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Fear 2 Multiplayer Tips For Beginners

When it comes to FEAR 2, the multiplayer experience is quite good on the PS3. Even though it’s a bit rough around the edges, the addictive nature of team play plus the coziness of the maps make it a truly awesome online romp.

The seasoned players on FEAR 2 are quite good and for a beginner it may be frustrating to break in the ranks of Alma’s online multiplayer. Below are some tips that you can employ to get familiar with and become better as you gain experience.

1. START WITH AN EASY GUN: Trying to fight a Deathmatch with a sniper rifle or a semi-auto rifle will certainly lead to frustration and eventually drive you to put down the controller. These are not easy weapons to master and you will certainly be killed before you can get an accurate shot. Try starting off with a Pulse Gun or a Flame Thrower. Although the Pulse Gun has limited range and a small clip, it is THE deadliest weapon in FEAR 2. One direct hit with this baby and your opponent disintegrates down to the bone! It’s easy to fire and not too heavy so you’ll be able to run at a decent speed. The Flame Thrower is excellent to inflict damage on multiple opponents at the same time. You’ll have to shoot multiple times to get a kill but accuracy is not too important and the clips are large enough to produce a Killing Spree before having to reload. It is a bit heavy and will slow you down.

2. STAY ON THE MOVE: One of the biggest mistakes I see new players do on FEAR 2 Multiplayer is staying in one place hoping for an opponent to pass them by. The phrase “Sitting Duck” come to mind? By staying in one place your opponent acquires a stationary target to unload on while you sit there ready to take it. By staying on the move you minimize that risk and it makes you a lot harder to hit. I usually run a route constantly and kill everyone that I come in contact with while maintaining a high kill to death ratio.

3. DON’T BUNCH UP: I’ve killed everyone on the opposing team because they all bunch up at an entrance. Following teammates around will only guarantee that the opponent will get two or more kills each time. While a group of teammates try to break into a room or area, you can take the back route and flank your opponent. As you do this more frequently you’ll find that your opponent is too busy trying to hold back your teammates to notice you shooting at them and you will get quite a few kills and it will prevent you from being part of multiple kill shots by the opponent.

4. HOST A SMALL GROUP: So you joined a Team Deathmatch with 16 players and you’re getting blown to pieces every time you respawn. Well…Yeah! It even happens to the better players. Large online matches can be intense and extremely fun if you can keep up but very frustrating for the beginner if you can’t get some kills. By hosting a small match (about 4 players) you will be able to hone your skill on your weapon of choice and still maintain the game interesting. Smaller games are more of a tactical nature but you’ll still get enough practice without getting blasted too many times.

5. GEAR UP WITH FULL ARMOR: Set your armor to 8 and don’t worry about the weapons to much since you can pick up a specialty weapon when you spawn. This will allow you to survive multiple rifle hits and keep you alive longer so you can learn how to evade and kill without having to respawn frequently.

6. LEARN TO MELEE: So you’re stuck in a hallway with an opponent in front of you and you run out of ammo. By the time you reload the enemy has shredded you to pieces. The best thing to do is to perform a melee on your opponent. The easiest to learn is the Slide Tackle, just press L3 + Circle while moving forward. To finish it off use the jump button right after to evade any oncoming attacks. I’ve gotten out of quite a few jams by using this.

Probably the most important tip I could give you is PATIENCE. Being patient and learning to master each weapon will take time but it will be loads of fun as you see your opponents blown to bits! Happy FEAR!

David Carr Diaz, aka dcarr3096 on Playstation 3 Network.

Watch Ghost Whisperer As They Sibilate Fear Inside You!

