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Blow Your Husband’s Mind And Stop Your Divorce After Cheating With This Super Easy Technique

Looking for a super easy way to stop your divorce after cheating? You can save your marriage fast and blow your husband’s mind in the process if you follow this simple and easy technique to get your ex back and save your marriage all in a single blow. Are you ready to get started? Keep reading to learn exactly what you need to do to make all this and more happen for your marriage.

Cheating is the one big no-no in today’s marriages. It hasn’t always been the case but the marriages of modern man, in most cultures, is one that is committed to monogamy. You took vows to forsake all others and you meant those vows when you took them.

You never, in a million years would have believed that you would be the one cheating on your husband and seeking forgiveness while hoping to hold on to what is left of your marriage in the process. No woman ever really envisions herself doing something quite so taboo as she wears her wedding gown and exchanges vows of fidelity with the man she loves.

So what changed to make cheating possible? It’s not like you just woke up one day and decide “hey it looks like a good day to go cheat on my husband!” It often happens very gradually over time.

You stop spending as much time together. Life, careers, and children seem to get in the way of that quiet alone time you used to share at night. You both always seem to be too tired or too busy to really focus on feeding your marriage. Over time you simply stop trying to make time for your marriage and your marriage, the most important relationship in your life is put on the back burner and only gets left over time that isn’t allotted to other tasks that you’ve somehow deemed more important.

To get things back on track and get your husband to give you the second chance you want, you’re going to have to do something truly spectacular. You’re going to have to blow his mind and take him completely by surprise with a total package kind of proposition.

What are you going to have to do?

You’re going to have to give him the woman/girl he fell in love with all over again. You’re going to have to take a step back in time and become the girl he loved so much. You’re going to have to hang on his every word. You’re going to have to remind him often of just how wonderful he really is. You’re going to have to stroke his ego like you’ve never stroked it before. Then, you’re going to have to convince him that no other man could ever measure up to him as far as you’re concerned and that your affair, taught you that important lesson.


When you want to get your ex back after cheating, you’re going to have to play the game on his terms. You can truly blow your husband’s mind and have him eating out of your hands if you do this one thing.


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How Do I Know For Sure My Husband’s Cheating?

I often receive emails or comments from women who ask me how they “can know absolutely with 100% certainty that my husband is cheating.”  Sure, they have strong suspicions and some even have proof, but 99.9% of the time, the husband will have an explanation for everything (even if these explanations are silly, non believable, and far fetched), and he’ll continue to lie to you and to deny everything.  So, how can you be sure that you’re right and he’s wrong? I’ll discuss this more in the following article.

The Clues That Point To Him Cheating: Of course, at first you have the things that just don’t add up that contribute to your suspicions in the first place. He’s working more.  He’s having weird things that just keep happening to him so that he appears to be the most unlucky guy on earth – his car breaks down, his cell phone dies, his computer crashes, etc. He smells different or you notice little marks on his body. You may also notice that he’s beginning to change or take more care in his appearance, he’s distant or critical, or he just doesn’t seem as interested in you anymore.

Of course, these are the things that a cheating husband can easily explain away.  He’ll tell you that in this economy, he must work late. He’ll tell you that he’s under a tremendous amount of stress right now and he’ll try to make you feel guilty for adding to his burdens with your accusations.  In truth, most of the time, he’s only trying to throw you off the trail.

The Clues That Mean You’re Getting Warmer In Knowing For Sure That He’s Cheating: What I described above are sort of the first line of clues that you’ll see. Although they are easily explained away, there are so many of them that it’s pretty easy to gather that something just doesn’t feel or seem right.

Typically, these things will lead you to a little more digging and usually you can come up with some proof or evidence from his electronics.  Most times, you can find strange phone numbers on his cell phone, or strange emails on the computer.  But again, he will likely claim that the number or emails belongs to a coworker or friend and that all of the conversations and emails were totally innocent and that you can not claim otherwise. 

Do you see where this is going?  You’ll need to see exactly what’s going down on these electronics.  In other words, you want to see the screens, messages, and texts as he saw them in real time.  And, there is a way to do this, even if he’s erased them and even if you don’t have his passwords.  There is software that can make quick work of this in a very few minutes.

Still, you might be surprised at the number of men who will still continue to deny any wrong doing.  They’ll say that they were just flirting or were just kidding around and that this communication doesn’t prove or mean anything as he stopped short of actually cheating.  At this point, you have a few choices.  You can just tell him that you don’t believe any of this and that you have enough things pointing to cheating so you’re going to assume that he is whether he denies it or not.  Or, you can decide to bide your time and to try to catch him yourself.

