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Brazil Travel Guide – Glory Days at Interlagos, a Guide to the Brazilian Grand Prix

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better known as the Interlagos circuit, is one of the most notorious and talked about Formula 1 tracks in the world. A place where all the adrenaline of Formula 1 racing mixes with the buzzing atmosphere of Brazil’s largest city; a spectacle that, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy, will immortalize any Brazil travel experience.

The Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo brings a carnival atmosphere to an already frenetic city. This is one of the biggest annual events in the South America travel calendar; the streets leading to Interlagos are thronged with motor sport fans, international supporters from across the globe and hundreds of flag waving Brazilians.

Interlagos sits within a natural amphitheater which offers spectators a clear view of the entire circuit, becoming a cauldron of noise and frantic activity during the build up to the race itself.

The track is considered unique for a number of reasons. Originally built in the 1930s on unstable land, the track soon acquired its characteristic bumps and inclines which put intense pressure on the precision engineered Formula 1 cars and their highly trained drivers.

The circuit is also one of the few in the world to follow an anticlockwise direction, putting even further demands on the drivers who are intensively trained to cope with strong centrifugal and gravitational forces pulling in the opposite direction.

As a result of the race’s special atmosphere, the physical and technical demands on racing teams and Brazil’s glorious weather, the Brazilian Grand Prix is unique in the Formula 1 season, guaranteeing to offer a constant barrage of entertainment.

The track is home to a number of challenging features, including the Senna “S,” a series of tight bends that were named in honor of Brazil’s own racing hero, Ayrton Senna after his tragic death behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Also on the circuit is a long, flat straight known as Reta Oposta, a dangerous and thrilling stretch on which the cars frequently top 180 miles per hour.

It is this combination of features that makes the race at Interlagos such a thrilling experience, and which has given the Brazilian Grand Prix legendary status among drivers and fans alike.

But for those visiting on Grand Prix Packages, Brazil vacations offer much more than three days of motor sport excitement. The city of Sao Paulo is perhaps the most cosmopolitan spot on the entire continent, with many of the world’s communities and cultures represented in its population of 15 million people.

This Brazil travel guide was written by a travel-loving Brazil vacations expert at Brazil For Less, a member of the Latin America For Less family.

Are Cheat Days OK?

So how do you incorporate a cheat day into your routine and still lose fat? First of all everybody has a different perspective on a cheat day. Some think that it is a day when you can just eat everything in sight at some buffet down the street. Meaning a day where you can eat mountains of ice cream and layers of crunchy nachos. What a great world that would be where you can eat as much as you want without gaining an ounce of fat.

Unfortunately there has to be limitations in order for you to do this correctly. A cheat day to me is a day when at the very most you can eat anything you want but keep portion sizes in mind. In another words have a day could be every Sunday or Saturday where you get pizza. But only eat two or three slices at a time. You can eat anything you want but make sure you only eat a reasonable sized portion every three hours. That is one way you can approach it. Cheating every once in a while can actually be good for your fat loss results.

Cheat days are great when you want to spice your diet up and help you stay loyal to it. Just commit to a full week of eating clean foods. Then reward yourself with a treat. Many people believe a cheat day should only have one meal out of that day that could be anything. This probably the best way to go if you want to keep the most fat off. The meal could a big hunk of chocolate cake or three slices of pizza. Be the master of you own diet and decide for yourself. Just have self control and do not go overboard for this can kill weeks of dieting instantly.

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