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Shiyan Auto Culture Festival Grand Opening

 September 5, 2009 the morning of 6 weir People’s Square, flags fluttering, vehicles such as the long queues, people such as tide, vehicles city of China the long-awaited letter of co-2009 China Shiyan, Hubei (Zhang Bay) Auto major auto show-cum-Cultural Festival Opening ceremony held as scheduled, the activities of thousands of people Zhengdu grand occasion.

 Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shen Ning Wu, the National Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association, vice president of products Zhang Xiaoping, China Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Supplies DONG Xing, Hubei Province, Ninth, Tenth National People’s Congress Standing Committee Ballon Qing, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial government agencies Services Authority, party secretary, Wang Chuan-hao, Hubei Province, Economic and Information Committee and deputy director Hu Shuhua, city leaders Zhang Siyi, Mi Kluckhohn, Shih-Jye Wu, Wei-Kuo Chang, Zhang Xin, Ling Zhong Ti, Dongfeng company leader Norinaka attended the opening ceremony.

 At about 9 am, the famous CCTV host Li Jia-Ming, OUYANG Xia Dandeng Taiwan appearances, read a letter the state workers Miao Wei, vice minister of the Ninth, Tenth CPPCC Standing Committee member Li Youwei, the Eleventh CPPCC Standing Committee member Chen Kiyoyasu, the former Ma Yue, general manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation congratulatory message. A live demonstration of the former State Economic and Trade Commission Yuan Baohua inscription: “the pride of the Chinese auto industry.” Shen Ning Wu announced: All 2009 China Shiyan, Hubei letter (Chang Wan) Auto Culture Festival opening shot of the colorful salute the square of smoke and mirrors the sky formed a rainbow picture, the festive atmosphere of the scene lit.

 Mayor Zhang Siyi said in his speech that this year is the 60th anniversary of founding of new China is the 40th anniversary of the city of Shiyan City to build, but also the 40th anniversary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation plant. Western Hubei Province, Hubei Province is implementing eco-cultural tourism circle strategy, Shiyan Wudang is working to create culture, water culture, car culture, that “Spirit Mountain, Xiushui, automobile city” three cards, to auto cultural festival, is to leverage this resource advantages , excavation car culture, heritage car civilization, vividly reflect the “strong wind” grew up and enhance the public’s “East Wind” and Dongfeng truck understanding of this activity Bancheng efforts to influence the city and the country, there are characteristics of car culture events , the phrase “Shiyan Motor City” in particular “national cars” this card into the country, to the world.

 Dongfeng Automobile Company Norinaka deputy party secretary, said the past 40 years, Shiyan City, and Dongfeng Motor Corporation weal and woe, Gandanxiangzhao, create brilliant. Dongfeng plant in the 40 anniversary to revive Shiyan, has become a company-wide consensus Dongfeng, “863 revitalization plan” announced that Dongfeng sounded the clarion call to revive Shiyan, Shiyan once again ignited the people’s passion. He was convinced that through the organization of the car culture festival, a more in-depth interpretation of car culture, to further improve people’s concept of car consumption, in order to contribute to a build a charm Shiyan.

 In the soothing background music, the auto show kicked off, a Dongfeng-branded vehicles, cars onto the stage, dressed appearance of the Model cars accompanied by stirring rendition, the audience greeted with cheers. Auto Show focuses on self-developed entirely by the Dongfeng Motor Corporation Dongfeng Fengshen’s first mid-size sedan S30, dynamic spiritual Dongfeng Citroen Sega, called consumers “fine quality of the election” Dongfeng Peugeot 207, Dongfeng fashion dynamic sports car The new Honda Civic, September 5 until the day of listing of Dongfeng Honda Civic Platinum Core, intelligent fashion known for KIA Furui Di, economical and practical for Dongfeng and Dongfeng Star off to mighty warriors known as Dongfeng 9 series models.

 In addition, the Dongfeng Tianlong, Tin Kam and value of more than 600 million cars are polar Dongfeng Motor Show yesterday, a show style. The same day, in addition to passenger cars series and Dongfeng Dongfeng commercial vehicle series, as well as non-Dongfeng brand cars, such as General Motors, Buick, Hyundai brand cars exhibitors. Nearly one hundred cars a collective appearance, dazzled the audience to see, many struggle Yan Shiyan Model cars site, people exposure to “Our Dream Car beauty” world. Many of the older “old wind” come together in front of the car a long stay in touch here, there, look at from time to time talking about the original construction of two gas scenarios. Auto-site consultation constant flow of people buy a car from time to time members of the public to sign orders to pay the deposit under the car.

