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The New Content Of Final Fantasy Xiv

Graphics and fiction are not so much new, which improved as compared to the proven rule used by Square Enix. In short, the job system based on tokens, both in FFXI as well as FFXIV, is so unique that it allows you to change character classes at any time during the game. It is true that every profession, you start from level 1, but thanks to keep the specific skills of his previous profession and practice effectively creates its own class.

In FFXIV is done by changing the weapons: a sword and you’re ekwipujesz gladiator, the arc – and you’re an archer. The more time waving his sword in battle, the better you become at it and with the next level you gain new skills. Similarly, if you prefer to use the crafting game, just grab a pick and get away a stone to beat. It seems simple, but in its entirety is quite complex system, and at eighteen professions available to multi-classing is fast becoming a habit, which is difficult to break.

That was the GOOD NEWS …
In this regard FFXIV success. Square Enix took the best features from previous titles of the series and it effectively improved. But you know what, it’s the same in the MMO FFXI. Functions were also used, by which I stopped playing the title character from the FF, such as jednooprzyciskowy combat system, sophisticated controls and frustrating interface.

It should be stressed however, that the combat system was much improved znaczym compared with that of FFXI, but the struggle is still consists of pressing the one button and bezsensowanego jump from side to side in anticipation of this until your character will attack. We also have traditional quests ‘kill X of objects Y’, which often require the escape through areas full of monsters, we could settle with a single blow. As for steering, you do not have full control over the form, even with the connected gamepad, and the menu navigation is like a little bit like slipping on ice.

As for me, I think that MMO FFXIV is incomplete. Hardware is demanding, expensive and not particularly sophisticated, but it is wonderful, fresh and innovative. I was hoping that Square Enix will use these 8 years, which separates two consecutive series FF titles, to improve the interface and control, unfortunately, disappointed. Instead, the studio opted for a solution straight from the console, and when next year comes FXIV version of the PS3, we’ll see whether it was the right decision. So far the game has no rivals when it comes to dazzling graphics and innovative gameplay. Unfortunately, this puts a shadow on the obvious lack of refinement of detail and lack of intuitiveness. If you think you can handle it, go ahead. The decision is yours. But if you watch every penny issued, then before you spend money, you may wait and see if you are even the announcement of change for the better?

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LEGO Dimensions will be supported with new content through 2018

LEGO Dimensions will be supported with new content through 2018
LEGO Dimensions will be around for the long haul. Publisher Warner Bros. recently announced that they plan on supporting the upcoming NFC toy title with new downloadable content and new physical expansion packs for over two years, at least through …
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Article Marketing CHEAT Sheet – Overcome Writers Block With KILLER Content Style Templates

Who else is having a hard time overcoming writers block? If you are an article marker who COUNTS on your content to put food on the table, staring at a BLANK screen, or having an idea crisis is NOT good for your brand, or your business.

The GOOD news?

Anyone who makes their living creating content for a living has certain cheat sheets, or templates, or idea joggers that help them LEAP out of the lurch of brain freeze, and BACK into the warm and welcoming wellspring of creative inspiration. 🙂

I’m going to give you a few of my OWN simple content TYPE cheat cheat idea joggers, in the hope that you can apply them to your OWN niche, or your own marketplace, or your own suite of services or offers that make YOU money.



The easiest way, especially if you are passionate about your industry, to create KILLER content is to challenge, or confront a big fish in your industry. I will often look for tweets, or popular authors, for example….and find things about their ideas that DON’T mesh with my own. I’ll confront them, or their ideas, directly with my content…..and once that article goes live on a directory, or on my blog, the traffic starts to come in VIRAL waves of support, or disdain!


The polar opposite approach of the above, is finding people, or perspective you AGREE with, or that jive well with your ethos. Compliment them. Everyone likes hearing their name mentioned in a positive context, and MUCH like the above, you’ll find that the target of your kind words will often LINK to either you, or your article, giving you tidal waves of traffic that build your business…..and your brand!

Content Type: CONFESSION

This works like MAGIC in just about every niche…and even, in some variation you can see it at play in THIS article. For example, if I were to confess to suffering from writers block for MOST of my professional career, and simply outline the ways that I’ve been able to overcome it, it not only gives me an idea for new content, it also creates a bond, a rapport and a commonality with many of the people reading this, who obviously, by virtue of the fact that they’re reading this article… share in this pain!

The truth is, having a long list of TYPES of content for any and every situation is a great way to overcome writers block FAST…and when you’ve written thousands of articles like I have, and have millions of readers as a result, unfortunately… writers block is simply NOT an option when you’re trying to GROW your business in a BIG way like me!

What We Have: A Brand Spanking New, 28 page Power Packed PDF on Advanced Article and Online Marketing Strategies You Won’t Find Anywhere Else for Free. (or at any cost)

Who it’s For: ANYONE who wants, needs and CRAVES tons of FREE Traffic, easy sales, KILLER copy and more push button, AUTOPILOT online profits…and is sick and tired of having your SPIRIT sapped and SOUL stripped BARE by unscrupulous “Gurus” who steal your hard earned money.

How To Get It: Simply Click the Article Marketing Monopoly Link and Download it for FREE right Now.

How To Find An Excellent Article Ghost Writer To Write Your Web Content

The internet is full of folks advertising their article ghost writer services, but how do you tell the best from the rest?  You need somebody who’s going to write content for you that is compelling and good to read.  Most of all, you need it to drive traffic to your site – traffic that will buy.  Here are some things to look for when considering an article ghost writer.


