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Minecraft Pocket Edition: Best Tips, Cheats and Guide

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Best Tips, Cheats and Guide
The objective of Minecraft Pocket Edition is the same as the original PC and Console Edition counterparts, where players build virtual realities in a sandbox-like environment. If you are a newbie to Minecraft Pocket Edition, you might be confused for …
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A Star Wars Princess Leia Costume Guide

Princess Leia Organa, who made appearances in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Star Wars Holidays Special, and in Revenge of the Sith was able to do it and so can you.

Adopted into the Alderaan royal family, Princess Leia was born as a twin to Luke Skywalker and daughter of Anakin Skywalker. Obi Wan-Knobi saw to it that she be removed from her biological parents so that she would stay out of the Dark Side. As she grew, she entered politics and found herself in a number of dangerous situations. While she grew up as a lady in a life of privilege, she quickly learned the perils of her universe. With intelligence, sensibility, and a care for others she persevered many hardships and maintained her royal status.

So how can you take lead of your Universe in the style of Princess Leia? Start with her powerful hairstyle. Curled braids which wrap around the sides of the ears brought Princess Leia the strength she needed to defeat the darkest of villains. You need to purchase a Princess Leia wig, With this wig you will have the power to work in conjunction with whatever force may come your way.

For clothing you will want to dress like Leia. She wore a white, robe-like material with a high neck and flowing sleeves. You can use a plain white gown, bath robe, or even white bed sheet to achieve this look. To match Leia’s hood use a bathrobe with a hood or pin a white pillowcase to the back of your gown. If you cant find a hood, simply fold a pillowcase or plane white fabric in a triangle shape. Then pin the two ends to the back of the shoulders and your hooded gown should be complete. Your costume should be fastened with a belt that is tied around the waste. The belt can be white with silver pieces but can be made out of any material as long as you attach some silver accessories to it. Find a pair of bulky boots for shoes and make sure to carry a black toy gun to act as your stormtrooper blaster.

Once you have all these pieces in order you are ready to conquer the universe!

The best way to find quality a Princess Leia Wig is to do a Google Search. You can also find fantastic Costume Wigs the same way.

Final fantasy 14 Guide

Are you playing as the Miner in FF14 online? Want to learn how to level up in the quickest way possible? Well, if you want to learn how to get the most of EXP the fastest way possible, here are a couple of things you will want to know.

Use Your Miner’s Abilities To Level Up Quickly

Every gathering class has a unique ability that can help them further their character. When you are using your Miner, you have the ability to track down items that you want. Use this to your advantage when you are doing Fieldcraft leves.

These quests require that you find the appropriate items to complete the quest. So by using your Miner’s ability to track it down, you will be able to quickly completed lots of Fieldcraft leves.

Find The Large Mobs To Farm

It is because this game is an MMORPG that you will have to spend lots of time grinding and killing monsters. To speed up this process and to gain as much EXP as you can quickly, you will need to know where to find large mobs to farm.

Fighting large mobs can be very difficult on your hit points, however this will decrease the lag time between finding another monster to kill resulting in more EXP for your character.

It is recommended to bring lots of potions and even party up with a friend or two if you find a really good spawn to grind in.

Learn Exactly How To Power Level Your Miner With Domination Guide

Do you want to learn exactly how to power level your miner? If you want to learn exactly how to reach level 50 in the quickest way possible, I highly recommend that you use the FF14 Domination Guide.

This Domination guide is made from all the best strategies and tactics that the top beta players have been using to propel them to level 50 the quickest way possible. This guide will teach you all these secrets through step-by-step instructions and detailed screen shots.

Want to reach level 50 quickly and have millions of Gil in your account today? Then check out our Final Fantasy Domination Guide here.


User Guide of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on PSP Console

Simply Amazing

Super Mario has been allotment of my activity aback the actual beginning. When Nintendo aboriginal came out with their actual aboriginal console, I was the one active to the abundance with my parents to aces one up. I am now 35 years old and I am still arena Mario psp games!

Well, the newest archetype to be added to the amazing Super Mario Empire, is Super Mario Galaxy 2>.

The cartoon will just draft you away. Anniversary akin is a new acquaintance and you are consistently absent more. Anniversary akin will just leave you in complete awe.

Now, of course, you still accept all the aforementioned moves Mario has consistently had with a few additions.

-Comet Metals Collect a agglomeration of these to accessible new, abstruse levels

-Yoshi! Yup, He’s back. Break accessible a Yoshi egg and he will again advice you aural the level, eat assertive fruits and he will get assertive powers

-DrillUse the accessible assignment to assignment through the planet from one ancillary to the other

-Multiplayer Mode This is one of the best editions to the Mario psp games

-Graphics Cartoon Graphics Need I say more!

I accept been absolutely absorbed to this bold aback it came out on May 23, 2010. I still haven’t exhausted the game. I will accept though, I did acquirement a archetype of the Action Adviser from Prima (Collectors Edition) for $ 29.99. It was the best acquirement I accept fabricated in a continued time! It is the alone affair that has kept me from accident my articulation from accepting so agitated (LOL).

You will still be accession Power Stars baseborn by Bowser to complete anniversary level, but after the action guide, it is next to absurd to acquisition all of them. When you get to the end of anniversary planet, you will again jump on a barrage brilliant which will again fly you to addition planet. Gravity will consistently cull you to the ground.

You will apprehension a lot of the levels assume familiar. Some are from added Super Mario Games, like from Super Mario 64. Just see if you can bethink any of the levels, because already you do, you will again bethink area a lot of the hidden stars are.

Pick up your archetype of Super Mario Galaxy 2. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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How to Win at Star Wars Battlefront Turning Point – A Beginner's Guide

How to Win at Star Wars Battlefront Turning Point – A Beginner's Guide
Maybe someone at EA felt like Battlefront needed a pep up after three weeks. Maybe they're looking for a bump alongside the new film coming out. We may never know. Whatever the case is, you've got a bit of vaguely-linked-to-the-film DLC chucked at you …
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Bloodborne guide: conquer Yharnam with our detailed walkthrough

Bloodborne guide: conquer Yharnam with our detailed walkthrough
Bloodborne follows in the footsteps of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, but for this new PS4-exclusive franchise, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has turned it up to 11. “Oh, so Dark Souls was too easy,” I imagine him chuckling into his morning cup of gamer's …
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