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Deep and Tranquil Sea or Blue Oblivion Zones of Death – Oceans at the Environmental Crossroads

What is a zone of death? It is a Science Fiction term used in a 1939 popular novel, today we use the term “Dead Zone” which is an area in the ocean void of oxygen where aquatic sea life will not survive. Our fellow species are dying and it is due to human fault. Right now in China, off the coasts of Beijing and Shanghai, there are dead zones of 280 miles and 310 miles and they are not getting any smaller.

Why is this happening? Pollution, pure and simple, urban run-off and it is everything from Toxic Chemicals to MSG, from Oil Spills to raw sewage. What is being done about this in China? Well not much, but safe it to say, don’t eat the local shell fish unless you want some serious type of cancer or disease. Chinese eat quite a bit of fish in their diets, which makes sense, but where will they get it in the future, if they keep polluting?

One species of fresh water dolphins is now extinct due their chemical run-off pollution into the river. A year or so ago, they promised to fix the raw sewage problem and claimed their sewer treatment plants were clogging due to toilet paper. Their answer, take toilet paper out of the hotels for foreign visitors and this nation wishes to host the Olympics?

Each time the pollution issues get mentioned in the media, they promise to fix the problem, but soon China will be the number one polluter of both air and water in the World. Over 750,000 Chinese die each year from toxic pollution and that number is growing. Sure China can afford to lose a million people a year and still never run out, but is that really fair for all concerned? After all, pollution does not stop at man-made lines drawn in the sand.

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Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Troubleshooting – Restore Your Xbox 360 to Normal Condition

Videogame consoles are becoming technologically very advance and their motherboard are getting complicated day by day and hence their problems. The problems in the console are also becoming complicated to solve by the users themselves. Similar situation has been reported with the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console which was introduced to the market recently. The console is reported with some kind of hardware problem called as the red light errors.


The Xbox 360 console is designed to show some kind of errors when there is a problem within the console. They are represented by means of red lights in the power ring. The lights are emitted by means of a LED lights that are arranged in a circular fashion around the power button. These lights glow in green color when the console operates under normal condition. But, when there is some problem within the console, these lights will turn to red color. The number of red lights that are glowing in the power ring depends upon the type of the error. Recently many consoles were affected by “Three red light error”. The three red light error is otherwise called as the “Red Rings of Death” or simply as RRoD.


The RRoD occurs when the temperature inside the console rises above the normal level. The temperature rise is due to long hours playing of the console and the poor design. Generally, consoles are designed to have a long hour playing capacity but in case of the Xbox 360 the console is unable to withstand it and shows the error message E 74 on the screen. The cause is found to be because of the poor cooling structure of the console i.e. the intercooler fan of the console fails to cool the hot air developed and it also stated that the intercooler fan consumes large amount of power from the motherboard main supply through the motherboard components causing the electronic components to get over heated by the over current flowing through it.


RRoD can be solved by removing the X clamps that hold the heat sinks. Actually the heat sinks are placed over the two main processors. The grills of the heat sinks used to cool the air that passes through them by means of intercooler fan. Since the temperature has gone up, it is required to have additional cooling system to reduce the temperature. Though there are many methods suggested, the best way of doing is to remove the X clamps only as it provides air flow from the external environment from downward direction.

The repairing can be done in a simple way. The users themselves can repair the console with the help of video tutorials which are available in the internet. You can repair your console and start playing your games in just one hour from now. It is very easy to do the repair work and the repair work can be done with the help of simple tools like screwdrivers. This is the best way to repair modded consoles too.

Xbox 360 Repair Video Tutorials

Yellow Light of Death – Answers,Solutions and Fixes

What is the Yellow Light of Death

It seems like this is something the every PS3 owner should know because errors seem to be becoming more common place among PS3 users. The yellow light of death is  a warning sign and the term came from the idea that once your system gets this error it means that it’s doomed and will never work again. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Although the yellow light is a signal that something is wrong, it could be a number of things. It could be that you are experiencing hard drive failure, it could be a hardware issue or it could simply mean your consul is too dusty on the inside.

That is why trouble shooting is necessary to find out the cause…

What Can Cause the Yellow Light of Death?

The Causes of this light error are simple. It could be because of an attempt to download and install a game. Another more common issue is that the PS3 could be very dusty on the inside. This can even come from cigarette smoke. We recommend NEVER smoking around the consul.

