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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Three Release Date Coming Later This Month, Says

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Three Release Date Coming Later This Month, Says
The next episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is coming later this month, according to a senior member of Telltale Games, continuing the series' trend of releasing new content significantly faster than we've seen from the studio's previous episodic adventures.
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Catch a Cheating Spouse – Catch Them Now, Not Later

Sadly, many victims of infidelity do not find out they are living with a cheating spouse until years later. This is partly because they would never expect it to happen to them, and they are not really looking for it. Anything that seems off they disregard, and that turns out being the wrong thing to do. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, they probably will exhibit some of the following traits.

Lack Of Affection

This probably will be one of the easier things to spot. You have had some time (even years) to gauge the intimacy level of your relationship. A spouse that is cheating on you will have someone else they turn to now – for everything. They will find it very difficult to confide in you and will worry they will slip up and come across as insincere; thus alerting you that something is up.

Work Schedule Adjustments

How many late nights at work do they really have? If there is a sudden need to stay at work late you might want to check deeper. I suggest you call to see how they are doing or even drop in with a surprise treat. You may also notice that your spouse leaves early to get to work – this should have you raising an eyebrow or two. People are creatures of habit and if they have taken the same route to go to work for years, why suddenly are they opting for a new route?

Dressed To Impress (And Other Stuff)

This flame they are drooling over might just have different tastes than you do and this will lead your cheating spouse to re-evaluate their look. This can include a new wardrobe, a change of hair style, the scent of a new cologne/perfume, and they might even go as far as to begin a new exercise regime. All of this in the name of impressing their secret lover. If you notice drastic changes like this, you want to be extra observant and aware.

Do you really want to find out about their cheating years down the road and just pass over these red flags as something you might consider is simply life stress?

Catch a Cheating Spouse – Now is Better Than Later to Find Out

What would you do if you discovered your spouse was cheating on you? You probably choose to believe that infidelity only happens to other couples – not you. Unfortunately, the odds are not in your favor; it seems more and more relationships are destroyed when one partner cheats on the other. Knowledge is your best weapon in fighting infidelity. Knowing what signs could indicate an unfaithful spouse can help you prevent, and at worst, catch a cheating spouse in the act.


One red flag that could alert you to a cheating spouse is their distance. They will avoid conversation as much as possible, worrying they could accidentally leak their dirty little secret. With a new love in their life, no longer do they turn to you for idle chat. They are more than aware of their guilt, and if they can keep their distance, there is less of a chance of you finding out. If your spouse is usually not a paranoid person, and now seems more on edge, they could be hiding something from you.


When they tell you they have to stay late at the office – are they really working? If there are more excuses to work late than is normal, you probably want to check into it. A quick call at work or a surprise visit could reveal a lot. Maybe they are leaving for work earlier than they used to – a way to catch a quick visit with their secret lover.

First Impressions

New relationships are all about impressing each other. Each person can be easily influenced by the other person. Your spouse will be no different. If this secret lover has preferences as they relate to appearance, opinion and like/dislikes, you could see your spouse assimilate to the same. Are they wearing something new they normally would never consider? Are they wearing a new cologne/perfume? Has exercising become a big issue all of a sudden? Lifestyle changes like these on their own might not seem out of the ordinary, however, it is best to keep an eye out for sudden, and sometimes drastic changes.

Do you really want to wait until your spouse has cheated on you? Better to know now how to catch a cheating spouse, and save yourself from heartbreak later. There are many more signs that indicate infidelity and are available through my website: http://catch-a-cheating-spouse-how-tos.blogspot.com/