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Have A Stronger Marriage Than Ever After Cheating In 3 Easy Steps

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by Etahos

What would you do if you knew that it only takes 3 easy steps for you to have a stronger marriage than ever after cheating? Would you be willing to take three small steps for the sake of saving your marriage? How much are you willing to work to make things work after you’ve been caught cheating?

Keep these three super easy steps in mind as you work to have a stronger marriage than ever after cheating and you’ll be well on your way to the fairy tale ending you always thought your wedding would lead to.

1) Stop finding fault. This is a two-edged sword. Not only do you need to stop finding fault in your spouse but also you must stop finding fault in yourself. When you dwell on the negative (in yourself and others) that tends to be all you see. Instead of focusing on the negative, it’s time to accentuate the positive. The more time you spend looking for the good in yourself and others, the less time you will have left over for finding fault or looking for the negatives. It’s beautiful how wonderfully this works to save marriages from all kinds of pitfalls, speed bumps, and road blocks – even a cheating spouse.

2) Offer compliments gladly. The more you point out the good things you see in your spouse and the wonderful things he or she does for you, the harder your spouse is going to try to make you happy and earn your praise. It really is wonderful how well that works. When you show your appreciation for the little things, the big things become easier and easier to receive from your spouse. Also the more little things you do to make your spouse happy the greater the return on your overall investment is going to be in happiness coming your way.

3) Learn to choose your battles. Not all fights are worth participating in. This doesn’t mean that you need to become the King or Queen of passive-aggressive attitudes. It does mean that you need to learn which fights are the important fights (those from which you can get results) and which fights might be best left unfinished or even sacrificing the win to the spouse who loves you so much. Fighting every fight to the death only leads to the death of your marriage and bigger problems than cheating for your marriage. If you want to have a stronger marriage than ever after cheating, you’re going to have to learn to let some fights go.


Sometimes you may wait just a little too late and you’ll find yourself faced with the dilemma of how to get your ex back before you can move on to focus on saving your marriage or making it stronger.


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Angry Birds Review ? The Best Game For The iPad Ever

While writing this Angry Birds review, something occurred to me. Why are there frying pans flying around on the title screen? Is it for the pigs to fry the eggs?

Anyway. If you’ve never played Angry Birds Online before, you’re in for a treat. It’s the best selling paid application for the iPhone and is even awesomer on the iPad.

It’s a simple sort of game. Some evil pigs have stolen your eggs (you’re a bird by the way) and you must recover them.

How you do this is part of the charm of this delightful game…

You fire your angry birds from a giant slingshot and smash into the pigs and their defenses. Haha, sound silly? Well, it is, and huge amounts of fun.

The most important part of any angry birds review, is a discussion of the birds themselves.

As you progress through over 100 levels of pig smashing chaos you’ll get different type of birds that are added to your arsenal. Each with their own unique ability…

The small red birds – They are your basic ‘smash into things and knock them down’ type of bird. Nothing special and the first bird you get to use
The pointy yellow birds – They can supercharge and fly at great speed. Especially useful for plowing through planks of wood.
Tiny blue birds – They split into 3 and are awesome at smashing glass; the little devils!
Fat black birds – My favourite. They smash through nearly anything and then you can make them explode, causing massive damage to everything in its radius.
Fat white birds – Drop explosive eggs. I find these a little annoying actually as it’s difficult to perfectly place your bomb and they’re stupid-lookin’.
Boomerang birds.
Giant red birds – You get these in the later levels and they are like big red battering rams.

While all this may sound like a totally ridiculous idea for a game, it works really well, and this angry birds review was the most fun I’ve had with an iPad.. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can play the trial version and then upgrade for a couple of bucks to the extra levels.


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Can My Marriage Ever Be The Same After My Husband Cheated On Me?

Wives can feel as if they have lost many things after their husband’s affair. Often you feel as if you’ve lost a little bit of your self esteem, your confidence in your marriage and your husband, and your belief that you are perceptive enough to know what’s going on. Another loss that many wives describe is the predictability in their relationship. Many describe a marriage that “is just different” than the one that existed before the affair.

On my surviving the affair blog, I often hear comments like: “we used to have such an easy rapport and relationship but now things are so strained and awkward.” Or “our marriage used to be filled with laughter and endless conversation but now you could hear a pin drop when we’re together. The laughter has died and in it’s place is pain and silence.” One more example is “we used to be very affectionate to one another. We were always touching or holding hands. Now, we rarely touch one another anymore. It seems like we’re both afraid of doing the wrong thing or of facing rejection. Our marriage right now after his affair is so foreign to me. It’s so different than the one we had before. Will things ever be the same again? Because I want my old life back. I don’t like this new one at all.” I’ll try to address these concerns in the following article.

