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Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay Overview

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Like all brand new online games that break into retail, first impressions can make or break a lasting player base. Having a gorgeous world and richly dressed characters won’t matter one bit if the gameplay bites. Fortunately for Square Enix and their development team, this isn’t the case. I’m sharing the reasons why Final Fantasy XIV gameplay should put a smile on your lips.

One of the best highlights that revolutionizes Final Fantasy XIV gameplay is the unique Armoury system. You’re not stuck inside the limitations of a single class anymore when you create your character in the world of Eorzea. Changing professions from the Gladiator to a Conjurer is as easy as switching the equipment in your inventory. Yes, you read that right! Your inventory and what you wear decides your class and nothing is cooler than tanking during one adventure and casting spells on another at need. The same holds true for the rich crafting system. Be a miner, fisherman or carpenter by merely swapping the equipment needed onto your character and you’re ready to rock! Besides the excellent level of versatility, the true upside is no longer needing to create multiple characters to enjoy the depth of the different classes. If you want to make a different character, it can be purely for aesthetic purposes.

While my computer isn’t a top of the line power gaming system that sold brand new yesterday, it’s not junk either. Running with a Q6600 quad processor at 2.4Ghz, GeForce 9800GT and 4GB RAM along with Vista 64, the default settings detected by Final Fantasy XIV were more than adequate for a smooth experience. I was a little worried at first because my FPS jumped between 19 and 30, but the gameplay still flowed on my screen without lag.

There’s no in game voice chat and that’s not an issue for a player like myself. I prefer my trusty Ventrilo as I’ve yet to encounter any online game that has built in voice and does it well enough so it won’t sound like some cheap cell phone. Taking my character’s oversized ax after some rat moles was interesting, but not much different than any other kill quest. Final Fantasy XIV gameplay is unique and appealing enough to shake up the online gaming community a little bit, or at least redefine key elements of fun for future releases.


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Bloodborne Patch 1.03 Release Date: Fixes for gameplay finally launched
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Custom mod controllers and online gameplay

If you have either a PS3 or an Xbox 360 console at home, chances are that you have already heard of controller modding and custom modded controllers. With luck, you have already come across such a cool gadget or even got pawned by a player with such a weapon. It is easy to find out if a player has a modded controller. What usually happens is that you think the player just has a pistol and you confront him with an Uzi or a machine gun, and all of a sudden, you find that you’re lying on the ground. You vaguely recollect being shot at by a pistol which spurned bullets at the rate of an automatic weapon. The question is if people play with such a controller, how do you beat them?

Is it legal?

Most controller modding services advertise their products for use with a single player campaign. In fact, some go to the extent of saying that these controllers should not be used with online games. The business model of Xbox or PS3 controller modding is not illegal. In fact, they are so popular that there are stores selling modded controllers and controller mod kits while there are a lot of services that modify your controller based on your requirements. In effect, PS3 controller mods are just like vehicle customization – you do it to improve the performance.

Online gameplay

Though most controller modding services provide these controllers to play against computer opponents, these are completely undetectable. They are a secret way of gaining an unfair advantage over opponents without using cheat codes in Xbox Live and PS3 Live. It is typically like using cheat codes that the systems have no control over. It has to be understood that the use of a modded controller for PS3 is not permissible in online gaming servers, but people still do it.


Usually it is not long before a new add-on or a patch or a new feature gets added to gaming consoles that revolutionize the concept of gaming from that point on. If you ever feel that the old Xbox 360 controller is getting too monotonous, there are several things to do that could spice up your experience with first person shooters and racing games – mostly to do with modded Xbox 360 controllers.

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Starcraft 2 Zerg Gameplay – Alpha Strike

One of many best, effective and one of the most renown Zerg strategies is The Zergling Rush. It will work the most effective if your opponent is both Zerg or possibly Protoss. It isn’t so efficient against Terran as they can build partitions real fast on their base and utterly block the the Zergling invasion. You’ll discover that there are a number of ways you presumably pull off the Zergling rush.

The preliminary way is mostly a “6/10” rush. On this technique, the player doesn’t spawn any new drones to start and aims straight for Spawning Pool. This technique is quite effective and helpful in 1v1 play and is extremely easy to execute. Quickly get your drones ready and command them to harvest minerals. Once you hit 200 minerals, construct a Spawning Pool. Whereas the construction is in progress construct a few drones and an overlord. As soon as the Spawning pool is prepared, queue in 3 Larva so that you could get 6 Zerglings. Start rushing them to the enemy base as soon as they’re ready.

This strategy is a tricky one. You’re on a do or die mission over here. If it you fail to pull it off, you’ll find yourself losing the game. You have to, at the least, aim to eliminate most of the worker units of your opponent.

Zergling Rush proves most useful when playing a 2v2, especially when your group member can be a Zerg. In a solo game, your 6-8 Zerglings can merely be overpowered by a single Protoss Zealot or a bunch of Probes. The story is completely different in case you send 12-14 Zerglings as they will shortly overwhelm and destroy an enemy base before their allies can even back them up.

For a 1on1 sort of match, think about making a spawning pool at 9 of 10 supplies. Once this is set up, build an Overlord and work towards spawning some more drones. When your spawning queue is empty construct around 8~10 Zerglings and a Queen to strengthen your base.

The Queen will come extraordinarily handy as it could produce more Zerglings with spawn larva skill. In contrast to with a 6/10 rush, the 9/10 rush enables time for you to ship way more Zerglings in quickly after your initial wave. Your preliminary wave is more likely to cripple the opponent and likewise the second wave will render you victorious.

When you create your very personal first batch of Zerglings, I would recommend you to go for an Extractor. Start harvesting some gas with this. Subsequent step can be to improve your Zerglings speed. This may speed up your next attack and you would be capable of get into the enemy base a lot faster. It also improves efficiency towards range targets or opponents similar to Marines.

Economy Management:

When you play as the Zerg you may must know exactly the way to manage their financial system as they’re strictly resource driven. Get a number of drones out as quick as doable in an effort to gather minerals. When the minerals are rolling in good, build hatcheries to create queens and overloards. These two units are key to Zerg gameplay as they increase your creeping talents, speed up zergling production and are needed for early void ray pushes and air invasions.

It may be a challenge to handle the Zerg’s economy but that is what makes it so fun.

Ground attacks:

When you use zerglings to hurry and disrupt enemy supply lines it’s suggested that you burrow your units close to their resources. Burrowing will permit you to hold invaders from building on those resources and it gives you time to arrange assaults and take over different useful resource areas. Construct a pair nydus worms in addition to an army of ultralisks to beef up your army and assist in roach and zergling attacks. You will find that this strategy of swarming will work very effectively in opposition to the Terran Race.

Air assaults:

Bring an overseer along with your zerglings when you scout your map. They will reveal any burrowed or hidden troops that you’d otherwise miss. Your predominant air assault unit is the horrifying mutalisks, this unit is nice for supply line disruption and all out attacks in your enemy base. Use your brood lords to harass the hell out of and destroy giant ground infantry units.

So now you have a full understanding of Zerg gameplay inside Starcraft 2, utilize this technique and fully dominate your enemy.

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