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Pepsi Within The Ghost In The Delicious Event Marketing Wisdom – Pepsi, Coca-cola – Food Industry

PepsiCo And Coca-Cola Be Beverages Two industry giants. As competitors, the two Coke Between a variety of means to defeat each other, even though the two drinks giants now in the position of the world, still I am one can shake, but the two standing in the eyes of everyone, is the shift, comparable to . This also resulted in competition between two giants, but the emphasis is on competition, fair competition, and now look at the two giants of the competition cases labeled.

Event playback: July 5, 2006, fans in the world to focus on the time in Germany, the United States came from the shocking news: the world’s leading beverage giant Coca-Cola’s “inner demons” attempt to include samples of its new beverages, including trade secrets sold to its main rival Pepsi. Fortunately, however, turned down the Pepsi improper transactions, and this information timely information to the Coca-Cola, the world as the voice of the two cola uproar.

For Coca-Cola, this is a Advertisement Opportunities?? Once again tell the world, Coca-Cola is the “mystery formula”, this formula is most proud of the wealth of Coca-Cola is a legend, a classic brand is one of the world can not go beyond the “martial arts Cheats,” though no one knows what true or false, but the story thing is that??

1886, the United States, Atlanta pharmacist John? Pemberton will Carbonated water, sugar and other Raw material Mixed together, unintentionally created a soft drink was popular in the world. Later, called Frank? Mason? Robinson syrup from this new two ingredients, coca (koca) and coke (cola) the name of the fruit of inspiration for the name of this drink. In order to write the same letter, he kola rewrite the letter k c, the middle is connected with a hyphen, this is the Coca-Cola (coca-cola). Coca-Cola can be focused, in large part because formula is that it’s mysterious. More than a century, Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola formula despite improvements in less than ten times, but the company has carefully preserved the myth of prescription status and mystery. Coca-Cola’s original formula is only one known to the world of this retention, it was locked underground existence of the Georgia Trust vault. Although later for various reasons, most of its Coca-Cola has openly been formulated, but the most critical part is less than 1% is always tight-lipped. Today, Coca-Cola has more than 99% of the raw materials, such as water, sugar and various additives were all found in the global deployment of all production, but the liquid still Coca-Cola Coca-Cola headquarters.

Is such a legend, making Coca-Cola brand in the world of the beautiful story, and because the secret formula, making an ordinary product over the world, including the so-called “stolen formula” event, nothing but nothing to Coca-Cola advertising , from another perspective, even if the formula to other companies, Coca-Cola Coca-Cola still remains unshakable, even and, like Coca-Cola formula, Coca-Cola said it was not long, “say it is not is not” This is the brand of magic.

After the end of Coca-Cola is such a thing to say, “Our secret is well preserved, there is no danger,” again with the formula enough the world’s appetite for fishing.

For Pepsi, the events of a more corporate image index rose. Speaking of brand, Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola still is not (Coca-Cola’s brand value has more than 500 billion dollars, the highest reached nearly 700 billion dollars, far behind Pepsi-Cola), but the performance of the 2005 Pepsi for the first time exceeded the market value of Coca-Cola.

Pepsi approximation to the Coca-Cola, in particular, the incident demonstrated the grace and wisdom is a particularly outstanding, subtly enhanced the company’s brand image, showing the demeanor. Actually, even though Pepsi and Coca-Cola formula exactly the same or a different perception of customers as the brand’s virtual determines the different social cognition.

Some have said that this is Coca-Cola in a show intended to adopt the “Perfect” Pepsi fooled his opponent and led to the quagmire in violation of the law to; some is that Pepsi in the acting, to obtain a high profile; but I said It may also be Coca-Cola and Pepsi co-starred in a drama, aimed to tell the world turning their attention to the “coke” up. Because it is summer, drinks Sell Absolute good time.

This is both smart companies, the so-called business ethics is to accumulate wealth through commercial means, Pepsi and Coca Cola have done.

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“dairy Godfather” Zheng Junhuai Incursion Backstage – Zheng Junhuai, Red Star Dairy – Food

Red Star confirmed that a staff member within the group, the group has indeed and Zheng Junhuai Cooperation , Cooperation projects in the construction began, the official end of the year to run.

China Dairy “The Godfather” Zheng Junhuai more than a year after his release, has been rumored.

