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Super Mario Maker overtakes Pokémon in Japan according to this week's Media

Super Mario Maker overtakes Pokémon in Japan according to this week's Media
All is almost right in Japan's video game sales. The 3DS is once again outselling the Xbox One. Super Mario Maker has beat out Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon to claim the top spot in this week's sales data after falling behind last week. Splatoon is in …
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Star Ocean: Second Evolution now available for PS3 in Japan

Star Ocean: Second Evolution now available for PS3 in Japan
I mean if Square-Enix does it like they did with the Final Fantasy VII release on the PS4 (the remastered PS1 version ported to PS4) with those in-game cheats that don't disable trophies and also have DLC for things like items, etc. Yea sure. Why not …
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Sony Japan files patent for device to play PlayStation 2 games on PS3

While the PlayStation 3 initially launched with backwards-compatibility for its hugely successful PlayStation 2 video games, of which many people owned a significant amount, it was not long before the company began to phase the feature out of the consoles as a means of cutting costs.  As this happened, they continued to sell the original PlayStation 2 console separately, while the PlayStation 3 would retain its ability to play PlayStation 1 games.

But now, according to some documents dug up from the Japanese database of patents by Siliconera, it seems that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is interested in bringing the whole family back together under one roof again[Pick a sony laptop battery].

“A schematic of the proposed adapter (200) shows the device has its own processor, a DVD decoder/emulator, sound processor, and graphic processor,” notes the website, who also advocates that though a patent has been filed, there are no guarantees this will actually make it to market.

Matthew Green of Press the Buttons notes: “It seems to me that if I wanted another box hanging around in my home entertainment cabinet, I’d just stick with my PS2. I don’t know about you, but to me the appeal of PS2 backward compatibility is that it helps to unify my gaming library and removes the need to tie up valuable space with another box and more cables. At this point, I say either build the PS2 capabilities directly into the PS3 case or let’s just move on.”

Looking at the diagram, however, indicates that this might be a slightly-more elegant solution than having both a PlayStation 2 and a PlayStation 3 connected to one’s television, as it seems the latter platform would be doing most of the “heavy lifting,” including where power and audio/video cables are concerned, possibly necessitating only one additional cord to connect the two units.

This leaves a few questions, such as that of cost (“how much would it be compared to buying an actual PlayStation 2?”, specifically) and whether or not the market for such a device has already figured out how they are going to make do, be it by owning both consoles, or simply giving up all of their PlayStation 2 games in favor of the newer platform[SONY VGP-BPS2 Laptop Battery].

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Complete List of Japan Pokemon Center Metal Charms

Ever wonder how many Japanese Pokemon Center charms there are? The answer is not an easy one. The Pokemon Centers in Japan had a campaign in 2009 that featured all 251 original Pokemon Johto charms.

The Pokemon Centers in Japan put out a massive amount of charms during 2009. This is supposedly the first of the charm campaigns. These charms were from the original 251 Johto Pokemon characters. They were sold in sets of 1 charm, 2 charms, 3 charms, 4 charms or 6 charms and featured the evolutions of the characters. All of these charms sold out almost immediately. This article will focus on the single charms that were made. See my other articles for the other sets of charms that were produced.

The Pokemon Center produced a total of 40 single charms. Among the most popular of the single charms are probably Suicune, Raikou and Entei. Known as the three dogs, these charms sold out almost immediately. I would say the next popular were probably Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Known as the three birds, these three charms were also an instant hit. They were also made in limited quantity and sold out very fast. Most of the charms were a big hit, but because there was so many made, its been almost impossible to put together a complete list. Ho-oh and Lugia from Gold and Silver Pokemon were also very popular. As was Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, Delibird, Lapras, Sneasel and Smeargle. Most of these characters were sold out within a week or two.

The next batch of characters were not as popular, but as soon as the popular ones were sold out, people snatched them up. Aerodactyl, Corsola, Ditto, Dunsparce, Farfetch’d, Misdreavus and Miltank were just a few of the ones that didn’t sell right away, but are now completely gone.

Once the initial rush was over, the remaining semi-popular characters started to sell out. Gligar, Heracross, Kangaskhan, Mantine, Wobbuffet, Snolax and Tauros finally sold out after about 2 months. Leaving only a few characters remaining. Some of the other characters like Dunsparce, Gligar, Murkrow, Mr. Mime, and Pinsir never really caught anyone’s attention, but they eventually did sell out. I dont know if any of the characters were sold in different quantities, but some obviously took alot longer than others to sell out due to their popularity.

Some of the very unpopular characters like Girafarig, Sudowoodo, Shuckle, Skarmony, Stantler, Unnown and Qwilfish took about a two months to finally sell out, but now that everything is gone, I wish that I would have snatched a few more characters up before they finally sold out. It is rumored that there will be another set of the next 250 or so charms, but nothing is set for sure. It would be really great if they decide to put out the next batch of characters. Who knows, they may be more popular than the first.

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