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Sale on Legos – Plane Lego

Probably the most well-liked and reliable toy companies around is Lego. For a few decades, it entertains kids while teaching them problem solving skills, imagination, and creativity. A bunch of different play sets are now offered which provides you with a range of selections you do not have with any other toy.

Lego’s strength is its simplicity. Among others, Lego has elaborate models for putting together a complex moon-lander or a pirate ship. The most fun though you get from using the good old multi-purpose bricks to build virtually everything over and over again.

You can also get separate sets of bricks to make your individual models or to add to the versions you have already. It is not possible to get disappointed. Even though you are bored once building one set, you can just build something new quickly.

New bricks are as colorful as the originals although they are bigger in size. One of the best thing is the blocks could be used with any sets as they are the same. Your child can utilize these bricks through his live.

As a result of the plain design and basic concept of building things using colorful blocks, Lego sets are an excellent idea for kids of all ages.

The pre-cursors to Lego models are Duplos. Kids whose fine motor skills are not yet developed enough to deal with the smaller pieces can use Duplo sets absolutely well. They are also safer if you have kids who yet put things in their mouth.

Lego is not the lowest priced toy on the market. However in the long term, it will be probably the very best investment in toys you will make. The bricks will survive long time since they are practically unbreakable and hold you child’s interest for years.

Frequently on line you can order Lego models for less money than legos.com, including many popular models like star wars, batman, spongeBob, harry potter, and spiderman. Plus delivery is often free. You can get many wonderful and really popular models on sale now.

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The Lego Master Model Builder

Every LEGOLAND Discovery Center has its own Master Model Builder. Theyre in charge of all the LEGO models built on site and some people would say they have the best job in the world!

Our Master Model Builder is Daniel Morey, and you can read all about him in his interview below.

Daniel also writes a blog about LEGO building right here on the LEGOLAND Discovery Center site! Its always an interesting read, and if you have a good question for him, or an idea for his next blog, maybe hell write his next one about you!

Favorite Food:

Non-LEGO Hobbies:
Wakeboarding and barefoot waterskiing.

How did you get a job as the LEGO Master Model Builder?:
I got my job as a Master Model Builder by winning a build-off competition where I had only one hour to build anything I wanted out of LEGO. I built a McDonalds Happy Meal.

What is the best thing about your job?:
The best thing about my job is passing on my knowledge and love of LEGO to the next generation of builders.

What is the best LEGO model you have ever built?:
My best LEGO model is still in progress. I’m building Harry Caray, famous announcer and icon of the Chicago Cubs.

What is the longest time you have spent building a LEGO model?:
When I am given a large project, I sometimes spend 8-10 hours a day building in my office. The longest I’ve spent so far was about 60 hours designing and building two tombstones for Halloween.

Did you build all of the models at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Chicago?:
I did not build all of the models here, but my Mom tells everyone I did! Everything in Miniland was built at LEGOLAND California and shipped over. Everything else was built in the Czech Republic. Although I have made some small additions, most of the credit goes to the teams in California and Europe.

Being a Master Model Builder must be the best job in the World! But if you could have any other job, what would you do and why?:
Being a Master Model Builder is an amazing job, but if I wasn’t this lucky to have it, I’d want to be a carpenter. I spent many years working as a carpenter before I got my dream job, and if I couldn’t build with LEGO, I’d still want to keep building and designing in another medium.

Do you have a college degree?:
No, I was lucky to have a great job right out of High School, but if I hadn’t, I would have tried for a degree in Architecture.

Got a question of your own?
If you have any questions for the Master Model Builder, or if you would like to ask him for helpful hints on building your LEGO models, send him an email at daniel.morey@merlinentertainments.biz

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Lego Darth Vader – An Iconic Lego Figurine For 10 Years and Still Going

The Lego Group had humble beginnings in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark. In 1916, he purchased a woodworking shop in Billund which had been in business since 1895. His workshop burned down in 1924 when a fire, lit by two of his young sons, ignited some wood shavings. Ole’ Kirk took the disaster as an opportunity to construct a larger workshop, and worked towards expanding his business even further.