Catching Him In The Act: Some wives do not want to stop until they catch their husbands cheating red handed.  But, I must warn you, this confrontation almost always turns out bad.  Yes, you will get your answer, but it can be so painful to actually witness what you know deep down is true.  Actually seeing him with someone else can be an image that is almost impossible to erase. With that said, this is really the only way to know for sure if he’s cheating (although some men will still claim that you “caught” them before anything physical really happened.)

You can put a GPS tracker on his car and then go to the location to see them together.  Or, you can use a reverse look up to find out who the cell phone numbers belong to.  Just remember, you don’t want to do anything that you may regret or anything that will pull you down to their level. Often, you really don’t need to take this step once you’ve confirmed your suspicions with cell phone and computer software.  Many people want this “catch him in the act / face to face confrontation” because they think it’s going to make them feel better, but I can tell you truthfully that it rarely does.  I personally believe that you’re better off presenting him with the electronic trail and telling him that he can say what he wants, but he’s only digging himself a deeper hole by blatantly lying and insulting your intelligence since in your heart, you know the truth. 

I was in this same situation a short time ago. I knew he was cheating, but he would never admit it, even though his excuses were quite silly. I tried to believe him, but the doubts remained. I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read my very personal story at http://catch-the-cheating.com/.

Husband’s Cheating Put Family At Risk ? Do I Forgive Him?

The discovery of your husband’s cheating will put a sharp and hot knife through your heart, and the pain can be devastating. Yet this is not all. His affair will put your whole family at great peril, particularly if you have some children.

Such a threat may not have anything to do with their physical well-being, but it will be very real nevertheless. An affair shakes the very foundations of a family, and the children may be destabilized badly. In any case, the kids will hardly be happy when they sense that the parents are not happy themselves.

As much as you feel great pain about your husband’s betrayal, you will still need to make some crucial decisions. You will be faced with two big choices, none of which will be easy. You will have to make up your mind whether you want to forgive him and re-establish your relationship or go your separate way and start a new life.

In spite of the great pain you feel, it will not be easy to simply walk away from the family you built together. Even if there are no children, the dreams and plans you have worked on together will not be easy to forget, let alone the wonderful times you have shared. However, deciding to stay will not make things easier either. Overcoming the pain will be very challenging.

How you can forgive him

If you decide that you want to rebuild your relationship, you will need to forgive your husband first of all. This is easier said than done because of your great heartbreak.

You will also need to forgive yourself, as there are high chances that you have been rather harsh with yourself since your discovery of the betrayal. You are probably blaming yourself entirely for his misdeed.

Let your husband know plainly that you have forgiven him. Tell it to him straight. Then you need to tell yourself that you have indeed forgiven him. Keep repeating “I forgive him” until you come to believe it. Although doing this may appear rather foolish, it really does work – and that it what is important.

Prepare a list of things that you truly love about your husband. Having something that you can look at and see the ways you appreciate him is very important at this time, as you will hardly see those qualities when you look at him. There is another advantage of doing this.

When you take your time to write down the things you love in him, you will actually be able to reflect on the wonderful moments you have shared together.

Find and fix the problems

People who are in genuinely happy relationships do not go out and cheat. If you are not aware of any problems in your marriage, make an effort to find them. Once you have determined the problems, you will need to find the best way of fixing them.

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Can You Put Your Husband’s Cheating Ways Behind?

If you find out that your husband has been having an affair, it can seem almost impossible to forgive him for his great betrayal. Putting your husband’s cheating ways behind is indeed possible, but it is not going to be easy. His cheating will affect you personally to the core, and this will hurt you deeply. In addition, you will find it very difficult to trust him once more.

If you have decided that you want to keep his cheating ways behind, then you must be prepared to work hard, as it will not be a piece of cake. However, this is actually the route that will make you earn great rewards when you manage to establish an even stronger relationship than you had before. But you will only be able to do this if you know the right strategies to use.

How can you go on after such a betrayal?

Both of you will need to work on the matter as a couple. Each of you must be determined to keep his cheating ways behind so that you can look and move ahead. Facing the future together without dwelling on the painful experience will be challenging. You will find it very tempting to remind him of his betrayal whenever you do not agree on certain issues.