Samples And What To Look For


In the world of internet writing, we don’t really care about degrees, certificates or rewards.  Experience helps, but as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.”  In other words, you just need to read something they’ve written, and you can clearly see by that how they write.  What you need to do is look at samples.


When you read their samples, put yourself in the place of a potential customer.  If the writing is too dense and difficult, it’s not right for web copy.  If it’s full of mistakes or hard to read, you should look elsewhere.  Basically you should look for two things in their samples – the quality of the writing, and how well it grabs your attention and keeps it.


A good article ghost writer should have no grammar or spelling mistakes.  They should write in a conversational tone, and speak directly to the reader.  Everything should be in layman’s terms.  The articles should flow from beginning to end and help the reader solve some problem.  Finally, a little originality helps.  If it’s original, it will stand out from all the rest of the articles out there and really grab the reader’s attention.


Testimonials And References


The greatest way to find an article ghost writer is through the recommendation of a friend who has used their services before.  If you don’t have that, testimonials are the next best thing.  See what other marketers and webmasters are saying about them, and this will give you an idea of the quality of their work.


Do A Trial Run And See How It Goes


Finally, when you’ve got one you think might be good, give them a trial run.  Set up a small job for them and use this to decide if you’ll use them again.  If they deliver the goods that you need in a timely and reliable way, you’ve got yourself a winner.  If you’re less than happy with the job, tell them “thanks” and move on.  Doing a small job as a trial run is much better than launching into a big project and being stuck with the wrong writer.


Once you get your hands on a good article ghost writer, you’re never going to want to let them go.  Establishing a good working relationship with a content writer who consistently knocks out great work is the key to success online.  So get started searching for the one that’s going to help you take your online business to the next level.

I write your content so you don’t have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

How To Use The Content Your Article Ghost Writer Creates

Most marketers use the content from their article ghost writer for article marketing, blog posts or information content on their sites.  These are the common ways you can use the material you ghostwriter writes for you, and they’re all well worth the money.  But there are lots of other ways you can use it.  In fact, there’s pretty much no limit to what you can do with it.  Here are some ideas on how to use your web content.


Turn Articles Into An EBook.  If all of your articles are on one niche, bind them together into one digital information product.  Sit down with all the articles and assemble them in a way that makes logical sense.  Make your table of contents, slap an introduction on there, and now you’ve got an eBook that’s going to make you much more money than you spent getting them written!


Load Them Into Your Autoresponder.  If you’re sending an email newsletter to your list, use your articles as your messages.  This way, you don’t have to keep writing stuff to send out, and if you’ve got around 50 articles, you’ve got a year’s supply of weekly messages.


Socialize With Them.  You can use the articles to make posts on social networking sites like Facebook.  Offering quality content there will get you more fans, friends and readers.  It’s like article directory marketing on overdrive!


Video Marketing With Articles.  Use the content your article ghost writer wrote to make videos.  Each article can be the “script” of a video.  Don’t read off the page, but make it an outline and be spontaneous with it.  These days video marketing is really hot.  When it comes to digesting information, some people are more into reading while others are more into video 


Make Audios.  You can do the same thing by making audios.  You can use the articles as scripts for your podcast or MP3s from your site.


Wrap It Up Into An Online Course.  Use the content to make eBooks, reports, videos and audios and put it all together into an online course. It may take a little bit of tweaking to make it all fit together well, but when you’re done you’ve got something you can charge good money for.


Turn Old Articles Into New Articles.  You can rearrange bits of the articles and write completely new content.  Throw a little bit of original information in there and you’ve got instant articles without the headaches of doing research.  Keep in mind that this is probably not a great strategy if the new articles are going to the same place as the old ones.  In other words, if you’ve submitted the old ones to article directories already, you might want to turn the new ones into blog posts.  This way you’ve got all unique information at each place.


Rewrite And Change Keywords.  The same as above, but you can also switch up the keywords and target new ones.


Translate Them Into Español.  Want to reach 7% more of the human population of the earth?  Get the articles translated into Spanish and launch a campaign to target the world’s Latino population.  The same goes for other languages (but you may end up paying more for Chinese, Japanese or Arabic translations!).


Cut Them Up And Post Them Here And There.  You can take bits of the articles and use them for answer sites, forum posts and blog commenting.  This will get your authority recognized in your niche and get some traffic to your site.  Just tweak the wording a little so that they sound more natural. 


Get Your Forum Going.  Same as above, but use bits of the articles to kick-start your own forum where you don’t have any content yet.


Use Them Offline.  Are you running an offline business as well?  If so, use your content for promotional materials like a paper newsletter or brochure.  You won’t get penalized by Google for using duplicate content out there in the real world!


Sell It As PLR.  You paid once for the articles, but you can sell them over and over again.  Use them to make a PLR pack.  This means that people buy them in packages and can use them over and over again however they’d like to. And by the way, this entire list goes for PLR content as well!


You can hire an article ghost writer once to crank out some articles for you, and then use that content in a variety of places for a bunch of different purposes.  Switch it up and get creative!  You’ll get more for your money that way and, best of all, you don’t have to do the darn writing yourself. 

I write your content so you don’t have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2011 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

Microsoft reiterates they won't use Xbox One, Kinect data to target ads, content

Microsoft reiterates they won't use Xbox One, Kinect data to target ads, content
The statement, made to Eurogamer, comes just hours after calls for a correction to an Ad Age story by Xbox Live programming director Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb that said vice president of marketing and strategy Yusuf Mehdi had hinted to the contrary …
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