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GTA 5 Easter eggs: Secret cellphone numbers and hidden Luis Lopez photo found

GTA 5 Easter eggs: Secret cellphone numbers and hidden Luis Lopez photo found
Grand Theft Auto 5 is known for its treasure trove of hidden secrets and surprises scattered all around the game world, including some secret cheat codes and Easter eggs. A number of new Easter eggs have surfaced in the game such, as secret mobile …
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A mysterious Grand Theft Auto V cheat code has been found

A mysterious Grand Theft Auto V cheat code has been found
The contact name shows up as “Black Cellphones”, and it doesn't seem to count as a cheat. It doesn't work if you try to enter the code a second time. Perhaps this is just a way to change your smartphone's theme, or maybe there's more to it than it seems.
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Scientists Found Dead Quasars Release Ghost Light

According to reports, two years ago, the Netherlands teachers hannen – fan – etchel (Hanny van Arkel) on wikipedia type design astronomical projects “Galaxy Zoo puzzle” (among) material classification incidentally found a cause scientists confuse the unique objects, it release the ghost of green light. Two years later, the Yale a study group says, this unique celestial photos reveals the black hole in the life cycle of important clues.
Scientists found dead quasars release “ghost light”
This mysterious object is a death quasars release light shines on a larger luminescence, this quasars at the center of the clouds exist supermassive black holes of super active galaxies.
In the latest study, the team to confirm the called “hannen discovery Hanny ‘s (Voorverp)” mysterious object is a death quasars release light shines on a larger luminescence, this quasars at the center of the clouds exist supermassive black holes of super active galaxies. So far, the research has been published in the astrophysical journal letters “.
Research report, nearly completely burned out since quasars clouds began to be conducted radiation, the quasar injection light continuous through time and space and lit up the gas clouds and produce a kind of death quasars “light echoes (discount rosetta stone garages echors)”. Quasar is one of the brightest light universe, after scientists think that quasars energy by the black hole provide, so they have super energy. In fact, quasars were found at the center of a galaxy of celestial type, they contain supermassive black holes in the universe, is greedy devouring, it will be lurking in the core region of galaxies, wantonly engulfed the surrounding gas and dust. When the gas into a black hole, this process is called accretion “, in accretion process gas due to intense heat, thus friction will produce issued the scorching rays.
The study principals Yale astronomers Kevin XiaoWen si base (Kevin Schawinski) said: “may call it is’ Rosetta stone ‘quasars which is unique because of if isn’t it illuminated adjacent clouds of gas, this quasars host galaxies also will not arouse people’s interest concern.” (Rosetta stone production B.C. in 1960, it can emerge have been lost thousands of years of Egypt pictographic wen of meaning and structure.
The researchers speculate that death quasars light is from ever discovered recently have quasars from earth of galaxies, the light through 7 years, and then light “hannen discovery” the clouds. This means that the planet in the past seven years in the quasar has died.
So far, scientists think supermassive black holes near energy peak release, will need to millions of years time to death. However, new observation found “hannen discovery” clouds that supermassive black holes can accelerate quasars faster than expected into death. XiaoWen si base said: “the latest findings will make us better understand galaxies and black holes exist.” how will the symbiotic
Yale university astronomy & astrophysical center director Margaret – ray ewry (Meg Urry) said: “after we cannot know this pearl quasars Rosetta Stone Russian shut down its striking energy injection time, this is the ‘hannen discovery’ clouds are interesting places, it potentially crucial, make us better understand how black hole with quasars symbiosis. End”
Although the galaxy is not like that quasars release bright X-ray, but it is still in radio wavelengths of radiant light. XiaoWen si base said: “we uncovered ‘hannen discovery’ gas clouds in the mysteries of, but the study has led us to a space cognition of new thinking.”

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You Found Out That He Cheated – Can You Know If He Will Cheat Again?

If a guy cheats on a girl once, does that mean that he will inevitably cheat on her again? Are you with a guy and just found out that he cheated? Are you now trying to decide if the relationship has any chance at a future or if you should just try to move on with your life? Finding out that your guy cheated on you is a horrible thing, and no woman should have to go through it. However, it doesn’t always mean that you will be certain that you want to end your romance with him. If you are debating whether or not his infidelity is something that you should forgive, this article is for you. Read on for some help making this huge decision.

The first thing that you need to do is to find the root of the problem. It is never excusable to be unfaithful to your mate, but there are many reasons that guys cheat. For instance, if you are with a guy and you never pay any attention to him, are constantly flirting with other men in front of him, and you say things that make him feel bad about himself, he may cheat because he wants to be with a woman who makes him feel good. If this is the case, then you are both being unfair. If it is a relationship that you want to salvage, try talking things out with him.

Now, most of the time, women are not to blame for a guy cheating on them. Some guys are just cheaters and will never be faithful to a girl, no matter how hard she tries to be a great girlfriend. It is not your fault that you were unlucky enough to fall for a guy who can’t be monogamous. If he isn’t willing to give up other women for you, then he doesn’t really love you. Don’t fool yourself into believing that he does. If you were important enough to him, he would be true to you.

Leave him and find someone who really cares about you.

In the end, a guy who cheats on you once will most likely do it again. If he sees that he can get away with it, then what would stop him from trying to get away with it again? Cheating is also a sign that there are serious issues in the relationship. You need to get away from him right away. If you let it go once, you will only become more resigned to being treated badly, and it will be harder for you to get out of the relationship later.

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