If you do this, you will keep living in the past. You will need to move forward without thinking about the betrayal. This, however, does not mean that you need to forget all about the issue.

Why forgiving and forgetting are not the same

You should learn to forgive your husband so that you can move on. However, if you forget all about it, complacency is likely to set in. This will then make it quite tempting to fall back into the trap of cheating. Keeping this affair in mind will help both of you to avoid cheating in different ways. For one, you will be able to avoid things that may have led down the painful path. Your husband is not likely to have just decided to enjoy cheating. There must have been something wrong. If you forget the affair, you may as well forget what led to it in the first place.

You should understand that remembering the event does not mean that you keep reminding him about it, or focusing on the pain. What it means is that you should remember what created a fertile ground for its propagation.

The pain is just too much – how can you move on?

Anyone who tells you that you will glide smoothly over your husband’s affair is not telling you the truth. You must be prepared to pass through great pain, which at times may appear to overwhelm you.

When the pain threatens to destroy your life, remind yourself of the great benefits you are looking forward to. Think of the great moments you have shared together, and keep working towards having even better moments.

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Why In The World Do Husbands Cheat On Their Wife?

Has your life partner ever cheated you by having an affair with someone else? And have you ever tried forgiving him for the same? How did you feel after forgiving him for his mistake? Were you happy? Or the feeling of you forgiving him started to kill you each second of your life?

The later happens because we have not forgiven our loved one completely. You can say on your lips that you have forgiven the mistake but true to your heart only you know that you consider this as an unforgettable and unforgivable situation and that you want to part with your life partner for this lifetime and end your relationship.

But I would say that you are wrong, under these circumstances is when you will have to give your whole heart to your bonding and further sweeten and nurture your married life and cut out the unwanted extra bonding and strengthen your present bonding and give new life to it.

When you forgive someone for their mistakes and the harm or pain given to you because of their actions, you tend to wash away the unhappy and unwanted emotions and clear your minds from all the evil done. If on the other hand we don’t do these cleanups, our mind will be filled with rubbish and it will ruin our happiness forever.

In order to achieve this cleanliness in our minds we have to be in the rightful health both by body and spirit so that we can convey the message to our loved one clearly and plainly. Only if this task is done can we really forgive our partner for his wrong doings.

If we have to forgive someone then we will have to stop thinking about the damage done already again and again. We have to try to stop mentally visualizing the sexual act performed between our spouse and some unwanted thorn which has crossed our path.

We might start thinking how the other person is better than us? Is there any fault with us? Was that sexual act enjoyable for them? And so on and so forth.

If we keep on pondering about the damage done, the damage is going to eat us up one fine day. So the best thing to do is, instead of worrying about something which has already happened and destroying our well being, we should start taking care of ourselves even more.

If we are confused within our insides, full of sorrow and anger and self pity because of the act of an unfaithful partner, we cannot forgive the person. The same applies with loving each other also.

Love and nourish yourself before you bestow your love and care on another. Make yourself aloof from unnecessary worries and pains. As rightly said in the bible, “Turn the other cheek” and let go of all the bitter feelings and emotions.

Letting your emotions control you will further aggravate you and will not let you to forgive. Only if you let go of these negative feelings will you be able to think positively and find ways of reestablishing your family bonding. It is easier said than done, we feel left alone, unnoticed, unwanted by someone we love with all our hearts and fell the pain of being deceived even more and immediately want a divorce to punish our spouse.

This feeling in the beginning is understandable, because of the deep cut and the hurt in our hearts, but mind you this might make you a victim of evil for someone else’s wrong doings which is unfair for us. So avoid doing it to yourself, divorce the unfaithfulness instead of your partner. Work with your partner to rebuild your marriage again and cherish the root with love and affection.

Learning how to forgive a cheating husband can be difficult but not impossible. When he has admitted his mistake see another woman, he has to prove to you his sincerity. What if he still gets masked number on his mobile phone late at night? Is his mistress still calling him?

One way to unmask blocked number on cell phone is with the Trapcall software. Services such as revealing blocked numbers and also blacklist callers are some of the features offered by Trapcall online service.

How Cheating Husbands Fully Understand Their Infidelity

Have you been afraid to take a look at yourself directly in the reflection, not to mention to consider your own significant other, recognizing full well that you have been cheating? This is a position that countless guys fall into at some stage in their wedded lives. Can you imagine that, according to statistics, better than one in five guys may be labeled as cheating husbands?

