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HDMI to Component Converter: the most excellent way to transfer signals

For the development of any country, growth is very much important. Technical growth plays a very vital role in this respect. Technology let any country develop and hence every part of the world needs it. Electronic devices have made the entire world comfortable. Now, we can do all of our work without any problem. Though few devices are a bit complicated but with each passing day better products are being manufactured. HDMI to component converter is one of such high definition technical stuff that is used for better technical assistance.


HDMI to component converter is mainly used to transfer the high definition signals from the high definition devices. The HDMI to component converter is basically used to transfer signals from Blu-ray, gaming consoles and many other such devices. There are few devices that can only output a particular signal. These HDMI to component converter also be used with the television and can give the best possible output at the minimum cost.


The HDMI to component converter itself catches up the attached sources with the highest resolution that a television cannot. Hence the HDMI to component converter assures the user to get the content with the best quality as far as possible.


Isn’t this HDMI to component converter is very useful? It can be said that this is one of the best inventions if technology. Engineers have contributed their best and with immense effort and knowledge have created this HDMI to component converter.


These HDMI to component converter is made up of with so modern technology that it can be used with any latest device. It can be connected with the latest model of television and other electronic devices with an ease. The HDMI to component converter is easy to install with a very less clutter.


The HDMI to component converter is compatible with DVI also bit for this you are required to use the HDMI-DVI adapter. It can detect automatically in order to ensure audio and video synchronization. Hence it is a very useful product that is available in the market very easily. At, DinoDirect online shop, you can get the HDMI to component converter at a very amazing price. If you buy it now then you can enjoy heavy discounts and can also take the advantage of various beneficial offers. So hurry and do not let the opportunity go from your hand. Be a smart consumer and get the best of technology soon by purchasing this HDMI to component converter.

Hdmi to component converter ? better quality signals with great speed

If you want to obtain the high definition output from your television set then having hdmi to component converter can be very useful for you. There is a great demand of this particular converter due to its efficient working. Hdmi to component converter is perfect for converting the signals into the high definition form that your television set can easily accept. It was never too easy to get this kind of fantastic quality in the past but now with the modern technological research hdmi to component converter has made this possible.

 One great thing about this hdmi to component converter is that it can upscale the signals automatically into a specific resolution that your television set can easily accept.  There are several fantastic features of this hdmi to component converter that makes it prominent in the other devices of this kind. If you want to resolve your problems relating to this issue then you should not delay in getting this kind of perfect converter that provide you the maximum utility for getting the high definition audio and video quality.

Along with the latest models of television sets, most of the television sets are compatible with this hdmi to component converter. Most of the television companies also recommend this particular converter because it can automatically understand the capacity of your television set and can upscale any particular video source to the high resolution. The image can be stretched up to a specific limit. Hdmi to component converter is very easy to use and install. You can easily install it without seeking for the help of some professional. Simply, read the guidelines that are written in the guidebook and install it without facing any problem. It can take care of your television set and you will not have to face any kind of problem while using this hdmi to component converter. It can transfer the video signals in an awesome way and can provide you the high quality performance that cannot be attained with any other inferior quality converter. The audio quality is also enhancing with this kind of converter beyond your expectations. One greater thing about this hdmi to component converter is that it can automatically detect everything in order to provide you high video and audio quality. There is a great demand of this kind of converter and people love it due to its proficient and extraordinary features that fulfil their requirements in the best way.



Basic Introduction of HDMI to Component Converter

Today everyone wants to go with High Definition videos and audios. But in some cases it becomes difficult to play HD videos from HD devices or media players. Thus, to cater these need, HDMI to component converter are available today. HDMI is a High Definition Multimedia Interface used to transmit digital signals. To get the transfer of these signals properly and easily, you can use HDMI to Component converter that helps you in transferring digital data from any HD device like DVD players, set top boxes, blue-ray disc players, play stations, personal computers/ laptops to devices compatible only with component signal like televisions. This HDMI to component converter also helps in getting your complete HD content and thus increases the performance of your component signal compatible devices.

The HDMI to component converter cable increases the resolution to the highest limit of your TV for the best videos. They also have the capacity to upscale your video quality by stretching, compressing or zoom the digital content best suited with your output device. The HDMI to component converter has the incorporated technology to combine audio and video signal in one. They have affordable prices and can be easily installed. Thus, it’s very easy now to watch HD videos with great viewing experience by connecting your old TV to any latest HD device at your home by using HDMI to component converter. Though it saves your lot of money as you don’t need to buy a new HD TV having this HDMI to component converter but in some cases you cannot convert HDMI data to component data because they have a copyright.