Thirdly the cause can be because of a hardware issue. Inside of the PS3 there is a glue called thermal paste that holdS parts of the PS3 together and this can sometimes crack.

And Last but not least a power surge could be the culprit.

How to Fix Your Yellow Light of Death Problem

If you are experiencing the yellow light error here are some quick tips you can do to fix the problem.

Check to see if there are any lose wires. If there are make sure you push them

back in till they fit securely.

Unplug all the cords but leave the power cord plugged in. Then simply plug the cords you unplugged back in.

If this does not work you will have to go through more extreme measures to fix it. And we don’t recommend the obvious choice which is sending it to Sony.

Here’s just a quick facts as to why we don’t recommend it. It will cost you $ 150 – $ 300 – It will also take 6 weeks to get your Ps3 back – It’s possible the light error will come back – And you will lose your data plus if they cant fix it you will get an old refurbished one… And what does that mean? lost data.

Yellow Light of Death Permanent Solution

As you can see there are many issues you can face when dealing with fixing the yellow light of death. But fortunately we have come across a guide that we have found to be a great solution the fixing the YLOD… Check Out PS3 Lights Fix Review

From our experience this guide has the ability to solve a majority of the errors you encounter with the PS3. According to its creators it’s the worlds first PS3 certified guide. And it’s impressively professional.

And best of all it’s cheap…. To check out our review Click Here The Yellow Light of Death Fix.

Fixing the Yellow Light of Death

One of the biggest downfalls of owning a first generation PlayStation 3 console is that the console is highly susceptible to errors and problems. There are a number of different issues that can arise within the console, as sometimes people have reported, that it fails to give a display or at times the graphics are not fully up to the standard. The biggest problem to have ever occurred within the PlayStation 3 is the presence of the yellow light of death, which is highly similar to the Red Ring of Death error that was common with Xbox 360 consoles.

The YLOD fix error causes your console to prevent from booting up and renders it permanently useless. Another big issue that comes from this error is that it can never be resolved on a permanent basis, so if you own a console that has the Yellow light of death error, you might as well scrap it and get a newer one. However, a lot of people try the yellow light of death fix in order to see if their console can be repaired and there are a few people who have also reported that once they have applied the fix to their consoles, it has been working fine ever since. There are two ways by which you can get the Yellow light of death issue resolved in your PlayStation 3. One of the simplest methods is to take the console to a professional repairing expert within your vicinity and give your console to him.

However, they will charge money for the services, so people who do not want to pay anything for getting their consoles fixed might want to try out the yellow light of death fix online guide. The online guide is available for free from some sources, while others are charging money for it. Locate a free guide from the internet and then just do exactly as mentioned. There are a few items that you will require in order to make sure that you are able to repair your console properly. You will require alcohol, a compressed air blower, a screwdriver which will be used in-order to open the console up and a heat gun, which is important.

The first step is to open up the console. Find all the screws in your console and detach it in order to remove the top cover. Once the slightly curved portion of your console has been removed, the next step is to remove the hard disk bay. This is locked at first in place, so you will have to open more screws in order to get to the bay. Remove it and keep it aside. Once you remove that, you will get access to the Blu-Ray player. Loosen up all the screws from the sides of the player and you will begin to see the heat sinks on the console.

Use your fingers in order to gently check out the heat sinks. If you find that any one of the heat sinks is not properly secure to its place, you will know the reason for the Yellow light of death error. The yellow light of death fix allows you to repair the heat sinks and to get your console running back up by properly applying thermal paste and putting the heat sinks back in their normal state. However, regardless of the method that you use, one thing that you need to know is that none of the repairing methods are permanent and the errors might return to your console very soon, so it is just a chance that you will be taking.


yellow light of death fix It is always a better option to get your PlayStation 3 repaired quickly and as soon as it gets faulty so that you do not risk it further getting any problems. A PlayStation 3 console is very precious for many people and hence it should be taken care of. Click here for Playstation 3 repair

Simple Remedy on How to Fix PS3 Yellow Light of Death Without the need for Shipping Your System to Sony

The playstation three is the newest video unit to be created by Sony, it’s a brilliant machine that will allow for one to experience games in crystal clear 3D and even will allow for one to connect to the Sony PS network. Having ones Playstation 3 crash is a dreadful ordeal, thus a person ought to learn how to resolve general errors that are connected with the Playstation 3. An example of the reported malfunctions is the yellow light of death, it’s an incident that comes about in these situations: trying to clone a game on the hard drive, a power surge or the Playstation 3 being too dusty. A PS3 gamer should possess the info and know how to fix PS3 yellow light of death.

