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DARPA Grand Challenge “Driverless Racing”

Everyone can appreciate a good race, well, maybe almost anyone. Regardless, the speed, the rush and the breathtaking sight of vehicles moving gracefully and powerfully over courses has been a source of astonishment and amusement for sports fans all over the world. Beyond the cars, the tires, the engines, the gas and the entire buzz, almost all race enthusiasts will agree, it is not the car, but it is the driver that wins the race. Indeed, it is the human element of having a driver making decisions as to how to approach a tight curve or deep slope or a simple turn that makes each one different and fun to watch.

So what happens when you make a race of cars and remove the drivers? Enter the DARPA Grand Challenge. The initials stand for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is basically a government agency that focuses on the research, development and creation of new technology. The DARPA Grand Challenge however, is a race; a race for cars without drivers. In an effort to develop better artificial intelligence and also enhance the technology of self-driving vehicles, this tournament is held annually in order to determine what kind of control system works best for unmanned and autonomous vehicles.

Autonomously Awesome

There are no professional athletes in this race. The competitors are usually teams of programmers, engineers and system developers from various institutions and colleges, each creating their own unique artificial intelligence system and vehicle. In the actual race, the cars left to fend for themselves in a race to a goal. All the developing teams can do is stay back and monitor the progress of their entry through the race, but they are not allowed to interfere with the performance of this vehicle. This race is entirely focused on the cars themselves.

Using a variety of input devices such as cameras, global positioning satellite systems, radar, infra-red and other technologies, the cars must drive, navigate and find their way first to the goal. As impossible as it may sound, they do. The DARPA Grand Challenge is a sight to behold for both race sports fans and tech buffs alike. This event features the latest the most innovative ideas and design for cars of the future.

The application of various technologies in cars is incomparable when considering the entries to the DARPA Grand Challenge. Vehicles utilize both the latest in existing technology and also in experimental technology as well. There are vast innovations in terms of navigation tools and also in the gathering and processing of data for use in transportation.

Unmanned Courses for the Unmanned Race

The race itself is challenging, starting from simple tracks and recently stretching to urban looking locations, the cars must be able to detect and avoid not only obstacles but also each other. The vehicles will not have any form of human interference or control making it a completely under the control of artificial intelligence systems. The vehicles are marked according to performance in speed, maneuvering and coping the driving rules and safety measures. A car wins by being the first to reach the goal safely. This race is a testament to human ingenuity and innovation. GP

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Refresh Yourself At The Grand Bahamas Island

After working hard for a long time, you need to take a well-deserved vacation and unwind, so as to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your heart. There is nothing better to relax than an exotic holiday with your family or your friends.


However, when we are looking for a short trip or a getaway for a few days and yet do not want to burn a hole in our pockets, then options become limited. It is difficult to find a holiday destination that has it all, entertainment and places of attraction for all members of the family, engaging activities that can be done, scenic beauty and of course, all this at a reasonable cost.


Well, if you are looking for a place that offers all in a single package, then the Grand Bahamas Island is just the place for you.


The Grand Bahamas Island is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. So, if you too are planning on taking your family for a vacation there, then it is best to approach a reliable travel agent, who can offer you the best package deal and reservations.


As the Grand Bahamas Island is a location that has something to offer to everyone in terms of places to see and activities to participate in, there are many who are eager to make a trip to the Island.


Even if you find it difficult to remove yourself from the regular grind at work, even then the Grand Bahamas Island might be a suitable option for you, because the world famous golf courses out here, are an ideal location to meet up and chat with like minded people who may for important business associates later on.


So, be it a refreshing walk down the pristine beaches or perhaps a game of water sports for the more adventurous ones, you can find it all in the Bahamas


Shiyan Auto Culture Festival Grand Opening

 September 5, 2009 the morning of 6 weir People’s Square, flags fluttering, vehicles such as the long queues, people such as tide, vehicles city of China the long-awaited letter of co-2009 China Shiyan, Hubei (Zhang Bay) Auto major auto show-cum-Cultural Festival Opening ceremony held as scheduled, the activities of thousands of people Zhengdu grand occasion.

 Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shen Ning Wu, the National Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association, vice president of products Zhang Xiaoping, China Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Supplies DONG Xing, Hubei Province, Ninth, Tenth National People’s Congress Standing Committee Ballon Qing, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial government agencies Services Authority, party secretary, Wang Chuan-hao, Hubei Province, Economic and Information Committee and deputy director Hu Shuhua, city leaders Zhang Siyi, Mi Kluckhohn, Shih-Jye Wu, Wei-Kuo Chang, Zhang Xin, Ling Zhong Ti, Dongfeng company leader Norinaka attended the opening ceremony.

 At about 9 am, the famous CCTV host Li Jia-Ming, OUYANG Xia Dandeng Taiwan appearances, read a letter the state workers Miao Wei, vice minister of the Ninth, Tenth CPPCC Standing Committee member Li Youwei, the Eleventh CPPCC Standing Committee member Chen Kiyoyasu, the former Ma Yue, general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation congratulatory message. A live demonstration of the former State Economic and Trade Commission Yuan Baohua inscription: “the pride of the Chinese auto industry.” Shen Ning Wu announced: All 2009 China Shiyan, Hubei letter (Chang Wan) Auto Culture Festival opening shot of the colorful salute the square of smoke and mirrors the sky formed a rainbow picture, the festive atmosphere of the scene lit.

 Mayor Zhang Siyi said in his speech that this year is the 60th anniversary of founding of new China is the 40th anniversary of the city of Shiyan City to build, but also the 40th anniversary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation plant. Western Hubei Province, Hubei Province is implementing eco-cultural tourism circle strategy, Shiyan Wudang is working to create culture, water culture, car culture, that “Spirit Mountain, Xiushui, automobile city” three cards, to auto cultural festival, is to leverage this resource advantages , excavation car culture, heritage car civilization, vividly reflect the “strong wind” grew up and enhance the public’s “East Wind” and Dongfeng truck understanding of this activity Bancheng efforts to influence the city and the country, there are characteristics of car culture events , the phrase “Shiyan Motor City” in particular “national cars” this card into the country, to the world.

 Dongfeng Automobile Company Norinaka deputy party secretary, said the past 40 years, Shiyan City, and Dongfeng Motor Corporation weal and woe, Gandanxiangzhao, create brilliant. Dongfeng plant in the 40 anniversary to revive Shiyan, has become a company-wide consensus Dongfeng, “863 revitalization plan” announced that Dongfeng sounded the clarion call to revive Shiyan, Shiyan once again ignited the people’s passion. He was convinced that through the organization of the car culture festival, a more in-depth interpretation of car culture, to further improve people’s concept of car consumption, in order to contribute to a build a charm Shiyan.

 In the soothing background music, the auto show kicked off, a Dongfeng-branded vehicles, cars onto the stage, dressed appearance of the Model cars accompanied by stirring rendition, the audience greeted with cheers. Auto Show focuses on self-developed entirely by the Dongfeng Motor Corporation Dongfeng Fengshen’s first mid-size sedan S30, dynamic spiritual Dongfeng Citroen Sega, called consumers “fine quality of the election” Dongfeng Peugeot 207, Dongfeng fashion dynamic sports car The new Honda Civic, September 5 until the day of listing of Dongfeng Honda Civic Platinum Core, intelligent fashion known for KIA Furui Di, economical and practical for Dongfeng and Dongfeng Star off to mighty warriors known as Dongfeng 9 series models.

 In addition, the Dongfeng Tianlong, Tin Kam and value of more than 600 million cars are polar Dongfeng Motor Show yesterday, a show style. The same day, in addition to passenger cars series and Dongfeng Dongfeng commercial vehicle series, as well as non-Dongfeng brand cars, such as General Motors, Buick, Hyundai brand cars exhibitors. Nearly one hundred cars a collective appearance, dazzled the audience to see, many struggle Yan Shiyan Model cars site, people exposure to “Our Dream Car beauty” world. Many of the older “old wind” come together in front of the car a long stay in touch here, there, look at from time to time talking about the original construction of two gas scenarios. Auto-site consultation constant flow of people buy a car from time to time members of the public to sign orders to pay the deposit under the car.