An HDMI to component converter actually works by translating the HDMI data to a language that can be interpreted by a component device. So, there are different types of such HDMI to component converter available in the market based on the quality of signals required. Therefore, you need to know your requirements first before buying an HDMI to component converter for your home. Out of many HDMI to component converter available, choose one with power supply and can transfer the HD content easily. Most of them are of low quality available at very cheap prices and are not able to transfer the signals correctly. Always go for the reviews of existing customers on the internet and get more related information on their specifications for buying a good quality HDMI to component converter

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Knowing HDMI to component converter

There are very few people who know the technical information behind the electronic devices. Many people tend to buy wrong batteries or wrong visual equipment. In order to solve this problem, HDMI to component converter were introduced in the market. Once bought, your problem will be solved.

Now it’s the right time to buy a HDMI to component converter, this will help you in making your other devices work properly. Many people find HDMI to component converter very difficult to use but it’s worth everything when all your devices will be working properly from now on. It is better to consult some expert or any other friend who has bought HDMI to component converter before. They can guide you in simple terms and you can learn much quickly.

Technically, HDMI to component converter works on the analog system that makes it work efficiently on devices. Thus the quality is affected during the conversion process. The analogue system is usually in lower pixels and therefore gives low quality.

This is among the very few devices where experts will ask you not to find low priced HDMI to component converter. This device works on a principle that states, more you pay, the better quality you will get. Basically the quality of component converter depends on the money you are paying. It is always better to save more money for HDMI to component converterso that you can buy a good one

This converter resembles the electric switch box. If you know how to handle that switch box then you won’t be having tough time to use this component converter. The HDMI enable peripheral is plugged into one side and the television is attached to the other with the help of cables.

Make sure while buying it, you get the complete cables otherwise you will have to buy them again. Check properly before you pay your amount. This will affect your budget because you will be spending money on the cables again. You can buy converter from any electric store or any online shopping website. They have a large variety from which a buyer can choose easily.



How to convert HDMI to component

As I mentioned earlier converting HDMI to component is not as easy as many people tend to think. It is in this regard that it is imperative for you understand what the entire procedure entails of you before you actually start converting HDMI to component. You need to understand the challenges that you are likely to encounter and how to troubleshoot them. High Definition Multimedia Interface also commonly known as HDMI a digital interface system that enables one to see and hear video and audio respectively. Now I am sure many people would want to know why they may need to convert HDMI to component. There are other devices that can transmit audio and video in high definition but the only limitation is that they incur more time and energy not to mention the cost.

The advantage with getting a HDMI to component converter is that is more cost effective, it is popularly known and hence in case of any difficulty when using you could get assistance easily either online or through friends. Another advantage of HDMI is that the audio and video transmission is done faster and on a single cable. You need to know that you device may not be able to handle converting HDMI to component if your display is not HD enabled. By this I mean if your display is not within 720P, 1080I or 1080P then converting HDMI to component will be a waste of time. It will be like getting a camel to pass through the eye of needle.

One of the easiest ways to find a suitable HDMI to component converter for you TV that is HDCP compliant by hiring a good and highly reputable cable company. In most cases you will realize that a HDCP disabled converter will show you a blank page on your screen. If this happens more often then you are advised to contact your cable company to see if it is enabled or not and what to do. Make sure that you have a HDMI to component converter that HDCP enabled.

When converting HDMI to component do not let yourself be carried away and confused by the different names used. For instance some stores refer to them as HDMI to component converters others refer to the as HDMI to component adapters. Both of them are actually one and the same thing. So do not be alarmed.


HDMI to component converter: for all the stuff you want to get right away

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital interface for transmitting audio and video. Although the interface began shipping in 2003 HDMI to component converter has just recently become popular. But the only real difference being offered is that HDMI to component converter offers audio and video through one cable rather than separate cables for the two mediums.

