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Jaded Tasks – Brass Plates, Black Ops, and Big Oil

Jaded Tasks by Wayne Madsen is an excellent book. Like a nice cold Coca Cola squirted straight up your nose, this book will have you snorting and huffing in utter disgust, quickly and throughout. If you do not get all worked up over the information in this book go see your doctor because you might be dead. The entire title of this book is JADED TASKS — Brass Plates, Black Ops, and Big Oil: The Blood Politics of George Bush and Co., and that title tells it like it is, no sugar coatings, just a little something more to gnaw upon in contemplation of these bona fide revelations concerning criminal pedigree across many generations!

Madsen does his usual good job of discerning the real connections: the how comes, wheretofores, and planned escapes that become manifest when a paper trail truly festoons a story. I have always been told that one lie leads to another, and concerning our Governments black operations, which mean rogue activities with no oversight and for special interests of high sort — well, a good paper trail is that in spades, lie, after lie, after lie, and all together, one thing leading to another, a desk drawer, a cardboard box, the world. Madsen is unerring in his ability to ferret out the true crux of a story, then expound well on how it relates to other stories of import, patterns in general, and powers that are.

One of the most important things I learned while delving into this eerily knowledgeable accounting of world affairs is that a lot has been happening in Africa for the last two or three decades, and has not been covered by most corporate media on Earth. Unpleasant things, things which definitely get hidden, swept under the rug, because genocide, bioterror, rape, pillage, and strife are not what the moguls have come to call a winning scenario. The moguls are schmux, and peasants in suits, and thats all they ever will be, and thats common knowledge I am sure. For the record.

Conversely, but in the same vein, the names of the Africans involved in the horror of what has happened in Africa in the last 20 – 30 years…these names are many times very hard to spell, pronounce, and remember. They are truly foreign words to many people, especially English speakers. This is probably why a lot of attention goes elsewhere. I would like to suggest that in the future, the players within this macabre and pathetic football game across duhhhh-byas world, consider shortening their names for better public relations and more guaranteed coverage of their particular causes.


I am talking about names like: Habnarimana, Faustin Twagiramungu, Pasteur Bizimungu, Emmanuel Kataliko, Pierre Celeste Rwigyema…come on people, if you are going to play with the likes of the bush family, you better get your team names and pop monickers better aligned with your fan base, and quit lolligagging behind a decrepit and phony nationalism. I mean it. Its all about getting with the program.

The program.

This book JADED TASKS did an admirable job of bringing me up to date quickly, with an orderly consolidation of happenstance concerning Africa, and much more. It was a very valuable experience. Over too quickly, knowing the second and third times through will bring their own surprises, whats not to love?

Madsen ends it nicely, concisely, to the point: the last flitting image from this book lays blame where blame lies, and some will not be happy over it, but truth is hardly ever well met. We must applaud and congratulate Mr. Madsen on his longevity, thank him for his conscientiousness, and wish him well during his battles.

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'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' Release Update: 4K Resolution Support, Split

'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' Release Update: 4K Resolution Support, Split
The new "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3" features include 100 percent ranked dedicated servers, split-screen for 2-Players, game controller support, GPU scaling, SLI and crossfire optimizations, and 4K monitor support, FOV slider, framerate cap slider …
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'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3': 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3': 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Those familiar aspects of quick movement, intense firefights and cinematic setpieces are set to be included in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. A batch of fresh … Prophet's special ability is called “Glitch,” which lets his instantly return to a previous …
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Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Knife with Coated Tanto Blade and Rubber Coated Handle, Black sale

Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Knife with Coated Tanto Blade and Rubber Coated Handle, Black


Great knife, belt cutter and hammer included! Real help for hobby too, not only for those who intended to dive to save somebody from sank vehicle. Smooth blade movement, one hand operated (either one!), sharp, including a spring on the handle so you can wear it practically anywhere. Nylon sheath available too! Recommended!