“The world’s most expensive one kiss”, “Dongfeng Fengshen I love you” scene kiss vehicles were sedans activity, has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the opening ceremony of the activities. In accordance with the prior via e-mail, cell phone text messages are two ways to determine the rules of the game, ladies and 200 short-listed for children 5-12 years of age will be a beautiful lip print to stay in four white Fengshen S30 sedan car body. Experts from the lip print a complete character; lip contour, lip wrinkles clear; lip plump; lip color glossy in areas such as a comprehensive selection. Eventually Pingchu 110 players, from the Dongfeng Motor Corporation equipment factory workers Zhu Xiaoqin was “the most beautiful lip print” title, and get the value of 75.8 thousand yuan Dongfeng Fengshen S30 sedan car at the same time, also voted for 10 beautiful lips India Award, will be awarded 600 yuan a beautiful car models.

 In the afternoon, from the study engaged in the automobile industry experts gathered at a dozen cars city hotel, from the current developments in international and domestic automobile industry, China’s car in the world automotive sector location, local economic progress and development of the company between Dongfeng relations, and China’s auto and auto parts development trend, Dongfeng company’s current development situation and so freely about the future of auto industry trends.

 Person in charge, according to event organizer, Chang Wan District secretary of the Liu Hua said that through this event, hoping to arouse the public’s old industrial bases in Shiyan, “wind” Remembrance, to enhance the public’s “East Wind” and the understanding of Dongfeng vehicles to improve community Shiyan (Zhang Bay) knowledge of the automotive industry to achieve car culture and car economy “fly together.”

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Hidden Paradise in Grand Bahamas Island

Are you willing to keep yourself away from the daily hectic schedules? It really becomes difficult sometimes that people may get to think about the choice of location for a vacation. Obviously, you would love to go to such a place that not only unwinds you from the problems in life, but also relaxes your body and mind. Grand Bahamas Island is the perfect choice for all those tourists, who want to spend some time aloof from the business world and their daily routine. Moreover, rest is really necessary to keep up and maintain the health of an individual. Grand Bahamas Island has lot to offer for wooing the senses of travelers.

It’s the natural beauty that is being left loose in the Grand Bahama Island. The beaches, the mesmerizing views, water sports, cruises and many more is available for the tourists to have a wonderful time here. There is no doubt in it that Grand Bahamas Island has one of the most awesome looking beaches of the world. Just imagine you lying on the beach and having a sun bath or enjoying your favorite water sport. A mere mention of these ideas starts cooling the mind and refreshing wave vibes in your body. The Grand Bahamas Island has so much to offer that your vacations at this place can the most memorable experience.

Grand Bahamas Island is a home of some of the attractive looking destinations that offer every type of comfort and relaxation activities to the tourists. Nassau, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Bimini and Eleuthera, Andros, Long Island, Cat Island, Inagua and San Salvador are few of the breathtaking places and that one must visit. Well, Grand Bahamas Island has about 700 small islands in it, but only around 30 are inhabited. It’s the best place to check out and experience the real fun. In fact, well planned Grand Bahamas Island vacations can double your joy of holidaying.

Are you really crazy about water sports? Do you love going for fishing and enjoying the view? Then Grand Bahamas Island is the perfect choice for you as there is everything that you could wish for. As far as commuting is concerned, you can take an hour long flight from Florida and then can move on to the selected destination on small ships. Grand Bahamas Island is the traveler’s paradise and has everything for the visitors. After all, it’s the natural beauty that has the magnetic power of attracting tourists and Grand Bahamas Island has this in abundance.

The main thing while coming to Grand Bahamas Island is that you need to have a proper holiday package. You are required to sit with your travel agent and discuss about your requirements. The travel agent would have every type of range for you to suit your budget. No matter what is the range, you can enjoy the Grand Bahamas Island. Who do not wish to give themselves some special time to indulge? Moreover, everybody in this world has the right to have some luxurious time for him or herself.

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Experience The Grand Hotel Jersey

Jersey is one of the Channel Islands and is situated just off the northwest tip of France; Jersey itself is the largest of these islands, of which the group contains Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm.

The Island of Jersey is divided up into twelve different parishes, which are all named after the saints to which their parish churches were dedicated. Interestingly, Jersey is not actually part of the United Kingdom and exists as its own International entity.

When it comes to accommodation on the Island you need look no further than the Grand Hotel Jersey, this famous five star hotel is one of the leading hotels on Jersey and boats a wide range of luxury suites in which to stay.

One of the main attractions of the island of Jersey is its dramatic and picturesque coastline. If you can glance away from the rolling inland hills that are swathed in floral blooms for months of the year, you will see the rugged and glorious coastline, providing great views of the neighbouring islands and northwest France.

