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How Hiring A Good Article Ghost Writer Gets You Web Traffic And Gets Your Product To The People

Article marketing is a sure-fire way to get traffic to your site and build a good customer base, and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out.  It’s tough to write your own articles, and this is why most webmasters choose to hire an article ghost writer.  Outsourcing your content needs to an article ghost writer has several key advantages:


– They’re good at writing high quality articles that are informative and intriguing.  This is the kind of material you need to promote your website.

– A good article ghost writer knows how keywords, SEO and sales copy work, so they’re able to help you achieve your goals with the article submissions.

– It takes the work of writing off of your hands, and this can be a major time saver.  While it might take you days to write 10 articles in your niche, they can do it in an afternoon.


In other words, if you find a good article ghost writer, they’ll be your “go-to guy” (or “go-to gal!”) for all of your content needs.  And we all know that content is the king; it’s the raw material that you need to get your information product to the masses.  So, once you’ve decided to outsource, the next step is finding an article ghost writer that’s reliable and good at what they do.


Finding An Article Ghost Writer


There are a number of outsourcing websites that you can use to find coders, web designers, writers and other professionals, or you can check out freelance writing service websites and deal with them directly.  The disadvantage of using an outsourcing website is that both you and the writer have to pay fees to use their services.  This cuts into your profits on both sides.  Dealing directly means that you don’t have to pay these charges.


Choosing The Right Article Ghost Writer


Once you’ve found a few leads, it’s time to pick the best one.  Look at their samples first, and make sure they do quality work.  There should be no mistakes and the articles should read well.  You can also look at their testimonials to see what other folks have said about them. 


Finally, contact them.  A really big factor in how well you and your article ghost writer are going to work together is how well you can communicate with them.  If they reply to you and write in a friendly tone, you can tell they’re going to be easy to work with.  You’ll be needing this good communication in order to tell them what you’d like done with the work.

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Hiring A Private Investigator To Find A Cheating Partner

If you suspect your spouse might be cheating, there are many, many ways to go about finding them out and collecting a range of evidence. One of the most efficient, however, might be to hire a private investigator. For a relatively small amount of money, perhaps $ 800 to $ 1000 and some good timing, you can have peace of mind and know once and for all about your partner’s suspected infidelity.

Private investigators aren’t what popular culture has made them out to be. They aren’t like the film noir private eyes, or like Magnum, P.I. Private investigators are licensed professionals, usually (and hopefully) with a background in criminology and an understanding of investigative techniques. The favorite tool of a private investigator isn’t a gun, it’s a camera.

Make sure that the private investigator that you choose is licensed. Most states require that those engaging in “investigations” and those calling themselves “investigators” are licensed. A copy of this document should be easily available for your perusal when you ask for it…and always ask for it! Some services offered through online companies, such as credit checks, criminal record checks, and background checks, qualify as “information brokerages” but are not private investigators and are therefore not licensed. This creates a ripe market for disreputable companies and scam artists. It’s best to go with a licensed investigator instead.

Make sure you sign a contract. Like any service that is exchanged for money, private investigation is a business, and a legitimate one. Private investigators don’t lurk in the shadows or gray areas of legality – they are business people. Any P.I. refusing to draw up a contract should not be worked with.

Ask about experience. Previous investigative experience is essential to a successful investigation, particularly with an issue as sensitive as spousal infidelity. Not only are you paying for the investigator’s time (which may be squandered if they are inexperienced), you are paying for confidentiality. An inexperienced investigator may accidentally give away the fact that he is following your spouse, and then you may never know the truth. Often, people go into the field of private investigation through a quick 2-month certification course. Ask about you P.I.’s background and career history.

Make sure your investigator is insured. When you hire a private investigator, that individual and representatives of his company, become your agents. Legally, anything they do in your service is your responsibility. If, in the course of your contracted investigation, the P.I. inflicts damage on property or person, causes harm to be done – even gets in a car accident – it can fall on your shoulders. Make sure that you discuss this eventuality with the investigator before any action is taken, make sure that it’s included in the contract, and make sure that the agency has insurance to cover any damages that may occur.

Shop around for prices, but remember that hiring a private investigator is a great example of the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” More professional experience, better equipment, and general know-how will usually cost more. The trade-off, however, is that with better equipment and more experience, the investigation might be concluded in a weekend, rather than a week.

Hiring a Private Detective to Catch a Cheating Partner


Hiring the services of a private detective isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.  Whether trying to catch a cheating partner or look into the background of a potential business associate, it takes a great deal of sensitivity and professionalism to deal with such cases and the client places an enormous amount of trust in the private detective.

Every week at Privatedetective.co.uk, we receive loads of emails and letters from those who need our help with a variety of unusual situations.  These frequently asked questions should provide readers with an insight into some of the issues that have to be considered very carefully before choosing to hire a private detective to catch a cheating partner.

Hiring a Private detective

Is it ethical to hire a private detective?

This is one of the most common concerns when contemplating hiring a private detective, especially when attempting to catch a cheating partner.  If a secret affair could be described as duplicitous and deceitful, then how would we describe the act of secretly employing an investigator to monitor their every move?

Unfortunately for both us and our clients, cases in which initial suspicions prove true account for the vast majority of cheating partner investigations we deal with.  In these cases, there is hardly a moral case to argue.  Often, the suspecting spouse has given the cheating partner every opportunity to come clean about their affair, choosing only to turn to the help of a private detective when the cycle suspicion and denial continues.  But that doesn’t the decision to hire a private detective any easier.

