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Bloodborne Pathogen – An Occupational Hazard Health Care Workers Face

Used needles and syringes have a number of dangers that they pose to health care workers and other people who may come in contact with them. While the feeling of a sharp needle prick is never pleasant the most immediate danger that a person faces when exposed to a used needle or syringe is that of contracting an illness or infection from a bloodborne pathogen that can be transferred from the bodily fluid on the needle to the person that got the needle prick.

Bloodborne pathogen illnesses or diseases are conditions that are contracted by transferring the small microorganisms from one person to another. There are a number of illnesses and diseases that can be contracted in this matter. The most popular of these diseases include HIV, AIDS, TB or various forms of hepatitis. The majority of these illnesses are transferred by contact of bodily fluids such as blood or saliva. However, sometimes these illnesses and diseases can be contracted by the accidental prick of a used syringe that was previously used by someone who has one of these transferable illnesses.

An accidental syringe needle prick can happen to anyone. However, health care workers are at a higher risk for developing bloodborne pathogen illnesses because of their need to deal with used syringes and needles on a daily basis. The risk for contracting these types of illnesses can be reduced by educating health care workers about the dangers of exposed needles and syringes, proper used syringe disposal and changing the types of syringes and needles that are used to safety syringes. While these precautions won’t completely prevent the risk of contracting these types of illnesses and diseases it can greatly reduce a health care worker’s chance of contracting it by reducing the amount of contact they have with used needles and syringes.

With the proper precautionary measures taken to ensure that all health care workers are educated and protected as best they can the number of cases of health care workers contracting these types of illnesses and disease will diminish greatly. Bloodborne pathogen illnesses will still be an occupational hazard that health care workers face on a daily basis but just having the various precautionary measures in place will reduce this serious workplace hazard from happening at all. There is no 100% protection policy from these types of illnesses and diseases. The only way to protect one’s self is through careful practices and procedures while at the workplace and safe syringe disposal.

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GTA 5 Cheats for PS4: Infinite Health, Get Infinite Weapons, Lower Wanted Level
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Just Cause 3 Cheats And Cheat Codes: Infinite Health, Ammo, Slow Motion
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Baseball and glove
Games of War cheats
Image by gwilmore
“It measures just 9 inches in circumference, weighs only about 5 ounces, and is made of cork wound with woolen yarn, covered with two layers of cowhide, and stitched by hand precisely 216 times.

“It travels 60 feet 6 inches from the pitcher’s mound to home — and it can cover that distance at nearly 100 miles an hour. Along the way it can be made to twist, spin, curve, wobble, rise, or fall away.

“The bat is made of turned ash, less than 42 inches long, not more than 2-½ inches in diameter. The batter has only a few thousandths of a second to decide to hit the ball. And yet the men who fail seven times out of ten are considered the game’s greatest heroes.

“Baseball is played everywhere: in parks and playgrounds and prison yards, in back alleys and farmer’s fields, by small children and old men, by raw amateurs and millionaire professionals.

“It is a leisurely game that demands blinding speed, and the only one in which the defense has the ball. It follows the seasons, beginning each year with the fond expectancy of springtime and ending with the hard facts of autumn.

“Americans have played baseball for more than 200 years, while they conquered a continent, warred with one another and with enemies abroad, struggled over labor and civil rights and the meaning of freedom.

“At the game’s heart lie mythic contradictions: a pastoral game, born in crowded cities; an exhilarating democratic sport that tolerates cheating and has excluded as many as it has included; a profoundly conservative game that somehow manages to be years ahead of its time.

“It is an American odyssey that links sons and daughters to fathers and grandfathers. And it reflects a host of age-old American traditions: between workers and owners, scandal and reform, the individual and the collective.

“It is a haunted game in which every player is measured against the ghosts of all who have gone before. Most of all, it is about time and timelessness, speed and grace, failure and loss, imperishable hope — and coming home.”

— Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns, Baseball: An Illustrated History (1994)

I purchased this baseball glove in 1989, the year my son Colin was born. When he was growing up, I spent countless hours playing ball with him, many of them in a large meadow a short distance down the road from our home in Ohio. (We called that place the Elysian Fields.) The glove has also accompanied me to many baseball games over the years, in all of which I have been a spectator rather than a participant, because between a bad eye and a lack of coordination, I simply can’t play the game. But that didn’t stop me from being a fan.

The ball is one my son caught when it was hit into the stands during a rookie-league game in Zanesville, Ohio sometime in the mid-1990s. It was signed by a few members of the local team, the Zanesville Grays, which has since been disbanded.