Within the majority of situations, none of that is preplanned. It is very rarely a position in which the husband makes the decision that he is planning to let his wandering eye focus on someone else and take part in an illicit affair of some sort. In the the vast majority of scenarios, these types of problems just appear as time passes and before long could have progressed into an untenable rapport.

As you stand there, barely able to have a look at yourself in the mirror, you may be questioning exactly how you got into this circumstance. On top of that, you may be asking yourself if it is possible to unravel it all. It’s common to ask yourself whether your partner sees that she possesses one of those cheating husbands on her hands, or whether or not a few of your shared friends, relatives and acquaintances know about the situation. The more individuals who find out, the far more challenging it really is needless to say and don’t think that you will be in a position to brush everything under the carpet in some manner and forget about it.

This is the time to come to grips with your own emotions and your actions. Whether or not this has advanced to such a degree and has actually been going on for quite a long time, you might not be able to keep it from your spouse whatsoever. In the event that, in an example of the worst case situations, the opposite party in your situation has continued to develop feelings for you, then you can suppose that she is not likely to be too pleased when you make an attempt to backtrack, either.

This really is why you have to count on some stormy seas ahead. You must own up to your actions and search for forgiveness from your better half. If you try and silently break it off with your adulterous lover this might make the situation worse and will cast you within an even worse light.

Tend not to give up hope however, because cheating husbands can pull relationships back from the brink, however on condition that they resolve to do so. You would need to identify the reasons exactly why you strayed to start with and ensure that they do not happen once more. You will have to expect discomfort, rage, anguish, rebellion and a great many other regrettable byproducts of the infidelity.

The Chinese claim that the journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step. You can begin forward movement and take that initial step by turning away from the reflection at this time and making plans to repair the situation. It certainly can’t solve by itself, but by doing what’s right you stand a good chance of being in the position to come out, by the end, with something tangible intact.

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If You Think Your Husbands Cheating Here Are 5 Ways Of Catching Your Husband Cheating

Spouses having affairs seems to be a common occurrence in today’s society. In fact, they seem as if they are increasing in popularity. Although it is often difficult to associate good news with husbands cheating, there is good news. That good news is that it relatively easy for you to catch your cheating husband, especially when you know what signs to look for.

Find Out How to Catch a Cheating Husband

As previously stated, there are signs that you can look for to help you determine if your husbands cheating on you. With that being said, some of these signs are so small that they often go unnoticed. To help provide you with assistance, some signs that you will want to look for to see if your husband is cheating on you are highlighted below.

1 – Changed Appearance

If your husband has changed his appearance dramatically in one way or another, it can be a sign of cheating. For example, he could change the style of clothing that he wears, either shave or decide to grow a beard, or start wearing cologne when he never had before. Another major sign to look for, in terms of changed appearance, is if your husband takes extra steps to ensure that he looks his best for work or when going out with friends.

2 – Unusual Schedule Changes

If your husband has had some uncommon and unusual changes in his schedule, this could be a sign that he is cheating. For example, does your husband normally not work overtime or stay late? If he has started doing so all of a sudden, there is a good chance that cheating may be to blame. What about common or unexpected business trips?

In addition to changes with a work schedule, your husband’s friendships should also be closely examined. When your husband spends time with his friends is he gone longer than usual? Has a new friend or family member recently appeared in the picture?

3 – A Loss of Interest in Family

One of the biggest signs of a cheating husband is the loss of internet in family. Are you and your husband parents? If so, has your husband completely lost interest in doing things with you or your children? Your husband may be cheating if he would much rather spend time alone or with friends than with you or your family.

Find Out How to Catch a Cheating Husband

4 – Displaying Guilt

If your husband really is having an affair, he is likely to be dealing with a large amount of guilt. This guilt can typically work two ways. He could show you much more attention and give you more affection then he normally does. On the other hand, he can display anger and frustration with you. Anger often tends to give cheating husbands a reason not to feel so guilty.

5 – Unusual Phone Use

Another good sign that your husband may be cheating on you is if he acts weird when using the phone. Does your husband get quiet when you enter the room or does he hang-up the phone? Is his cell phone being used to talk to “friends,” as opposed to your family phone? If so, try to get hold of your husband’s cell phone to examine the call log or else checkout the phone bill. This should be done because your husband may be cheating on you.

