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14 Fixes DICE Needs to Make for Star Wars Battlefront Before Launch

14 Fixes DICE Needs to Make for Star Wars Battlefront Before Launch
By Nathan Lawrence Let's get this out of the way upfront: the Star Wars Battlefront beta was awesome. Whether stomping the Rebel Alliance on the icy fields of Hoth, capturing loot-laden escape pods on Sullust, or felling scores of terrible-aiming …
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.10 Detailed, Features Numerous Fixes

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.10 Detailed, Features Numerous Fixes
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt patch 1.10 is coming really soon, if you're going to judge by the fact that CD Projekt RED recently released the log of just what is going to be tweaked and changed when the patch does finally hit. As is the case with most of …
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Bloodborne Patch 1.03 Release Date: Fixes for gameplay finally launched

Bloodborne Patch 1.03 Release Date: Fixes for gameplay finally launched
Bloodborne patch 1.03 has been recently released last March 24, 2015 on PS4, and conclusively received worldwide critical acclaim. Since fans went over the moon with the release of Bloodborne, many gamers have given updates on how to get started with …
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Star Wars Battlefront Patch Fixes Boba Fett

Star Wars Battlefront Patch Fixes Boba Fett
As I am an avid Star Wars Battlefront player myself, the biggest issue that I have come across was the lack of anti-cheating defense measures, except FairFight, but to be honest, it is not doing much. boba fett The newest patch was released on December …
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Yellow Light of Death – Answers,Solutions and Fixes

What is the Yellow Light of Death

It seems like this is something the every PS3 owner should know because errors seem to be becoming more common place among PS3 users. The yellow light of death is  a warning sign and the term came from the idea that once your system gets this error it means that it’s doomed and will never work again. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Although the yellow light is a signal that something is wrong, it could be a number of things. It could be that you are experiencing hard drive failure, it could be a hardware issue or it could simply mean your consul is too dusty on the inside.

That is why trouble shooting is necessary to find out the cause…

What Can Cause the Yellow Light of Death?

The Causes of this light error are simple. It could be because of an attempt to download and install a game. Another more common issue is that the PS3 could be very dusty on the inside. This can even come from cigarette smoke. We recommend NEVER smoking around the consul.

Thirdly the cause can be because of a hardware issue. Inside of the PS3 there is a glue called thermal paste that holdS parts of the PS3 together and this can sometimes crack.

And Last but not least a power surge could be the culprit.

How to Fix Your Yellow Light of Death Problem

If you are experiencing the yellow light error here are some quick tips you can do to fix the problem.

Check to see if there are any lose wires. If there are make sure you push them

back in till they fit securely.

Unplug all the cords but leave the power cord plugged in. Then simply plug the cords you unplugged back in.

If this does not work you will have to go through more extreme measures to fix it. And we don’t recommend the obvious choice which is sending it to Sony.

Here’s just a quick facts as to why we don’t recommend it. It will cost you $ 150 – $ 300 – It will also take 6 weeks to get your Ps3 back – It’s possible the light error will come back – And you will lose your data plus if they cant fix it you will get an old refurbished one… And what does that mean? lost data.

Yellow Light of Death Permanent Solution

As you can see there are many issues you can face when dealing with fixing the yellow light of death. But fortunately we have come across a guide that we have found to be a great solution the fixing the YLOD… Check Out PS3 Lights Fix Review

From our experience this guide has the ability to solve a majority of the errors you encounter with the PS3. According to its creators it’s the worlds first PS3 certified guide. And it’s impressively professional.

And best of all it’s cheap…. To check out our review Click Here The Yellow Light of Death Fix.