I have not followed baseball much in recent years, owing to a considerable amount of personal hardship which has distracted much of my attention, coupled with a sense of revulsion at such developments as the steroid scandal, the ridiculous and still-skyrocketing players’ salaries, and the changes, such as interleague play and the extra round of playoffs, which the powers-that-be have imposed on a game so deeply rooted in tradition. But in spite of all that, I know that my enthusiasm for the game is still there somewhere, waiting just below the surface for someone or something to come along and revive it.

The glove, unfortunately, has seen little use for some time, partly because Colin is no longer living with us, and partly because I have developed arthritis in my hands — especially in my left, or glove, hand. But I will always hang on to it, as it has great sentimental value for me, and I will always associate it with good experiences, as well as a host of cherished memories.

For this colorful backdrop, I used one of my two Mexican blankets.

Star Wars Battlefront Cheat Giving Away Infinite Health To Players
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Health Policy As A Guiding Star

Man goes through the humdrum of a daily routine due to well-worn practices stenciled in his mind. In similar fashion, a health policy is a form of routine to which many adhere to simply due to its presence. Just because something is there, does not necessarily mean that it is there to stay. With adequate knowledge and experience in the wide world of health care, many a professional can be involved in the development of new policies as well as reviewing current ones for the sake of improvement.

As the world constantly evolves in all manner of ways, it is an inevitable fact that health is also one of the factors which requires a looking into. If one develops keen interest in the areas of improving methods to deliver health care services to all levels of consumers, it is perhaps a logical step forward to take up studies in this field. Since society is as varied as a fruit salad, the need of one section obviously differs from another. Levels of affordability, genetics, inherited properties, cross-cultural occurrences and a host of other factors contribute to the different stages of health. A form of health policy which suits the majority may cause a minority group to be left out, and vice versa.

By analyzing current policies and recommending changes to incorporate all relevant aspects, one who is well-versed is thus able to make a difference in how the practice is carried out. Health care services are not just about the act of administering drugs and rehabilitative care as they are about ensuring what the big picture is about.

With the push to bring health care into the digital environment, proper management of information is imperative to ensure no misuse and abuse of confidential data. To minimize legal issues related to any misappropriation, rock-solid policies have to be developed, implemented and enforced by relevant watchdogs.

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Golfing Exercises – Improving Your Game and Overall Health

If you want to improve in golf, you need to realize that you have to do some golfing exercises. You need to be fit to be good in golf. This game involves whole body movement to play. This is not a lazy sport as most people think. And, exercising can improve your health and stamina. And, this can improve your game. 

There are three types of golfing exercises that you should be aware of. One, there are workouts to help you improve your flexibility and this includes stretching, yoga, Pilates and other low resistance activities like swimming. Flexibility will help you become less susceptible to injuries. Usually golfers with low flexibility are prone to shoulder and back injuries.  

This is also important for backswings, as this movement produces tremendous amount of momentum to help you rotate your body and get a full backswing. Thus, if your back and shoulders aren’t flexible, these muscles can tighten and freeze while the momentum of the backswing continues. And, when this happens, it can produce muscle tears that can lead to bursitis, rotator cuff issues, and back problems.  

Golfing exercises for flexibility also results to greater swing speed and higher trajectory shots. It can also produce longer swing arc, which means that the club head hits the ball at a much faster speed and results to longer and higher shots. 

The second type of workout helps improve your strength and overall stamina. This type of workout provides you with resistance training. Resistance training like weight lifting helps improve strength in your larger muscles (shoulders, back, and legs) and you can also concentrate on using these muscle groups to control your swing, which helps improve shot consistency.  

Strength training as golfing exercises also helps improve stamina, as golf can be tiring. But, bear in mind that you need strength training to tone and build core strength and not bulk. And, you have to concentrate on your forearms, shoulders, back and legs as bulky biceps usually restrict range of motion and can have adverse effects on your game.   

And lastly, you also have to do some cardiovascular training like jogging, brisk walking, and cycling, which will help you improve your overall health and fitness. This will help you feel good about yourself thereby improving your self-confidence. Having higher confidence in yourself can have a positive impact in your overall game. This will let you stop worrying about how bad you will score. 

But, when you are physically fit, you’ll think more about how far or accurate you can hit with your drives and thereby improving your overall score as you become more optimistic about your game. Golfing exercises have a lot of benefit for your health and for your game.

Tom is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys participating in a variety of sports and activities. For information on how to play golf for beginners, visit his website today. http://www.squidoo.com/howtoplaygolfbetter
By T. Houser

Black Tea Health Benefits, Black Tea Types

Well, did you know that green tea as well as black, white and oolong teas are all derived from the same plant – Camellia sinensis. The only difference is the way of processing. Green tea, as opposed to black and oolong, is the one that’s processed the least – the process of oxidation is skipped here. This is the reason why it retains its green color.