Thankfully, the Grand Hotel Jersey is situated a few minutes from the beach and overlooks the renowned St Aubin’s bay, providing its guests with not only a fantastic view but also the pleasure of being able to wander down to the beach or indeed into the capital St Helier in only a few short minutes. This all makes the Grand Hotel Jersey the perfect place to stay when visiting this beautiful island.

In terms of the Grand Hotel Jersey itself, it is a stylish and contemporary hotel that promises to provide its clientele with an exceptional experience. The Grand Hotel Jersey aims to achieve this by offering a range of services and facilities that denote glamour and sophistication. These services include a range of different restaurants where one can enjoy all the meals of the day in style and comfort. The champagne bar should not be forgotten either as this is the ideal place to meet for a pre dinner drink or even to wile away the small hours with friends. If you are feeling in need of a little relaxation or some pampering then the luxurious spa within the Grand Hotel Jersey is the place for you.

If you are travelling for business then the Grand Hotel Jersey has the first class and innovative Park suites which is a dedicated business centre with a private cinema as well as meeting rooms and flexible event spaces. So as you can see the Grand Hotel Jersey is a cut above the rest and can be found online by conducting a simple search. You will be able to book rooms and make enquiries about the facilities by visiting the hotels dedicated website this will give you all the information that you need to ensure that all of your travelling and accommodation needs are met.

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3 Reasons to Visit Grand Bend

Grand Bend also commonly know as “the Bend” or “GB” is a community located on the shores of Lake Huron in Southern Ontario. This town is a popular tourist destination thanks to it’s great beaches and lively night life.

The year round population hovers around the 2 000 mark, but summer weekends see that number swell to something more like 50 000. The summer party atmosphere has earned The Bend a reputation of being Florida North.

If you make the trip down, make sure to check out:

1. The Motorplex: Grand Bend’s Motorplex is Canada’s largest multi use motorsports facility. It features a record breaking dragstrip as well as 2 competitive motocross tracks. The dragstrip plays host to Canada’s largest and oldest National Drag Race.

People often make race days into race weekends. The Motorplex includes an onsite motorhome area and campground that are packed with revelers during the long weekends. If gas fumes and loud powerful motors are your thing – there are few places better in all the country to get your fix than Grand Bend’s Motorplex

2. The Beach: With it’s climate and rocky nature, Canada isn’t exactly world renown for it’s beaches. Grand Bend is the exception to the norm, as it is well known for it’s great beach areas. It is part of the “West Coast of Ontario” which is home to hundreds of miles of open beach.

The shores of Lake Huron are beautiful – the white sands and blue water will make you think you took a vacation far south of the border. Long weekends find the beaches full of sunbathers and swimmers. It is a lively and fun atmosphere. Currently, Grand Bend is working on a Beach Enhancement project that will make their beach area even cleaner, more natural and add more family space.

3. The Wexford Shipwreck: The Wexford was a steel hulled freighter from Great Britain. It was hauling steel beams in the Great Lakes when it was caught in the legendary Great Lakes Storm of 1913. This storm, also known as the “Big Blow”, was a blizzard with hurricane level winds. It raged for three days and was responsible for the deaths of 250 people and the destruction of 19 ships.

The Wexford was found in 2000, 87 years after the huge storm. It is located off the shores of Grand Bend – it is about 75 feet under water. That makes for an intermediate level scuba dive. Curious scuba divers have been coming to Grand Bend to get a look at this sunken ship which is still fully intact.

Grand Bend is a rapidly growing community – it is no wonder why. From quiet unassuming small town in winter, “GB” transforms into trendy tourist destination in the summer. The town caters to tourists with interesting attractions like museums and quality dining.

The Motorplex assures that big name talent will continue coming to entertain Grand Bend and the Beach Enhancement project will make sure the town keeps it’s Florida North feel.

For more info on Southwestern Ontario towns – Ontario

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Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas Tips & Tricks

Lear Jet or Dodo Plane

If you go down to the Los Santos international airport there will be a gate. Right next to it will be a hut like building with a man inside. He will say only people with flying liscences can get in. If you park a car of any size parallel to the gate you can jump over the gate and once you are over you can fly a dodo plane or a lear jet.

