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Cheating Spouses – 6 Common Mistakes That Give Them Away!

If you are feeling frustrated because you suspect that your spouse or lover is cheating behind your back but you do not know how to catch him or her, you have come to the right article. There are actually many mistakes that a cheating spouse tends to make and I have listed 6 common mistakes below. All you have to do is to look out for these mistakes to confirm your suspicions and from there gather evidence to further proof your partner’s cheating deeds.

1. Believing that Lady Luck will always be on their side
It is very likely that your cheating spouse will think that he/she won’t get caught so easily. As a result of this wrong belief, cheaters tend to become bolder and more reckless in their behaviour after a while. Under very rare circumstances do affairs carry on for years without their partners finding out as there will be a day when they do get caught, so if you are looking for evidence of your partner cheating, you can check on their daily activities over a longer period; you might find something one day.

2. Believing that it is not wrong
It is sad but true that some men and women believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong in cheating behind their partners’ back! They probably did not realize or refuse to admit that when they are in a relationship, they have an unspoken duty to remain faithful to each other. However, the good news is that such cheaters are not likely to cover their tracks so it will be easy for you to catch your cheating spouse or lover if they belong to this category and then you can take the necessary action against them.

3. Believing that they will be easily forgiven
It is not surprising to find your cheating spouse expecting you to forgive his/her cheating deeds as just a simple mistake should you find out about it one day. This is true regardless of the gender which probably explains why some men and women tend to cheat; they did not realize the seriousness of the situation. As such, this group of cheaters might not even try to hide their cheating deeds and will probably react in astonishment if you get upset over it.

4. Disappearing Act
Another mistake a cheating spouse tends to make is to avoid answering your phone calls when they are with their significant other. This is probably out of guilt to be with someone else and so they did not want to answer your calls when they are cheating on you. Therefore, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you can try calling them on their cell phone when you have no idea where they are. If the calls go unanswered and this happens many times, you have reasons to believe that you have a cheating spouse or lover.

5. Paying extra attention to their physical appearance
This is probably the most common mistake made by all cheaters. When a man or woman is meeting someone new, it is a natural instinct to want to impress that significant other. As such, they will suddenly pay more attention to their physical appearance, for example, changing the whole wardrobe or going on a diet to lose weight. No doubt it is possible that your partner has a genuine reason for wanting the change but most of the time, it is a sign of a cheating partner. Of course you do not jump the gun and start accusing your spouse of cheating immediately upon seeing a change in him/her! It is just an indication that you have to take action in finding out more evidence of your partner’s activities.

6. Showing off their capabilities
Sometimes people get so carried away with their newfound romance that they forget to keep it in low profile. They might appear in public with their secret lovers instead of dating discreetly or they talk to their good friends about their affairs. What they did not realize is that rumors can spread like wildfire! So if you are having some suspicions that you have a cheating spouse or lover, one of the first things you can do to confirm your suspicions is to listen for any rumors that might pass your way.

The above are just some mistakes a cheating spouse tends to make so you can look out for them to confirm your suspicions on whether you have a cheating partner. If you think that you have a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend who has been cheating on you, check out “The PI’s Guide To Catching Your Two-Timing Lover!” at http://www.expertreviewslist.com/recommend/catchcheatingspouse.html

The Star Of David As One Of The Most Common Jewelry In The World

Type the word “pendant” in Google and chances are, you’ll see either heart pendants or cross pendants topping the list. Scroll down, though, and you’ll catch a glimpse of numerous sites on the Star of David, which ranks third as the most popular search for the word “pendant” in search engines.

There is good reason why the Star of David is one of the most sought after jewelry in the world. Not only have Jewish men and women become more proud of their religion and tradition, even non-Jewish people have started to learn more about the strength, the power and the symbolism of the Star of David, most probably through the resurgence of the Kabbalah.

The Rise of the Star of David

This symbol is also called the Magen of David, or the Shield of David, and is composed of a six-pointed star, all sides and points of which have their own significant meaning. Going back through time, records show that in ancient Hebrew, the name David is made up of three letters: “Dalet,” “Vav” and “Dalet.” The Hebrews used to write the word Dalet in the symbol of a triangle. Two triangles put together formed a six-pointed star, which David used as his signature. Some historians say that the top triangle, which points upwards, is a symbol for man’s efforts to reach up toward G-d, while the lower triangle, grounds man to the real and the physical world. Some say that the two triangles also represent the opposing forces of good and evil, spiritual and physical, G-d and man.

