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4 Reasons Cheating Does Not Have to Lead to Divorce

There are so many reasons people cheat and just as many reasons that cheating does not have to lead to divorce. Divorce should always be the last resort in a marriage. It is what should happen after all other possibilities have been explored. It should not be the default solution for the first sign of trouble.

In many relationships, an affair, or cheating is generally the first easily recognized sign of trouble. There were probably others that you can see clearly in hindsight but when you were in the thick of things it probably took cheating to make you sit up and really see where your relationship has been going for quite some time.

It hurts when you are the one being cheated on. There are few things in life that will hurt you more deeply than that. But, a cheating spouse is not necessarily a sign that your marriage is over. Cheating does not have to lead divorce now or ever. Buy, why doesn’t it?

1) Because marriage is about so much more than just the good times. Marriage is a series of rocky roads with twists and turns and lumps and bumps. It is not a smooth path and it certainly isn’t the final destination. Sometimes, it takes the really dark and painful times in your marriage to truly appreciate how wonderful your marriage and your spouse really is.

2) You owe it to yourself to try and make your marriage work. You took a vow and that vow meant something to you. For better or worse. Now definitely qualifies as one of the worse moments but for you, it’s just not enough to merit breaking the vows you made.

3) You believe the family you created together deserves a second chance. Normally there are children involved in the marriage by the time cheating takes place. You want your children to have the love of both parents to guide them through their young lives. It’s important to you and you know, deep down inside, that it’s important to your cheating spouse too.

4) You know, without a doubt, that you and your spouse still love one another. You may have lost your way a bit or been blown off course but you know your future lies together. There is no more compelling reason than this that cheating does not have to lead to divorce. At the end of the day you only need one good reason to make the decision to make your marriage work.

Have you already left your cheating spouse behind? It’s not too late to change your mind and get your ex back.


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Whisper Grain Mills Have Faded Into Oblivion and Nutrimill Grain Mills Have Taken the Lead

The whisper grain mill has had an unequaled chronicle. Be it a Ma and poppa store or a large box retailer the whisper grain mill was on the shelf. The Whisper grain mill had no comparison for its abilities. The Whisper went to work and got the job done. That is the end of this tale. Here is… the rest of the story. This story will not bring home a Pulitzer award, but it is relevant. People were greatly dissatisfied with the new but not improved repacked successor. Being a lover of whole wheat and milling my own flour, the Wonder mill must stand on its own. Go to the internet and search on whisper grain mill for reviews. In most reviews, Nutrimill grain mills are now the referred to standard of journeyman grain grinding. When buying an item like this, one must reckon many points.

How much effort is needed to complete the task? The Nutrimill can discontinue and start at any time in the wheat grinding cycle. The factory advisement was to empty out the grain holder completely before stopping the mill. If the Whisper is not run empty a sad result would have been a factory fix. There might be someone put back into working order facilities on the web for Whisper mill. Having answered the phone and coming back to finish the milling you can start up again with confidence.

Grain Grinding: A modified range of flour grinds. Firstly let’s understand that both mills are impact style, not wheat grinder. Cracked grain can be added to bread recipes to add texture. However, the range of grind with the Nutrimill is wider than the Whisper mill. A great mill must render both ends of the ground wheat spectrum. Possibly the most important unpolluted ingredient in the kitchen is whole wheat flour.

Flour Receiving Bin: Size matters; the Nutrimill grain mill has a 20 cup capability. The Nutrimill home grain mill has a capability of twenty cups of flour while the whisper had a limit of twelve. Three or four bread loaves are simple with a twenty cup volume of fresh whole wheat flour.

One must understand the differences between the Wonder mill and the Nutrimill. It seems to me in my opinion both mills are priced close to each other. The perceived value on the internet is from $ 240 to $ 299. If both are priced the same, the Nutrimill tilts the scale to be bought.

Mary Dahlberg

Mary Dahlberg has been active with food preparation her whole life. Her mother had a step stool for Mary to be right by her side in the kitchen learning good techniques early on. Her delight to please the palettes of others took Mary into healthcare management of food and nutrition services for over 20 years.  Mary and her husband now own www.FoodToolsPlus.com, an e-commerce site to offer quality food preparation equipment. They carry a range of Home Grain Mills to fit the need of anyone.  Visit the Nutrimill Grain Mills page at www.foodtoolsplus.com/l_equip_nutri_mill.

ADHD and Cheating – Is it Possible That ADHD Could Lead to Infidelity?

Could ADHD cause cheating? Could ADHD lead to infidelity? Both of these questions are interesting and definitely worth exploring. In this informational article we will briefly define attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and then explore “ADHD and Cheating” in an attempt to determine whether it is fact, fiction, or somewhere in between.

ADHD is a problem with self regulation characterized by the inability to focus, control impulses, and a recurring feeling of restlessness. Also the ADHD adult has a low threshold for frustration and becomes distracted easily and may be described as a “daydreamer” or a person who is not “detailed oriented”.

Let’s look at the three primary symptoms of ADHD.

*Inattention: This entails problems with focus. Sometimes a person with ADHD can focus while other times they cannot.

*Impulsivity: Many people with this condition have trouble regulating their behavior. In this case they act without thinking, including taking unnecessary risks.

*Hyperactivity: In adults this often translates into restlessness. 

You now know the primary symptoms so no lets move on to how these symptoms could result in an indiscretion or two. To do this we will need the help of Bill the cheating spouse who is in middle management at the local office supply chain. 