Find the AT-400

Go to Las Venturas airport, then go to the biggest hanger of the runway, stand next to the garage and it should open, and the is the AT-400. Note: You must have a pilot’s license to be valid to get in the plane.

Helicopter – Los Santos Beach

Hint helicopter on the beach in los santos go to the beach where you have to do the mission for og loc and somewhere around that area there will be a fire department helicopter you can only drive it if you did all of the missions and unlocked Las venturas.

Helicopter – Los Santos Beach

Police helicopter go to los santos and let the police catch then you will end up by the police station and put in the jet pack cheat and fly on the building and sometimes a police helicopter will be there to turn on the spotlight press L3 at night.

Dating missions Finding Barbara

You can find Barbara at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking lot between 16:00 and 06:00.

Dating missions Finding Helena

You can find Helena in the Blueberry area of Red County, taking shooting practice on top of the Ammu-Nation store from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 02:00.

Easy Missions

When doing a mission where you have to chase someone in a car or boat, use the blow up all cars cheat and the mission will be complete.

Pass your Driving Test

When doing your driving school test do the health cheat while doing the test you will have 0% on your damage penalty.

Find Vice City and Liberty City

This cheat has been reported inaccurate. Take a plane and fly east or south-east and you will find vice city and liberty city.

Fly Faster

When you’re in a plane move up and down and you will go fast.


Go to Blueberry In Red County. Keep going and you will find sheds and chopped wood. Go to the tree that’s cut in the middle at 0:00-2:00. There you will find Leatherface. Be warned, he can’t be killed!

Sniper Rifle Pickup

Go to the Los Santos hospital, then jetpack to the top of it. There will be a sniper rifle with 20 bullets.

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Horse Racing Gallops To Maintain Its Popularity – Grand National Festival

Each year, the country stops and witnesses 40 horses line-up and tackle the unforgiving Aintree course. Four & half miles, with 30 fence jumps, the Grand National Festival is without doubt the toughest test of horse and jockey in the world.

The race is now less than three weeks away and Saturday 10th April 2010 will see Aintree racecourse packed out for the latest renewal of the John Smith’s Grand National, England’s most famous and prestigious horse race.

The race’s history is responsible for some of the true horse racing greats and everybody has a story and memory of their first Grand National Festival.

Red Rum, Bindaree, Hedgehunter, Miinnehoma, Party Politics, the list of famous winners goes on and on.

When 100/1 shot Mon Mome landed last year’s renewal, punters were given a sharp reminder that anything can happen in the Grand National and ever since it’s first running in 1839 the race has provided drama after drama.

The biggest social event on the calendar, this year’s John Smith’s Grand National meeting will run from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th April.

As the 20 racehorses thunder away from the start line, the crowd of 50,000 roars its enthusiasm.

Then, as the rainbow blur of satin-shirted riders start to jockey for early positions in the stampede, the spectators are quickly quiet again.

Some are fidgeting with their betting slips, while others take a fortifying gulp of stout, or draw on their cigarettes.

It’s a sea of tweed, flat-caps and Barbour, with the odd posh frock, and more than a few over-sized green hats as the large Irish contingent celebrates St Patrick’s Day.

The pinnacle of the UK jump racing season, the festival is big business.

Attracting the very best horses, more than 200,000 people will attend this year’s festival in total, with millions more watching on television.

And this means good news for the bookmakers.

“It’s a proper bonanza for us,” says Paddy Power, head of communications for the Irish bookmaker that bares his name.

“During Cheltenham we see more business in the four days than we normally get in three weeks. There is nothing else like it.”

Grand National Festival Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality Group

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Brazil Travel Guide – Glory Days at Interlagos, a Guide to the Brazilian Grand Prix

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better known as the Interlagos circuit, is one of the most notorious and talked about Formula 1 tracks in the world. A place where all the adrenaline of Formula 1 racing mixes with the buzzing atmosphere of Brazil’s largest city; a spectacle that, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy, will immortalize any Brazil travel experience.

The Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo brings a carnival atmosphere to an already frenetic city. This is one of the biggest annual events in the South America travel calendar; the streets leading to Interlagos are thronged with motor sport fans, international supporters from across the globe and hundreds of flag waving Brazilians.

Interlagos sits within a natural amphitheater which offers spectators a clear view of the entire circuit, becoming a cauldron of noise and frantic activity during the build up to the race itself.

