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How to Talk to Spirits – 3 Electrifying Ways to Communicate With Ghosts (100% Free)

Who else wants to learn how to talk to ghosts, spirits or the energies of people who have passed over? Does the idea of spirit communication excite you… but you simply have no idea how to get started? Are you curious whether there even IS a “spirit world” or whether that’s a silly idea we like to believe because it makes us feel better? If you are curious… but NOT convinced like me, the simple truth is, exploring these sorts of things first hand is the BEST way to get evidence that they’re real.

And no amount of books… or articles like this one can give you the kind of evidence (or experience) that at heart, each of us truly craves to “know” what happens after we die.

Here are 3 VERY simple, very straightforward and actually… quite scientific ways of talking to ghosts, communicating with spirits, and actually validating and verifying that the experience was authentic.

1 – EVP (electronic voice phenomena) Recording

Ever seen those folks on the ghost hunting programs walking around with little recorders for the purposes of capturing spirit communication in action? The truth is, and this sounds far fetched but it’s TRUE, Thomas Edison, the great inventor was actually one of the pioneers of this crazy (and controversial) idea. (Edison was actually working on a “phone” to communicate with the dead right up to the point of his own death) EVP is now a pretty simple, and standard way of capturing ghosts, and anyone with a digital recorder and at least a little bit of understanding of how they work, can capture voices that have a seemingly paranormal origin. Believe it or not there are actually devices now that you can use to have TWO way conversation… and while it sounds far fetched and I’m NOT 100% convinced, the evidence is very persuasive… very impressive, and quite mind boggling to behold.

2 – Spirits and The Psychomanteum

Sounds like a hard word to wrap your brain around, but a psychomanteum is actually a dark, mirrored room that is thought to facilitate spirit communication, and in a very powerful way. You can actually emulate this in your own house, with a few candles or dim lighting and a mirror. Sound nuts? Believe it or not, there are significant scientific studies of using this method for GRIEF recovery, as they often bring about powerful experiences with re-unions with loved one’s who have crossed over. Pioneering Dr. Raymond Moody (who wrote the famous book “Life After Life”) has long been experimenting with this approach, and doctors at the well respected Institute for Transpersonal Psychology have been using it for years with amazing results as well. (and you DON’T need to travel miles to do this, you CAN try it in your own home)

3 – Mediums and Messages

The best way to communicate with spirit for beginners, or skeptics, or people on the fence is to talk to a medium. The truth is, most mediums aren’t great… but if you find one that is, it’s hard to explain away the experience as anything LESS than genuine psychic communication with the spirit, energy or “ghost” of your family, friends or loved ones. (and occasionally even complete strangers)

Of course there are lots of other ways to communicate with spirit… but the 3 above are easy to learn, a lot of fun and quit simply, if you have an extraordinary experience like I have, potentially life changing as well! Try it – especially if you are skeptic!


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Of Ghosts and Plumbing Problems: The Importance of Plumbing and Plumbing Checkup

For kids at the time, there was no doubt that they will call Ghostbusters. But what if something more mundane happens? What if your home’s pipes are blocked and the flush doesn’t work? Or your fresh water piping has a leak and the only evidence seems to be a consistently high water bill?

Because they are mostly hidden plumbing system problems are much like ghosts. People tend to overlook them except when something is noticeably wrong and things are not working the usual way. The difference is that while your plumbing system doesn’t bang the doors and throw stuff around, a basic activity like flushing the toilet becomes a lot more complicated task.

The plumbing system consists of two subsystems: drinking water supply and waste water system. The drinking water supply system distributes fresh water around the house through faucets and shower systems. On the other hand, the drainage or waste water system diverts excess and unclean water to the sewage or the public storm drain system. The drainage system can be further split into two since waste water from the sinks and bathrooms is drained differently from the waste water in the toilet.

Just as humans need to drink and expel water to survive, homes need a good water system to last long. This is why it’s important to get professional Indianapolis plumbing services as soon as you see signs of serious plumbing problems like leaks and clogged drains.