Bill is on his third marriage due to his cheating, but yet fails to recognize he has a cheating problem. Bill is nice looking, stays in shape and generally speaking most women like him. In fact his off the wall impulsive behavior is one of the things women like most. Bill tends to get restless and bored with his primary relationships after a few months and while he really doesn’t want to cheat he just can’t seem to help himself. For him that impulsive fling makes him feel alive and the intrigue of not getting caught is exhilarating. It seems without these extramarital affairs he become restless and unsatisfied. The problem Bill has it that his current and past spouses don’t share his enthusiasm for infidelity and it is safe to say that soon he will be on his fourth marriage. 

What’s with Bill?

Bill has ADHD, a biological condition of the brain that has a genetic link. His father was a serial cheater and was married too many times to count, leading Bill to accept the fact that this is his fate. But what is driving this behavior, who is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings. In short it is likely a problem with brain chemical activity. As long as this brain chemical activity remains out of balance the ADHD personality will not be able to control their impulsive behavior no matter how hard they try.

Neuroscientists are starting to understand brain chemicals well enough to gain some understanding as to why certain ADHD symptoms occur. For instance impulsivity may be related to too much norepinephrine or too little dopamine. Distractibility is quite often a result of too much norepinephrine activity in relation to the amount of dopamine activity. Obsessiveness can be a sign of too much dopamine in relation to the amount of serotonin. As you can see our friend Bill likely has imbalances in more than one area.

In summary, ADHD and cheating is a problem with brain chemistry and needs to be addressed. The most common solutions are stimulant prescription medications such as Ritalin followed by behavioral therapy. But many natural health minded individuals are choosing to take a different road; homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies for ADHD can be used as a side effect free stand alone treatment or a complimentary treatment to behavioral therapy. These all natural formulas have proven to be an affordable way to address such problematic ADHD symptoms as impulsivity, inattention, and erratic behavior and are a treatment option worth considering.

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Don’t Let the Game Lead to a DUI

When the weather gets nice and spring rolls around, that means baseball season is upon us. If you live in an area where a professional baseball team is located, a night out watching a game with friends can be a wonderful way to spend an evening. Just like with everything else, you must be safe and think ahead when going to the game. If you don’t drink, great. If you do, however, there are some precautions you should take so you don’t get in an accident and end up in a Wateska Illinois hospital. Since beer and baseball sometimes go together, make sure you have a plan to get you, your family, and your friends home safe. After all, the fun you have at the ballpark can easily be undone if you get in an accident after the game. And is that beer really worth potentially getting a DUI on your record? You would be hard-pressed to find someone that would say yes.

The obvious answer to this issue is to find a designated driver to bring you home after you’ve had too much to drink. If you have a significant other that isn’t drinking, that’s a great option. Of course, some of us aren’t that lucky. Your significant other may want to have a couple of beers at the game, too, so you might have to find another way home. Driving while under the influence can be a path that leads to a Wilmington healthcare facility, so that’s not a very good option. Instead, you have several choices. If you have a friend that owes you a favor, you could cash it in by asking them for a ride to and from the game. Those favors can be valuable, however, so maybe a taxi cab would be better. Sure, it adds a little cost to your night out, but if you get home safe, it’s all worth it.

When it comes down to it, the best option is probably just to have a designated driver. Whether you’re going out with family or friends, being a designated driver is something you can just take turns with. If your wife is the designated driver one night out, then you should take the honor the next time out. The same goes for your friends, assuming you’re going out with the same people. If you don’t want to see the inside of a Southern Chicago healthcare facility, then making sure you have a designated driver to get you home safe is a cheap and safe option.

Choosing a designated driver to bring you home from the baseball game is important, and so is your healthcare provider. Riverside Medical Center is a leading Chicagoland healthcare provider, whether you’re talking about the Watseka Illinois hospital or a Wilmington healthcare facility. The bottom line is if you need Southern Chicago healthcare, visit Riverside Medical Center today to learn about the cutting-edge procedures and talented people that are working for Riverside!

Should Cheating Lead to Divorce?

This question: “should cheating lead to divorce?” is being asked all too often in the era of modern man. Cheating and divorce are becoming more and more commonplace and the idea of disposable marriages is taking hold everywhere. But, with all the other things that can and do go wrong in a marriage, should cheating lead to divorce when so many other things do not?

For some people, cheating is too large of a betrayal to recover from. There’s no shame in that. It is what it is. People place different degrees on different deeds. Some people consider cheating the ultimate betrayal in a marriage while others do not.

Oddly enough, the number one reason stated for divorce, at least in the U.S. is related to money and not infidelity. When you consider statistics that show more than half of all people in a committed relationship have admitted to cheating on their partner, it’s fairly astonishing that money is still the number one stated reason for divorce.

But, cheating is not the penultimate sin in a relationship for all people. Some people realize that people are all human and equally able to make mistakes. Some people feel that they may have, in some small or large role, contributed to the cheating somehow. Some people believe that cheating isn’t that big of a deal. And guess what? Everyone is right to some degree. Even those who believe there is no bigger betrayal to your marriage vows than cheating.

The vows you take when you get married all have meaning. The thing is they have different meaning to different people. Sit down sometime and ask your spouse for his or her take on those vows and compare that to your own. You will find that you each have a very personal understanding of what those vows mean to you and your marriage but that your understanding may not be identical to that of your spouse.

Not everyone will find these a marriage ending offense.

Some people will. Cheating should only lead to divorce if it changes how you feel about the marriage and the person you married. You alone will have to be the one to decide if the cheating of your spouse will spell the end for your marriage. It’s not a decision to be made lightly but it’s also not one you want to waffle on. Take your time and find the answer that works best for you.

The decision you make today does not have to bind you forever. You can get your ex back – even after cheating has led to divorce if you change your mind in the future.


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