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Cheating in Relationships – Infidelity Signs You Should Watch Out For

Nowadays, it seems that cheating in relationships has become a trend. More and more couples are likely to fall out of love from each other and what’s worse is that they let go of a love that was once so strong and inspiring. Of course, cheating is never normal and it’s one mistake that is almost too unforgivable to bear. Trust is ruined and respect is nowhere — the passion that was once burning suddenly doesn’t have even a tiny spark anymore. Below are a few infidelity signs you should watch out for — and discover if your relationship is still worth a second try:

Lack of interest. You see or not see each other and it’s fine. You call or not, and it’s fine. You almost never even communicate anymore, and it’s fine. Lack of interest is already a severe sign that the relationship is going bad. Maybe you’ve both found another thing (or a somebody) that has gotten your interest that you never bothered to settle your issues and problems with each other anymore. Time to start communicating once again.
Indifference. You go out with some friends on a weekend night to go partying, beer drinking and getting all wasted and your partner isn’t all that bothered at all. You went out with an ex, you attended a common friend’s birthday and you decided to take a week long vacation. Normally this would strike as an issue but you’re both indifferent — your lover’s probably couldn’t care less because they have plans of their own.
Avoiding eye contact. You both can not seem to look into each other’s eyes anymore and your conversations are often limited to a few lines and grunts. Everything is blurred and you can’t even remember the last time you’ve talked for hours — and you always avoid talking about your day went.
No interest for sex. Admit it — when was the last time you torridly kissed or made love? Was it quite a while now that you can’t even remember anymore? Do you still take time to hold hands, hug, cuddle and get warm on the couch during a cold evening? Maybe you’re both busy getting warm with somebody else instead.
Can’t laugh with you anymore. Communicating and sharing few good old jokes is vital in keeping a relationship alive and romantic — laughing with your lover is not only a very heartwarming feeling, it solidifies your bond as a couple. If you can’t have a good time with your lover anymore, better hit the brakes. There’s a red light and it’s probably time to see if you have to break-up or not.

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How to Catch Cheating Men – Signs of Infidelity

Unfortunately in many relationships there comes a time of doubt.

Is he faithful to you or does he stray? How to catch cheating men? You think that your boyfriend or husband is cheating, but you are not sure and don’t know how to catch cheating men. Quite obviously you can’t ask them, as they most probably won’t admit. To find out observe your partner’s behavior for sudden changes – if he is displaying any of the warning signals described below you might be a victim of cheating men.

How to catch cheating men – what behavior patterns give them away?

Cheating men tend to criticize things about their spouse that they once thought of as attractive and appealing.

They often more than easily become offended by quite harmless comments that their partner makes.

They stop paying attention to their spouse, their children and the home-life in general.

The end to the Bathroom-Door Rule also indicates cheating men: In long-term relationships people usually leave the bathroom door unlocked while attending their businesses. Guilty men however often will start to close the bathroom doors, distancing themselves psychologically and physically from their partners.

It’s a common behavior for cheating boyfriends or husbands to start accusing their partner of cheating, with no evidence.

Unfaithful men start to be acting emotionally distant. When asked about it, they refuse to talk or act unnaturally protective of their privacy. They easily become offended by normal inquiries and demand to know why the partner is checking on them.

Sudden changes in interests or tastes also give away men who have an affair. When exposed to new people, we often develop some of their tastes or habbits. If your partner has an affair, he may start displaying new behavior patterns that he adapted from his new girlfriend.

If your partner exhibits any of these signs of cheating men, it may mean he is indeed unfaithful to you. If you discover your boyfriend or husband is cheating, the first thing you want to do is seeking support from friends or family. It may also be therapeutically very helpful to write down your feelings and disappointment in the form of a letter or journal.

Eventually you will have to confront him about your suspicion or even evidence. The circumstances of his cheating will allow you to decide if you want to try to save the relationship or to end it.  

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Your Husband is Cheating – 30 Signs of Infidelity

If your husband is cheating on you, he often will involuntarily leave certain signs of infidelity. You just need to know how, where and when to look for those.

The more apparent changes in his attitude are not the only clues and some behaviors might not be directly related to cheating at all. Signs of infidelity can be difficult to spot, but here are a few things to watch out for in order to determine early on whether your husband is cheating on you or not.

Below is a list of 30 real world signs of infidelity that indicate that your husband is cheating.