My knife just arrived today, and I am very impressed. It has a good weight in the hand without feeling heavy, and without feeling too light and cheap. The construction is rock solid and feels like it can take a serious beating without showing any wear. I have large hands, and the grip is comfortable and unlikely to slip. The liner lock is feels very sturdy and the knife opens quickly and smoothly with a flick of the thumb. It doesn’t lock when closed, which would be nice, but that’s really not an issue. It fits nicely in the pocket too. With the knife in my pocket and clipped to the pocket edge, it doesn’t feel to bulky or get in my way.

First off, what’s not in the description and is hard to make out from the picture is that this knife has an emergency glass breaker on the butt end of the handle- a good extra feature considering it’s being owned with emergency use in mind. 

This is an excellent knife; very smooth blade motion, locks into place without jiggling, very sharp blade and point- very. Pant/belt clip is very well attached/tight- you won’t have to worry about this falling loose, its almost idiot-proof. Tanto design gives very solid feel along with strong, solid spine. Highly recommended. Seller provides shipping information as well- very important to me.

this is my second s&w knife and i am very happy. i’m going overseas soon doing convoys and i wanted a multipurpose knife that i can count on and i found that in this knife. the blade and point are practically razor sharp and the serrated portion is big enough to work but doesn’t dominate the whole blade. i tested the seat belt cutter on some zip ties and a thick canvas strap and it performed up to par. it also is out of the way enough that it doesn’t effect the grip. i have yet to use the glass breaker but i’m look for any reason to. it seems solid and it a big part of the handle. the rubber grip feels secure and not cheap that is will have a negative affect on your grasp. for not even $ 30 with shipping and handling what are you really risking? if you use is for a year and loose it or break it (which doesn’t seems likely) you should have gotten your use out of it. i’m happy, secure and confident in my purchase- you should be too

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Call of Duty Black Ops is a actual accepted aboriginal

Call of Duty Black Ops is a actual accepted aboriginal being ballista video game. This bold is the seventh aftereffect of the Call of Duty alternation and the aboriginal one to be set in the algid war. Released on November 9, 2010 for about all the gaming platforms, this bold bankrupt all antecedent annal of sale, affairs added than seven actor copies aural the aboriginal twenty four hours of its release, ambience up a celebrated almanac of the barrage of an ball entity.

Interestingly, the bold becoming alert as abundant as one of the latest accepted films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One. Only 5 canicule afterwards its release, the bold becoming $ 650m worldwide, a $ 100m added than the antecedent bold  psp my games in the series, Modern Warfare 2, which becoming $ 550m during the aboriginal 5 canicule of its launch. These abstracts absolutely prove how big the video gaming industry has become.

Now, let me accord some advice about the adventure of the bold and how it is played. The bold is set in the 1960s during the algid war with the storyline ambagious about artful CIA operations conducted abaft adversary curve abnormally in Russia, the accomplished battling of the United States during the Cold War.

The amateur in the bold is a bottom soldier who can backpack a amount of accoutrements at the aforementioned time as able-bodied as crossbows and knives. A amateur can aswell action physically after weapons with an adversary soldier if he is in ambit and try to annihilate him. In the game, to baddest his profile, the amateur can accept from a amount of appropriate operatives. The accessible that he deems alotof fit, the amateur can accept to be that accessible in the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops supports 3-D imaging with bigger lighting effects. The bold appearance motion abduction technology, afresh acclimated in James Cameron’s Avatar which captures facial expressions intelligibly, depicting them accurately on-screen. The Wii adaptation of the bold includes a arrangement for online babble in the bold as  psp all games well.


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Call of duty 7 black ops steam cd key

Produced by n-Space as well as for five different appliances namely Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PS three, Not a good and Nintendo, Ask of Duty 3- 5- or 7 – African Ops may be a first-person murderer activity. Call of Obligation seven – African Ops options a number of intriguing attributes that we will go over here. In addition to stimulating firepower, online players can play a few wonderful bonus, killstreak benefits as well as CoD factors, the built in notes.