If a person got their PS3 not too long ago, it’s always encouraged that an individual uses their warranty and deliver it back to Sony for a comprehensive overhaul. While this procedure is completely free, you will be forced to wait around two months to get your device shipped back to you and many times they just return you a refurbished platform so all your info will certainly be gone. One other option you have is taking your PS3 to a local specialist. While this is going to cost you a small bit of cash, at least you are not going to have to wait around for two entire months to have your PS3 mailed back to you. These strategies may not even be ideal to the devoted gaming fans, consequently there’s the struggle to learn substitute strategies of how to fix PS3 yellow light.

Many individuals have tried out a variety of tactics of fixing the mistake and posted the methods in weblogs or web pages, not all the answers may work in all cases, so the best thing that one will want to do is browse for a guide on how to fix PS3 yellow light of death. The guides are exceptionally valuable as these are an in depth source with many techniques on how to fix PS3 yellow light that have performed flawlessly for lots of various gamers.

The basic things that one can perform all on their own is cleaning up the Playstation 3 and its cables, using a blower to clean the internal parts without opening up the system, restarting the PS3, checking the hard drive cable connections, and taking out all power and video connections and then plugging them back in. If these don’t work, then it’s important to discover a PS3 repair guide on the web and find out how to fix PS3 yellow light of death all by yourself.

If you desire to understand more and read which Playstation 3 repair tutorial I utilized to learn how to fix PS3 yellow light of death, view my website here: how to fix PS3 yellow light

How to Fix PS3 Red Light Blinking? Step by Step Effective Guides to Fix The Red Light of Death!

If you need to fix PS3 red light blinking, aka Red Light Of Death (RLOD), on your gaming console, you are not alone! Thousands of people are experiencing with this problem and the internet is flooded with irritated and angry consumers who fear they will have to throw out a gaming console that they spent hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Fortunately, throwing your console out is completely pointless! Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t fix PS3 RLOD issue, because you can! The following five steps will help you find a solution to the problem.

Step 1: Check your console

One of the biggest reasons for the flashing red light problem is to place the console with the fan vents on the floor or sitting against a wall where the air cannot flow freely in and out of the console.
So, start by checking your console and see that those fans are not blocked. If you notice a lot of dust on the console, clean it immediately. Once you get the flashing red light on your PS3 console is working again and you will keep the valves clean and free.

Step 2: Test the hard disk

Now find the hard drive on the side of your console and remove it. Wait a few seconds and replace it. In some cases, set the PS3 red light. If you still see the flashing red light, there is a chance you have more extensive damage inside the unit. It might be a problem with overheating that causes problems with the motherboard, especially if you had your console on the floor or up against a wall.

Step 3: Unplug

The last in-home remedies to fix the PS3 blinking red light is to unplug the console from the wall for about half an hour and then plug it back in. This does not always work, but some people have had success with problems other than overheating. If it does not work, then you have more extensive damage to the console motherboard.
Yet it does not mean that the console useless! Continue to find a permanent solution to the problem.

Step 4: Check your warranty

The next step you can do to fix red lights of death is to see if you still have a valid warranty for your console. If you do, you can contact Sony and mail it in a fix. Note that this will take at least six weeks before you expect your PS3 back and chances are you will get a refurbished unit Rather than you originally submitted late also note that Sony Will delete the memory of your device so you will lose everything stored in the console.
If you do not have a valid warranty or you do not want to lose all saved inside the console, Sony bypasses altogether. Without a guarantee that they charge $ 150-300 or more and often the unit you get back will have the same flashing red lights of death problem in a short time.

Just jump over to our last step.