He distances himself from you as well as your children. He appears to detach himself from the interests of the whole family and starts to become emotionally unavailable.
All of a sudden, his opinion about people who cheat changes.
He leaves home for work earlier than usual.
He hides the computer screen when you walk by.
His attitude toward church, god and spirituality in general changes significantly.
He has strange id’s in his instant messenger.
He has a new email account and doesn’t tell you about it.
He starts smoking (something he might do in bars and clubs where he spends time with the other woman).
Starts reading books or ebooks about dating and how to please a woman in bed.
Starts to use curse language more frequently.
Stops telling you “I love you” or even worse, he doesn’t say “I love you too” back.
Brings up your past mistakes from many years ago that were supposedly forgiven and forgotten.
He is constantly late.
He becomes more and more possessive about his wallet, cell phone or briefcase.
He starts taking a renewed interest in his appearance. Buys new clothes, uses new cologne, spends way more time in front of the mirror then he used to or even starts a rigorous workout at the gym.
He keeps extra clothes in a bag in his car or office.
He starts working late and even on holidays or weekends.
Starts to express his opinion on topics he never had an interest in.
He encourages you to visit your friends or parents alone.
He buys items that show a new level of insight about the opposite sex.
His car is kept absolutely free of belongings of yours or the kids (child seat, photos).
He starts to participate in conventions and extended seminars.
He starts using new words and phrases.
At odd hours he suddenly remembers something he left at the office and has to hurry back there.
Takes the dog for much longer walks.
He suddenly develops new interests and starts new hobbies that take him out of the house in the late hours and weekends.
He gets a pre-paid cell phone for the first time ever.
He starts displaying a somewhat juvenile behavior and maybe even such a music interest.
When he can’t find something he accuses you right away of getting into his belongings.
He receives coded text messages at odd times of the day or at night.

But the most important sign is – your own gut feeling. Your intuition is the utmost significant indicator that your husband is cheating. If something is wrong, you will perceive it – at some degree or another. Just listen to your inner voice and if you feel that something is not right, increase your alertness and start actively looking for signs of infidelity.

Signs of infidelity may indicate that your husband is cheating on you, however, evidence is always a vital part. Signs are meant to get you focused, don’t rely entirely on them. You require hard proof, either to confront your partner or – if it comes to a divorce, for court.

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Why People Cheat and How You Can Still Survive Following Infidelity

Only half of all marriages survive in this country and there are many different reasons that result in these breakups. One of the most frequent things that happens to marriages is the act of infidelity. The statistics are extremely as high as close to 80% of men cheat as over 50% of women cheat. This often leads to divorce but this article will discuss why infidelity occurs and how your marriage can recover from it using Scottsdale marriage counseling and getting your kids help through Scottsdale children’s therapy to deal with this sad event in many marriages.

What leads someone to cheat on their spouse and to go outside their marriage into the arms of someone else? There are several reasons to this behavior but the main point to them all is it is about the person who does the cheating not about the person they are cheating on. Many people find themselves in an extramarital affair when in fact they never thought they would be the ones to do such a thing. How do you go from being someone who loves your husband or wife and pledges to be faithful to them to being someone who is lying to them and sneaking around behind their back?

One big reason someone cheats is that they are under an enormous amount of stress or have gone through something that was emotionally difficult. For example, losing a job or having financial difficulties can be especially hard on the husband who values himself on being able to take care of his family. When this is taken away from him he may find solace in a distraction which often times is another woman. Usually he does not have any intention of staying with the woman but he likes the distraction she provides and how she makes him feel when he is with her.

Another reason someone cheats on their spouse is due to a lack of confidence. Many women feel that they lose their sex appeal once they get married and have children and many put on some unwanted weight or let themselves go a bit while they are taking care of everyone else. This creates a self esteem issue and sometimes it is also pointed out by their husbands which makes them feel even worse. Then a man enters their life, often through work, and makes them feel beautiful and sexy and they like the way that makes them feel. This helps their self esteem issues and that is why they become unfaithful.

Some people have a zero tolerance in regards to infidelity and once they find out their spouse cheated on them, they file for divorce. Having a spouse be unfaithful is a devastating blow but it is not your fault and something that can be worked on through marriage counseling if both parties want to try to heal the marriage. Finding a good counselor is imperative and once you do, the therapist can guide you individually as well as a couple to recognizing how their marriage landed them in their office in the first place.

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What If He Cheats? How to Deal With His Infidelity

What should you do if your partner cheats on you? Can you forgive him for being with another woman? Should you even try to? Handling the subject of infidelity in your relationship is never easy. Don’t go through it alone. Read this article for some helpful advice on what to do if you’re with a guy and he cheats on you.