Allows consider looking at these features individually:


Call of Job 7 – African american Ops features few intriguing customizable armaments, which can be received only via CoD points and stage in. Is important for you to climb the levels with the intention to acquire a customizable guns together with your CoD targets. The armaments are divided into three general categories- Primary COD seven guns, Extra COD 7 munitions along with armaments. Major COD 7 armaments are below apparatus pistol, foray rifles, shotguns, easy system pistolsrifles and sniper rifles. Secondary COD seven firepower involve pistols, launchers and unusual munitions such as ballistic blade and crossbow. Other weapons offer critical for example missiles as well as a throwing blade, tactical guns resembling Willy Pete, Nova Haze, Flashbang, Concussion and Decoy, apparatus for example video camera Spike, C4, Movement Detector and other lastly, camouflages for example filthy, ice cubes, stop, lime and many other. The list of firepower is phenomenal and intriguing plus as you progress into the rates, you can acquire these munitions too.


Consult of Task 3- 5- or 7 – African american Operations offers some expansions that make adjustments of class better. more than 13 benefit may be purchased in all who actually are cut up into four slot machines. Many of the advantages is often unlocked after you cross reiki master. Niche 1 will linchpin the occurrence of your multiplayer charm. The pro-perks are as well in the market who actually are like those you spotted in Modern Warfare 2. Pro-perks can only be unlocked after you full his or her disputes.

Killstreak Gifts

One of the most inspiring aspects Refer to of Job seven – Dark Operations is killstreak reward. You ll find these pay out if you possibly could do a number of killings repeatedly without having harming your own self. Killstreak gifts are accessible through your CoD locations while the within the stage a few. Each of these prizes can be bought in different request but only three pay out can be employed at any given time.

CoD List

Refer to of Obligation 3- 5- or 7 – Black Operations has produced this certainly different quality in the game. You surely can unlock the device, armaments together with other items through recreation while the in the amount, but these factors are sold in buy for the munitions or tools or everything else. CoD locations are acquired just like the knowledge elements while the along the level.

With the forenamed qualities, Consult of Task 7 – African Operations actually is a fun and exciting video game which are viewed by several curious about action mmorpgs.

Call of Duty 7 – Black Ops Steam CD-Key allows you to register the game on your steam account and this makes the downloading and playing of the game easy. Call of Duty 7 – Black Ops Steam CD-Key allows you to play the game in any language but German.

Equal the Playing Field in Call of Duty Black Ops with a Modded Xbox 360 Controller Buy One Via the internet Promptly

Call of Duty Black Ops for the Xbox 360 is without doubt one of the most played video games today. It has gathered a very large fanbase and there are thousands of individuals enjoying the sport online each moment. In case you are a type of people who wish they could play Call of Duty Black Ops relatively than be at work, then you are already at a distinct disadvantage because you’ll encounter some individuals who have way more time on their fingers and might always hone their gaming expertise on this game.
Equal the Playing Area in Call of Duty Black Ops with a Modded Xbox 360 Controller Buy One On the net Promptly if you’re a good participant at Call of Duty Black Ops, you still will be unable to apply as often as some players. Once you go on some multiplayer matches and are challenged by such folks, chances are you’ll simply become very frustrated at how a lot of a bonus they’ve on you.
You can now stage the enjoying area and sustain with such gamers and even utterly dominate them with a modded Xbox 360 controller. These controllers which have been modified will make you much better at Call of Duty Black Ops instantly with out having to spend hours practising the game.
This will give you an edge over other gamers and you’ll not have to give up your job for it as they might have done. You too can be a great gamer at Call of Duty Black Ops right away and get the feeling of profitable on every map each time.
These are usually not very costly and will work for other video games as well. There’s also a modded Xbox 360 controller for different games and will allow you to gain an advantage in those as well. Be warned, nonetheless, that many gamers frown upon the usage of a modded Xbox 360 controller and most that do use it don’t usually promote this fact.
Anderson F. Leete

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