However, audio and video in one cable is certainly not reason enough for everyone to switch to HDMI to component converter. HDMI offers copy protection called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) that prevents copying of the media. Therefore the publishers have worked with the device (Blu-Ray players, up converting DVD players, etc.) manufacturers to produce devices with HDMI outputs and only send HD signals through the HDMI to component converter. This was a little introduction to the HDMI in general and in order to get the full out of this black box we have an ideal deal for you in form of this HDMI to component converter and with the added gadgets you can further enhance the quality of the conversion. You may like to use an added adapter specified for the conversion purpose. But this conversion is not so simple due to the HDCP. This copy protection makes it so that a standard converter may not meet your needs. That’s why we offer you this remarkable HDMI to component converter to give you all solutions under one roof.

 This HDMI to component converter will also help you avoid any copying by giving a blank signal to all the copied inputs and hence give you wonderful media solutions and make sure that you are safe from all the plagiarisms intentionally and unintentionally both. So get your own HDMI to component converter and give a boost to your work. All of you who are busy in doing tedious conversions, get a sigh of relief and buy our new converter and give some air to your hobbies. Our online solution provider behaviour helps you the most and gives a lovely boost to your hobbies, activities and business so that you can flourish in all domains of life. Hence, get your HDMI to component converter as soon as possible just at the distance of single click.

DinoDirect China Limited is one of the biggest global online retailers. It offers a great quantity of products with competitive price by cutting the middleman and offering products directly to the terminal consumers.
DinoDirect possesses a great many software products with proprietary intellectual property rights, owns technological superiority and an efficient marketing team among the similar industry.

Professional HDMI to component converters. An experience you have never lived before

HDMI to component converter, short for high-definition multimedia interface, is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It is used to connect digital audio/video sources such as DVD players, camcorders, personal computers to compatible digital audio devices, video gaming consoles, video projectors and others.

Even it was produced from 2003 its popularity grew in the past 2 years because of the media involvement. Latest generation of camcorders, TVs, video cards are pre-equipped with a mini HDMI connector.

A HDMI to component converter is often used by those who bought a new display that can display in high definition (HD), 720p, 1080p or 1080i, before HDMI transmission replaced DVI in order to offer copy protection of the media called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

Although HDMI offer audio/video transmission through one cable, the installation of the HDMI to component converter devices is not an easy task. You can find written or video recorded tutorials on dedicated websites if the instruction sheet is blurry, or if you encounter problems.

However, a HDMI to component converter is a very useful tool, and if you bought an expensive TV why not enjoy the best of it. A professional HDMI converter has the possibility to automatically upscale your attached sources in order to use them at their maximum capacity.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry that you may not be able to use a professional HDMI to component converter to your TV because of the incompatibility, ‘cause they work with a large variety of TV, including the latest HDMI models.

You can also enjoy the best of your TV because the video signal is automatically upgraded to 1080p, and another feature that puts a professional HDMI to component converter on top is the synchronization of audio and video ensured by the automatic detection of the HDMI to component converter. It also has a long transmission distance that can last up to 15 meters on the 24th line.

A professional HDMI to component converter gives you the best gaming experience, highest quality audio/video improvement, and makes you discover the real capacity of high definition technology.


Converting Hdmi to Vga and the Features of these Converters

It is possible to covert Hdmi to Vga through converters. When it comes to converting Hdmi to Vga, a key challenge is the maintenance of support for high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP). HDCP is a copy protection scheme that seeks to eradicate the possibility of intercepting data between the source and the display. Several Hdmi to Vga converters are able to connect an Hdmi cable to a Vga port, but when the HDCP is present, you will find that the monitor will be black since the video signal will not be rendered.

In order to prevent the occurrence of a black screen, you should use an Hdmi to Vga converter that features support for HDCP. You can successfully convert Hdmi to Vga with the line of products known as HDFury. You may need a version of HDFury that is slightly different depending on the type of hardware that you want to connect to your monitor. For example, if you want to connect the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite, you can use a HDFury cable that features VGA on one end and HDMI on the other end.

One thing to note however is that some of the older devices that have HDMI out may not be able to support the passing power over the HDMI and this means that you need a HDFury that is combined with a power supply so that you can get a picture on the screen that you have connected. The Hdmi to Vga converters have attractive features such as having a golden plated exterior and being made with materials of high quality, which ensure durability.

Another feature of Hdmi to Vga converters is that they have golden plated connectors that ensure that the signal transfer is efficient. Hdmi to Vga cables offer excellent performance when it comes to interconnecting high definition DVD players with home theater systems. You can therefore enjoy high definition videos by using Hdmi to Vga converters.

