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Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for You and Your Friends to Enjoy Music

The Device for you and your Friends to Enjoy Music

You enjoy listening to music with your friends but not all the time are you in a room where you can put on the system and enjoy your favorite music. You have to move around, maybe go to school, go to work or just go out to run a number of errands. You have to keep on sharing headphones and taking turns which is not very convenient. Not to worry the Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod is here to solve all your problems. With this device you can listen to music from your iPod or MP3 with your friends all at the same time with each of you having your own headphones. In the event that you are looking for a device that will give you a chance to comfortably enjoy your music with all your friends anywhere and anytime, then without a doubt the Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod Headphone Splitter is just the product for you, according to Lisa Zhou, PR manager of Ankaka.com.

This has to be the greatest music device yet invented. This beautiful device comes with a variety of great features. With the Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod Headphone Splitter you get to enjoy the same music with your friends without having to share headphones. It comes with a total of five audio jacks to which you can connect your headphones. It is even possible to connect two iPods to the splitter all at once and thus get a mixing sound effect and further enjoy your music. It also has fade-ins and mixing that are regulated by each iPod or MP3 player. Another great feature of the Headphone Splitter Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod is the fact that it supports all types of handheld DVD players that have 3.5mm jacks and also every type of MP3.

The other features that the Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod has include its white color and its audio cable adapter. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and its connector details are 5X mini-phone female stereo and 1X mini-phone male stereo. The Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod is ideal for personal or company use, an internet storefront and also for the resale market.

Without a doubt, there has not been a greater invention in the world of music devices than the Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod Headphone Splitter. It completely eliminates the need to keep on sharing headphones with your friends and possibly missing the favorite part of a song or even worse the whole song. To add to its benefits, it is very affordable. The BelkinRockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod will give you a chance to enjoy your favorite music with your friends anywhere and at any time without any disturbances. Get yourself one today and avoid the hassles of sharing one set of headphones between many people. It is a great device and guaranteed to not disappoint you at all!

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Lisa Zhou is the PR Manager of China wholesale electronics ankaka.com, which offers latest China consumer electronics for global resellers. Visit Ankaka.com to source Wholesale Cool Gadgets to start your reselling business.

Have Fun Wherever You Go – Buy Nintendo DS & Make Friends!

The prestigious Nintendo DS Lite maybe small to the eye, but don’t let that fool you. This little gem of a games machine has certainly rattled the cages of Microsoft and Sony with its record breaking sales. Sony’s PlayStation 2 record was literally smashed in December 2008 as the Nintendo DS Lite racked up over a cool 3 million sales!

Because of its popularity, herds of buyers have clambered over each other to find a great bargain and buy a Nintendo DS. It popularity with young children has certainly helped increase its sales. Admittedly is does help to keep them quiet on long car journeys and any other times they have to sit around and wait. Their Nintendo DSs are an essential survival item that’s usually first to get packed into their school bags! I have even seen homework being left out of the bag as the need to get the DS packed had been priority!

The Nintendo DS seems to have all the right things. A Small compact hand held design that folds away nicely into a child’s pocket! The console comes equipped with two LCD quality screens albeit a little smaller. The top screen is the main viewing screen whilst the bottom screen serves as a touch screen. One of its great features is its sensitive touch screen. This feature really enhances the playing experience by bringing touch and finesse to the player, something that other consoles don’t really have.

Want another great feature? Oh right ok! How about Social interaction? Yes you heard that right. With its built in wireless technology, friends can play and compete against each other. Of course the other party needs to have a Nintendo DS! Well what about my Game Boy Advanced games? I hear you say. You will be pleased to know that the DS also offers a slot to incorporate your Game Boy games. With the DS Lite being the smallest of Nintendo’s consoles and it still maintaining backward compatibility with Game Boy games, it’s really difficult to see why you shouldn’t buy it!

Among other things, the Nintendo DS’s stylus is longer and stronger than its predecessors. The console houses a handy little home for its stylus to keep it safe especially during its travels. With a battery that last for up to 18 hours and a LED status warning lights you can begin to see that this console really rocks!

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The Advantages of Using Scramble with Friends Cheat


Most people have probably played one or more of the With Friends games by Zynga. And many would agree that these games can definitely be addictive even for those who do not consider themselves lovers of word puzzles. So, it’s not surprising that their new game, Scramble with Friends, has achieved the same popularity. This new online word game from Zynga is very much like the Boggle from the good ole days. But rather than shaking the box to get the letters all in a jumble, this game starts out with a four-by-four grid of letter tiles and a 2-minute timer. Players will need to form all the words that they can see by connecting the tiles together. Even those who didn’t love Boggle will find plenty of reasons to like this game. You can play different games at the same time and at your own convenience. And best of all, you can use a Scramble with Friends cheat to help you win!

Like all board games of yore, Boggle never really gave players any opportunity to cheat. You simply had to have a great vocabulary, fast eyes, and even faster hands to list down all the words that you form within the set time. Lacking one or all of these traits would have certainly led to a frustrating time for many players, often increasing the stress that they already experience from their daily activities. But since Scramble with Friends has a cheat, your fun not only increases but your stress levels may even go down! Using the Scramble with Friends cheat can be fun because you get to beat your friends and have a few laughs when they find themselves losing to someone they usually win against. And you didn’t even have to strain your eyes or rack your brain!

Another advantage one gains from using Scramble with Friends is being able to get back at winners who tend to be too arrogant. Losing is an inevitable part of playing. However, listening to someone tell you how easy you were to beat or how lousy you play can definitely be too much for anyone. Now, with Scramble with Friends cheat, you can easily get a bit of revenge while they end up on a losing streak that they never imagined possible!

While those two advantages are definitely enough reason for you to start using this cheat, there’s one advantage that will certainly convince anyone to use it: learning. While we were growing up, adults always lectured on the pitfalls of cheating and how nothing good will come out of it, most especially learning. But with Scramble with Friends cheat, you definitely get to learn while you play! Seeing all the words formed by the cheat will not only help you win, it will also increase your vocabulary. Seeing all the different patterns that can be used to find words is another aspect you can learn. This, in turn, can help you make strategies of your own. After much use, you’ll eventually learn enough that you won’t need to use the cheat anymore to win against anyone! Learning through cheating is a unique advantage that you really can’t pass up.

Now, it must be said that even with all these advantages, there will be some who won’t even dare use the cheat. Some may say, “it’s just a word game!” Others may feel that winning isn’t everything. Well, it certainly isn’t but winning is sure a lot more fun than losing! And really, what’s the harm in cheating? After all, it’s just a game.

The author of this article is a mobile game fanatic who also loves to do word puzzles. She has written some articles on Hanging with Friends Cheat, Scramble with Friends Cheat, and Words with Friends Cheat.

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