The above mentioned signs are just a few of the many signs that your husband may be a cheater. With that said, the above mentioned signs are a few of the easiest to catch. As difficult as it can be for you to learn that your husband is cheating on you, it is important to think about the long-term situation at hand. Knowing is better than speculating. In fact, your husband and his cheating ways can put your health at risk with the transmission of sex related diseases. Also, if you are a parent, you have your children’s safety and wellbeing to take into consideration.

Find Out How to Catch a Cheating Husband

My Husband’s Claiming He Cheated Because He Doesn’t Love Me. Why?

I often hear from wives who are confused as to why their husband is suddenly claiming not to love them any more after his affair has been discovered. I recently heard from a wife who said, in part: “the affair is still pretty fresh. I only found out about three weeks ago. And I am in such pain. I’ve been repeatedly asking my husband why he had an affair. For a while, he kept telling me that he doesn’t know. But yesterday, he finally blurted out ‘because I don’t love you.’ This hurts so much, but it also confuses me because, just three days ago, he was proclaiming his undying love for me and begging for my forgiveness. And, three months ago, we closed on a home that we are having built. Why would a man who doesn’t love his wife make plans for the future? And why would a man who doesn’t love his wife repeatedly tell her that he does while asking for her forgiveness? None of this makes any sense. I’m not saying that we didn’t have problems in our marriage that contributed to the affair. But I don’t believe for one second that have loving feelings toward me. Why would he claim that he cheated because he doesn’t love me?”

There are many potential reasons that a husband might claim he doesn’t love you after his affair. I will go over some of them in the following article.

Your Husband Might Say He Doesn’t Love You After Cheating Or Having An Affair As A Defense Mechanism: Many husbands know full well that what they have done is terribly wrong and that they deserve your full wrath and extreme anger as a result. They don’t look all that forward to this process, even though most realize that they were in the wrong and this is pretty much all their fault.

Still, they sometimes want to avoid your looks of disappointment, your continuing questions, and your potentially telling him that you can’t love him or continue on with the marriage anymore. So, he figures he will beat you to the punch. If he can proclaim that he doesn’t love you before you can tell him the same, then he feels a greater sense of control.

He May Not Have An Answer For You As To Why He Cheated. He May Feel Like Not Loving You Is A Reason That You Will Not Question: Many husbands aren’t being completely untruthful when they tell you that they aren’t quite sure why they cheated. Often, one reason that they cheat is because of personal issues, flaws, or disappointments that they just don’t want to (or can’t) face. In that sense, they are almost in denial. So, when you ask them what would make you do something like this or what in the world they were thinking, sometimes they truly do not an answer for you that is going to make any sort of sense. And so, they cling to the one thing that is the most likely to get you to stop asking questions – the claim that they no longer love you. Even if this isn’t true, they might hope this declaration stops you from continuing to ask or to look too closely at them. In a way, he’s hoping that this stops you in your tracks and inspires you to stop pushing.

Sometimes A Husband Will Tell You That He Doesn’t Love You After His Cheating Or Affair Because He Is Shifting The Blame Onto You: Believe it or not, dealing with the aftermath of the affair can be somewhat painful to the man who cheated. It can be very difficult to analyze, admit to, and then answer for his behavior. Sometimes, in order to avoid this discomfort, a man will become defensive. Because it can be uncomfortable and painful to take full responsibility for such horrible and dishonest behavior, a man will look for a way to shift the blame. Sometimes, men or husbands will give you the line that you didn’t understand them and weren’t there for them. Other times, they’ll just proclaim that they didn’t love you as this excuse possibly makes more sense than any other – even if they (or you) don’t fully believe this.

He Might Actually Think Or Believe He Doesn’t Love You (At Least For Now) Often, a man has to alter his thinking in order to carry out cheating or an affair. I often hear comments like “the husband that I know would never cheat.” Or “the man who I loved had integrity and wasn’t a liar or a cheat which is why I don’t understand why he did this.” And it’s for reasons like these that men often have to put up defense mechanisms to quiet those doubts and those feelings of guilt that are constantly plaguing them during this process. As the result, they will sometimes attempt to close themselves off to those things which used to matter a great deal to them. They might back away from old friends, their jobs, their kids, or even you because remaining in close contact while they are being so dishonest is very difficult.

So they may actually convince themselves that they are happier or more themselves while they are cheating. They might actually think that they’ve developed loving feelings for the other woman. They might tell themselves that for the first time they are happy, thinking about themselves first, and living the lifestyle that they have wanted all along. And since you are part of their old life, they may try to distance themselves from you and proclaim that they don’t (or perhaps never did) love you.

