s try ESL game!

What is ESL game? It is said to be one of the best games because it teaches speaking and listening at the same time. Why don’t you try that game?


First have all of your students stand up. Then the teacher will ask the class a question, “Who ate noodles for lunch?” If any of the students ate noodles for lunch they will yell, “I did!” and then sit down. Then the teacher will ask the same question but with a different noun, “Who ate an orange for lunch?” If any of the students ate an orange for lunch they will yell, ” I did.”


There are no winners. It doesn’t matter if the student sits down first or last. It is just a fun exercise that will help your students listen more efficiently.


Once all of the students are sitting in the their chairs…ask them to all stand up again. Now you can ask one of the students to act as the teacher.


The student that you select will now ask the class the questions, including the teacher. This student may ask some question such as, “Who watched TV last night?” “Who played computer last night?” “Who did homework last night?” “Who played basketball last night?”


The students really love to play this game, and it gives students a chance to use past tense, future tense and present tense.


“Who is going to the park after school?” I am!

“Who is going to department store after school? I am!

“Who is going to the beach after school?” I am!

“Who is going to their friend’s house after school?” I am!

“Who went to bed at ten o’clock last night?” I did!

“Who went to bed at nine thirty last night?” I did!

“Who went to bed at midnight last night?” I did!


The teacher or the students can ask any type of question, as long as it is appropriate. And you can make it more difficult by telling the students to ask present tense questions, past tense questions and future tense questions.


This is one of the most fun ESL games that I know. I hope that you can incorporate this into your lesson plans!


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