It was in 1934 that the company name Lego was used following a contest held amongst the staff members. Later the Lego Group discovered that “Lego” can be loosely interpreted as “I put together” or “I assemble” in Latin.

The Lego Star Wars series was introduced in 1999 and has been continually added to since then. The Lego line of toys began with figurines and vehicles from the trilogy(Episodes IV-VI). Since then new sets and releases have been added to cover the earlier prequel trilogy (Episodes I-III).

All the main elements of the Star Wars movies have been recreated in Lego form. The characters are typical Lego figures with square heads and bodies. Variations in color and the headwear and costumes help to distinguish the characters. Since there is wide variation in the size,shape and heads of many star wars characters, Lego made special molds for the heads which are true to the characters. Original molds were created for the Lego Star Wars line. Darth Vader is a good example of this. Star Wars would not be the same without the light sabers so Lego made these also.

One of the first lego minifigures to be released was lego Darth Vader in 1999, there are several versions but the most common is the one of LEGO’s first version. (before the 2009 redesigned torso). A red version of Darth Vader’s helmet was produced and sold by Lego, however it was not included in any sets. This version was available via BrickLink but has since been removed from their item listings.

Anakin Skywalker is a Star Wars minifigure that has been released in six different versions and was first seen in The Phantom Menace sets in 1999. He also becomes Darth Vader in the Episode III set 7251 Darth Vader Transformation produced in 2005. Some versions have been released with different accessories.

– (Padawan) (with and without cape)
– Jedi Knight (Original one from Episode III and burned Anakin with no hair
– Anakin Skywalker Jedi Knight (Original one from Episode III and burned Anakin with no hair
– Figurine with light-up lightsaber and Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)

Lego Darthvader features in a number of lego sets, including Tie fighter sets, Final Duel 1, Tie Fighter advanced, imperial inspection, darth vader transformation, imperial star destroyer, rogue shadow and death star.

The 4547551 Chrome Darth Vader is a bag containing the Chrome Darth Vader minifigure Alongside LEGO Star Wars’ 10th anniversary, LEGO produced Chrome Darth Vader minifigures to promote the event. 10,000 were randomly inserted into 2009 Star Wars sets in the US. (differing to LEGO’s 2007 Gold C-3PO promotion for Star War’s 30th anniversary, it was decided to include the battle packs in the list of sets that these special minifigures would be inserted into.) They were also given away as promotional in some stores, or with a purchase of Lego Star Wars in other countries. There was also a toy fair in new York in 2009 containing the chrome minifigure.

Indeed, Star wars Lego has been one of the real success stories of the lego series, with lego darth vader being a favourite with both adults and children alike.

Jared Bannister is a Lego star wars collector and enthusiast. He has produced a range of websites and blogs on the various star wars minifigures. To learn more about Lego Darth Vader visit the website at http://www.legodarthvader.com.

LEGO Ghostbusters Set Revealed, Includes Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones

LEGO Ghostbusters Set Revealed, Includes Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones
By Nicole Carpenter Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot is getting its own LEGO set, complete with Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon in mini-figure form. The ghost-busting team's assistant, Chris Hemsworth, is included as well.
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Wanted: Lego model builder for possibly the most desirable job on the planet

Wanted: Lego model builder for possibly the most desirable job on the planet
"Must have Lego building experience and be able to design and build sturdy, accurate, complicated, safe and installable Lego models for a wide variety of Legoland attractions including miniature scale models and/or life sized organic models from …
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LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack sales reach 299k in the UK

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack sales reach 299k in the UK
299,312 LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs have been sold in the UK since launching last year, Warner Bros. has confirmed to MCV, along with an additional 1,062,630 Level, Fun and Team Packs. While global sales have not been revealed, the game's …
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Lego Star Wars Relive Your Favorite Movie Scenes

Trying to replay your favorite movie scenes can be a difficult task at times. However, if you want your children to relive their favorite scenes from the Star Wars movies, then you should know that the Lego Star Wars toys are going to let them do that. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider getting these toys for your children versus some of the other toys that you can find.