Regular plumbing checkups are important since a home’s plumbing system can get clogged anytime. In a professional plumbing checkup, an Indianapolis plumber does a preliminary evaluation of plumbing fixtures, water pipes, drainage system, septic tank, and the septic drain field. Your home’s water pump, water meter, water heater, and gas line may also have to be checked during the checkup. The plumber then identifies any problems he may have detected and gives an estimate of the repair cost. Afterwards, he can perform the necessary repairs.

During the checkup, plumbers use plumbing devices and tools to identify common problems such as blockages in the drain line, broken or damaged pipelines, and reduced water pressure. They can spot worn out or damaged fixtures and tell if pipeline that can be fixed or has to be replaced entirely. Ultimately, like Ghostbusters do with ghost-haunted houses, plumbers restore the proper functioning of your home’s plumbing system. For a comprehensive and reliable plumbing service, check out your local Indianapolis plumbers and check out this website: http://plumbing.about.com/od/basics/a/Plumbing-Maintenance-Checklist.htm


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Witches, Ghosts, And Moving Buildings In Exeter

Exeter is a city in the county of Devon in the West Country of the United Kingdom, with a population of around 119,000 people. Exeter has a fascinating history, which has some links to the dark arts of witchcraft and black magic.

Exeter has a particularly significant claim to fame in the whole ethos of witchcraft, in that the last individual to be executed in England, for the purported crime of witchcraft, was held prisoner in the city. This was in the year 1685, and the unfortunate woman was called Alice Molland who was imprisoned in Rougemont Castle, the ruins of which still stand today.

Many people will be aware that witchcraft and the whole concept of witches and their familiars was an issue that reached feverish proportions in society in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This was the case not only in Exeter and other areas of the United Kingdom, but also in other parts of the world, including the United States of America, most famously in the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.

In this unfortunate social phenomenon, elderly women in Exeter and other places around the world would be accused unfairly of being witches, usually for no good reason and with only flimsy evidence that was not evidence at all. These women would be persecuted and punished with all sorts of cruel and unusual punishments.

Even in those days, elderly women liked to keep cats as pets, as indeed they do today. In those days even the poor cat would be persecuted as being a witch’s ‘familiar’ which was supposed, quite ludicrously, to be an agent through which the woman was supposed to communicate with the spirit world. If the cat was black, then the poor creature was in trouble straight away.

From witches to ghosts, and the Guildhall is an ancient building in Exeter with foundations that are believed to date from medieval times. It has been claimed to be the oldest municipal building in England still in use, and there have been reports of ghosts being seen in the building, particularly late at night and when there are few people around. Other phenomena include people feeling suddenly very cold in certain parts of the building, or seeing dark shadows moving across the floors, walls or ceilings of the building.

Exeter is the home of “The House That Moved”. This is a building that dates from the fourteenth century and it gained its spooky name in the year 1961. This was nothing to do with poltergeists, the mischievous ghosts that move things from one place to another to confuse people. Instead, it happened when its owner decided to move it from Edmund Street, Exeter to make way for the construction of a new road. The house weighed in excess of 21 tonnes, it was put on the back of a low-loader lorry and driven very carefully through the streets of Exeter to a new location that is out of the way of any new roads that are likely to built at any time soon.

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Are Murder Victims Ghosts? By Cherokee Billie

The answer is sometimes.  Murders that go unsolved often leave the victim (ghost) with the desire for the truth to come out.  They want closure for their family and friends.  They want to move on into the spirit realm, but feel they cannot until their murderer has been identified and received Karmic or judicial punishment. 

When a murderer has been caught immediately, it allows the spirit of the victim to be released and ascend into the spirit world.  This is the big difference between solved and unsolved murders.  As a psychic medium I have been communicating with the deceased for many years.  Most of the people who contact me just want to know how their loved one is and if they have any messages for them.  Over the years I have had several individuals’ contact me who wanted to know how their loved one died and who did it.  This is not always an easy task.  Sometimes the murdered spirit comes quickly and communicates a great deal of information.  Other times the spirit cannot tell what happened because it happened quickly or the memory of the event has left them.  Many things get tangled for spirits because they are living between two different dimensions.  A part of their spirit is still connected to our world and another part is connected to the spirit world. 

