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Will Sony Continue Remote Play Support For the PS4?

Sure, the DualShock Analog remote controller has been the trademark of all the Sony Playstation gaming consoles to date, including the PS3, but there are good chances that PS3 may be the last gaming console to feature the DualShock Analog remote controller.

But, apart from the DualShock Analog remote controller, another interesting point to discuss here is the remote play support, which almost looks useless on the PS3, because all you can play is the PS1 or PS2 level games. In simple terms, remote play isn’t that effective in PS3, if you want to play some of the games with very high graphics details.

It is also quite possible that PS4 may integrate a TV, Internet connection, and a controller, and allow you to remote play whenever you’ve got all these things in place.

If the PS4 were to really come without an optical media, it would make perfect sense to develop a wireless remote controller, which could be either WiFi or Bluetooth enabled.

This would in turn give rise to possibility of direct video streaming on the monitor, and there are many things, which strongly favour Sony to invest in the development of remote play in a superior manner (unlike just being an option in PS3).

Looking at the current technical levels, streaming video isn’t really something that’s too fancy, and turns out to be rather something relatively ease and very much feasible, though the level of reception will have to be boosted up drastically.

But, the biggest decisive factor in this regard would obviously be Sony’s decision to reply on optical media, because Remote Play wouldn’t be too feasible in sync with optical media – you wouldn’t really want to get up to change the disk every single time, would you?

Therefore, in light of the current development, remote play support for the PS4 looks pretty much on the cards, but it would surely depend heavily upon the other decision Sony makes in selection of design, hardware and tech specs of the PS4 finally. As of now, these are all speculations, and after all you can only speculate when Sony has decided not to even reveal a single word about the PS4.

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War Movies Continue to Be Popular

If you’re looking to make a lot of money at the box office, there are several themes that are goldmines. Buddy comedies always seem to do well, as do romantic comedies. Big historical epics are a bit riskier, but if done right can pay off with huge dividends. Another type of movie that can be hard to create but has a huge audience is a war movie. Whether it’s based from the general’s perspective or if it’s told by frontline medics decked out in scrubs clothing, war movies are fertile ground for all sorts of topics. Sometimes the movie barely has to be about a war at all-the setting is enough to create a story. Other times there isn’t much story at all and the fighting takes center stage. Whatever the case, war movies have all sorts of built-in audiences like those who have served in the armed forces, history buffs, and those interested in watching a movie about an event that they remember happening in their life.

War movies come in all shapes and sizes. Some movies are technically proficient, showing the ins and outs of the actual battles. These movies tend to be high on special effects, but also strive to be historically accurate. Since books are written about many of the more high-profile battles, there are many out there that could tell if the facts were twisted around. It’d be like putting a scrubs uniform on a soldier rather than their fatigues. They’d stick out like a sore thumb.

But once you get past all the explosions, the fighting, and the adrenaline rush of being shot at, many war movies have a very personal touch at their core. The focus might be on the men and their families, the innocent caught in the crossfire, or the tough decisions those at the top need to make. There are even films that highlight those in scrubs uniforms that take wounded soldiers and try and put them back together again-or at least comfort them in their last moments. Thankfully, most of us have never been in a war, and maybe that’s why we’re so fascinated about war movies. It’s a subject that we’ve seen played out on the nightly news countless times, but that we have no first-hand knowledge of. For all our sake, let’s hope that our war experience stayed relegated to snippets we see on the news, rather than a first-hand account of what it’s like to be on the front lines. If we need more, we can always rent another war movie.

In the heat of a battle it’s always good to have a medic in scrubs clothing. Thankfully the life of a medical professional isn’t that dangerous, but they still have to wear a scrubs uniform. At Scrubs and Beyond you’ll be able to outfit yourself with scrubs uniforms that vary in style and fit. No matter what selection you make on Scrubs and Beyond, you’ll at least know you’re buying quality. Check it out today!

The Catfish Wars Continue – Swai vs Channel Catfish

As the battle between United States catfish farmers and Vietnamese catfish farmers rage on, who will ultimately pay the price of the war? As Basa fish and Swai fish have become more popular in North America, US catfish farmers have aggressively lobbied congress to destroy their Vietnamese competitors. Their newest plan is to change US catfish inspections from being done by the Department of Agriculture to being done by the USDA under the false pretense of making Americans “safe”.  But the real reason is that the resultant red tape and bureaucracy would tie up imports of Basa and Swai for several years as the Vietnamese waited for the US to setup the new program and implement it in their country.

Currently the USDA inspects products like beef, poultry, pork and lamb. But they have never been responsible for inspecting seafood. This change will take between two to five years to implement and cost millions of dollars which will come out of our pockets. And so far the bill blatantly targets only catfish and no other seafood whatsoever.

This is only the first step. About 10 years ago when Swai was being sold as catfish in the US (because it is a catfish species) the US catfish lobby moved to have laws be defined so that only American catfish could be sold as catfish in the United States. This was to hamper Vietnamese catfish which was gaining ground in sales in the US. Even though Vietnamese Basa and Swai fish are of the catfish family the law stated that they could not be sold as catfish in the US.

The US catfish lobby fought for this and won it about 10 years ago. Now, with brazen hypocrisy, they plan to reverse that law so that Vietnamese catfish would have to be called catfish again and therefore would have to be inspected by the USDA as this new law takes effect. So the next time you purchase American catfish, try to determine how much of your hard earned money is being spent by the catfish lobby’s political maneuvering to force their competitors out of the market. Why should our tax dollars be used to fund their business agenda?

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