“The world’s most expensive one kiss”, “Dongfeng Fengshen I love you” scene kiss vehicles were sedans activity, has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the opening ceremony of the activities. In accordance with the prior via e-mail, cell phone text messages are two ways to determine the rules of the game, ladies and 200 short-listed for children 5-12 years of age will be a beautiful lip print to stay in four white Fengshen S30 sedan car body. Experts from the lip print a complete character; lip contour, lip wrinkles clear; lip plump; lip color glossy in areas such as a comprehensive selection. Eventually Pingchu 110 players, from the Dongfeng Motor Corporation equipment factory workers Zhu Xiaoqin was “the most beautiful lip print” title, and get the value of 75.8 thousand yuan Dongfeng Fengshen S30 sedan car at the same time, also voted for 10 beautiful lips India Award, will be awarded 600 yuan a beautiful car models.

 In the afternoon, from the study engaged in the automobile industry experts gathered at a dozen cars city hotel, from the current developments in international and domestic automobile industry, China’s car in the world automotive sector location, local economic progress and development of the company between Dongfeng relations, and China’s auto and auto parts development trend, Dongfeng company’s current development situation and so freely about the future of auto industry trends.

 Person in charge, according to event organizer, Chang Wan District secretary of the Liu Hua said that through this event, hoping to arouse the public’s old industrial bases in Shiyan, “wind” Remembrance, to enhance the public’s “East Wind” and the understanding of Dongfeng vehicles to improve community Shiyan (Zhang Bay) knowledge of the automotive industry to achieve car culture and car economy “fly together.”

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Corporate Culture Change – Learning to Cheat

One of the problems that exists in our companies today stems back to the educational system under which we were all raised. It’s time we start teaching our children to “CHEAT”. Think about it. From our earliest experiences in the classroom, we are taught to “cover our papers” and be sure we are doing our own work. Students could be sent to detention or to the principal’s office, or worse still, expelled, depending on the importance of the test in the teacher’s eyes. Proctors watch students and some teachers give varying tests to varying rows so no one can possibly cheat. The penalties are severe, telling students that what they have done is clearly a crime. What message are we sending students when we tell them not to cheat? You must do it all alone. You have to be sufficient unto yourself. It is wrong to give or receive help! What we are teaching is pure selfishness – an attitude that says, what’s mine is mine and never yours shall be. How can we expect these same children to grow up and work together in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation which is essential in business – and in life – today.?

Higher Ed

It doesn’t seem to improve as we go higher up the academic ranks. As students reach university level, they are often asked to sign or make pledges that they have not received help on a given assignment. I remember writing that oath on the bottom of my exams! We encourage students to work together and to study together right up to the exam, but when it comes to the final “reward” time, we tell them in no uncertain terms, “you are on your own now.” It has tones of “the final judgment”, a belief that says we come before God at the end of our lives and are asked to give an account. I’d rather believe that at the end of life I’ll be “judged” on the measure of my love and cooperation not on how well I worked out the answers alone! I’m convinced that belonging is one of our most basic needs.

Mixed Messages

We don’t purposely intend to send mixed messages. And yet, even in places where things should be different, we often do. I teach in schools for adults where students are receiving bachelors of business administration and even MBA’s.. According to the school’s stated philosophy, we are encouraged to teach through participation and facilitation. We work in study groups that emulate real work groups. And yet many of the upper level management teachers insist on giving closed book, individual exams at the end of the semester! I have had various conversations with other faculty members on this point. For some people, you would think I was advocating tyranny! It’s a challenging issue – how to balance individual learning and group performance. What does it mean to get a grade? What we believe about grades often carries over to the way we give rewards – A’s to the winners, whatever that means.

An Example

I once gave a group exam and asked the students to use each other and whatever other materials they needed to answer the questions. It was interesting to note that they only felt free to work together with the people seated immediately near them. They stayed within their small defined study groups and never ventured to ask others in the room for help and no one thought – or dared – to come to me. They were never taught to ask for help from someone who might know – and so they never dreamed of doing that now! Once they had begun to relish the idea of working within their small groups, and became comfortable doing the exam collaboratively, they still weren’t comfortable getting group grades. I had several students ask me to LOWER their grade because they thought they had gotten too much help from the group! How can we reprogram the message that says it is not okay to work together? And, until we do, we cannot expect all the consultants in the world, and all the training exercises to teach people to work as teams. We need to change our messages. In order to teach team work and cooperation, we need to reassess something that is at the core of our culture – the spirit of competition.

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