Perhaps you have seen movies where the spirit cannot understand that they are dead or that they are waiting to identify the killer. So much of these movies are really based on spiritual truth.  We do not get instant knowledge when we pass into the spirit world.  There are also ghost hunter television programs where they offer information about victims in haunted houses and historical places.  Many spirits remain on battlefields still fighting the other spirits. 

One year ago I was contacted by a lady whose son was 31 years old and ruled a suicide by the police.  She could not accept this because he was a happy content man and she had just seen him that day and he was fine.  She asked me if I could channel his spirit, so she could ask questions about that day.  After a few minutes I was able to connect with his spirit and he told her that he did not kill himself and gave identification about who had killed him.  He was not able to answer every question that she asked, but apparently it was sufficient information for her.  She took the information I got and contacted a private detective who started investigating all of the police findings.  It turned out that many of the things that I had received in the trance medium state had been accurate.  How I know is a year later she contacted me again and told me about the help the messages had been for her about his murder.  She wanted me to ask her departed son more questions and I asked if she could send me any and all photographs of the crime scene.  She did. 

I told her that I wanted a few days to study these pictures and see what messages came through.  As soon as I got the pictures I telephoned her and said,” Isn’t it interesting to see where the bullet hole went in.” She said, “What are you talking about?” I told her that it was quite obvious that it was a bullet hole and gun powder around the hole in the photograph.  Once I pointed it out to her she was shocked that all of these police and detective people never noticed this.  She had not either.  “I cannot enlarge this picture.  Is it possible you could send it again or have somebody else send it to me.”  She had her grandson send the pictures to me again.  One picture was particularly unusual because it was where her son was murdered and it was not a pleasant picture because it had blood and brain tissue all over the wheel of his truck.  What confused me was of all the pictures there was one where a man was standing at the base of this wheel.  It was impossible for anyone to stand in this position.  I begin to dream about these pictures over the next week.  At last we had our channeled session together.  My first question to her was about the picture of the man at the wheelbase.  She said, “There is no picture with a man in front of the tire wheel.  What are you talking about?”

We were both on the internet together and I said, “Let me send this picture to you so you can see what I am talking about.”

I sent the picture to her and she said, “I don’t see anybody in this picture I only see the wheel.”

Dumbfounded, because I could clearly see a man right next to this wheel, which I knew would be impossible for anyone to be standing by.  I decided to try a different way to send the picture.  Once again I sent the picture.  “Cherokee Billie I don’t see anything here other than the wheel,” she stated. 

“Let me describe this man to you.” I told her.  “He has on a black tee shirt and has short straight reddish brown hair and I can only see a quarter of his face and body.”

“Oh my god that’s exactly how my son looked.” I could tell that she was crying at this point.  “Why can’t I see him and you can?”

“I believe he is indicating what I have always said that this is where the gunshot went into the wheel.  He seems to be acknowledging that to me as I speak.  There’s no way someone could be in this physical position at the bottom of a tire wheel.  Again he wants you to know he did not kill himself. I wish you could be here in front of my monitor and see what I am seeing.”

“I wish I was there too.” She said. She then went on about the rest of the photographs that were taken at the scene of the crime and asked about different people in the photograph.  Her son communicated that the two killers were there in the photograph and which ones they were.  I had received information in our last channeled session that he was killed because of a connection on the internet.  He had videotaped his monitor of what he was seeing just before he was killed.  I have requested that she send this videotape to me because it’s possible that I will see or hear something that she cannot.  I know that the answers I have given her have helped not only her have connection with her son, but it has helped the investigation. 

This is one of the most fascinating changelings I have ever done.  I have received information from murder victims before and it has helped their family, but this one keeps getting a wider scope and seems to be more complicated than the others which were usually murders over jealousy or random acts of violence. 

So as you can see from these sessions murder victims can often communicate about what happened as best they can.  They want to do this so that their spirit can transcend completely into the spirit world. 

There are some exceptions where the spirits want to stay because they cannot accept their death.  These are the ones that need to be helped pass into spirit and not stay trapped.  There are ways to do this as I have learned over the years. 

If you ever encounter a ghost realize they might have something to say and if you listen you may be able to help.  Not all ghosts are violent and often they are just looking for someone to acknowledge them.  Just because they have died does not mean that they have completed what they needed to do or say before going into the light. You may be the one that helps them transcend completely into the light.