Your Marriage May Not Be Exactly The Same After The Infidelity. But, If You Rebuild, Your Marriage Can Still Be Happy, Fulfilling, And Sometimes, Even Better: In my experience, it can be unrealistic to think that you can carry on as if nothing happened or that you can turn back time to reveal the exact same marriage as before. Despite your best efforts of your intentions, you often can’t ignore what happened. And, this knowledge will understandably make you a bit cautious and doubtful because you’ve been hurt before.

But many marriages use these doubts and fears as motivation to make positive changes rather than to give in to the negativity that has settled in. Yes, it’s absolutely normal to be angry or even furious that the marriage you thought you knew (or were even happy in) was not exactly what you thought it to be. But one mistake does not mean that your entire marriage was a farce. It doesn’t mean that you and your husband never loved one another, didn’t have a good marriage, or weren’t happy. It simply means that, for whatever reason, you were momentarily vulnerable and unfortunately, one of the spouses acted due to that vulnerability.

Often, the real key to getting your marriage to place where it feels “normal” or similar to what you’ve experienced before is to identify that vulnerability and then to remove it. Because if you can do this, then you can usually also begin to remove some of those doubts. The reason for this is that you’ll then know that the reason for the affair is removed so that you don’t have to constantly worry anymore. And, not only can this be very freeing and such a relief, but often the work that you do to remove those vulnerabilities will actually improve your marriage.

Couples often find that they are forced to be truly honest, open, and forthcoming. They are no longer reluctant to discuss any worrisome issues with or to reach out to their spouse because they now know the danger of doing so. Also, often an affair will show both people just how close they have come to losing their marriage or their spouse. This is often a wake up call that isn’t other wise possible. By no means am I saying that an affair can be a positive thing. But, I do believe that it can bring about positive changes for your marriage if you use it to motivate you rather than allowing it to weaken your marriage to the point of no return.

Identify What You Most Miss About Your Spouse Or Your Marriage And Be Very Proactive About Getting It Back: If you’re in a situation where you’re mourning what you have lost, you don’t have to just accept that the life that you knew is gone forever or that you will never get it back. For example, the wife in the above scenario missed the easy rapport and the continuous physical affection that she and her husband shared. Being able to identify and then to focus on these things are the first steps toward getting them back.

But rather than merely accepting this loss, be very proactive about rebuilding these aspects of your relationship. This is hard for many people because reaching out again to someone who has betrayed or disappointed you can make you feel very vulnerable and even a little foolish. But, unless you want to continue to live in a marriage that is missing something, you will sometimes have to step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance. I know that sometimes when you do this, you have the sinking feeling that you’re going to be hurt again. But if you don’t take that chance, you will never know what your marriage could have been.

Countless couples are able to create an even stronger and more open marriage after an affair because they come to learn the vulnerabilities and lacking that were present. Addressing your issues is sometimes uncomfortable but it is often worth it because it makes you not only stronger, but more aware of your spouse’s wants and needs and just how badly it feels when you face the threat of loosing them.

I sometimes hear women say that their husband’s affair was the best thing that ever happened to them or their marriage. I wouldn’t take it that fair. If I had the choice, I wish my husband’s affair had never happened to us. But, at the same time, I can look back at it now and see where the work we did really did improve our marriage and make it even better in some ways than it was before. So while our marriage isn’t technically the same, it’s actually improved in some areas and we’re pretty darn happy. My answer to the posed question would be that, although it’s unlikely that your marriage will be exactly the same, you can return it to a happy and fulfilling place.

If you would’ve told me two years ago that I would have a happy marriage again today, I would have never believed you. My marriage went through some very dark days and there were times when I thought we would never get through it, but we did and we’re actually better off in some ways for it. If it helps, you can read more of my story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/.  Her article website is at http://katie-lersch-articles.com

Does One Ever Get Over Cheating Or An Affair?

Sometimes, I hear from wives (and occasionally husbands too) who tell me that, no matter what, they don’t feel as if the betrayal from the affair will ever be over.  Both the person who cheated and the person who was cheated on can come to think the affair is never really going to be over because it’s going to follow you around endlessly.

I often hear comments (from cheating husbands) like: “I’m starting to think that the affair is never over – not really.  I have nothing to do with the other woman anymore and I’ve moved on within my own heart and mind.  However, my wife can not seem to move on.  I don’t think she ever will. In a sense, the affair is never going to be over for her no matter what I do.”

This is one side of the equation, but here’s another side.  Sometimes I hear from the wife on the other side of this and she’ll say something like: “He says the affair is completely over.  He swears he won’t have any contact with the other woman.  I am not sure if I believe him or not.  But what I do know is that even if he doesn’t see the other woman anymore, she has to be in his mind.  He’s scattered.  He’s distracted.  He’s just not the same as he was.  Sometimes I look at him and I think that he’s thinking about her at that very moment.  So, he can say whatever he wants about it being over, but I just don’t think I buy it.  How can I stop thinking this way?”

In this case, both husband and wife had valid points and both deeply believed what they were saying. And both had view points that were completely understandable.  Even so, reading these comments saddened me.  And the reason is that both of them could potentially be very wrong in their assumptions. 