This popular symbol, though isn’t only important in Jewish tradition, but in other religions as well. The Star of David was also associated with Christianity, since this six-pointed symbol was used to represent the birth of Jesus Christ. In the bible, it is written that the three Magi (wise men) followed a star to search for the newborn King. The Book of Revelations, also referred to Jesus as the “Morning Star.”

This unilateral symbol is also a good representation of Sacred Geometry, wherein sacred universal patterns, mathematical ratios, proportions and equations are seen in music, light, the cosmos and the universe. The mysticism and the power of the Star of David is also suggested strongly in the book, The Da Vinci Code, wherein the two triangles is said to represent the union of male (upper triangle) and female (lower triangle) energy and also as a representation for the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. In the book, the Star of David is said to be engraved on the floor of the sacred Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

The Star of David in Modern Times
Now, this sacred symbol has become very popular in Latin America, a predominantly Christian country, where people have started to realize and understand the magic and strength of this symbol.

Cosmic Jewelry artist, David Weitzman, has even relayed that his beautiful and exquisite creations of the Star of David, have enjoyed tremendous popularity in countries and regions such as France, Latin American and the U.S.

“People have realized that this symbol isn’t only important for Jews,” says Weitzman. “It actually encompasses all religion and race. Its mysticism stems from ancient times, even before the Star of David became one of the symbols for Judaism.”

One such piece of jewelry is Weitzman’s Star of David pendant for protection, which is set in silver. This well-designed pendant features a turquoise stone at the center of the six-pointed star, with a passage from Psalms 91 engraved on it. His silver Priestly Blessings Star pendant incorporates the Star of David with Moses’ Priestly Blessing to provide protection and spiritual abundance to the wearer.

Although most people think that the Star of David is solely a Jewish symbol, it is, in fact, a strong and powerful sign that encompasses all faiths, religions and races. The Star of David carries a universal meaning of the union of opposing forces, man and woman, as well as man’s eternal efforts to reach and connect with the Higher Being. It is a symbol that all of us can use and relate to.

David W
Star of David
Magen of David
Star of David pendant
Priestly Blessings Star

Is Your Wife Cheating – 11 Common Signs A Husband Should Know Why Their Wives Are Cheating

Have you been asked by friends or close to you, “Is your wife cheating?”This question, as for the husband, is not easy to give an answer.The issue of wife’s infidelity is less likely unacceptable comparing to husband’s because as of today, the cheating wives are continuously increasing.

Comparing women today and women before, you can see a real big difference.True enough, the infidelity of women today is significantly increasing as time goes by.Such infidelity is not based alone on the idea of unfaithfulness.This is apparently because of the stress that the marriage brings.The stress in marriage is a form of time management and priorities between work and married life. Of course, the work can be at times stressful especially when two are working, making them both busy thus time will be compromised to spend with each other and to family. Other forms of stress may include inability to conceive (wife), money problems, infidelity, etc.

For men, they never put on their minds that their partners or wives can cheat on them and leave them behind, as it is of woman’s nature to be as honest as loyal as they could. Since husbands never expect that their wives can cheat, knowing and finding it can be very horrible for the husband.So what is happening now, is this a bad karma for all men? Uncommon as it is, wives now can be as aggressive as their husbands. So we all know already that we are capable of cheating, so the husbands must know the real reasons why their wives commit infidelity:

Wives feel that their needs are unfulfilled and unmet by the husbands.
The wives naturally love to be feel loved, cared, and given all the attention, and when these are not given, finding someone who can give it is one solution for the wife.
When both are working, the time is really at risk. Usually, on a weekend, the husband has to take quality time with his wife such as date night, pampering her for all the stress at work and doing chores at home. But when this is not given importance, and quality time is not part of the relationship wherein the wife is left at home while the husband is having drinking session with friends, then the wife tends to find someone else better.
When theres lack of intimacy going on with the relationship. There are women who are more sexual than men. When they feel that the husband is stagnant and becomes boring in bedroom, the wife will find another physical satisfaction outside home.
She is a battered wife.
Her husband is also engaging in infidelity.
Marriage is not out of love, but out of forced and money.