Yesterday, the “Daily Economic News” reporter learned from multiple internal insider Department, Zheng Junhuai Heilongjiang Hongxing Group recently set up jointly with the cooperation of new projects.

Star confirmed that a staff member within the group, the group has indeed and Zheng Junhuai cooperation, cooperation projects in the start of the project, the official end of the year to run. But informed sources, Zheng Junhuai not personally operate the project.

Zheng Junhuai out without “complex”
2005 12 months, Zheng Junhuai for misappropriating public funds and sentenced 6 years.
Learned, Zheng Junhuai good behavior while serving their sentences, first sentence reduction of about 1 year; and later invented a patented energy saving and put into use, once again allowed to remission. Zheng Junhuai

after the release of the performance of very low-key, has repeatedly refused media requests for an interview. In May this year, an industry conference, Zheng Junhuai the media frequently thrown out of the question, should be a simple response to that: I’m tired.

Although the result of embezzlement of public funds with imprisonment, the person close to Zheng Junhuai evaluation of his considerable personal charm. Public information, Zheng Junhuai job, even the local farmers have brought him full of gratitude.

According to report, had tried to contact Zheng Junhuai venture, I hope he make a comeback.

“As Zheng Junhuai brand influence too. He coming out, without saying a word, there will be a large number of people who follow him.” Informed sources, the current corporate executives are a lot of Lactobacillus Zheng Junhuai the old unit, they have explicitly or implicitly defected passed.

According to sources close to Zheng Junhuai said to the newspaper, Zheng Junhuai this does not directly come out, it took command of the team through his manipulation of dairy program.

Is so, one major reason is the legal limit. China “Company Law” the relevant provisions, due to corruption, bribery, encroachment of property, misappropriation of property or the destruction of the socialist market economic order, was sentenced to punishment, execution expired less than five years, or deprivation of political rights for crime, the implementation of the expiry of not more than five people, not act as a director, supervisors and senior managers. Zheng was sentenced for embezzlement of public funds 6 years, commuted from prison soon, obviously not eligible to act as directors, supervisors and senior management conditions.

Does not prevent the manipulator back dairy program. The first step is facing multiple challenges
Zheng Junhuai “coming out”, the first step will be how to get? From “Zheng Junhuai team will carry 4 billion yuan to return to dairy” to “Zheng Junhuai plan registered in the header ‘new long march’ Dairy Brand “, the industry has 20 years of his dairy experience the legend of how in the end will be re-arrested lakes guess never stopped.

“Was intended to set up base in Baotou, location are optimistic, and Lao Zheng resources and relations are essentially in Inner Mongolia, we think it is reasonable to do so.” One of the industry told this reporter.

However, Zheng Junhuai action quickly changed, still many people surprised?? He chose Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province and the Red Star Group cooperation.

For Zheng Junhuai the “coming out” prospects, the industry widely divergent views.

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Food Wars!

What has triggered mass protest and fighting around the world of apocalyptic proportion in developing nations? We have witnessed rioting in Haiti, protest in the Philippines, and stories of people killed in Egypt all because of the high prices in basic foods for survival.

What has caused the high prices of food around the world? Some possible causes but not limited to:

1. Biofuel

2. Government subsidies

3. Waste

4. Development

The biofuel craze has sparked investments and investors from around the world seeking a safe haven for there money. But first what exactly is biofuel? It is experimental fuel or additives for our vehicles that is made from food commodities such as rice, corn and soybean and it is the worlds answer to high oil prices.

According to the IBD (investors business daily) The National Corn growers Association says 2.3 billion bushels of corn, or nearly a fifth of U.S. production, went into ethanol in 2007. That’s up 28% in just one year. Ethanol production reached 6.5 billion gallons in 2007, and it’s headed to a federally mandated 9 billion this year.

In the U.S. the government encourages the production of ethanol from corn, which give manufacturers and others connected to the industry tax incentives and protectionism. Refiners get a 51-cent tax credit for every gallon of ethanol it produces and 54-cent per gallon tariff from cheaper imported ethanol.

Waste has always been a culprit in the Western World. We waste more food per capita than anyone else.

According to the Food Production Daily, a new study reveals that almost half the food in the country goes to waste… The new study, from the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson, indicates that a shocking forty to fifty per cent of all food ready for harvest never gets eaten… Not only is edible food discarded that could feed people who need it, but the rate of loss, even partially corrected, could save US consumers and manufacturers tens of billions of dollars each year.