Step 5: Find an Online Fix

Go online to the skill sets that will show you some online program to fix PS3 red light flashes in just an hour or sometimes less. These programs will show you how to fix your console just as an experienced PS3 repairman would fix it, but you will not even pay $ 50 for most of them!
If you learn how to fix the PS3 red lights from unprofessional websites or forums, chances are, you can make it worse because there are more than 20 causes of the problem.
It is extremely important to learn how to Fix PS3 Red Light Flashing from professional websites … Read this PS3 Light Fixer Reviews to find out how you can save $ 200 and six weeks to revive your PS3 console in 3 hours max all of your own, guaranteed!


Sam Jones is a Freelance Writer & Working for Right Solution Software and Hardware Deptt. Since from 5 Yrs.


How To Fix The Yellow Light Of Death On Ps3 With These Effective Steps

Are you looking for a way on how to fix the yellow light of death on ps3! Did you know the reason why ps3 yellow light of death happen to you is because general hardware failure which results by overheating on the motherboard.

Here are some few steps you need to follow on how to fix the yellow light of death on ps3:

A- Turn off your PS3 and check if there is any loose cable, then give it some time to cool down and turn it back on again

B- After switching your PS3 off! Try to remove the hard-drive, and plug it back in. From time to time the hard drive connections on your PS3 can become loose and cause the ps3 blinking yellow light. So you might want to repeat this 2-3 times for better results.

Did you implement the previous steps and still no positive result. Here are some other options that you might want to look at it:

1- Send your PS3 to Sony:

Sony will fix your ps3 blinking yellow light for free IF you are still covered by their warranty, but if your ps3 had passed the warranty period, then you need to pay huge fee $ 150+ to get your ps3 fixed, and it takes around 2-4 weeks which it’s almost a month for Sony to fix your PS3. and the most important part you will lose your saved information which i’m sure you don’t want that happen to you .

2- Fix your PS3 by yourself without Sony’s help:

You can fix your Playstation 3 yellow light of death by yourself with a repair guide. Don’t worry the process that you need to follow is really simple and effective and most importantly you will not lose you saved data in your hard drive, besides you wouldn’t believe at the tools you need use to start fixing your Playstation 3.

Let me list down the advantages when you plan to fix your console by yourself:

1. You don’t need to pay Sony huge fee because you will be fixing your ps3 by yourself a lot cheaper

2. You don’t need to wait almost a month to get your PS3 fixed because with the right tutorial guide you will be fixing your ps3 within short period of time.

3. Fixing yellow light of death ps3 by yourself will not cause you to lose your saved information in your hard drive


So let me show you a review about how to fix the Yellow Light Of Death On Ps3 repair guide that you need to use to fix your PS3 yellow light of death, plus the tools you need to use to get your console up and running within a short time. And the most important part you will not lose you saved data in your hard drive.

Fix My PS3 Yellow Light of Death – Repair the YLOD Error

Got the PS3 yellow light of death error and now you want to get rid of it? Well, you’ve basically have 2 ways to get it fixed. You either send your console over to Sony, or you can actually repair the problems yourself with the step by step help from a repair guide. But before I’m explaining more about that, let me give you some tips that might help you out!

1) Alright, first of all, try to restart your Playstation 3

2) Do you have any loose cables? If so, plug them in correctly.

3) Plug out all your cables, and plug them back in.

4) Take out the hard-drive, and put it back in. This needs to be repeated for 3-4 times.

The tips didn’t fix the PS3 yellow light of death problem? Than you either send your console over to Sony, or you fix it yourself with the exclusive step by step instructions that’s included in the repair guide.

Fix My PS3 Yellow Light Of Death By Sending It Over To Sony?

This option seems so great, right? Well… it’s not!It’s a total waste of money and a waste of time… You see, when you do this and your warranty has been expired… You’ll have to pay Sony $ 150… Holy cow… Right? That’s 2 new games that you can buy from that money!

Oh, I didn’t even mention the waiting times yet! You’ll have to wait at least for 2 weeks before the Ps3 yellow light of death repair is finished, and it could go up easily to 1 month!

Fix My PS3 Yellow Light Of Death By…. Myself? With A Repair Guide?

This is actually the best option that you’ve got. Want to know why…? Because this is the cheapest and fastest way of getting your Playstation 3 back working! It’s highly recommended to use a repair guide on this because it gives you step by step instructions.

It’s high likely that you will be done with the fix within 1 day. Many people who actually fixed the PS3 yellow light of death error by themselves, have had the fix done within a couple of hours. Some did it even within 1 hour… Want this too? I’d recommend you to check this site out: Playstation 3 Repair Guide.

