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Angry Birds Review ? The Best Game For The iPad Ever

While writing this Angry Birds review, something occurred to me. Why are there frying pans flying around on the title screen? Is it for the pigs to fry the eggs?

Anyway. If you’ve never played Angry Birds Online before, you’re in for a treat. It’s the best selling paid application for the iPhone and is even awesomer on the iPad.

It’s a simple sort of game. Some evil pigs have stolen your eggs (you’re a bird by the way) and you must recover them.

How you do this is part of the charm of this delightful game…

You fire your angry birds from a giant slingshot and smash into the pigs and their defenses. Haha, sound silly? Well, it is, and huge amounts of fun.

The most important part of any angry birds review, is a discussion of the birds themselves.

As you progress through over 100 levels of pig smashing chaos you’ll get different type of birds that are added to your arsenal. Each with their own unique ability…

The small red birds – They are your basic ‘smash into things and knock them down’ type of bird. Nothing special and the first bird you get to use
The pointy yellow birds – They can supercharge and fly at great speed. Especially useful for plowing through planks of wood.
Tiny blue birds – They split into 3 and are awesome at smashing glass; the little devils!
Fat black birds – My favourite. They smash through nearly anything and then you can make them explode, causing massive damage to everything in its radius.
Fat white birds – Drop explosive eggs. I find these a little annoying actually as it’s difficult to perfectly place your bomb and they’re stupid-lookin’.
Boomerang birds.
Giant red birds – You get these in the later levels and they are like big red battering rams.

While all this may sound like a totally ridiculous idea for a game, it works really well, and this angry birds review was the most fun I’ve had with an iPad.. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can play the trial version and then upgrade for a couple of bucks to the extra levels.


Do you want to get a free Apple iPad to play Angry Birds Online on?


How to Cook Various Game Birds

Game birds can be tricky to cook, but very rewarding if well prepared. Here are step by step directions to help insure your success in this endeavor, as well as some ideas of what to do with the bird when you bag it.

1. Cleaning That Bird-Setting yourself up for success from day go is important, do not let a dead bird sit for any longer than absolutely necessary before cleaning it. I clean mine in the field, except of course the feathers. Take the head off and the guts out as soon as possible after the kill. Guts can be removed by opening the anus and shaking the animal a few times, then you can reach around and pull. Do not pull on the intestines or you will be sorry. I reach up and grab the gizzard and heart. The cavity should be perfectly clean before the bird is put to cooler or refrigerator. When removing the feathers, scald the bird and remember that the skin on the wild game is delicate and tears easily, it’s not like chicken skin which is tough and thick. Skin is important for holding moisture to the meat later. Remember to run a magnet for shot, I have on more than one occasion been served a bird pellet in a breast that got missed by a novice chef, and believe me you never get let off the hook for this one.

2. Storing That Bird- Get that bad boy on ice, immediately. I believe that if that animal doesn’t hit that cooler clean and fast the meat suffers. So make sure you are taking care of that meat, and for some reason chefs feel okay leaving the meat out. Don’t make this mistake, just like in chicken salmonella can run wild so on the field, cooler, immediately in fridge or freezer as soon as it is clean. Store the animal no longer than three months in a freezer and if you have a vacuum sealer all the better, don’t expect that Ziploc to do the trick for you for more than about two weeks. Animals in the fridge should be used within two days, no later.

3. Cooking That Meat- Get out your meat thermometer, and use it in the thigh, not the breast. The thigh will be the last part of the bird to be cooked completely and I am way against uncooked poultry. I hear all the time that people “like a duck rare”. That is not safe; cook any foul you serve all the way through without exceptions. Smoking is my favorite way to serve duck and Pheasant, a Goose roasted to me says Happy Christmas. But one is certainly not bound by said traditions, try all kinds of recipes and see which one is your favorite. Wild Turkey can be hard to hunt, but a game hen inside a Pheasant inside a Turkey is a fun way to impress the in-laws at Thanksgiving as well.

Susan absolutely loves to eat things other than microwave dinners, and you could too with a little effort. Check out this article on cooking duck: duck recipes and for a little lighter reading try chocolate moose