Is your wife cheating? The following signs may be of help to confirm that your wife is cheating! TAKE NOTE OF THESE, HUSBANDS:

She is emotionally distant from you.
She starts to keep secrets all by herself.
She always leaves the house for long hours.
She stays over the phone for long hours and talk in whispers when you are drawing nearer.
She is obviously guilty, as she becomes so suspicious of her husband.
Shes always restless and nervous.
She has always been protective of her phone, and making such security code is a must for her.
She’s so vain now; she’s very particular with the style of clothes to wear, make-ups, perfumes, etc.
She has new interests.
She is so defensive when observed about her changed attitudes and behaviors.
Your very suspicious because your intuition is making you believe that your wife is really cheating.

So now, is your wife cheating? Its a horrifying feeling to even think or doubt that your wife may be cheating on you.However, you cannot just allow yourself to live in doubt because once you does, you are just making life miserable for you and for the relationship.When you are in doubt, you need to observe for changes in your wife, gather evidence, and in time, confront her.When you will put your feelings aside and you just trust her that she loves you more than anyone else, you are allowing yourself to be eaten whole. To all the husbands reading this, you should remember, that in the relationship, even if the wife is the one involved in infidelity, it is best to confront and face the issue, and allow some necessary changes in the relationship, a must and a need.

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How To Tell If Your Girlfriends Cheating – 3 Common Signs Of Cheating Girlfriends

When you are starting to get suspicious that your girlfriends cheating on you, when is it okay to confront her? What if you are just being paranoid? Luckily there are ways of how to tell if your girlfriends cheating, and if used properly you will know when and if you should make your move. Avoid angrily accusing her of being unfaithful because a few things do not add up. Try to gather as much information as possible.

Keep in mind that these are very general rules. It is best to gather a lot of information together and make an informed decision. Sometimes people act strange because they are depressed or distracted by a problem you may not be aware of. By identifying a few red flags you can accept cheating as a possibility or rule it out entirely.

1) Phone Hang ups

Often times cheaters will give their lover their home phone number. Even though they are instructed not to call at certain times they may call anyway. This is usually the other man trying to sabotage your relationship to have your girlfriend all to himself.

These could simply be people dialing the wrong number and realizing it at the last moment. However we usually do not realize we have dialed a wrong number until the phone is answered by someone we do not recognize.

If you get a lot of phone calls where people are hanging up as soon as you pick up the phone, but not when she picks up, it could very well be her lover. But do not jump to conclusions until you get more evidence.

2) Secret Messages

This could be stepping out of the room every time she receives a text message or spending ridiculous amounts of time on the computer. It could even be pulling her friends aside and whispering all the time. If you are with some one who is faithful there should be no need to hide who they are chatting with.

Emails and text messaging have allowed cheaters all new modes of communication, but it can be very obvious when some one is trying to hide a text message, especially your girlfriend. This is one of the more obvious signs.

3) Change in Attitude

This boils down to a completely different side of your girlfriend. This is where you notice she is less talkative and avoids any kind of physical contact with you. This is the cheaters guilt manifesting itself into a different persona.

Sometimes its not an attitude change but a change in her desires to look more attractive. Has she been buying sexier underwear and fussing over her appearance more than usual. This is a common red flag for a cheating girlfriend.

Should you Confront Her?

If 2 or more of these signs are present there is a strong chance that your girlfriends cheating on you. Whether it is an emotional or physical affair is yet unknown, but something is not right with all this suspicious behavior.

After applying these signs to your own relationship you should be able to make an assessment. After watching your girlfriend you may not know for sure, but you will either feel like maybe you were being paranoid, or that she very well could be cheating, but your still not sure.

If if there is no strong feeling that you were just overreacting at this point then you should confront her. You do not have to accuse her of being unfaithful, but present the evidence that is before you and make her aware that you want to help if there are any problems.

