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Deep and Tranquil Sea or Blue Oblivion Zones of Death – Oceans at the Environmental Crossroads

What is a zone of death? It is a Science Fiction term used in a 1939 popular novel, today we use the term “Dead Zone” which is an area in the ocean void of oxygen where aquatic sea life will not survive. Our fellow species are dying and it is due to human fault. Right now in China, off the coasts of Beijing and Shanghai, there are dead zones of 280 miles and 310 miles and they are not getting any smaller.

Why is this happening? Pollution, pure and simple, urban run-off and it is everything from Toxic Chemicals to MSG, from Oil Spills to raw sewage. What is being done about this in China? Well not much, but safe it to say, don’t eat the local shell fish unless you want some serious type of cancer or disease. Chinese eat quite a bit of fish in their diets, which makes sense, but where will they get it in the future, if they keep polluting?

One species of fresh water dolphins is now extinct due their chemical run-off pollution into the river. A year or so ago, they promised to fix the raw sewage problem and claimed their sewer treatment plants were clogging due to toilet paper. Their answer, take toilet paper out of the hotels for foreign visitors and this nation wishes to host the Olympics?

Each time the pollution issues get mentioned in the media, they promise to fix the problem, but soon China will be the number one polluter of both air and water in the World. Over 750,000 Chinese die each year from toxic pollution and that number is growing. Sure China can afford to lose a million people a year and still never run out, but is that really fair for all concerned? After all, pollution does not stop at man-made lines drawn in the sand.

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Blue and black casual magic

This teal blue and black combination is something to be reckoned with. The awesome colour combination makes the saree irresistible. The blue saree has black images printed all over which are complimented by glitter buttis. The border is carefully decorated with intricate sequins and reshams. This georgette saree comes with a matching blouse material. The saree is a great choice for casual wears or if you have invited someone over for a cup of coffee. The design, colours and their proportion to one another needs to be applauded. The texture of the saree is well suited for such an artistic combination.

The border is a black patch which is medium sized. It has chain shaped sequin embroidery that runs on both ends of the border. These sequin embroidery is durable and beautiful at the same time. In the centre of the border, a heart and flower embroidery work runs as a series. Light blue and gold colour threads are used for this works. The floral pattern in this border is arranged in opposite directions alternatively. Such minute details in the saree show the passion with which the saree is designed. The body of the saree has rich black designs that are large. However, the floral pattern is an eye arresting work.

They look like flowers made of zebra stripes. The border pattern and this flower reflect discerning imagination. The tiny self coloured putta is also worth mention. The uniform sized and equidistant putta adds to the grace of the saree. The design, colour and texture are capable of livening up the environment around the person wearing the saree. Blue enamelled bangles and blue imitation chokers would go well with this saree. Hair tied up would add charm to the atmosphere. Chatting and gossiping would rule the roof, but beware as the topics would frequently end up in this saree.

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Code Black Blue Label

Code Black is proud to introduce to our customers our exceptional new product, Blue Label. We are incredibly proud of our entire lineup of products and we work diligently in order to ensure that we provide our customers with the best products on the market. With this in mind, we have set out to create a completely unique herbal incense product that has never before been seen in the market.

Our pride and joy has always been our exclusive Black Label blend that combines the finest herbs to create rich and potent aromatherapy that our customers have been thoroughly impressed with. With all of the hard work we have put into creating Blue Label we are certain that it is going to provide exceptional competition for even our premium Black Label blend.

The stunning design of the Blue Label tin is just the start of understanding what sets this herbal incense apart from the rest. Elegant and understated, the design of Blue Label’s container is very much a reflection of the product that it contains. Our design team puts a lot of effort into creating packaging for our product lineup in order to demonstrate just how much we care about the high quality of our finished products.

When Code Black set out with the goal to create a new herbal incense product, we didn’t do so with the intention of creating what we believe to be a masterpiece in aromatherapy. We simply set out to create a new product that our customers will enjoy as much as they enjoy the other aromatherapy incense we offer.

During the process, we worked tirelessly to source the best quality herbs that were a little bit different from what we usually use in our other premium blends. Each herb was tested to make sure it was of exceptional quality and had the potent aroma that we know our customers are looking for in their incense products before we set about creating the unique blend that resulted in Blue Label.

When the combination of quality herbs was skillfully blended by our team of professionals, the result was overwhelming. We had produced a very unique incense product that is sure to be the first of its kind on the market.

The quality of the hybrid combination of herbs that we used works well with the unique scents the herb produce in order to come up with an aroma that is both impressive, understated, and definitely has the wow factor that we are all looking for.

Our team is now working around the clock in order to ensure that Blue Label bursts onto the market with the fanfare that an aromatherapy product of this caliber deserves. Blue Label embodies everything that we believe to be true about providing our customers with an exceptional product that will meet their aromatherapy needs.

While Code Black’s Black Label blend is always going to be our pride and joy and a firm favorite of our customers, we are confident that Blue Label is going to impress our customers and fast become a new firm favorite.

Code Black herbal incense is the manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality herbal incense and herbal blend products. To contact us with any questions or concerns visit our website at http://www.codeblackincense.com.

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Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume Item Ecs002883

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume Item ECS002883 ,Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume Wholesale Price: $ 91.00 ,buy Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume on cosplaygate.com

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Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume

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Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume
Make you the same as Ash Ketchum in this Pokemon Cosplay Costume for cosplay show.

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Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume Item ECS002883 ,Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume Wholesale Price: $ 91.00 ,buy Pokemon Ash Ketchum Royal Blue And Yellow Cosplay Costume on cosplaygate.com

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Blue Note Jazz Fest 2013: Roy Haynes, Yasiin Bey, Amel Larrieux,Wyclef

Blue Note Jazz Fest 2013: Roy Haynes, Yasiin Bey, Amel Larrieux,Wyclef
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