Prior to purchasing these toys for your children are to check the age group that it is meant for. By doing this you can avoid getting a toy for your child that is too advanced for them, but also you can know that they can safely play with the toy since it meant for the age of your child rather than having parts that are to small for them to choke on.

One reason to purchase these toys is that they can replay some of there favorite scenes from the cartoon show or the movies themselves. Which ever that your child does, though, this is sure to stimulate the memory and imagination that they have about any of the movies. Then you will be able to see just how creative your child really is in relation to the other toys that they have.

Another reason to use these is they can help your child learn how to build things. Since they will be putting the blocks together to make something the chances are going to be good that they will want it to be perfect like the boxes picture. Then you will see that they will be using a thought process to try to reach that quality that is present on the box.

Something else that you should realize is that these toys will help your child better understand the concepts of what is going on inside of the movies. Now, your child may already understand what is happening inside of the movie, but if you have one of these the chances are going to be better for them to understand what the concept is and why it is going on in the manner it is.

At times you may notice that your child is going to want to use the Legos as a great way to remember all the different characters in the movies or shows. If you’re like many of the kids that grew up in the eighties then you probably remember the G. I. Joe toys or other cartoon related toys. Many times the children that would play with those toys could rattle off more information about the characters because of the toys than those children that didn’t have the toys.

You may want to consider that since it does have the name Star Wars attached to them that they are going to be highly collectible. When you consider the collectors market of these you may have to make the initial investment and sit on the toys for a little while, but after they stop the production run for that specific one you may notice that the cost is going to go up.

Being able to play with toys is a great thing to do, but if you know about the Lego Star Wars toys you can see just how fun toys can be for young and old alike. However, once you know about the reasons to play with these toys you will see that they are great to have around the house even if you do not plan on opening the box.

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So what are you hesitating? Visit my website to find out more about Lego Star Wars and where you can get them for your kids or as gifts for children.

Features of each and every Lego star wars figure.

Techniques and modes to play Lego star wars

Several methods are now being endorsed for you and your children to play Lego star wars. Video games, online gaming and creating your own battle force by model figurines are some of the measures to play Lego star wars .

Play Lego star wars by story mode . Group of rooms are what consists the story mode which you must level up . These rooms have puzzles for you to complete in order to move up to the next level . Proficient gamers needs little help as possible in having this puzzles unlocked.

From the websites, versions of walkthrough guides for Lego star wars beginners are available.

A gold brick is awarded to every chapter completion . Unlock the freeplay to that chapter and unlocking the characters as well .

Through another, gamers can also play Lego star wars by points . Lego studs represents these points . Silver studs are equivalent into 10 points while Gold studs are to 100 points . Wherein 10,000 are for Purple and blue is for 1,000.

To reach the level of the True Jedi, points will get you there . These studs can be acquired by destroying a piece of scenery and can be located on the grounds forwarding to the next challenge.

You can just blow up everything but you should stay alive because you lose studs when your character dies . To prolong and restore your health, see for a red-heart .

You get to play Lego star wars as well by gathering minikits. A gold brick can be accumulated from the 10 minikits from each chapter.

When you play Lego star wars, it’s not only the minikits you’ll get to collect . To save you character’s life, there are gold bricks and blue canisters and they can be used to go to the next level .

These are just some ideas when you play Lego star wars . For children who wants to play Lego star wars and yet they are too young for this, action figure collectibles are on the market with the same characters from movies and video games.

Roles of each Lego star wars character.

The very existence of the Lego star wars character makes the series full. The enumerated Lego star wars characters comes in various levels, powers, abilities and codes .

We could take a look at -Wan Kenobi and his blue lightsaber weapon and force power . Apart from him as part of the popular characters of star wars legacy, they also have Queen Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Master Yoda and others .