First, you have to be honest with yourself and with him about where the root of the problem lies. Infidelity is usually a symptom of another issue. If you are going to try to talk about the issue with him, you need to get past the yelling and recriminations and try to find out if there are problems from which the cheating arose.

For instance, if you have been stringing this guy along and you also have been either seeing other men, or simply not telling him that you want to be exclusive, then it may not be entirely his fault. If you want to salvage the relationship, both of you need to decide whether or not you are comfortable with a more open relationship. If not, you will both have to agree to commit and be exclusive and then stick to it.

However, what if the two of you were in an exclusive relationship that you had already established as one in which neither of you would see anyone else? If he cheats on you in this situation, then you have more things to think about. Some guys just aren’t planning on ever being faithful to one woman. For whatever reason, it is not important to them to do so.

If your guy doesn’t show a great amount of remorse and you were being faithful to him, then he may be one of those guys. You may think that you can forgive him, but if he cheats and his cheating doesn’t have any consequences, then what is to stop him from doing it again? You need to move on and find someone who can and wants to be faithful to you.

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Dealing With Infidelity – How to Get Over With a Cheating Husband

Infidelity is one of the worst and most devastating issues a spouse can experience in marriage. How devastating could it be to find out that your husband is sleeping with another woman? Dealing with infidelity is probably the last thing you want to encounter in your relationship.
However, if you have just discovered that your husband is cheating and you have all the proofs, it may be normal for you to get angry, but it is always wise to process your emotions before doing things you might regret later. Below are things that may help you deal with the situation.
* Don’t let anger control you.
Of course, when you are right there reading their exchange of steamy messages, or you have personally seen them walking hand in hand, you can never tell yourself not to get angry. Anger is normal in situations like this. You may even feel a surge of different emotions, but do not let all these control you. One thing you can do is to take time before you decide to do something. Of course, it may be tempting to go out there and confront him or yell and shout at him, but you might end up pushing him to go against you.
* Give Yourself Time
Before you are trapped with your emotions and mix thoughts, give yourself time to pour out what you feel. Talk to a trusted friend. Go to some place where you can cry, shout and just let it all out. When you finally have at least, a lesser intensity of emotions, you can have time to think what to do. In dealing with infidelity, you have to let your emotions subside before doing anything that you might regret later.
* Talk to your partner.
When you finally have the courage to talk about it without getting angry, go talk to your partner and tell him of your emotions and how the affair has affected you. If you approach the conversation without any anger and violence, you may just get to let him talk about it. You will probably never get the exact reason why he did it, but at least you can talk about what you both want to do with your marriage.
* Give Time to Heal
If he decides to end the affair and work on the marriage, and you decide to give him another chance, be careful the next time. Some cheating spouses will just promise not to do it again but it would actually mean being very careful the next time. If both of you cannot have a calm conversation, you can always ask for a counselor’s help.
Dealing with infidelity does not just end after you agree to make the marriage work. Rebuilding trust after an infidelity in the marriage is one of the most challenging tasks. The betrayal may haunt you throughout the marriage, and you may never totally recover from your anger or the urge to revenge. You can decide based on what is best for your own peace of mind, what is best for the relationship and for the kids as well.

Carolyn Anderson has been a writer/contributor on love and relationship topics. If you want to find out if your partner is cheating, you can find help from these affair detection techniques. Also check out How To Catch A Cheating Spouse, to know some effective tactics in catching a cheating partner.

Recovering From Infidelity – How To Get Over Being Angry At Your Spouse For Cheating

It’s devastating to find out that the person you love has stepped outside the marriage and had an affair. Understandably you feel anger and resentment toward your spouse for betraying you, and you have every right to your angry feelings. Anger has its place, but left uncontrolled it can create more problems for you and your marriage. That is why breaking the cycle of anger in your relationship is so important when you are recovering from infidelity in your marriage.

Before you even begin to learn how to cope with and manage your angry feelings, you first need to explore why you are holding on to your anger in the first place. Is it because you want your cheating spouse to know how much he has hurt you? Or perhaps you want him to accept full responsibility for the pain his behavior caused and for him to be genuinely remorseful about it? This is not asking too much, after all you were made to look like a fool and so you want assurances from your spouse that this is not going to happen again.

But continually being angry with your spouse is not going to move you forward toward healing your relationship and recovering from infidelity. In fact it will have the opposite effect because your spouse will become defensive, withdraw and most likely attack you back. Agreed that it was your spouse who behaved in just an abominable manner, but if you decide to stay with him and rebuild your marriage, then you have to learn how to manage those angry feelings.