How To Fix PS3 Red Blinking Light – The Top Five Fixes

If you are suffering from the red light of death and want to fix it fast there are many more in the same boat. Thousands of gamers every year become victims of the PS3 red light of death, and if you are reading this then I assume you have just joined them. Don’t throw your console away just yet though or rush to the store to buy a new one as we may be able to bring your console back from the dead with these five simple fixes.
1. Ventilation – If the console is having difficulty getting air in and out of it this can cause overheating which will result in the rlod. So take a look at your console vents ensure they are not blocked up with dust or anything else if there is clean it with a dry cloth immediately and be aware of this situation in the future.
2. Remove the Power Cable – Yes that’s right the old faithful method that fixes most things these days. Turn it off, wait for about half an hour, and turn it on again. This has been known to work with different PS3 problems. However if it does not then you will have to try something else.
3. Remove Hard Drive – Not as complicated as it sounds as there are many tutorials for this online. Take it out wait a couple of minutes and replace it, this can solve your red light problems. If it does not this can signify you may have a problem with your mother board.
4. Do You Have a Valid Warranty? – If so you can send the console back to Sony for them to repair it for you. This however can take about six weeks and chances are you will not receive your console back but a refurbished one instead. Also the hard drive gets wiped as part of the process so you will lose all your saved games, trophies and downloads. If your console is not under warranty you can still send it off to be repaired, but expect a bill in the region of $ 200 for them to fix it. Chances are you will have the red light of death again shortly to.
5. Search Online – Check the internet and see how the other thousands like you and me fix our consoles. I personally used a guide which cost less than $ 40 and was written by professional console repairman Rob Sheffield. Containing easy to follow step by step instructions and videos I found it easy to fix my console in just under an hour. The money I saved went towards a couple of new games to.

If you would like more information on Yellow Light Of Death you should check out my website http://ps3troubleshooting.org

3 Powerful Fixes to Mend Your Relationship After She Cheats On You With Another Guy

Unscrupulous Don Juans steal married women with this technique, but you can use it to get your woman back after she leaves you for another guy. Here is what you need to know. 

She broke up with you because she wanted appreciation. 

When a woman doesn’t feel admired, she will leave. She needs to know you care for the things she says and does. You will often hear things like, “He didn’t pay attention to me. I felt lonely. I needed someone to talk to” 

She left you for this other guy because he was new, exciting, and made her feel appreciated.

 So you in turn must become new, exciting, and appreciative of her.

 Here’s how you can do it. 

1. Start “reinventing” yourself. 

Take this time after the breakup not to mope and despair, but to change your way of life. Allow yourself to feel the pain and hurt – that’s necessary to heal. But as well, you need to feed yourself healthy food, exercise well and play your favorite sports, do well in your job, and be happy with your friends. 

Take these things to heart, for they will help you most in your quest to get your woman back after she leaves you for another guy.

 2. Let her be for a bit.

 You need to have a little time away from her so you can get distance on the problem. It is important to have space to heal, and to let our emotions cool. It’s amazing what a little time can do to get people in the right frame of mind to repair their relationship after they’ve had a chance to think.

This is your time to regain your confidence, not to feel despair that you’ve lost her.

That’s the wrong thinking; you can and will get her back if you can become attractive, healthy, and emotionally stable again.

 3. So how do I become emotionally stable and attractive and healthy when my heart’s broken?

 I know you feel despair right now, but I promise you it will get better with each day that goes by. It is so important to get your mind off the pain. There’s a reason they say “time heals all wounds”; it really does.

Do your best to distract yourself in this time of pain. It will help you get more into a frame of mind that is positive and loving – one that will help you to regain your relationship with the woman of your dreams.

Remember: you need to focus on yourself, leave her be for a bit, and then start to become attractive and emotionally stable so that you can re-establish contact with her after the breakup.  

Want to learn more? 

Use the Magic Letter to get her back

Black Ops 2 Update Adds Fixes For Multiplayer and Zombies, Resolves Stat

Black Ops 2 Update Adds Fixes For Multiplayer and Zombies, Resolves Stat
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been updated today, just as its developers promised a couple of days ago. Although Treyarch had failed at the time to disclose what the new patch would contain, the update notes appear to fix with many of the issues …
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