By taking this approach you are not accusing her of anything but simply taking an interest in her well being. When presented with her strange behavior as of late even she would have to admit that something is not right. This could be a problem that she had not felt comfortable to speak about and has nothing to do with cheating. At this point if she gets mad and defensive she is most definitely being unfaithful. Only you can decide what to do at that point.

Did You Find Out She Was Cheating?

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Common Ps3 Problems

There are many common PS3 Problems–red light, yellow light, and green flashing lights all trouble Playstation 3 owners everyday. The interesting thing to know is that there are ways to fix these problems and not all ways cost much money, even though that’s what people will tell you.So let’s get started here by first talking about the problems then discussing how you can get them fixed.

If your PS3, falls in the last 2 categories, you will need some professional help for fixing them permanently. Nevertheless, if you are looking for help with PS3 problems you are likely already experiencing flashing lights, YLOD or a red screen. If you are positive that your system is outside the manufacturer’s warranty, where they will fix or replace it free, you can make several repairs yourself. Remember to be careful when opening the system up the first time.

Many people around the world have made life easier for themselves by using well written PS3 repair instructions to learn how to fix their own PS3 consoles. Alot of people are unaware that most PS3 errors and problems that occur can in fact be repaired by yourself at no cost! Unfortunately most PS3 gamers panic and take their console back to shop or if they did not pay for a warranty sent it to a technician only to pay hundreds of dollars to get it looked at and fixed.

With the internet getting more and more popular by the day, it is easy to find resources online. You can look through authority sites, online directories specific to gaming consoles, blogs, and forums. You can simply type in specific keywords using search engines such as Google, and you will get a list of relevant websites. You do not have to be an expert to know how to fix minor problems with your PS3.

Some players report that this started happening after playing a particular game. Once they ejected the disc, they said that they found the PS3 not loading games from then on. There has been a lot of speculation as to the cause and Sony is willing to repair the consoles if they are sent back for repair. Players are wondering if this is simply a case of the PS3 not reading games, or a bigger firmware issue. Either way a PS3 not reading disks is a major hassle for players as it renders the game useless.

If the screen is blank then you may have issues with your video settings. Make sure that the settings are correctly configured and match the type of TV you are using. Another way is to hold down the power button for approximately five seconds as this should restart the console in the original video settings.

It is a common problem among gamers and more often than not, such a problem could be fixed by simply checking on whether the cables are properly connected or not. You will sometimes encounter the blinking red lights issue on your PS3 and this can be resolved by ensuring that the cables are plugged in to the console properly. Sometimes, this problem could also be due to damaged cables so when this happens, you need to replace them.

First you should carefully take out the hard drive disk from your PS3 which should be full of dust. Reset it and then place it back in. Then you should check if your power cable is still working. This is easy to do, just replace your computers power cable with the PS3 one. If your computer boots up properly, put back your pc cable in the pc and the PS3 cable in the PS3. Once done, turn your PS3 and everything should be working.

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4 Common Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Are you looking for various ways in identifying signs of a cheating girlfriend? Are you considering the fact that you might be caught in a cheating game with your girlfriend? Do you think that your girlfriend is playing fire behind your back? If you have strong hunches on this one then this is the perfect article for you. It is better to pair up your hunches with enough evidences on your cheating girlfriend.


Her Money is Slowly Depleting

If your partner’s financial resources are slowly draining without you seeing the product of these expenses then your girlfriend might be spending this for someone else. People who cheat often times meet somewhere else and spend a lot of money in doing so. So if you sense this suspicious money loss problem then your girlfriend might be doing some monkey business outside of your relationship.


She Immediately Erases her Messages

Cheaters usually clean their acts very well and this includes immediately erasing all possible mobile phone message and emails which may be related to the third party. Much worse is then you notice that your girlfriend has a new mobile number and a new email address. This is one of the essential signs of a cheating girlfriend.


Her Close Friends Start Acting Different

If you sense coldness with her friends then your girlfriend might actually be cheating on you. Girls usually confide in their friends and chances are, if your partner is doing something behind your back, her friends know it already. However, these friends might be afraid of breaking the ice to you and this is the reason why they are acting a little different.


She Seems Out of Her Mind at Times

If you notice that your girlfriend seems preoccupied and too stressed at times even at home then she might be doing something you don’t know.