If there’s any silver lining in all of this it’s that usually, with some time, many men do eventually realize how flawed their thinking and their actions truly were and they begin to see things more clearly. It’s not at all uncommon for them to later realize that they do in fact love you and they did in fact make a colossal mistake. Sometimes, this realization comes too late and sometimes, their wives are willing to give them one more chance to make things right. But there really are countless reasons that a man might claim that he doesn’t love you after an affair and many of these reasons turn out to be invalid or just not true.

My husband didn’t necessarily claim he didn’t love me after his affair, but he did initially make underhanded comments that implied that the affair was partially my fault. With the passage of time, and with my making it very clear that I would not tolerate this kind of blame shifting, he eventually backed off of that stance and became more himself. After a lot of work and healing, our marriage did recover after his affair and is pretty fulfilling now. If it helps, you can read more about how we healed on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/.  Her article website is at http://katie-lersch-articles.com

Gaining Perspective on Your Husband’s Cheating

Your husband’s cheating probably threw you for a loop. Most wives feel as though they were the absolute last to know even if they suspected long before the truth came out. When it happens to other people you are able to stand back and look at the big picture. When it’s your own marriage that has been touched (sucker punched in reality) by cheating, the view is different and the picture doesn’t feel quite so big.

With nearly one of every two marriages being impacted by cheating it’s a huge surprise that there aren’t more resources designed to help couples work things out after cheating has thrown their entire relationship off course. Both sides of the equation need help when it comes to cheating. Even the one who did the cheating needs a little help to sort out what he (in this particular situation) really wants the outcome of his cheating and discovery to be.

How do you gain perspective on your husband’s cheating when you are so close to the heart of the matter?

1) Walk a mile or ten in his shoes. Everyone in a marriage believes he or she is pulling a fair share of the burden of the marriage. Take a look at things from the eyes of your partner and see what kind of partnership you really have together.

2) Think of all the things you admire and respect about your husband. Remember all the reasons you fell in love with him in the first place. Remind him of all these things and make him remember why he fell in love with you too. Part of what he loves about you is the way you make him feel adored, respected, and admired.

3) Examine your actions and words through his eyes. How do the things you do and say make your husband feel? When you learn to ask yourself this daily you’ll see a huge difference in the way you and your husband relate to one another.

4) How long has it been? Yes you know what I’m talking about here. Do you remember the last time you were intimate with one another in a way that wasn’t perfunctory? When was the last time you shared a lingering kiss or tried something new and daring together? These things keep the love alive, ignite the flames of passion, and make you both feel young, attractive, and wanted.

There are no absolutes in relationships but doing these things will help you not only get your husband back but also keep him happy and make your relationship healthy.


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Stop Blaming Yourself For Your Husband’s Cheating!

Enough already! It’s time to stop the insanity of blaming yourself for your husband’s cheating. Hindsight is an amazing thing. Armed with the knowledge of what happened you are able to step back in time and see every single solitary thing you could have, should have, or would have done to change the ultimate outcome.

The problem remains that you’ll never know if it would have worked or not so all you have to go by are your own self doubts.

Yes. Your husband cheated. Yes. Things could have worked out differently. Here’s the thing though. You don’t know, really know, what it would have taken to make the different outcome you want to have happened, happen.

So, why are you still blaming yourself for your husband’s cheating?

Here are a few common reasons women are so quick to blame themselves for the infidelity of their husbands.

1) You believe it’s your responsibility to make him happy. While it’s great to have this ambition in your marriage, your husband is ultimately responsible for his own happiness. You can do things to please him and work hard to create a home he’s happy to come home to but he has to make his own happiness in life, just as you do. It’s too much of a burden to place upon yourself to hold yourself responsible for another person’s happiness. And, it’s unfair to both of you.

2) You believe you drove him into her arms. The thing is unless you were running behind him with a bullhorn in one hand and a cattle prod in the other, you weren’t driving him anywhere. You are not responsible for his actions. Only he is. He is the one who made the decision and he is the one who must take responsibility for making that choice.

3) You believe everyone else will blame you. This is the one that really cares a lot of weight for most women. Women are generally people pleasers. You want to make others happy and you bend over backwards to make that happen. The problem is you can’t please everyone. Stop trying to live up to the expectations of the world around you and decide your own standard to live up to. Most importantly, stop feeling guilty for not living up to the expectations of others. It’s not your job to make the world happy. No one woman or man can do that. Accept your limitations and you and those who love you will be much happier.


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