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Final Fantasy 14 Conjurer Review

So ever since closed beta I’ve been playing Conjurer as my main discipline. It is the closest thing I could get to Blm/Whm that I so loved in Final Fantasy 11. Some things are a hit and some are a miss but overall it is an extremely fun class and I’m enjoying every minute of playing him.

When I first started off as a Conjurer leveling felt a little clunky. I had low HP, MP, and low armor. I also started out in Gridania where poison is a common occurrence, and dying from it is just as common. I was frustrated at first but once I reached Conjurer rank four I got cure. This spell changed the entire class around for me. I was now able to beat enemies down with the use of spirit dart (a spell that does lower damage but costs no MP) and then heal up with Cure and continue on my way.

Conjurer is a Disciple of Magic and thus uses MP. Final Fantasy 14 is different this time around as there is no way to regen MP naturally. At first during low levels it is a bit frustrating running out of MP and needing to run back to the nearest Aetheryte crystal to regen your MP. This is pretty much solved once you reach rank 10 and get an ability called “Radiance”. This is a weapon skill that uses Tactical Points, it gives back MP proportionate to the amount of damage it does. At level 10 this was giving me back about 60-70 MP every time, it pretty much makes running out of MP a thing of the past.

In Final Fantasy14 they have made the combat system very fast paced, this includes the magic system as well. In Final Fantasy 11 you had to cast a long spell that would be interrupted with just 1 hit from the enemy, in Final Fantasy 14, however, the spells are much shorter and it is much more difficult to get interrupted. Just like attacking with a weapon or using Spirit Dart, magic uses stamina too, although in much greater quantities.

After level 10 Conjurer becomes a power house of pwnage, I easily and quickly destroyed anything in my level range. In the beginning they are a little slow to level but they soon start leveling just as quick or possibly faster than the other classes. The only downside is that if you are playing as a healer in a group setting you will get less skill ups than anyone else.The Conjurer all together is an awesome class, and definitely the one that I will be be playing come release day.

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