At the same time you just can’t pretend that everything is peachy in your marriage. So you have to find ways to express your hurt. You need to be able to communicate your pain to your spouse by opening and maintaining the lines of communication with him. Meaning that you have to put your hurt feelings and your resentments out there without blaming your spouse. This is not going to be easy and you may find that you need the help of an objective third party like a marriage counselor to get going.

Recovering from infidelity is a very complex issue, and that is why most of the time you need some type of outside help to get through it successfully. Anger and resentment are not going to go away by themselves. You have to actively work at letting go of your feelings.

Getting over your anger with your spouse is necessary if you want to move forward in your relationship and recovering from infidelity.

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ADHD and Cheating – Is it Possible That ADHD Could Lead to Infidelity?

Could ADHD cause cheating? Could ADHD lead to infidelity? Both of these questions are interesting and definitely worth exploring. In this informational article we will briefly define attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and then explore “ADHD and Cheating” in an attempt to determine whether it is fact, fiction, or somewhere in between.

ADHD is a problem with self regulation characterized by the inability to focus, control impulses, and a recurring feeling of restlessness. Also the ADHD adult has a low threshold for frustration and becomes distracted easily and may be described as a “daydreamer” or a person who is not “detailed oriented”.

Let’s look at the three primary symptoms of ADHD.

*Inattention: This entails problems with focus. Sometimes a person with ADHD can focus while other times they cannot.

*Impulsivity: Many people with this condition have trouble regulating their behavior. In this case they act without thinking, including taking unnecessary risks.

*Hyperactivity: In adults this often translates into restlessness. 

You now know the primary symptoms so no lets move on to how these symptoms could result in an indiscretion or two. To do this we will need the help of Bill the cheating spouse who is in middle management at the local office supply chain. 

Bill is on his third marriage due to his cheating, but yet fails to recognize he has a cheating problem. Bill is nice looking, stays in shape and generally speaking most women like him. In fact his off the wall impulsive behavior is one of the things women like most. Bill tends to get restless and bored with his primary relationships after a few months and while he really doesn’t want to cheat he just can’t seem to help himself. For him that impulsive fling makes him feel alive and the intrigue of not getting caught is exhilarating. It seems without these extramarital affairs he become restless and unsatisfied. The problem Bill has it that his current and past spouses don’t share his enthusiasm for infidelity and it is safe to say that soon he will be on his fourth marriage. 

What’s with Bill?

Bill has ADHD, a biological condition of the brain that has a genetic link. His father was a serial cheater and was married too many times to count, leading Bill to accept the fact that this is his fate. But what is driving this behavior, who is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings. In short it is likely a problem with brain chemical activity. As long as this brain chemical activity remains out of balance the ADHD personality will not be able to control their impulsive behavior no matter how hard they try.

Neuroscientists are starting to understand brain chemicals well enough to gain some understanding as to why certain ADHD symptoms occur. For instance impulsivity may be related to too much norepinephrine or too little dopamine. Distractibility is quite often a result of too much norepinephrine activity in relation to the amount of dopamine activity. Obsessiveness can be a sign of too much dopamine in relation to the amount of serotonin. As you can see our friend Bill likely has imbalances in more than one area.

In summary, ADHD and cheating is a problem with brain chemistry and needs to be addressed. The most common solutions are stimulant prescription medications such as Ritalin followed by behavioral therapy. But many natural health minded individuals are choosing to take a different road; homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies for ADHD can be used as a side effect free stand alone treatment or a complimentary treatment to behavioral therapy. These all natural formulas have proven to be an affordable way to address such problematic ADHD symptoms as impulsivity, inattention, and erratic behavior and are a treatment option worth considering.

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How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating Online – 5 Warning Signs And 3 Ways To Catch Internet Infidelity

Did you know that online affairs account for more than 30% of all divorce litigation in the United States alone?

That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to learn exactly how to catch a cheating spouse online and on the computer, because if you don’t, then you’re making it a lot easier for yourself to be cheated on.

And we don’t want that do we?

As you read this article you’ll learn:

1. The Most Common Signs of Online Infidelity
2. How to Get Proof on the Computer
3. What you Should Do to Catch Your Spouse Cheating (Trust me, you’ll want more of this!)

I’m sure that at least one of those options sounds good do you, so let’s go ahead and get started…Just keep on reading!

Suspicious Signs Your Spouse is Having an Online Affair

Have you ever gotten a sinking feeling in your stomach after your spouse told you what they were doing online?

You know what I’m talking about…That feeling that you just KNOW you’re being lied to? Well, to tell you the truth that’s one of the most powerful signs that something suspicious is going on.