~ Great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Cherokee Billie offers help through the lens of clairvoyance, self-help, wisdom, philosophy, and spirituality. Cherokee Billie is the Author of “Heavenly Seduction” an Amazon.com best seller.  In addition, Cherokee Billie is a Naturopathic Doctor (twenty years experience) Life Strategist, a Radio Personality, and an Ordained Minister leading people to a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. http://www.cherokeebillie.com

Celebrating the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, also known as the festival of ghosts, is a traditional event conducted in Hong Kong. It is a Chinese festival celebrated in most parts of Asia on the on the 15th of the seventh month. The fifteenth day of the calendar is recognized as the Ghost Day and the seventh month of every year is considered the Ghost Month.

In Chinese tradition, devotees pay homage to their ancestors who are recognized as spirits and ghosts. On the day of the festival, it is known that the ghosts visit the living as a mark of the sacrifices made during the celebration. Although the festival is related to Chinese folk culture, the Buddhists and Taoists also celebrate it by performing different acts and sacrifices to call out the dead from either in heaven or hell.

Those honouring the dead ritualistically proffer vegetables, old clothes and fine goods for the visiting spirit of each family and perform rituals in their honour, such as burning joss paper, incense lighting and burning fake money. Meals are laid out on the empty spaces of the family table as if in invitation to the departed who may be roaming the halls of their homes. 

Another fascinating sight of the Ghost Festival is the décor splashed across the streets and homes. A unique institution of the festival is also seen, where people head towards the streams with paper boats and paper lit lanterns that are floated across the water, to allow a lost sprit or ghost to find its way back to their families.

However, the celebration of ghosts also comes with a few superstitions, some of which forbid children to stay out on the streets at night and a no-swimming policy during the festival due to ancient tales where ghosts tend to posses young children and drown people who swim.

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The Daughter Of Bush Said Her Encounter With Ghosts In White House

The married daughter of former president Bush, currently 27 years old, Jenna Bush Hager recently attended a talk show. She disclosed her creepy ghost incident when she lived in the White House.wedding flower girl dresses Boots Before April Fools’ Day

It is reported that former U. The New tiffany jewellery for SummerS. Have On Highest Series of evening dresses President George W. Bush, one of twin daughters, now 27-year-old Jenna-Bush has married her lover Henry Hager May 2008 , become Mrs. Haiger. Recently, Jenna received as a guest on NBC’s well-known talk show host JayLeno’S interview. The first time to disclose while living in the White House she had encountered the supernatural event to make her hair upright.

During the interview, she claimed that there was a fireplace in her room, and weird things always happened around it, which made she be afraid of sleeping at night. One night, when soundly asleep, she was suddenly wakened by a fit of music popular in the 1920s. She said in the interview, “I was sleeping. Suddenly I heard 1920s opera from the fireplace. I was scared to death and ran to my sister Barbara’s bedroom immediately.”

Jenna described the case of “ghost music” event in a state of fear, but Barbara didn’t believe her at all. However, Jenna dared no longer sleep in her bedroom alone, but pulled Barbara hard to sleep with her together. However, one day they actually heard together the mysterious sound of music from inside the fireplace. The next day, Jenna tried to get justification from the White House staff. but they asked her not to be so spoffish, stating that “haunting” is commonly seen in White House, they used to hear this mysterious music.

It was reported that American president’s official residence, White House which was one of the most haunted places in the world was once chosen as one of “global top ten haunted famed residences” by netizens. There are rumors that some residents in the White House were reluctant to give up their power from beginning to end, so after the death their “ghosts” also often look around here.

The most famous haunted event in the White House was related to the English prime minister, Churchill, during World WarⅡ. It was said that once Churchill pay a visit to America and slept in the White House. He met the American ex-president Abraham Lincoln’s ghost in the bedroom. After the shower bath with cigar and a glass of Scotch in both hands naked Churchill went into the suite in Lincoln. Then he saw the ghost of American former president Abraham Lincoln standing at the fireplace in the living room. They looked at each other for seconds, and then “Lincoln” disappeared in his eyes. But Churchill insisted that he see Lincoln’s “ghost”, and refused to live in the Lincoln’s suit at night once again.