Vehicles are also featured aside from the starred personality in star wars with extra-toggle characters such as Droids, Scout Troopers, and Womp Rat .

Anakin’s Pod, Imperial Shuttle, Jedi starfighter, Millennium Falcon and some are a few of the sample vehicles from Lego star wars characters.

When you begin in a certain level, like other specified video game, you get to customize and choose your Lego star wars character.

Lego star wars characters are intricately detailed into precision that they closely matches the actual characters from the movie . The same applies to the Lego star wars character in video games and online gaming .

When we talk about the different forces and abilities of the Lego star wars character, their weapon varies from Royal Pistol, Blaster, Stunner, Pistol Whip, Sword, Blaster and others .

The force category of the Lego Star Wars Character is differentiated from the protocol access, super jump, grappling hook, and others too .

While some of the Lego star wars characters are equipped with both force and power, some of the characters are divided in either force or power .

By disintegrating the current style to new ones by associating building bricks, it can lead to new Lego star wars character. For example, a simple subtraction and addition of pieces could result to a Lightspeeder Bike creditable of the Skywalker name .

Children or adults can go over their forgotten memories of Jedi goodness and Sith evilness with these Lego star wars character and Lego building pieces.

Lego Star Wars PSP: From outer space to portable consoles.

Action figures, online games and software games has made its part from Lego star wars and has entered the portable gadgets as well.

Lego star wars PSP’s humorous representation brings amusement to the players aside from being fun, having good graphics, and has a huge play review . Even non-enthusiasts of star wars find Lego star wars PSP great and simple .

In combination with the epic story, characters and action from the legendary star wars episodes, Lego star wars PSP has its method of approaching fun and make specially from the Lego play pattern .

Lego star wars PSP lets you experience to create and battle your way through your favorite film scenes . The vehicles and creatures were made to use by the characters as well.

The mix and match idea of Lego can bring out into a number of possible LEGO Star Wars heroes.

Lego star wars PSP attributes like the ability to switch ships at will in Free Play mode, playable mini-kit vehicles, an adaptive difficulty option, free-roaming vehicle levels, and , cool new character-specific attacks, maneuvers and more .

The release of Lego star wars II in Lego star wars PSP has been publicly appraised for its excellent gaming experience and as one of the most enjoyable games in portable consoles .

It puts greater emphasis on vehicles like small carts, landspeeders, and AT-STs (All Terrain Scout Transport) that you can pilot in the action adventure chapters .

Lego star wars PSP ranked in terms of action adventure applications that you can direct a crown of characters upon their trail through enemies, occasional platform-jumping and mild puzzle-solving .

You can expand and contract your group regularly and switch characters easily .

Free play mode comes after playing the story mode version of Lego star wars PSP. By playing the game, you can unlock plenty of additional characters while getting some of it from the shop .

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Very Fun LEGO Star Wars Good Gift for Your Youngsters .

I purchased this set because I desired the figures ( specially the clone commander) for my clone army. LEGO Star Wars this set incorporates one clone commander figure which has a normal printed head, torso, and helmet. One and only thing different about the clone commander is he or she is equipped with black commander gear and pistols. Along with clone commander this set includes two normal clone trooper figures who have normal printed heads, torsos, and helmets. They’re furnished with short blasters. This set also includes one clone gunner figure with a normal printed head but its own printed torso and helmet. He or she is also pre-loaded with a short blaster. The walker itself is quite easy build then when finished it looks very quick and maneuverable. The walker has to two flick-missiles (one on either side in the cockpit) then one primary blaster cannon. The walker also can seat two clone troopers. I acquired this for my five year old for Christmas. He’d specifically demanded this kit as it has lots of stormtroopers. We place the clone walker together, then he took it apart and, wonderful his other legos, built his own spaceships to transport the troopers. He didn’t even make an effort to put one of the other kits together, just mixed the pieces together to construct their own. He’s got a great time using them every single day. Can’t beat Lego. Should you be attempting to employ a bunch of perfect Alien LEGO Star Wars toys, than the just isn’t very sturdy, since the Walker comes apart pretty easily, nevertheless the Legos can be practically indestructible and definately will give never ending hours of entertainment.

