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Create Funny Footprint Ghosts For Halloween

If you love arts and crafts, Halloween is the holiday for you. There are thousands of craft projects suitable for every age group. Regardless of your budget, you can easily create spooky crafts that will commemorate the season. Ghosts and witches and bats, oh my!

Go batty! There are all kinds of bat-related craft projects that make adorable decorations. You can make these furry little creatures out of toilet paper tubes, craft foam, card board, furry fabric, construction paper… honestly, almost anything goes.

There are countless websites that provide detailed instructions and printable templates for all kinds of these crafts. You can even make cute batty candy holders to give out to neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making footprint ghosts. These make wonderfully inexpensive party invitations, as well. All that is needed is newspaper, black construction paper or cardstock, a black felt marker, white poster paint, an old cookie sheet and a foot, preferably your child’s foot.

Fold card stock or construction paper in half. If you will be making invitations, cardstock is recommended.

Cover the floor, where you will be working, with newspaper. Pour a thin coat a poster paint on the old cookie sheet. Have your child step into the paint, with one foot. You may need to ‘paint’ his instep with a small brush, to completely cover the bottom of the foot. Be prepared for giggles as the cold paint tickles.

Next, ask your child to step onto the middle of the cardstock. His heel should be at the top of the invitation and his toes at the bottom. Make sure he gently rolls his foot back and forth so the paint covering his instep will make complete contact with the paper… otherwise you will end up with half of a ghost. Have paper towels at the ready when the project is finished. You don’t want white paint getting on the floor or carpeting.

When the paint is dry use the black marker to add eyes, to each ghost. Or glue on googly eyes. You could also use pompoms for the eyes. If you do, you’ll need a sturdier envelope. Draw an O for the mouth. Outline the ghost in silver or orange glitter or puff paint. For invitations or greeting cards, use silver, gold or orange ink to write on inside of the card.

Cut out the ghosts and hang in the window or around the entry door on Halloween night.

Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books and the novel Over Time about a Green Bay Packer Game for the ages. Money, Love and Football: All the important things in life. She and her partner created The Capital Connection a small business financing resource for entrepreneurs.