You can also use the Hdmi to Vga converter to hook up your play station to your presentation projector in order to use it for video game playing and for enjoying movies in the outdoors.

DinoDirect China Limited (www.dinodirect.com) is one of the biggest global online retailers. It offers a great quantity of products with competitive price by cutting the middleman and offering products directly to the terminal consumers. DinoDirect possesses a great many software products with proprietary intellectual property rights, owns technological superiority and an efficient marketing team among the similar industry.

Use of HDMI Converter while connecting your PC or Laptop to LCD screen

Everyone likes to see a movie on a big screen and for that you require to connect your Laptop with your Television screen. Whether you have Notebook, desktop, laptop and tablet PC or Smartphone you need some cables for connecting the two devices namely, VGA, HDMI converter, S-Video or Mini Display Port or maybe you require a wireless dongle kit for your USB port.

There are numerous things that we should require while making the connections and such things are VGA cable, 3.5mm Mini Jack etc. If you are connecting your device with television with the help of VGA cable, then the VGA cable will only help you to see the video and not help you to hear the audio. To solve this problem and to have a complete audio video picture you have to make use of a 3.5 mm audio jack and have to connect it with the RCA cable. This will help you to enjoy the movie clearly in high quality sound. The same procedure will be applicable for the DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I cables.

Additionally, these combinations of these cables believe that both the devices that you are going to connect have same sockets of input For example we can say if you are connecting your laptop and TV then the input sockets will be VGA laptop to VGA T.V. Also we can say that if your TV has HDMI converter and your computer has VGA 15 pin socket the to make a connection you need a HDMI cable, VGA cable, 3.5mm jack to RCA cable and at last a VGA+ audio to HDMI converter.

Apart from this, the use of wireless connectivity has increased now days and this has been increased because almost all the devices has now come up either with USB port or mini USB and with the help of these ports you can easily connect your OC and TV with a wireless connection from a distance of around 30 feet.

Also you can connect your devices with the help of wireless network – WiFi. Today many new products have also introduced for this purpose and one of this is Digital media Adapters which supports fully fledged connectivity with quality sound. Another such kind of product which is used for the connectivity is the D-Link Boxee Box Digital media player it is a kind of a computer and can be used with the help of WiFi wireless network.

To connect your device with your high definition television you are required to have a VGA cable and VGA to HDMI converter, 3.5mm mini jack and many more.

Hdmi to vga adapter ? The Perfect Connector!

This hdmi to vga adapter is very useful product for your entertainment media. These adapters play an important role for connecting your entertainment media to other electronic devices. The product in this category of hdmi to vga adapter is high quality HDMI cable. It is used as a RGB converter, VGA converter and RCA cable to give you perfect audio and video quality for your entertainment. Video input device can also be used with this adapter.  This hdmi to vga adapter is necessary for home theatre, DVD player, receivers like HDTV and AV, TV and projectors.

This adapter is blessing for those who likes internet usage, playing high definition games, listening to music and watching HD movies and videos. This hdmi to vga adapter has a quality to connect digital audio and video into one. Its high quality of gold coated connectors ensures high quality of video transfer so that you can enjoy best quality with your preferred entertainment media. This 1.5 meter long hdmi to vga adapter is black in color. Your life will become colorful with this high quality adapter because it gives you better service to enable your entertainment system to entertain you.

Next product under this category of hdmi to vga adapter is audio video adapter. It has other names like CINCH connector and PHONO connector too. This hdmi to vga adapter is a kind of connecter used video and audio output signals. It is made up of high quality of material that ensures its long life to serve your purpose. It ensures high quality of internet speed and data transfer. It will always give you best performance with all electrical devices. It has 1.4 meter length and black in color.

Next product under the category hdmi to vga adapter is HDMI conversion cable. It is made up of high quality of material that makes it strong enough and not easily breakable. This hdmi to vga adapter features like quickly installable without any professional advice and it is very easy to use. These kinds of adapters do not need any kind of external power to use it. This hdmi to vga adapter plays the display device and converts digital signals to analog signals.

5 volt DC power adapter of 1w is used in it. Its input signals video range is from 1vp to1.2vp and DCC input ranges from 1vp to 5vp. It is 2 meter long and black in color. This hdmi to vga adapter is a perfect connector for electrical devices.