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Theft cases up with the poor economy


Theft cases seem to be in the news more and more with the poor economy. Most recently, Democratic Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was charged with felony grand theft. The Castro Valley assemblywoman was allegedly caught on video surveillance stealing more than $ 2,000 worth of merchandise from San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus. The Assemblywoman has been in office since 2006 and she is also married to Judge Dennis Hayashi (Alameda Superior Court Judge).


The Assemblywoman was stopped by Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention on Tuesday after she left the store. She was carrying a shopping bag with three items worth more than $ 2,000 that did not have a receipt. The items were a black skirt, leather pants, and a white blouse.


The Assemblywoman is facing grand theft charges. The maximum exposure for these charges is three years of state prison. However, it is likely that she will not be facing the maximum because this crime is her first arrest.


Theft crimes are serious and can carry many years of prison depending on the number of priors that a defendant has, the cost of the items stolen, and the status of the defendant (whether he is on parol or probation…).


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Cheating And The Economy ? Are Marriages More Vulnerable To Cheating In Troubled Economies?


Statistics show that cheating is more common in times of great stress. The current economic situation has marriages on the rocks around the world and cheating is a common escape and a common scapegoat.

People are unhappy when their futures seem uncertain. Unemployment is running rampant. Retirement hopes and plans are growing dim. People are watching their financial plans go up in smoke and there is a lot of unhappiness and uncertainty to go around.

This leads to fighting, nagging, and general marital problems. Statistics are proving that instances of infidelity are on the rise as the economy becomes more and more unstable. So yes, marriages are more vulnerable during times of great stress. It doesn’t get much more stressful than what many couples today are going through.

People are losing their homes, their retirements, their jobs, and their pensions, and their financial safety nets in one fell swoop. For many people this loss of control is a staggering blow.

Why is Cheating so Prevalent?

Cheating offers an opportunity to regain some control. It allows you to take the reigns and make a decision, even if it’s a decision that will later be regretted deeply.

The more uncertain things become, financially, the more likely people (as a society) are to cheat. When things show signs of improvement (jobs are finally found, retirement funds begin to grow, stress is relieved at home) the number of people actively engaging in affairs or cheating seems to decline.

What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to your marriage?

Do whatever you can to reduce stress levels at home. Get rid of clutter, find inexpensive entertainment sources for the family to enjoy, reinstate game night with board games you have on hand, cut expenses wherever possible and be hesitant to pick them up again in the future.

Another important way to reduce the risk of stress related cheating is to create a financial plan and emergency fund for the family. This way you wont’ be nearly as devastated if the unthinkable happens to you because you have a security net and a plan.

Perhaps the most important thing to realize is that we’re all human and likely to make mistakes. Granted cheating is a big mistake but it isn’t one that cannot be overcome. Even if your spouse succumbs to cheating during this crisis it doesn’t mean your marriage must end at all. You can save your marriage even if your spouse cheats on you as long as your both willing to commit to the effort.


Take action now to get the stress in your home under control before cheating seems like a viable option and you’re working to get your ex back and save your marriage instead of preventing an affair.


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Cheating And The Economy ? Can Your Marriage Survive Stress Related Cheating?


There are many people who believe that using the economy as a reason for cheating is nothing more than making excuses. The thing is, this is one excuse that statistics seem to back up. Stress leads to cheating in many marriages. It becomes an escape from the pressure and money is the number one cause of pressure (and divorce) in today’s marriages.

If your marriage is dealing with the fallout from stress related cheating due to the crumbling economy there are things you can do to improve the odds that you will be able to save your marriage in the end. Put these tips to work in your marriage and see how fast they work to get your marriage back on track and relieve the stress that is causing so many problems.

1) Get a tight grip on your financial situation. I know this is often something that is easier said than done. People are trying to find new ways to get blood from the same dried up old turnips but there are almost always small changes that can be made to get results. It’s time to reign in your spending once and for all. Cut all corners that can be cut and make some sacrifices that may be painful at first but are sure to pay off for you and your family in the end.

2) Create a plan to save money for those rainy days. We all feel a few rainy days ahead of us. Now is the time to begin planning for them. There is more involved in this than simply setting money aside. Now is the time to start economizing when it comes to food preparation, energy consumption, and general wastefulness. It’s time to start letting go of some material things and focus on the things that are really important like family, marriage, and faith.

3) Sit down and talk about the money problems that are coming between the two of you. Resentment in marriages over money is a huge problem that often leads to divorce even without cheating adding a new emotional dimension to the problem. Your spouse isn’t going to change the problems you think exist if he or she doesn’t know the problem is there. You really have to discuss waste where you see it and be willing to accept criticisms of spending that may be directed at you as well if you want your marriage to survive stress related cheating.


If you don’t get a handle on the stress related to money in your marriage you could find yourself looking for ways to get your ex back instead.


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