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Black and Decker International

Topic: Globalization –Changing the working methodology


Black and Decker was a struggling company in the initial phases but it has transformed into a powerful company and has progressed through leaps and bounds. Mr. Grunewald was the vice president of the international group (Power tools and Home Improvement Group). His job is to act as a catalyst for the group and he is responsible for developing company’s business from local or regional entries. Black and Decker recently acquired Emhart Corporation and they entered into the business of locks and locksets. His job is facing a challenging phase as he has to develop a strategic vision and a proper road map for the company. In phase of early 1900’s the company was experiencing fluid change phenomenon and it stressed on global issues rather than the local ones.

The organization was a mixture of three forms these were functional units, SBU’s (strategic business units) and geo-graphic units. Mr. Grunewald was responsible for product and development but his areas were North America and European businesses. Mr. Grunewald is responsible for globalization issues and his job responsibilities include developing strategic plans, coordinating with field managers and researching markets. Similarly, he was working to developing a positive brand name and strategizing the brand name on global basis. Since the organization is entering into newer countries therefore proper strategy development and cultural requirements must be fulfilled by the organization. Diversification has to be managed by the company as its entering into countries like Japan and the Pacific Rim. Product –road bashing took place in the company as the product managers are interested in reducing the product lines. Since a lot of companies were integrated and the group was becoming bigger and stronger on the other hand it has to face the challenges of global marketing for their various regions. Since Emhart was in their group therefore they have to take care of their issues too. After entering into the lock business the international group has diversified its approach. The approach of Mr. Grunewald is to develop a local champion who would centralize the issues for that company and would report to the top manager. Mr. Grunewald believes that establishing proper communication channels between employees must be essential to ensure proper working between the employees. 

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Bollywood celebrity wars go international

BOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY media wars seem to have gone international and viral.

British, Hollywood, Indian and other media reported that Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai (Jodhaa Akbar) has been replaced by young Bollywood star Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) as the face of cosmetics firm  L’Oréal, and now a company statement is circulating around that it was not true.

Both Aishwarya, 37, and Freida, 26, are “spokesmodels” for L’Oréal Paris along with another Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor (Delhi-6), 25, and other international celebrities like Andie Macdowell, Beyonce Knowles, Claudia Schiffer, Jane Fonda, Doutzen Kroes, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Milla Jovovich, Linda Evangelista, Elizabeth Banks, Evangeline Lilly, Diane Kruger, Cheryl Cole, Rachel Weisz, Gerard Butler, Eric Cantona, etc. L’Oréal Paris says that it has chosen spokesmodels that “inspire women and men the world over”.

L’Oréal Paris defines Aishwarya Rai as the “incarnation of Indian beauty”; talks about “Aishwarya’s intelligence, exotic beauty, and unmatched talent”; and adds that “Aishwarya Rai lends her smile to the Color Riche Star Secrets range of lipsticks and her immense green eyes to Color Appeal Star Secrets Trios eye shadows”.

It describes Freida Pinto as “most promising rising star”, “vivacious and precocious young girl” and “India’s very own million dollar baby”. Sonam Kapoor is “fashionista of Bollywood”, “style icon” and” known for her eclectic style”, according to L’Oréal Paris official website.

L’Oréal Paris is one of the brands of L’Oréal, which claims to be worldwide leader in cosmetics with a century of expertise, whose consolidated sales in 2009 was 17.5 billion Euros, and which believes that “everyone aspires to beauty”. Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones is Board Chairman while Jean-Paul Agon is the Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal.

Media took the hint from L’Oréal’s ‘Happy New Year’ television commercial which starred Freida along with other international celebrities but not Aishwarya, resulting in some claiming that the replacement was permanent and this marked as end of Aishwarya’s reign and her demise as India’s most successful international film star.

Now a statement from the firm is circulating in the media, which states “…Aishwarya Rai Bachchan continues to be our valued spokesperson, as she has since 2000. She remains an integral part of the L’Oreal Paris world wide Dream Team. She is one of the most iconic women of our time.”

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