Ghosts are chimerical. They do not have an existence of their own; they dwell on our ubiquitous belief that tends to count imagination as real, which does not draw a line between reality and specularity; or rather, does not know how to! Whispers are profoundly genuine; they, however, are partly docile, and can sway at our moods rehearsal. We stand to watch and they have a propensity to generate conundrums that are not easily assimilated by our mind. We stand to lose and Ghost Whisperer wins!
John Gray created the premise of a spine-chilling propaganda that has left the masses wondering. The best thing he did is not let us believe it is not true; I – and had it not been for the tales I hovered myself on right from the moment I stepped out on this planet – almost believed it to be true. I even started some research about Melinda and the reasons that could possibly lead her with the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Watch Ghost Whisperer to be aware in advance, before some ghost whispers right in your ear.
As I mentioned, I really like the idea that Melinda can see dead, and even communicate with them. She helps those spirits who are stuck here, and a proper help in getting their task completed would mean their acquittal from the earthly web. Ghost Whisperer lands as a surprise when we have seen almost every ploy a ghost uses to scare us; part bathos, part melodrama but full scary, all the episodes blend a complete mix of what-happens-next telltale.
In a world where common sense is obscured by petty things, to see a ghost becoming earth-bound because he died with few unfinished businesses, perforates the common sense that seems like a jaded assault, meant to obscure common sense even further, but holds out on itself as a masterful art of storytelling, making way for some sense to peep in.
There is, however, something than can still overpower the remaining hampered sense, and that happens when we sit down to watch Ghost Whisperer online. A gothic tale told in the modern scientific era, lashed with all the new technicalities, the series works wonder to our visual sense organ. The colors, the special effects, the dark look, all make it a treat that becomes compulsory viewing this winter.
Ghost Whisperer full episodes can be found on our website, saving you from the trouble to hop on various search tabs. It is time you meet the ghosts and whisper in their ears: I am not afraid of you, not anymore!

Ghost Whisperer gets unexpected success due to its creative,surprising and different story. I have watched Ghost Whisperer Full Episodes. These were wonderful and unforgettable, I can’t stop watching it.

Can Your Fear of a Cheating Husband Push Him To Cheat?

Is it possible for your fear of a cheating husband to push him to cheat on you? This is something women worry about a good deal. There is no clear cut answer to that. It might point him in the right direction but ultimately your husband must take responsibility for his own actions as far as cheating is concerned.

Regardless of whether or not your fear of a cheating husband pushes him to cheat there are many reasons it is wise to move beyond that fear and gain your own solid self-confidence apart from his cheating. Here are a few things you can do to become the calm, cool, and confident woman you deserve to be.

1) Always work to improve yourself. It’s not all about looks though there is always something you can do in your own effort to appreciate what you see in the mirror a little more. Other areas to improve are mental, intellectual, educational, and emotional. Self help books, college classes, cooking schools, and many other opportunities abound to help you improve yourself and become the woman you want to be.

2) Learn to find the beauty within you. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We humans have faults and flaws. It’s these, combined with our talents and attributes, that make us unique as people and give us depth and strength of character. And guess what? Your husband loved you with your flaws, faults, weaknesses, strengths, talents, and attributes all.

3) Stop expecting yourself to be perfect. There is no perfect person. There’s no perfect marriage. There’s not even a perfect couple. Attempting to achieve perfection is an act of futility. Instead of comparing yourself against that impossible benchmark learn to strive to be better instead of attempting to be perfect.

4) Give your husband a reason to come home to you each and every night. Promises of better things to come is always a great way to get him coming back home at night. Send him off in the morning with those very promises and he’ll be the first one out the door and on his way home at quitting time.

5) Make your marriage exciting. There’s no way he’s going to cheat on you and miss out on all the excitement you have to offer if you make a point of never allowing your marriage to get old, tired, or stale. Keep your husband happy and he’ll never have a reason to give another woman a second glance.


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How Fear First Encounter Assualt Recon Become Popular

In the first game, you play as Point Man, the actual silent hero who just joined the previously mentioned Recon group, whose job would be to investigate violent paranormal happenings. In the first game, you might be investigating the release of a psychic ghost girl named Alma. For reasons unbeknownst for you at that time, she escaped for unknown reasons, and her son, Paxton Fettel has utilized his psychic powers to take charge of clone soldiers. With the investigation you’ll encounter little Alma who tries to scare the living hell away from you by suddenly appearing here and there and also slaughtering those around you within the most violent ways you are able to possibly imagine. All of these scares are broken up by gunfights with the clone soldiers. In the end, you end, you discover that Paxton is your brother and Alma is your mother. You kill Paxton having a bullet to the head, and in an attempt to stop Alma, you result in a nuclear explosion. Merely guess what? It doesn’t do anything aside from developing a few new enemies and also reducing the encircling town to rubble.


