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Pepsi Within The Ghost In The Delicious Event Marketing Wisdom – Pepsi, Coca-cola – Food Industry

PepsiCo And Coca-Cola Be Beverages Two industry giants. As competitors, the two Coke Between a variety of means to defeat each other, even though the two drinks giants now in the position of the world, still I am one can shake, but the two standing in the eyes of everyone, is the shift, comparable to . This also resulted in competition between two giants, but the emphasis is on competition, fair competition, and now look at the two giants of the competition cases labeled.

Event playback: July 5, 2006, fans in the world to focus on the time in Germany, the United States came from the shocking news: the world’s leading beverage giant Coca-Cola’s “inner demons” attempt to include samples of its new beverages, including trade secrets sold to its main rival Pepsi. Fortunately, however, turned down the Pepsi improper transactions, and this information timely information to the Coca-Cola, the world as the voice of the two cola uproar.

For Coca-Cola, this is a Advertisement Opportunities?? Once again tell the world, Coca-Cola is the “mystery formula”, this formula is most proud of the wealth of Coca-Cola is a legend, a classic brand is one of the world can not go beyond the “martial arts Cheats,” though no one knows what true or false, but the story thing is that??

1886, the United States, Atlanta pharmacist John? Pemberton will Carbonated water, sugar and other Raw material Mixed together, unintentionally created a soft drink was popular in the world. Later, called Frank? Mason? Robinson syrup from this new two ingredients, coca (koca) and coke (cola) the name of the fruit of inspiration for the name of this drink. In order to write the same letter, he kola rewrite the letter k c, the middle is connected with a hyphen, this is the Coca-Cola (coca-cola). Coca-Cola can be focused, in large part because formula is that it’s mysterious. More than a century, Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola formula despite improvements in less than ten times, but the company has carefully preserved the myth of prescription status and mystery. Coca-Cola’s original formula is only one known to the world of this retention, it was locked underground existence of the Georgia Trust vault. Although later for various reasons, most of its Coca-Cola has openly been formulated, but the most critical part is less than 1% is always tight-lipped. Today, Coca-Cola has more than 99% of the raw materials, such as water, sugar and various additives were all found in the global deployment of all production, but the liquid still Coca-Cola Coca-Cola headquarters.

Is such a legend, making Coca-Cola brand in the world of the beautiful story, and because the secret formula, making an ordinary product over the world, including the so-called “stolen formula” event, nothing but nothing to Coca-Cola advertising , from another perspective, even if the formula to other companies, Coca-Cola Coca-Cola still remains unshakable, even and, like Coca-Cola formula, Coca-Cola said it was not long, “say it is not is not” This is the brand of magic.

After the end of Coca-Cola is such a thing to say, “Our secret is well preserved, there is no danger,” again with the formula enough the world’s appetite for fishing.

For Pepsi, the events of a more corporate image index rose. Speaking of brand, Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola still is not (Coca-Cola’s brand value has more than 500 billion dollars, the highest reached nearly 700 billion dollars, far behind Pepsi-Cola), but the performance of the 2005 Pepsi for the first time exceeded the market value of Coca-Cola.

Pepsi approximation to the Coca-Cola, in particular, the incident demonstrated the grace and wisdom is a particularly outstanding, subtly enhanced the company’s brand image, showing the demeanor. Actually, even though Pepsi and Coca-Cola formula exactly the same or a different perception of customers as the brand’s virtual determines the different social cognition.

Some have said that this is Coca-Cola in a show intended to adopt the “Perfect” Pepsi fooled his opponent and led to the quagmire in violation of the law to; some is that Pepsi in the acting, to obtain a high profile; but I said It may also be Coca-Cola and Pepsi co-starred in a drama, aimed to tell the world turning their attention to the “coke” up. Because it is summer, drinks Sell Absolute good time.

This is both smart companies, the so-called business ethics is to accumulate wealth through commercial means, Pepsi and Coca Cola have done.

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Delicious Black Tiger Shrimp

Thailand Shrimp is a type of marine prawns that is widely used as delicious food item. It’s commonly available in indo-west-pacific, Africa, Arabian Peninsula some part of Japan and Northern Australia. Sea food is considered as a very healthy food for human being mainly because sea food contains low cholesterol levels, rare minerals and vitamins. It provides required vitamins and energy. It’s very useful in the growth of brain without adding extra fat to the body.


If you are a seafood lover then you should checkout  restaurants and small food outlets which provide quality sea food like prawn, frozen fish, tiger shrimps, Thailand shrimps and many more. You may find a bulk of quality aqua food only in south Asian countries like China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand and also in South America and North America Earlier it was really difficult to get any of this types  of seafood apart from the above countries


However the time has changed and technology has grown and made it simple. Now days these foods are available almost everywhere Like in restaurants or hotels. The Frozen seafood items taste like the fresh one when they are prepared. You will not even realize that you are eating frozen one unless you are informed about it. Tiger shrimps are largely exported by south East Asia to other parts of the world. Tiger shrimps are known for its taste. If you are a frequent visitor of restaurant and food outlets where you enjoy the mouth watering cuisines of seafood then you must try black tiger shrimps which are delicious with the typical Thai ingredients. There are many varieties in black tiger shrimps

Below given is the list of black tiger shrimps available in the market

H.L black tiger shrimp, HOSO black tiger shrimps, and HLSO Black Tiger Shrimps


Thailand shrimps are largely exported to countries like U.K. and Canada where the demand for this food is high.  There are many feeding forms for shrimps in and out of Thailand


In any international hotel Thailand shrimps and black tiger shrimp are a must in their seafood menu. Thai cousin is best known for the spicy food and seafood. Usually the food in Thailand is made from natural herbs spice and chilies. Thai seafood is one of the most delicious sea foods in the world with the right mixture of ingredients and lots of fish and Prawns. Thailand sea food is very famous for its shrimps like saltwater shrimp, White shrimp and black tiger shrimp. Lots of species and flavors are used in the preparation of this shrimp and none seafood menu is considered as complete without black tiger shrimp and Thailand shrimps dishes.


Shrimps and other sea foods are considered as healthiest item in the food menu not just because of its taste, but because it is the natural resource for some very rare and vital vitamins like Cod liver oil which is given for every new born babies. People who have fish regularly never get any issues related to fat or cholesterol.

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