Cheaters usually tend to be preoccupied and restless at times due to the deceitful nature of cheating. Sometimes they are even easily surprised by your presence as if they are seeing a ghost. These are just simple signs of a cheating girlfriend but these will definitely help you in identifying if your partner is hitting on someone behind your back.


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PS3 Problems – Red Light Blinking and Other Common Playstation 3 Problems

There are many common PS3 Problems–red light, yellow light, and green flashing lights all trouble Playstation 3 owners everyday. The interesting thing to know is that there are ways to fix these problems and not all ways cost much money, even though that’s what people will tell you.

So let’s get started here by first talking about the problems then discussing how you can get them fixed.

First of the Major PS3 Problems – Red Light

The first major problem that Playstation 3 systems get is the flashing red light error. This problem symbolizes a general hardware failure which means that the internal components of the system are failing.

Second of the Major PS3 Problems – Yellow Light

The yellow light on the Playstation 3 is probably the hardest malfunction to get rid of. This means that your console is overheating and can even end up severely damaging your system if you don’t get it fixed fast.

Final of the Major PS3 Problems – Green Light

The green light usually means that you are having trouble with your graphics card and it will either need to be replaced or promptly fixed.

So now that you know the common issues that face the system lets talk about how to fix PS3 Problems: red light, yellow light, and green light.

Most people will tell you to send your Playstation system off to Sony and let them repair it. All these malfunctions are covered under warranty, but anything outside of the warranty is going to be costly to repair. Some people would say to pay it anyway, but I think there’s a better idea and I’m going to tell you.

What you should do is try some simple tips like unplugging the console for 10 minutes and holding the power button down and letting it soft reset.

If that doesn’t work, then you should take the hard drive out for a little while and then re-insert it and try it again.

If those tips don’t work then I want to tell you that it’s possible to fix your Playstation 3 problems yourself by taking the console apart and fixing the internal units that are causing the blinking lights.

You can do this without help, but I wouldn’t advise it since you could severely damage your hardware and your system. The good news is that you can find repair guides online that help you do this and make sure you repair it correctly.  Check out the best PS3 Repair Guide on the net here.

Fix your Playstation 3 Problems/Errors Yourself with this Guide

A Few Tips On Common Zerg Starcraft Strategy Ideas

When talking about any Zerg Starcraft strategy that has to do with mirror matches, there is something to be said about proper expansion.  Of course, scouting is important in this type of match as it is in any other. However, in this particular mirror match, following a good expansion policy is crucial to survival and winning.

To expand or not to expand
Quickly expanding is one of the characteristics of the Zerg. This is so for good reasons. In order to sustain their numbers they need a lot of resources.

Of course an expansion strategy is at odds somewhat with a rush strategy. The Zerg is best known for its rush tactics. This reputation started over ten years ago back when the original Starcraft was launched. It is nice to see that some things don’t really change.

As far as rushing goes, Starcraft 2 has only modified the already pre-existing array of tactics left over from the original. With new units and abilities of course there are now new rush build orders. And there are lots of them available for you, depending on what type of player you are or on what type of player your opponent is.

There is a varied choice of rush tactics but the problem with most of them is that they are all-in tactics. If they fail, then most probably you will lose the match. All it requires is an equally competent player with a faster clicking finger and your attack can stop at his ramp – or in some cases not even reach it.

If you assume that your opponent will try to rush you then what you must do is prepare for all the initial possible rushes and get ready to expand. If he is rushing you it is highly probable that he will be behind you economically if the rush fails.

All you have to do is make sure that the rush fails and then deliver the final blow.

On the other hand, if you resist his rush but he refuses to die then you need to keep up with your expansion and more critically, hinder his.

As a fellow Zerg, he will want to expand as quickly as possible in order to tech-up to other units. However, at this moment in the game you should have the upper hand and more units. Keep an eye on him and stop him from expanding.

Of course you could choose to be the aggressive player, in which case micromanagement becomes the name of the game. Keep your Lings alive for as long as possible and always go straight for his workers. If necessary, fall back with your Lings and wait for reinforcements. Even a badly damaged Zergling is of more use than a dead one.