In cases when the actions of a suspected cheating partner can be explained innocently, the ethical and moral case can seem less clear.  But finding out that initial suspicions are unfounded can bring long lasting peace of mind.  In these cases the suspecting party may chose to tell their loved one which aspects of behaviour caused suspicion in the first place, spurring them on to change their ways and help re-establish trust in the relationship

What steps can I take myself before hiring a private detective?

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you already have strong suspicions that your partner is having an affair and feel that hiring a private detective might offer a solution.  But how can you be sure that you’ve taken every step to offer your cheating partner to come clean?  Confronting your partner may be enough to either confirm or allay your suspicions and these articles on the five signs of a cheating partner and how to catch a cheating partner will give you the information you need to get started. If you still have doubts after trying out all the tactics and the guide, it’s time to call in a private detective.

What if I get found out?

When investigating a suspected cheating partner it’s important to choose the right private detective for the job. An experienced private detective will have all the necessary experience and know-how to carry out surveillance effectively and discretely without compromising the client.  Choosing the right private detective is one of the most important factors that will determine your success. 

Do I really want to know the truth about my cheating partner?

You already know the answer to that question.  Finding out the truth about a cheating partner can be one of the most devastating and heartbreaking moments that life can throw at you.  For some couples the damage is irreparable but others learn to work through their differences, emerging from the trauma stronger and with a renewed sense of commitment. For an experienced an ethical private detective the work shouldn’t end when the evidence has been gathered and presented to the client. Make sure your counsellor can put you in touch with a registered, experienced counsellor to help both parties make a new start and move on with life – whatever they decide to do.

Journalist/Copy writer trying to write interesting peices.

The Top 4 Things To Look Out For When Hiring An Article Ghost Writer

  Outsourcing your article writing to an article ghost writer is a great decision for any online business. It frees up a lot of your time to work on other productive things, or to give you more time to spend with friends and family. There are some things to look out for when outsourcing. Here are the top 4 things to look out for.


1. Is The Writer A Native English Speaker?


  This is one of the biggest things to watch out for when hiring an article ghost writer. When the writer isn’t a native English speaker, it tends to show in their writing. While some cases are more extreme than others, it usually just makes the articles read oddly. If people don’t like to read your article because of funny grammar, you won’t get any traffic, and in turn your article you just paid for is worthless. Always make sure the writer is a native English speaker, with a firm grasp on grammar and usage.


2. Do They Have References?


  If a writer can’t provide any work references beware. If the writer is just starting out and you are potentially his first client, see if he can write you a sample article for a vastly reduced price. If the writer is on the level, this shouldn’t be a problem. It comes with the territory when a writer is first starting out. Work references help you determine if you would like to outsource to this writer or not. It gives you a view into how the person handles business with clients, and if they deliver quality work on time.


3. Can They Do What You Need Them To?


  Some writers are better suited to specific topics, types of writing, and quantities. If a writer you think you want to work with doesn’t measure up to what you need, find someone who does. Don’t waste your time. Good writers are all over the internet, so finding one that matches your needs exactly shouldn’t be too hard.


4. Are Their Articles 100% Original?


  An increasing trend with supposed “article ghost writers” is to take PLR material, or material made for resale to others, and change as many words and phrases out of the PLR as possible to essentially give you a new article. When you beginning working with a writer always check their work through Copyscape. Copyscape is a tool that checks all over the internet for plagiarism and originality of any given article. If you find your writer is not giving you 100% original work, get a reputable writer that ALWAYS delivers original, plagiarism free articles.


  Finding a great article ghost writer to work with can be an easy process if you know a few tips to guard against unscrupulous practices. With these 4 tips, you’ll be able to find a great writer that you can partner with to build your online business to heights you never thought were possible!

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The Rules For Hiring An Article Ghost Writer

Are you ready to hire an article ghost writer?  Has anybody told you the rules yet?  Well, there aren’t really rules that are written in stone.  But here are some guidelines that anybody with experience outsourcing will tell you are pretty solid.  They’ll save you lots of trouble and get you the results you want – great content that converts!


Rule Number One – You Get What You Pay For


We all want to save some money, but if you go too cheap, the quality will suffer.  If the quality suffers, nobody will read it, nobody will click through and your whole effort will be a total waste.  There are lots of ways to economize on your content needs, but trust me when I say that you don’t want to choose the $ 2 an article guys just because they’re cheap.


Rule Number Two – After They Write It, It’s Yours To Keep


This is what it means when you hire an article ghost writer – after they give you the deliverables, they’re yours.  You can put your name on the articles and do whatever you want with them.  They have no right to use them again in any way, shape or form. 


Rule Number Three – No Copying


By writing original material for you, your article ghost writer is guaranteeing that they won’t plagiarize.  Plagiarizing means copying somebody else’s work.  It’s a sad fact that lots of writers do this, most likely because they’ve got too much work to do and they’re trying to cut corners.  You can check their work by getting Copyscape and running their articles through it.


Rule Number Four – Writers Need Deadlines


Don’t tell them “Just get it done whenever!”  To a writer, that means “get it done never.”  Writers are natural procrastinators and most of us don’t have the discipline to set our own deadlines.  That’s why it’s really important to give them a time to get it done, even if you don’t really need it by then.  By the same token, give them some leeway if they’re having trouble finishing it.  A good article ghost writer will let you know when they need more time.


These are some things every internet marketer should know about dealing with an article ghost writer.  Outsourcing your writing needs is a great way to save your time and energy for bigger and better things.  Working with your writer shouldn’t be a headache; follow these rules and it should be smooth as butter.

I write your content so you don’t have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.