In my view and experience, the affair is over if you both decide if it is and conduct your life in the same way. I will discuss this more in the following article.

If Your Spouse Is Telling You That The Affair Is Really Over And You See No Indications To The Contrary, Then Continuing To Question This Is Counter Productive:  Please don’t get angry at me when I make this observation.  I am making this because I really want to help and I can tell you that I did the same thing and made the same assumptions.

I was constantly watching my husband like a hawk and examining each and every thing that he said.  Anytime I was puzzled or worried about what I was seeing, I would start to think that he really wasn’t over this and didn’t really want to be with me.

And you know what happened, this just kept the cycle going.  Because when he saw me have these doubts, then he started to think that no matter what he did, I was always going to hold onto this.  So in this way we were both assuming things that didn’t need to be true.  But because we believed them to be true we kept the negative cycle going for much longer than it had to be.

Sometimes, our worries, our fears, our “what ifs,” and our speculations keep us from really moving forward.  We sometimes worry about things that never need to happen and never would if we didn’t push our spouse away because we are full of doubt.

I can’t guarantee you that the affair is really over.  But I can tell you that if your husband is saying it is and he’s not giving you any reason to doubt him, your continuing to insist that it isn’t over is potentially going to do so much more harm than good.

Why I Believe That Affairs CAN Really Be Completely And Totally Over For Good: I have seen countless marriages recover from affairs.  Mine included.  I have seen countless men never repeat the infidelity more than the first mistake.  That’s not to say there aren’t serial cheaters out there, because there are.  But there are also remorseful men who learn from their mistakes and who never repeat it.

So sometimes it really can be a mistake to assume that the affair is never really over when it truly is.  With that said, you can certainly place some safeguards in place.

Making Sure The Affair Is Really And Truly Over And Then Moving On:  It’s normal to not be sure if you can trust your spouse when he tells you the affair is over.  You’re going to doubt him because he has betrayed you about this before.  There’s nothing wrong with watching him closely. 

There’s nothing wrong with telling him that you expect him to be accountable.  There’s nothing wrong with asking him to be very open honest and free with whatever information or reassurance that you ask for.  But once he’s given you this, you have to make a decision as to whether you really do want to move on or not.

Sometimes you have to make a decision to do your best to trust until he gives you another reason not to.  Because those doubts and fears really do impede your process if they are constant.  My stance on this has always been that I chose to trust him until he makes that a stupid decision.

And that did work for me.  Time has shown me that the affair is really over.  Had I assumed that it wasn’t and acted accordingly, I might have a much different outcome than I have right now.

I know that these worries are very difficult, but try to stay the course.  This was just one issue I had to deal with when my own husband had an affair. Like all of the other issues, we worked through it. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger than ever after my husband’s affair. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is pretty high. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com

Surviving The Affair is where Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/.  Her article website is at http://katie-lersch-articles.com

Can You Ever Get Over Being Cheated On – 4 Effective Tips to Get Over Being Cheated On

Can You Ever Get Over Being Cheated On

The deception is hard to take. It embarrasses you and makes you ashamed. The way you feel, you would almost think that it was your fault, and part of the reason for the cheating probably is. Maybe your partner was not just looking for a thrill but it could be something much deeper.

Whatever the reason, if you want to save the relationship you need to take steps to get over being cheated upon. Here are 4 effective tips to help you:

1. Don’t Act as The Victim

I know you are hurt and perhaps confused, but sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help. The one that cheated is not going to be the one to patch up the relationship. You will help heal your ego more by being the strong one now than if you just waited to let the whole thing blow over.

2. Don’t accuse

The natural tendency when you have been cheated on is to rant and rage. This might take some steam off your chest but it won’t help your relationship. The cheater will just go on the offensive and perhaps be driven to the one he cheated with. No matter how hard it may be, you need to swallow your anger and pride. Can You Ever Get Over Being Cheated On

Don’t be telling them how badly you are hurt or expect the cheater to come crawling. If you want to save your relationship, all your energy should be pointed in that direction.

3. Get to the bottom of it

If you don’t know the reason for the cheating, you can’t fix it and your relationship will be on shaky ground. This is probably going to hurt, but you must know the reason for the cheating.

You are going to hear some things that you don’t want to hear, but deep down you no doubt suspect what caused the cheating. Don’t accept lame excuses such as ” It just happened”. That won’t help to put it behind you. In order to save your relationship, the real reason must surface so that it can be fixed.

4. Forgive and forget

This might be the hardest part of all, but it is the most necessary step. You must learn to trust your partner again. A relationship cannot survive unless there is trust. Your tendency now will to be suspicious and watchful. Although a certain amount of this will be unavoidable for a time, you must not smother or make your partner feel imprisoned. Doing so will only lead to the partner wanting to escape. Can You Ever Get Over Being Cheated On

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