Common Zerg tactics
The fastest attack a Zerg can go for is a Zergling attack, using the 6 Pool build order. As mentioned before this is an all-in tactic meant to win the game. If it fails, the player employing it loses.

It can be used against any race, however when used against another Zerg, the opponent might also send a Drone to create a Spine Crawler on the opponent’s creep. This tactic will work the best on small 1v1 maps, where you already know the position of your opponent.

When fighting another Zerg you can also consider sending all of your Drones to help the Zerglings. While their range is extremely short, every bit of extra damage can prove to be important in such a tactic.

Another common tactic is the Speedling/Baneling rush. With this tactic you need to have a few Roaches up and some Zerglings to act as a buffer. Use the Roaches to block your ramp and snipe the Banelings before they reach your Lings.

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Common Technical Problems Faced by Sony PlayStation 3 Users

  The Sony PlayStation 3, or PS3 in short, is the most advanced gaming console of its generation. It has a much lower failure rate compare to the Xbox360 but as with any technology, it has its quirks. This article will focus on the general technical aspect of problems commonly faced by many PS3 owners.

We will begin with the color light indicator on the PS3, the blinking red, yellow and green error light, also known as “light of death”. The flashing red light usually indicates a general internal hardware failure. This could be anything from a failed processor, to a loose cable connection between the motherboard and the hard drive. This is a more general error indicator which can either be fixed by a simple reboot or checking the cables and connection of the console.

The more common Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is most likely caused by overheating in the internal components of the PS3. Due to the powerful seven cores processor Cell and an advanced graphics processing unit in the PS3, the console is more susceptible to heat problems than any other console of its generations. It is vital that the ventilation systems of the PS3 are free of any dust clogging and be placed in a less stuffy and cooler environment in order to minimize the likelihood of overheating in the PS3. One good indicator of impending heat trouble is when the PS3’s internal fan gets noisier in its operation. That’s a sign of bad air flow internally. Green error light happen less frequently and could indicates a problem with the graphics subsystem as well as other general hardware error or failure. It must be noted that all 3 colors of error light can be caused by overheating alone.

Another issue of PS3 is the disc read error.

The Blu-ray lens can be prone to occasional error while reading the high density data in a Blu-ray disc. The issue can be solved most of the time by ensuring a clean and scratchless disc or by simply restarting the console. In rarer cases where the lens is faulty, it will be too technically complicated to repair without professional help.

Red screen of death may occur in certain cases and it is related to obsolete firmware version, or incomplete firmware installation. Data corruption in the hard drive can be another cause of this issue. Black screen of death indicates an issue which is much harder to pinpoint because it’s associated with many things that can fail in a console. Experienced users will advise checking for loose wires and cables to ensure secure connections in the system. Many have reported that removing and installing back the hard drive might solves the issue.

 Here is a detailed guide to help you fix your Playstation 3 Problems.

Playstation 3 Problems


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Common Internet Cheats

Common internet scams are designed to take your money. The easiest way for scammers to do this is by offering you something that is usually too good to be true. The worst internet scams are the ones that we should have been smarter about but were not.

There are millions of people who have paid for information that is readily available on the internet for free, or paid for services that were not necessary.

Internet scams are everywhere, on the internet, on your favorite website, as well as in your inbox. The majority will be flashy and very eye catching and some so annoying they are almost impossible to avoid looking at.

You will be smart to stay away from any ad that is claiming to make you rich. The desire to own your own business, or sleep all day while the internet makes you money is strong in some people that is why internet scams are so successful.

If you pay $ 49 to a site that claims they will make you rich, you most likely will be paying for information that tells you nothing. You may be given links to public auctions or even private auctions that will have items being sold dirt cheap, but that information is already available to you if you know where to look.

The only ones that are getting rich are the ones who are offering the internet scams to you. They scoop up the money and send you a link or useless information that they got off the internet (imagine that) and they think of more ways to get your money.

To best deal with internet scams you have to use your common sense. There is no way to avoid running across them but you can avoid letting them get your hard earned cash. Just remember when you read the words “Make $ 1000 A Day” that this is only possible if ten people pay $ 100 to the one who is offering the scam each day.

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