Although green tea is steadily gaining up on black tea in popularity, majority of tea aficionados, particularly in the west, still prefer black over green. One of the reasons is because black tea has a stronger taste and aroma than its green counterpart. Black tea is also known to have more caffeine and generally has a longer shelf life.

Black tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. The citizens of England just adore it and use it as a main ingredient in many of their breakfast teas. Black tea comes from the same plant that green tea, white, and oolong tea come from, but it has a distinctively strong flavor and characteristically dark color. Why does it exhibit these characteristics?

First, the leaves are withered. Then, they are rolled around to release the beneficial polyphenols present in the leaves. Next, the leaves are left out in the open and exposed to heat and humidity to start the fermentation process. After full oxidation or fermentation is done, the leaves are then dried and packed.

The Chinese call it hong cha because of the color of the infused liquid and the red edges of the oxidized leaves. At one time, it is said that China black tea was considered of lesser quality and not desired by the Chinese themselves, and was therefore exported. This is probably why, to this day, black tea is what everyone outside of China thinks of when talking about tea, whereas, tea in China is understood to mean green tea. Regardless, the black teas of today have come a long way from being considered as low quality tea.

The best known and most expanded type of tea is black tea. After picking leaves, the scatter a thin layer and allowed to Vein 12 to 18 hours. Thus, soft sheets wailing when it lives cell membrane are crumbling, and juices and essential oils out of them. In the process of fermentation, under the influence of enzymes, leaves lose primary acerbity and develop the characteristic color and flavor. At the time when the aroma and taste of tea, fully developed, further fermentation stops frying ballots in large furnaces. This fermented juices full of aromas drying on the surface of leaves and remain there until they do not plunge into the cup of boiling water.

There are several different kinds of black tea available in the market today. Often, the difference lies in the names, which are usually taken from the districts in the countries where they are grown. Hence, you may have heard of Assam (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and Yunnan (China). Each of these black tea types possesses different characteristics, depending on the local conditions in the various regions where they are grown.

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Are Co-ops the Answer to Health Care Reform?

No sooner did the administration take a look at the latest polls, and there’s discussion that instead of the single-payer option maybe the coop approach is a good compromise. Many are skeptical of this quick-fix alternative. Is it a Trojan horse designed to later move people into a single-payer program? Or is the co-op concept a worthwhile compromise?

The public option would be run by the government and at least compete with private insurance companies in an effort to control the process while keeping costs down. Many are concerned this means the bureaucrats will set the rules, act as a watch dog and, unlike private companies, have the advantage of not being run for profit. Those who oppose the public option believe this gives the government an unfair advantage, will lead to the demise of private insurance plans, and ultimately result in a single-pay plan like the questionable ones operating in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Push back from seniors, especially pre-boomers (those born between 1930 and 1945), has caused some Washington politicians to look for new ways to provide health care reform. The idea of co-op has been floated by high-ranking administration officials, even though The White House claims to be looking for ways to get congress to agree on the public or single-pay options.

Co-ops are not new to many parts of America. These are usually local or regional, publicly owned, companies providing services in farming, utilities, health care and more. There are more 30,000 co-ops around the country, from credit unions to hardware store chains to Cranberry packers to fruit and juice combines.

The 300 health care co-ops operating around the country are relatively small, not the half-million member size that politicians envision. So, rates or cost savings can’t be projected with any certainty. And there’s concern that at least some of the co-ops could experience financial problems and need the government to bail them out and thereby slip into a federally controlled health care plan such as those already being proposed. It would be a piece-meal effort, taking longer while possibly costing tax payers more.

For pre-boomers the question comes back to what are the new proposals going to cover (remember, $ 500 million is expected to be cut from Medicare) and how much is it going to cost us? Will we get the same benefits as we now have? Are we going to be able to work with our same doctors? Will there be rationing? What about prescription drug coverage? Is end-of-life care going to be an issue?

The above questions are just some of the general concerns, but individuals have their own problems and need answers. Talk to your family doctor about your needs, and then contact your congressional representative with specific questions regarding the plan they are backing. Tell them what you want and that their re-election may well depend on how they vote on health care.

Don Potter, a Philadelphia native, was born in 1936 and is a 50 year veteran of the advertising agency business. Now living in Los Angeles, he has written two novels in retirement, frequently writes on marketing issues, and has a blog dedicated to pre-boomers (those born between 1930 and 1945).