Don’t worry if you’ve never experienced that particular feeling before, it doesn’t prove or deny your husband/wife’s innocence, it’s just a tool.

Fortunately, there are some other options too:


Your spouse quickly closes out of whatever he or she is doing when you enter the room

You notice that your spouse is always looking over your shoulder when you get on the computer

You found out that your husband or wife has a FaceBook account you didn’t know about

Your spouse is easily irritable when they’re online

I’m guessing that you’ve noticed one of those signs, but if you don’t then there are still more choices for you. Now we’re going to start digging deeper into this investigation of your partner’s fidelity.

How to Get Proof of Cheating Online

Think about the last time you saw an episode of CSI or some similar crime show…

Even if that’s not your type of show, I’m sure you’ve seen some news story where the police dug into hidden files on a computer to find evidence for some crime or another.

Well believe it or not, you can do something similar. As you continue reading I’m going to tell you how you can find out what your husband or wife has been doing behind your back.

– First, Check Internet History –

This is the most basic investigation that you can do…Check your computer’s internet history as often as possible, preferably at least once a day.

I’m sure that you know that it’s possible to delete internet history, but to do so without leaving obvious holes in browsing history is really hard to do.

What I mean is this: Even if your spouse deletes any and all evidence of their online cheating, then you’ll still be able to see the HOLES where their browsing history SHOULD be.

Does that make sense? Here’s another tip for you:

– Second, Check Cookies –

Did you know that most websites automatically install a tiny tracking cookie on your computer every time you visit their website?

Rarely are cookies harmful; They’re purpose is to keep track of returning visitors and visitor behavior, also occasionally for advertising. As I’m sure you can guess, cookies can be very helpful for you as a suspicious spouse.

What you should do is Google “how to check cookies” + “[your internet browser]”; since each browser is different, I can’t outline a specific process for you here (sorry guys and gals).

– Last Resort, Use Tracking Software –

You can also use something like a KeyLogger or some other Spy Ware like program to track your spouse’s activity on your computer.

Basically, you install a small undetectable program on your computer, and in turn you can remotely track anything and everything your spouse does behind your back. It’s astonishing how much information you can get.

To tell you the truth, not much is easier than using tracking software to get proof of cheating, but I still recommend that you try and catch your spouse the ‘old fashioned way’, if you want or if you have qualms about privacy. (scroll down for Free KeyLogger Download):

Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating Online? How to Catch Cheating

How Cheating Husbands Fully Understand Their Infidelity

Have you been afraid to take a look at yourself directly in the reflection, not to mention to consider your own significant other, recognizing full well that you have been cheating? This is a position that countless guys fall into at some stage in their wedded lives. Can you imagine that, according to statistics, better than one in five guys may be labeled as cheating husbands?

Within the majority of situations, none of that is preplanned. It is very rarely a position in which the husband makes the decision that he is planning to let his wandering eye focus on someone else and take part in an illicit affair of some sort. In the the vast majority of scenarios, these types of problems just appear as time passes and before long could have progressed into an untenable rapport.

As you stand there, barely able to have a look at yourself in the mirror, you may be questioning exactly how you got into this circumstance. On top of that, you may be asking yourself if it is possible to unravel it all. It’s common to ask yourself whether your partner sees that she possesses one of those cheating husbands on her hands, or whether or not a few of your shared friends, relatives and acquaintances know about the situation. The more individuals who find out, the far more challenging it really is needless to say and don’t think that you will be in a position to brush everything under the carpet in some manner and forget about it.

This is the time to come to grips with your own emotions and your actions. Whether or not this has advanced to such a degree and has actually been going on for quite a long time, you might not be able to keep it from your spouse whatsoever. In the event that, in an example of the worst case situations, the opposite party in your situation has continued to develop feelings for you, then you can suppose that she is not likely to be too pleased when you make an attempt to backtrack, either.

This really is why you have to count on some stormy seas ahead. You must own up to your actions and search for forgiveness from your better half. If you try and silently break it off with your adulterous lover this might make the situation worse and will cast you within an even worse light.

Tend not to give up hope however, because cheating husbands can pull relationships back from the brink, however on condition that they resolve to do so. You would need to identify the reasons exactly why you strayed to start with and ensure that they do not happen once more. You will have to expect discomfort, rage, anguish, rebellion and a great many other regrettable byproducts of the infidelity.

The Chinese claim that the journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step. You can begin forward movement and take that initial step by turning away from the reflection at this time and making plans to repair the situation. It certainly can’t solve by itself, but by doing what’s right you stand a good chance of being in the position to come out, by the end, with something tangible intact.

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