In F.E.A.R. 2, you play as Michael Becket. The game starts in regards to a half hour before the end from the first game, meaning you’re able to experience the blast at the conclusion of the very first game first-hand. Eventually you discover that Becket has got the same powers as Point Man while he was an attempt at developing a test-tube version of Alma’s children. Evidently, this means that Alma has an attraction towards you, setting you up for the next game of atrocious scares from the little girl dressed in red.

Actually, Alma starts to age in this game. Every so often you see her in an adult form, most likely the form she grew into while being kept in an isolated chamber for so long. At the end up the game, you fight with Alma who, I kid you not, ends the fight by raping you, getting herself pregnant.


Back on Point


In F.E.A.R. (FEAR 3), you might be placed back into the head of Point Man that is tied up and being interrogated by guards in the prison. Guess they did not get the memo which he talks even less than Link. Your brother, Paxton, shows up in ghostly form and also aids you in escaping. Works out he really wants to help you find your mother, and also the unborn baby for reasons he does not yet reveal. This is when your mediocre adventure begins.




The first thing you’ll notice is that, while the cut scenes are pretty, the particular game’s graphics haven’t enhanced all that much. Sure, things are a little shinier, models certainly are a bit smoother, along with lighting is better, but it’s nothing close to the increase you’d probably expect considering the time between this and the previous game. Not a game breaker, and obviously you can still have a great game with mediocre graphics, but it’s a bit disappointing.


Combat continues to be basically the same, with the exception of a few enhancements that make combat a bit more fluid. You still have your slow-mo ability and also martial arts moves similar kicking and also sliding. The newest inclusions in PM’s move-set would be the ability to take cover and the ability to absorb certain dead bodies to gain XP. This brings all of us to our first serious issue. The cover system in this game is Ugly. The game is very finicky with what you are able to and should not take cover behind, along with how close you have to be. You essentially have to be pressed right up against the wall in order to take cover, contrary to the magnet covering fire in games like Uncharted and Gears of War. Another issue is that it isn’t always obvious what you could hide behind. Sometimes trying to take cover on a certain wall will just result in you running into it while you get shot at. This would not be a big deal if cover was not just about required in normal to high difficulties. Half of the time you’ll receive gunned down along the way of attempting to move into the perfect position to hide behind some cover. Other times you’ll THINK you have taken cover, merely whatever you did was crouch behind it.


The XP system had been a fascinating addition. As opposed to having you picking up power-up syringes like the first two games, you instead gain XP from completing challenges. These types of challenges the sorts of stuff you see coming from other games like Call of Duty – Such things as “Get X Environment Kills” or “Kill X Enemies from Cover”. One larger source of XP may be the Alma Dolls and also Psychic Links. Alma Dolls are simply creepy looking dolls designed to seem like voodoo dolls of Alma. The actual Psychic Link is an ability you should use on glowing bodies to absorb all of them and gain XP. These types of bodies are scattered around here and there, and so are never the enemies you killed yourself. They’re usually in odd locations for example bathroom stalls or laying upside-down in the dark room. After getting a certain amount of XP, you may gain a level. Each level gain gets that you simply new ability or even stat increase –Things like the sliding kick or Slow-mo/Health/max ammo increases. This particular new system adds a little more playability towards the game, meaning you’ll have more reason to experience through the overall game again to be able to get more special abilities.


Brotherly Love


An additional addition towards the game is the ability to play as Paxton Fettel, whether it’s by yourself or even via coop campaign. Fettel is actually physically weaker, merely he’s got the ability to invade enemy bodies and take control of them, as well as other psychic abilities.


Unfortunately, there is no change in the story when playing as Fettel. You still experience the same cut scenes, with the only difference being the ending. He seems to have been thrown in to the game just to give a reason to add coop, or as a poor attempt to add replayability. This is very disappointing. It might have been great to be able to replay the game from Fettel’s perspective, with various cut scenes. Had this particular been handled better, it’d definitely have made the overall game somewhat better.


The controls themselves are strange. I’m not sure who decided the control scheme, but it seems like their goal ended up being to make them awkward. I had to re-map the controls since I just could not get used to it at all. I recall precisely what these were, but it I believe it was something like L2 to aim and pop up from cover which usually made shooting really strange feeling.


Gear up to this games the word games and the action games here.