It is said that it is one of the former presidents’ “ghosts” who visited the White House most frequently. However, Jenna said that she hasn’t seen Lincoln’s “ghost” during the 8 years in The White House, although she wishes to be able to see the great former president of the United States.

According to legend, besides former presidents’ ghosts, there wandering a ghost of an evil cat in the White House basement. It is said that if the cat is seen by people, America will incurrence national disaster. However, for this kind of “White House ghost thing”, most Americans just laugh out of court.

Psychics Explain Ghosts, Mediumship, and Spirit Guides

How can I communicate with loved ones who have crossed over, you ask?

The loss of a loved one is always difficult. It’s only natural to want to contact them and continue communication.

We believe loved ones who cross over do check in with those they left behind from time to time, and they are often there for you when you need them, even if you can’t sense their presence.

The trouble is, however, that most of us are not conditioned at an early age to be open to communication from those who have crossed over, and to identify it. Even though many may be beamed messages from the other side frequently, most people don’t acknowledge the signs.

In our experience, only those who are open-minded and, or spiritually sensitive can perceive this type of communication. Regular meditation can help those who are less sensitive, who are open to the possibility, to receive some insight.

If you want to receive communication from your loved ones who have crossed over, start by meditating daily. Getting into the practice of being centered and in touch with your higher-self will allow you to eventually be more aware of the spirit world. If you are disciplined enough to meditate regularly, you’ll also find you’ll be reaping the many benefits of this practice, such as being more relaxed and intuitive.

We believe that many of the rewards found through spiritual disciplines such as meditation demand at least some sacrifice, such as reducing your TV time. But the sacrifice seems like nothing once you begin to gain the benefits of your discipline.

Spend some quiet time alone with no distractions. Visualize yourself surrounded with a bright, white Light, or pretend the sun is shining brightly down upon you. Breath deeply, focus your attention on your heart or third eye area, and if you have trouble emptying your mind of thoughts, try imagining transferring all those preoccupations into an imaginary basket sitting next to you. Just say, “OK, I’ll get back to all of this after I meditate.” Then count from 1-100 until you begin to feel more relaxed. Perceive the numbers in your mind, or better yet, imagine them appearing on your chest plate or third eye area as you maintain your focus on that spot.

The more intently you focus, the easier you will get into a meditative state. You’ll get better with practice and eventually be able to gain insight about your questions.

You also may be able to communicate in your dreams with loved ones who have crossed over. Before bed, relax and think about the good times you and your loved one shared. Be grateful. Talk with him or her and share your questions or anything else that’s on your mind. Then ask for help in becoming aware of their presence in your dreams and recalling those dreams. Also ask for help from God or whomever you pray to and in time you may be able to be more perceptive of spirit communication. It’s also a good idea to immerse yourself in protective white Light, a cocoon of soothing, healing energy, before falling asleep to help you sleep better.

Is there a ghost in my home, you ask?

It’s much easier for us to offer a professional opinion on such matters by being physically in the location, but based on what someone tells us, sometimes it can be pretty obvious that a lost soul is hanging out in their home or workplace.

Sometimes it’s the result of someone dying in the home or area years ago and never going to “the Light.” Other times the resident unknowingly allows a lost soul into their home.

Fortunately, this problem is relatively easy to fix. One option is to send the spirit to the Light. Check out the book The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore. Aside from being an easy read that describes how and why lost souls can interfere with your life, there’s also an effective script in the back of the book you can read aloud which will help send lost souls on their way.

What is my spirit guide’s name and how can I communicate with them, you ask?

By design, you lack a continuous, direct line to your spirit guides, one that would always allow you to get the right answer instantaneously. Why, you ask? Because it would be too easy to skip the challenges in life, which amount to your earthly lessons.

But we believe many of you, especially if you have an active interest in metaphysics, are predetermined to be able to receive at least some other-dimensional guidance (such as through meditation), thereby gaining enough insight to help make wiser choices in life and shortening the learning curve a little bit.