Bought this LEGO Star Wars for my 7 year old Grandson as they loves as much as possible StarWars. He has attended Legoland and just needed this. Thank goodness he’s got his older brother and sister given that they were required to build it. He did assembled Darth Vader and I think that alone was well worth the purchase. Given that it is built he would like to spend playtime with it but of course it breaks apart. No worries he loves it anyway. I might not recommend this for almost any household with babies. The various components are tiny, some as small as a 1/4″ or less. The teenagers loved putting it together also it kept them busy all evening. Crucial to follow the instruction booklet provided straight away. Great product for the best age bracket. As with most Lego toys it is easily assembled. Fairly well engineered, but I’ve got to believe other reviews that state the wing connections as weak. Connecting the wings on the main person is not hard, nevertheless the design suffers a dreadful wobble. They certainly stay put well, but they just…wobble a whole lot. Nothing just a little super glue wouldn’t fix should you have had no intentions of ever taking it apart! LEGO Star Wars The miscroscopic flick fired “missiles” leave something being desired. Neat idea, but they might shoot two feet in case you hold it three feet up and in addition they bounce. Maybe it absolutely was a security feature to hold them underpowered, but I seriously dislike it. In any event . to me it isn’t really some toy Let me enjoy and so i almost all a big deal. It now sits close to my standard Match all it’s glory! Great display pieces!

Star Wars and LEGO Sets

Lucas Films has released a total of seven films in the series of Star Wars movies.  Many toys and other types of merchandise has been produced based on these films.  Some of the more popular toys released so far are the LEGO Star Wars sets.  The LEGO Group has created sets based on the most popular scenes from each of the films.  We will dive into each of these films LEGO systems here.

The Phantom Menace was released in 1999, many years after the original movies were released.  The LEGO Group has released quite a few sets based on this movie which include the Mos Espa Podrace, the now famous scene from the Phantom Menace.  The Mos Espa Podrace includes quite a few Star Wars LEGO mini figures which is even more reason why this set is prized by collectors.

Attack of the Clones, not to be confused with the Clone Wars, was the second film released as a follow up to the original Star Wars series.  The Attack of the Clones LEGO Sets include some of the more desirable Star Wars LEGO mini figures, like the Tusken Raiders, which are unique to this series, Count Dooku, Yoda, and the ever popular and hard to find Jango Fett.

The Revenge of the Sith was the third movie released after the original movies.  Episode III was released in 2005.  The Revenge of the Sith series of LEGO sets includes one of the more imaginative LEGO sets in the Darth Vader Transformation.  This set includes an Anakin Walker mini figure and a Darth Vader mini figure and depicts Anakin’s transformation to Darth Vader.

A New Hope is actually the first film released by LucasFilms in it’s now legendary Star Wars series.  Now called Episode IV, a New Hope was released in 1977.  More than twenty years later, LucasFilms and the LEGO Group teamed up to recreate the Star Wars series in LEGO sets.  These systems are now the LEGO Group’s best selling building block toys.

The Empire Strikes Back was the second film released of the original movies.  This film was originally released in 1980.  Episode V LEGO sets include some highly prized Star Wars LEGO mini figures including Boba Fett, a Han Solo in carbonite, and Emperor Palpatine.  A great LEGO set to own from this series of LEGO sets is the Cloud City 10123.

The Return of the Jedi is the final installment in the original series of movies.  Return of the Jedi sets include some really cool Star Wars LEGO Mini figures like the mini figures from the Jabba the Hutt series of sets, Jabba the Hutt himself, a disguised Lando, and a half naked Princess Leia.

The Clone Wars movie is based on the like named animated series of a few years back.  The sets produced around this movie are different from other LEGO Sets in that LEGO went for an animated look with the mini figures that are included with these sets.

Pedro collects Star Wars LEGO Systems and is always on the lookout for rare LEGO Star Wars mini figures.