The track is considered unique for a number of reasons. Originally built in the 1930s on unstable land, the track soon acquired its characteristic bumps and inclines which put intense pressure on the precision engineered Formula 1 cars and their highly trained drivers.

The circuit is also one of the few in the world to follow an anticlockwise direction, putting even further demands on the drivers who are intensively trained to cope with strong centrifugal and gravitational forces pulling in the opposite direction.

As a result of the race’s special atmosphere, the physical and technical demands on racing teams and Brazil’s glorious weather, the Brazilian Grand Prix is unique in the Formula 1 season, guaranteeing to offer a constant barrage of entertainment.

The track is home to a number of challenging features, including the Senna “S,” a series of tight bends that were named in honor of Brazil’s own racing hero, Ayrton Senna after his tragic death behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Also on the circuit is a long, flat straight known as Reta Oposta, a dangerous and thrilling stretch on which the cars frequently top 180 miles per hour.

It is this combination of features that makes the race at Interlagos such a thrilling experience, and which has given the Brazilian Grand Prix legendary status among drivers and fans alike.

But for those visiting on Grand Prix Packages, Brazil vacations offer much more than three days of motor sport excitement. The city of Sao Paulo is perhaps the most cosmopolitan spot on the entire continent, with many of the world’s communities and cultures represented in its population of 15 million people.

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Shanghai Grand View: Professional Manufacturer Of Printing Equipment, Perfect Printing Technology –

Automatic platen die cutting emission Stamping Machine BC-1050SF

Print Network HC With Taiwan in 1991, Grand View Cooperation Huizhou City in Guangdong Province officially involved in processing equipment after printing (mainly production and sale of automatic Folder gluer ), In the study continued to find their way through the industry-wide introduction of the continuous further development of our understanding of a range of products (fully automatic Laminating Machine , Automatic die-cutting machine, automatic stamping machines, automatic machines and fully automatic UV window stickers machine, etc.); in 2002 established a separate joint venture’s first factory outside (Yancheng Golden East Asia Package Machinery Co., Ltd.), is mainly engaged in automatic folder gluer, automatic laminating machine for the production, development and sales, set up in 20 million that year to create a turnover; the same year in the establishment of another factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu (Yizheng Longsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. ), is mainly engaged in automatic die-cutting machine and automatic hot foil stamping machine of the production, development and sales. 2006 In order to better regulate domestic markets and international markets, the formal establishment of the Shanghai Corporation —- Shanghai as the center of Grand View Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., through integration of East Asia Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Yancheng Gold, Yizheng Longsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. and Long Wang Machinery Co., Ltd. Huizhou City, the production of various plants, a collection of all products through the Shanghai Grand View Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. as a platform onto the domestic and international markets.

From the Grand View has established the first factory has been maintaining its “diligence and commitment to service” principle, in the research and development Paper Printing Machinery and equipment, a processing area, the bet a lot of effort, and the continuous development of the enterprise, while bringing together Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China and other places printing and packaging machinery industry enterprises and technical elites, by good faith, mutual trust and work together improve the printing process after processing the whole set of equipment and solutions for all aspects of services whom. In any process can provide customers with a package of proposals, technical support, spare parts, random technical documentation and operator training and maintenance services. At present, the Shanghai Grand View Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide you with the color printing and Carton After-supporting equipment as follows:

speed automatic folder gluer (multi-function square, hexagonal box shape function)

Automatic Laminating Machine automatic die-cutting machine and hot stamping machine (with hologram positioning hot)

Automatic window patching machines and semi-automatic machine window stickers Automatic and semi-automatic

Surface Treatment Equipment packaging equipment after the Road printing equipment maintenance services after the Road

sales agent in Japan after the binding and printing equipment Series (folding, saddle Long and Long Edge Binding Activity Line)

Business philosophy: “Dedication, unity”?? Persist persistence, excellence;

“Loyalty Lean”?? Credit for, teamwork;

“Innovation, excellence”?? To create high-quality, pursuit of excellence;

“Service active”?? Sustainable management, customer

Dedicated unity, and loyalty is internalized, its goal is to complete; innovation and excellence, service active for the hope that all our customers with the commitment to continuously improve product quality and service, must uphold the determination, co-improved printing technical work to the quality of tomorrow.

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