Rather than attempting to link to a spirit guide, who might not be entirely helpful or even of the Light, go within to tap into your Higher-self, or God. We believe you can receive all the help you need (within reason) if you discipline yourself to tune into this stream of truth, the language of spirit. Don’t expect reams of information, like you’re listening to a speech, but do expect subtle hints, phrases, images, scents, symbols, and emotional impressions. If you pay attention and get into a meditative state of mind, with regular practice you’ll perceive what you need, when you need it.

Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo are identical twins and have been exploring metaphysics since the early 1980s. They are experts in the fields of prediction, personal fate, love life, and past life regression, and are natural psychics and mediums. Get their free report: 13 Spiritual and New Age Myths and 11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Psychic.

Headless Ghosts, Drownings, and Mysterious Screaming at Niagara

September, 1814 – Fort Erie, Niagara Region – Canada – The battle rages on. British troops maintain their hold on the Northeast corner of the fort and continue to fire cannonballs into the American defenders. The rest of the fort belongs to those flying the Stars and Stripes, but the redcoats continue to fight as the death toll nears 2000 men. Seemingly oblivious to the chaos around him, one young soldier calmly shaves another, chatting merrily about prospects when the war is over. The streaking cannonball takes them both out, decapitating the soldier being shaved and blowing off the hands of the shaver before crushing his chest. Then the powder magazine explodes and the scene gets eerily quiet as he loses consciousness.

Fast forward to today. Fort Erie has been rebuilt and is now a major tourist attraction for those on Niagara Falls tours and visiting other sites around Ontario. But It’s not just the historical significance of the fort that draws people in. Visitors report strange apparitions of American and British soldiers seemingly stuck in time where they once stood, fought and died. One of the most common sights is of a headless man and another with no hands wandering the grounds together.

When you book a Niagara Falls tour you expect to see the majestic wall of water the region is known for, visit some shops for a souvenir or two, and maybe hit one of the many local nightclubs if you’re staying a while. Have you ever thought of checking out some of the haunted happenings in the region? There are a number of them, some sites of the bloody battles of 1814 and others inexplicable and immersed in local legend and folklore. Folks have claimed battle visions at Chippewa Battlefield and Lake George, and others have visited ancient houses and inns that produce moans and creaks seemingly of otherworldly origin.

The Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery at Bertie Hall in Fort Erie, once a stop on the Underground Railroad, is said to have been the site of two terrible drownings. The tunnel into the basement flooded early in the 1800’s and killed a slave coming through to his freedom and later on the same type of incident killed the son of Captain Forsythe, then owner of the property. The tunnel was sealed but apparitions can still be seen in the house and the dollhouses appear to move on their own at times.

Last but not least on any Niagara Falls tour is the Screaming Tunnel, located in the northwest section of Niagara Falls at the end of a quiet road just off Queen Elizabeth Way. Legend has it that a nearby farm caught on fire and a young girl ran screaming into the tunnel only to succumb without being extinguished and burn to death. They say you can still hear her scream late at night. If you dare you can visit the Screaming Tunnel and find out for yourself.

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Psychic Connections – The Minds Eye & How to See Ghosts

Throughout several years of being in a privileged position of being granted access to some of the United Kingdoms most haunted places, conducting investigations and aiding private individuals with answers to their spiritual questions around hauntings and recently departed friends and relatives, one of the most common issues asked of me is how do you see a ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’. Do they appear to you? as in the movies? faint glows with effects? Do they interact with you, or indeed can you feel, touch them?

From my experience, it would seem that everyone whom can communicate with spirits conducts this process differently. It is worth bearing in mind even though that I would not consider myself to be a ‘born psychic’, but moreover, I have amassed experience from a number of mentors along the journey and have come to understand my own awareness and personal understanding of spirits which reside on a different plane to our mortal residence.

So how do I sense presences? In my case, the minds eye plays a pivotal role in recognising and communicating with the spirit world. By that I mean the momentary voices and pictures which on occasions form in your mind without you intentionally thinking about anything. Now you may feel that this is just your imagination, and for the most part, you would be correct because this is exactly what it is. The ‘gift’ in my case anyway is separating the ‘noise’ which is genuinely your imagination, from what is not present in your mind – this is the ability to fine tune these noises away and be left with what is, in fact a connection to the spirit world.

