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Psychic Elizabeth Understands Children Who See Ghosts


Do you believe that there are children who see ghosts? Were you one of them or do you know one? I know that I was one of the children who see ghosts without a doubt. I did not realize at the time what was going on. I just knew that every night, the doll on the ottoman in my room would grow into a full sized man wearing a hooded cape who would sit and watch over me every single night. No one could see him but me. Today’s Daily Quote deals with this specifically. It’s from Max Muller, the German academic who was born on this day, December 6th. He said:

Childhood has its secrets and its mysteries; but who can tell or who can explain them!

Were you one of the children who see ghosts? Do you have something from your childhood that you could not explain to the grown-ups? Do you have children around you right now telling you bizarre stories about who and what they see in their rooms? Children are still fresh enough to be open to all that is. They are not jaded by the experiences of life. They have not had enough people tell them that they are “just seeing things” or that they are making things up. They also still believe everything they see and hear because they are young enough to still be open and in a state of belief. 

If you have one of those children who see ghosts around you, please listen to them. Please don’t tell them they’re crazy. Please don’t tell them to stop making things up. Please believe them. Ask them to draw what they saw. Ask them to color you a picture. You will be amazed by what you see. Also, do not discount your own childhood experiences. If I had listened to the grownups in my life, I would have thought I was crazy. I saw what I saw. I knew what I saw then and I still know it to this day. Hooded Cape Man was there every night. If I turned on the light he was gone and just the doll sat there on the ottoman. I could see him in the moonlight very clearly. I would talk to him but he would never talk back to me. He would just sit there, looking at me from under the cape hood. What memories do you have? What do you remember from being one of the children who see ghosts? I’d love to hear your stories!

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