Development and urban sprawl has replaced the once valuable farm land and cattle ranches. Our desire for bigger houses and more retail outlets has also contributed to the higher prices. The number of farms has decreased, and leaving what’s left to produce what hundreds use to, which has resulted in more competition for food on the world market.

With our greed for consumerism and glutton for oil to drive our big cars and recreation vehicles we have created a situation that will last for years to come. I suspect for two to three years we will continue to see a spike in food prices before they level off and come down. It will take that long if we act now to find solutions to our distribution problems and try to eliminate waste throughout the food process cycle. There won’t be a simple solution to the problem and it will take some constructive and creative thinking on our parts. But there are things we can do on are part now:

1. Cut down on waste, the manufacturing and distribution industry are the biggest abusers.

2. Seek new markets and other areas for oil and exploration.

3. Is green better or is it just some fad

4. Develop efficient distribution systems for food.

5. Recycle land and buildings for development back in the inner city.

I am sure there are more but you get the idea. The IBD suggest we that we scrap the subsidies, tariffs and mandates and let the market decide if ethanol or any other biofuel makes economic sense. I think biofuel and research will continue to be around for years to come until we realize that it was just a fad, and nothing more. Industries and all of humanity will have to change and it will be a long and laborious process. And we have to ask ourselves are we up to the challenge? Developing process systems and making the ones we have more efficient will be the solutions.

But for now we all will suffer along with the worlds poor, but they will have it much harder then we will, for they may not know how or when there next meal will come!

Anthony J Jackson is a management consultant and can be reached at: tonyjackson923@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.waterhouseconsulting.web.officelive.com

Interpretation Of China Mengniu Dairy “corner Beyond The” Cheats – Mengniu, Dairy – Food

In the recently concluded a “green recovery” as the theme of the Boao Forum for Asia 2010 annual meeting, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum Long told CCTV reporter interview to point out that post-crisis era in Asia facing “corner beyond the period” the introduction of low-carbon technologies, especially the new low-carbon Energy Technology to achieve leapfrog development in Asia a unique opportunity. As an industry pioneer low-carbon, for four consecutive years invited to participate in the Boao Forum Dairy Leader Mengniu The same call with its own green practices, green industry business development in China is to participate as soon as possible low-carbon technology innovation and low carbon industries, innovation, and actively participate in low-carbon economy “rules of the game” of development, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries for first-class enterprises on the same starting line.

“Corner beyond” is a common racing terms, relative to the straight, the curve on the difficult and many variables. Through the turn, the original leader of the drivers may have corners and behind, and the driver may have been behind the curve ahead of the competition use. In Long view, from the Group of 8 to 20, the global economic governance structure is a new framework, China, India and other developing countries more influence on international affairs, while the introduction of new low-carbon energy technologies is Green led the Asian economic recovery, and ultimately go beyond the “bend.” Practice low-carbon as a pioneer, leading China Mengniu Dairy green recovery, could be seen as Dairy Industry a “corner beyond the” typical case.

From 2008 Financial Overall industry downturn after the financial crisis to the 2009 mid-term one of the world top 20 dairy, and even still on top of industry sales champion, led China Mengniu Dairy green renaissance just a little more than a year, but the eco-development strategy has Mengniu this far ahead. In order to explore the green cycle economic model, Mengniu accumulated investment Environmental protection 400 million yuan of funds, the establishment of tons of sewage treatment plants, purified water into the surrounding farmland irrigation and water production. The Mengniu Ranch gas to generate electricity, sucked cow dung, “turning waste into treasure,” but also to the country each year Home Appliances Network providing 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

“Low-carbon, it appears likely that the enterprise began to burden and bondage, but in the long run it is good choice, means that competitive, and even the future of leadership.” It is in the field of innovative low-carbon green investment, Mengniu always maintain the leading position in the industry, the liquid milk market share in the first five consecutive years. Boao Forum, Mengniu use the same personal appeal of green practices, the times after the financial crisis, the Asian economy is facing both opportunities and challenges of the “corner-than-expected” and the use of high-tech “carbon” as a “low carbon” is Chinese milk and the whole Asian economy’s best choice.

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