For those of you wanting to ‘learn’ to communicate with spirits I am afraid this is something that comes with several years of practice and experimentation and cannot effortlessly be taught from any book. That said, there are some truly ‘gifted’ individuals whom for whatever reason were born with the ability straight out of the cradle. However, for most of us, it is not, but fortunately can be achieved through experience in understanding your minds eye, and what it shows and tells you.

The ‘connection’ to the spirit world in my case is made in a manner as described above, and once I have identified a presence I on occasions see the subject. The ‘seeing’ of the subject is not literal, it is bought to me through my minds eye but in most cases is very intense and is from time to time hard to distinguish between reality and your minds eye projection. It is impossible to physically ‘feel’ the spirit, although you sometimes think you could reach out and touch them but from my experiences and on occasions you can be subjected to contact typically on the arms, hair and back.

The minds eye is without question a very powerful and as yet not understood any in comprehensible way, although given neural experts consider we only utilize a very small proportion of our brain capacity perhaps at some point in the future we may be able to better understand the Psychic connections and the impact of this on the minds eye.

James Hewson owns and operates UK Area 51 which is a website dedicated to unexplained events and emerging sciences concerning a wide variety of topics. Please visit our main site for many more intriguing articles at UK Area 51.
You can also contact James Hewson directly at ezine@ukarea51.com

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” Movie Review

A silly implementation of a workable premise is saved by loads of terrific, snappy one-liners in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.”

Matthew McConaughey, aided by a hip and catchy Michael Douglas, manages to deliver a performance so immersed in funny lines that you can stay with the film just anticipating what he’s going to say next. The concept of a promiscuously womanizing Vanity Fair photographer, whose only dedication is dumping women after he’s convinced them that love is on the way, is in itself ultimately fertile in bringing up many issues of the deeper meanings of a married life versus lifetime bachelorhood.

At its best in its ability to make the subject of seduction a dominating and continuous appeal, the script is a virtual concentration of verbal foreplay which demands, and gets, very funny repartee. McConaughey is a reliable charmer and each of the female characters is given commendable effort in quick fleshing out.

The resolutions are cleverly managed so as to give interesting observations of how love triumphs over the vacancy of an unattached life without ever losing the waggish appeal.

So is this guy totally lost? This celebrity photographer, Connor Mead, is so in love with total freedom and carefree fun with women that he can even pull some stunts like getting a whole bunch of his current dates on the phone at once and dumping them all on a conference call. In his own words, love is a myth.

He lives a life of pure mockery of love and romance. OK for him, but his younger brother Paul (Breckin Meyer) and all his dear friends and family are really scared that Connor may, intentionally or not, screw up Paul’s upcoming wedding. This does indeed look like it may happen at the pre-wedding proceedings at the sumptuous seaside mansion (set in Newport, filmed in the Castle Hill mansion in Ipswich, Mass.), during which Connor takes Paul aside and vigorously tries to talk him out of this thing called wedlock. While he’s at it, he actually tries to score with the bride’s mother (Anne Archer).

But now Connor is visited by the ghost of his deceased Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas), a man whose own womanizing and wedlock cynicism had affected Connor as a child. He initiates a tour of the ghosts, past and present, of the dumped girlfriends of Connor’s past. Conducting the tour is Connor’s first girlfriend, Allison (Emma Stone).

In the process they take him down the ill-plotted courses of romance he’d had with them, with their mission to show him what an insensitive and self-destructive jerk he’d been. As things go on, Connor is brought to realize that there was at least one woman, Jenny (Jennifer Garner), whose deeper attractions had been overlooked by him and now set him to thinking.

Film quality and credibility is not of commanding relevance in plots like this. One must reflect immediately at how in the world all these woman are even in a situation to give their help regarding Connor. And why would they even care? What counts is the entertainment value, which is more than adequate.

No, it’s not “good” film but yes, it’s very funny.

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” (my 8-10 rating: 6)
Director: Mark Waters
Screenplay: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas, Breckin Meyer.
Time: 1 hr., 40 min.
Rating: PG-13 (considerable sexual content, moderate vulgarity, one drug reference)

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