Ps3 Yellow Light Of Death Fix ? Getting Back To Peak Performance

I you’re one of the unfortunate owners of a PS3 that has been struck by the notorious PS3 Yellow Light of Death, you are no doubt searching for solutions to get the problem fixed. I will explore what choices you have to get your console working again at peak performance.

If you want to fix the yellow light of death on your PS3 you’ll have to understand what causes it to occur. Overheating of the console, which can lead to the soldering cracking and losing contact with the motherboard is the main cause of the yellow light of death.

To prevent overheating, make sure that there is a flow of cool air around you console. Be certain to keep it out of enclosed areas where the fan isn’t blocked or it will eventually overheat. Of course marathon gaming sessions will definitely aid in overheating the PS3 and may affect the systems lifespan.

If you are still under warranty, a good option to fix the PS3 yellow light of death is to send your PS3 back to Sony where they will most likely just refurbish it. Now if your warranty has expired you will have to pay up to $ 150 to get the console fixed.

If your warranty has expired, my first move would be to open the PS3 and see if I can reseat the hard drive. A loose hard drive can cause the yellow light of death as well.

One other tip you can try is to press down on the CPU, because a loose connection is essentially what causes this error. As the system components heat up they expand which will cause the CPU to become disconnected.

If these suggestions do not yield any positive results you need to get a thorough guide on how to fix the PS3 yellow light of death. There are several guides out there that will give you great step by step instructions that can help you get everything up and going in less than an hour.

Visit our site and you can learn how to fix the PS3 Yellow Light of Death in under 40 minutes. You won’t have to go through the 6 week waiting period by sending you PS3 off to Sony. Fix the console yourself and start playing again today.

If you don’t want to give 0 to Sony service center or wait for 4~6 weeks to Fix PS3 Yellow Light Of Death. Here is your step by step professional Yellow Red Light Fix guide. Read the PS3 Fix Guide Review for more…

2 Ways Not To Fix Your Yellow Light Of Death PS3


When your PS3 start blinking it can be pretty shocking. Actually with a lot of people when their console breaks can cause them to go into panic mode. This is true with many gamers who plays their consoles as much as I do, but if you do get the PS3 yellow light of death then there are few methods you should not try to get your console back working. These include some of the most common ways for getting your PS3 but most people come out of the process highly unsatisfied.


Yellow Light of Death- Bad Fix #1


Whatever you do don’t send your console back to Sony to have them fix it. This is a HUGE

waste of time and money. When you send it them it will take them over a month to fix your console and then send it back to. The cause of your PS3 yellow light of death could be something like overheating due to dust down in the console. This is not worth having to wait weeks when it doesn’t take them that long to fix. On top of that to get your PS3 fixed you will need to pay $ 130 for the repair. This is so expensive most people just decide to get a new PS3 and not go through the hassle of waiting.


Yellow Light of Death- Bad Fix #2


The next way you should not try to get your consoled fixed is to go on youtube to find a video to fix it the yellow light of death. These videos are because they are so poorly designed. The first thing that is wrong with the videos are they are not clear at all. My personal opinion is that I do not want to be fooling around in my console that cost me $ 200+ without a to what I’m doing. Besides the unclear videos they also leave out very important chunks of info in the videos. I would never use a guide that doesn’t even tell exactly what to do when I’m repairing the yellow light of death. Also with a guide from youtube you never get any type of help whatsoever if you get stuck at a confusing part in the video.


How Should You Get It Fixed?


Well there is and it is much better than the above 2 options. The right way is to go online and buy a good detailed guide on how to fix your ylod PS3. The guide you choose should give you a thorough walk through of what you need to do. It should include a text manual, clear pictures, and videos that tells you every thing that you need to know to fix your PS3 yellow light of death problem. This way to repair your console ensures you have a great chance of getting your console fixed in a timely manner and that won’t empty out your pockets. You will also get all the help you will need because most guides come with 24/7 support for any problems you experience.


PS3 Not Working Because YLOD? Get The Best Yellow Light of Death Repair Guide Here: http://www.squidoo.com/fix-ylod-ps3-problem

Hey I love videogames but I hate it when my console breaks.