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How to Prevent Wallet Theft During Shopping

Although it is very difficult to detect thieves who are usually wandering all around to steal the wallets of people in different shopping malls but there are some ways that can be helpful for preventing wallet theft. If the person knows some techniques or is aware of how to prevent wallet theft during shopping then the chances of wallet theft can be minimized. The cases of wallet theft can also occur at other places like offices, during travelling or at home.

The most important thing is to keep lesser things while going for shopping because it will be easier to keep an eye on few things. All belongings should be kept in the pockets instead of handbags but if these are kept in bags then bag should be placed at a suitable place. Some people place the bag in the cart that can be stolen very easily. In the shopping cart it is better to place the wallet or bag at the back of grocery items so that it would not be easier for the thieves to steal the bag or wallet.

Important credit cards, identity card or ATM cards should not be kept in wallet because wallets are usually stolen by pick pocketing. A very advantageous facility for how to prevent wallet theft is introduced that makes it possible to open the wallet by just the owner. It has the system that detects the finger prints of the person so it cannot be opened by anyone else. These sorts of high tech wallets can be paired with mobile phones and they give signal when they are kept at particular distance away from the mobile phones. Thus the mobile phone cannot be forgotten at home.

All the tips about how to prevent wallet theft can be helpful but the most important thing that works best is to be careful while moving outside at any place. It is preferred to keep fewer belongings so that it would be easier to take care of all of them. Nobody should be trusted and the attention should be focused at the personal possessions.


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Espionage during the War – Civil War Spies

“History is written in blood.
There is no future without pain.
Freedom is gained through war, and war is freedom.”

Truer words were never said, and innumerable Nations who have gained their freedom through wars and battles will accept this. War is pain, be it with anyone. However when there is internal strife within a nation, when brother turns on brother, then that is the worst kind of conflict- Civil War.

Now, in these wars, more important than the actual warfare was Intelligence. Intelligence about the opposition- their plans, secret encampments, hideouts, stratagems, et al.  This is where the Spies came in.  Wars were won on tactics and knowledge, rather than on brute force. The spies used to infiltrate the opposition and gather the information to the best of their ability, for their respective factions.

The American Civil War constitutes one of the grisliest and most horrific parts of American history, with tremendous losses, before peace ensued. Both, the Confederate and the Union factions had their spies infiltrate each other’s troops and obtain as much information as possible, as even the slightest advantage was worth many lives.

The Confederate Spies were mainly involved in intercepting communications such as letters, important messages, etc, but they also ran an espionage and counter espionage operation, focused mainly in the north, Washington being the place of prime importance.

Some of the notable confederate spies were Aaron Van Camp, William Norris, Antonia Ford, John Beall, among others. These spies led double lives, crossed borders at great personal risk, just for the sake of their leaders (Though some were motivated my greed and the romance and adventure).

The Union too had their fair share of spies, which were quiet successful, and also led to the formation of the American Secret Service as we know it today. The foundation of this huge organization was laid in that time itself. However, unlike the Confederates, the Union Spy Network was decentralized, with different spies reporting to different heads of organizations. Examples being- William Lloyd spying for Abraham Lincoln in the south, Lieutenant General Winfield Scott’s security and intelligence was handled by the capable Lafayette Baker, Hattie Lawton-who discovered the Baltimore assassination plot, and more. These names have been immortalized in history simply for the sheer scope of their bravado, courage and cunning. The effective manner in which they crossed enemy lines and gleaned details of importance is unparalleled.

Another name worth of note here is Sharpe. George Sharpe. He used unconventional means (such as papers, POW’s, local residents) to get all kinds of information, and was successful at it, making him somewhat of a hero among the Union.

Slaves and smugglers provided some of the most vital bits of information to the Union, hoping for a better future. Information obtained through such sources was termed as ‘Black Dispatches’, such was the atmosphere during those times.

Even female spies played an influential role in the war, gathering useful information, as men were susceptible to a woman’s words, and wouldn’t be that suspicious of them, as the concept was relatively new. Among them Pauline Cushman and Elizabeth Lew are well known.

Whoever they be, the majority of these are some of histories nameless figures, forever shrouded in mystery, playing the game on both the sides of the board. They are Spies.

For more info about Civil War Spies, visit Civil War Spies website.

Demi Moore?s Boyfriend 2014: ?Ghost? Star and Sean Friday Keep Their PDA to a Minimum During Date Night

Demi Moore was photographed attending the opening of The De Re Gallery in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 15, 2014). The 51-year-old star was joined by her boyfriend Sean Friday, who is 24 years her junior. The couple, who have been dating for six months, showed up at the event to support her friend, photographer Brian Bowen Smith. They kept their PDA to a minimum but were very smiley and seemed happy to be together. Looking toned and tan, Demi Moore showed off her great figure in a white Katharine Kidd halter-neck jumpsuit that she teamed with a Sandro jacket. The “Ghost” actress combined her ensemble with Lanvin wedges and accessorized with a large black and white printed clutch. She kept her long, glossy brunette locks straight and curled at the ends to finish off her look. Meanwhile, her much-younger boyfriend Sean Friday was dressed in tight jeans at a hipster hat.

Demi Moore headed over to the De Re Gallery Grand Opening in West Hollywood, Los Angeles on Thursday (May 15, 2014). The actress accompanied artist Brian Bowen Smith on the red carpet before joining her boyfriend Sean Friday inside. (Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images)

Demi Moore opted for a white Katharine Kidd halter-neck jumpsuit and tan peep toe cork wedges by Lanvin. She also carried a large black and white printed clutch as her accessory. She completed her look with lashings of mascara and eyeliner. (Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)

The actress arrived with a cream leather jacket slung over her shoulders but she then whipped off in the heat. (Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)

Demi Moore, whose relationship with her boyfriend Sean Friday is going strong, wore her long, glossy brunette locks straight past her shoulders and then curled at the ends. (Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)

Demi Moore posed with her friend Brian Bowen Smith at the event. (Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)

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What Goes on During a Ghost Hunt?

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on during an intense ghost hunt? Do you think that you would be scared of the unknown if you were going to join in on the fun of hunting for the paranormal?

There are many ghost hunting teams that are happy to take you along with them if you ask. Many will go way out of their way to show and teach you what they know about the paranormal. And who knows, you may just see a ghost or two during your hunt.

The first thing that happens when you start a journey in hunting for ghosts is that you will get your gear ready to go. You’ll get together your emf equipment, recorders, video cameras and all the other technical and non technical equipment and pack it up to go to the location. You will find that there are a lot things that you will need to bring along.

When you arrive on the site, the ghost hunting team will interview the owners of the place if there are owners (sometimes places are abandoned). Getting information on the area will help a lot in the hunt that is to get underway.

The team will then usually get their equipment set up and get ready for a long and interesting night of searching out the paranormal. Usually, if there is a house involved, this means that people will hang out in each of the rooms possibly speaking out to potential paranormal beings in the hopes for some kind of answer. Sometimes, pictures will also be taken of the area to see if anything comes from the developed picture that the eye did not see.

If you are interested in ghost hunting and maybe joining a team some night, check out your area to see if there are teams close to you. They can be just a short call away to get a hold of and you will find that a lot of them will be very happy to let you tag along.

Look at getting into the paranormal and learn how to hunt ghosts.